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Super School Student Chapter 75-76

Chapter 75

Upon hearing the voice, Ye Lu turned his head, but he found that the middle-aged man who offered the money was not known to him and he had not seen him before.

“Twelve million.”

Without hesitation, Gushiki raised her sign again.

Ye Lu did not know him, but Gu Shiqi knew this person, this person was actually a counterpart of the Gu family and a big businessman who ran the antique business in the city, moreover, Gu Shiqi also probably understood what the other party meant.

There were about four or five antique families in the city that were similar to the Gu family, and they were in competition with each other, so the other families all wanted the Gu family to be finished in a hurry. This time, it seemed that the Gu family was going to collapse, but by mistake, it had survived the crisis, but from the perspective of the other families, now was still the best time to push the Gu family down.

“Thirteen million.”

Without hesitation, the other party raised their bid again.

Gu Shiqi did not show any weakness either.

“Fifteen million.”

She directly added two million.

The material was really good, but, according to everyone’s opinion, if the inside and outside were consistent and there were no locks or cracks, it would end up at this price, which was actually on the verge of losing money.

“Sixteen million.”

Gu Shiqi was not ambiguous and raised her card directly. 17 million, followed by 18 million, 19 million and 20 million.

When Gushiki raised her hand to twenty-one million, the other party finally stopped raising their cards.

In the other party’s opinion, it was almost done, and unless the stone appeared to have a violet inside that was thicker than the surface and flawless, the chances of Gushiki losing money were high.

However, with Ye Lu in the room, Gu Shiqi was not worried at all, she knew that since Ye Lu had said so, that this stone must be a high ice type spring band colour, and it was still pink violet and sun green, a colour that could not be bought even with money, if it was made into a bracelet, the price of one bracelet would pay for itself, so what was there to be afraid of.

But, looking at the situation, it was these people who were trying to get into a fight with themselves.

Gu Shiqi saw the man who had just raised his card making a gesture with some of the people around him, apparently several other families had joined together to try to target the Gu family, guessing that they would raise the price of whatever she saw.

At this time, Gu Shiqi suddenly received a message from Ye Lu.

“Gu Shiqi, later on even if it’s something else that doesn’t have a big leak you should raise your bid, confuse them a bit, otherwise they might target you directly.”

Gu Shiqi thought for a moment then nodded.

Indeed, if she acted as if she was bound to win again, I was afraid that those guys would play hard to top the price, and to be honest, now that the Gu family was already empty, they couldn’t afford to play like that.

So, Gu Shiqi first called Third Uncle and asked him to call in another sum of money, and then as soon as the next lot appeared, she raised her card.

As expected, when Ye Lu saw Gushiqi raise her card, someone immediately started to top it, and as long as Gushiqi raised her bid, the other party followed, but this time Gushiqi stopped when she had some small losses.

The guy who got the stone was immediately confused.

To be honest, he hadn’t thought of taking the stone at this price. If he had been allowed to auction it himself, he would have given half the price, because then even if there were some problems with the stone he wouldn’t have lost too much.

And Gushiki made a face at him then smiled.

Following that, soon Gushiki repeated her trick, this time she just came close to the edge of losing money then just gave up, and sure enough someone else was clueless and got a stone.

“This one, we’re going to be in a position to win it.”

Soon after, Ye Lu sent a message.

“This time this fast has three colours hidden inside, they are purple, green and red, the head and seeds are also good, it should be good stuff.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Gu Shiqi then smiled and sent over a message.

“This kind of bracelet is known as ‘Fu Lu Shou’ if the seeds are good and the colours are bright, it’s the ultimate in bracelets and is even rarer than the spring band colour just now.”

However, when Gu Shiqi bid again this time, the guys on the other side obviously hesitated a little, and this time they beat a retreat without topping a few bids, and Gu Shiqi managed to get the treasure.

After that, those few people started to mutter together.

The result of their muttering was that they would top whatever Gushiki bid next, until they felt they were making no profit and would lose some money.

This time they seemed to be very determined, as long as Gushiki dared to raise the price, even if they were already losing a lot, they would still raise the price.

“It looks like they don’t want you to get another auction.”

Ye Luo looked at Gushiki and said with a smile.

However, Gushiki and Ye Luo were in no hurry, most of the things they couldn’t see anyway, so, cool come all the collectibles to insert a foot, every stone Gushiki raised her card to participate, and basically very high price before giving up, to see how much money these guys could actually have to top.

Sure enough, after a while those guys couldn’t take it anymore, they drew in their hands to try to hack Gushiki a bit, but to everyone’s surprise, at that moment, a beautiful woman suddenly raised her card and said.

“Ten million, I’ll take it.”

Gu Shiqi looked behind her in some confusion, and as a result, she found that the person who raised the sign was someone she did not know, and did not look like she was from the city’s antique house.

When she saw Gu Shiqi looking at herself, Long Feixue looked at her and smiled.

To Long Fei Xue, this was all a small amount of money. Compared to this money, what interested her more was this person, Ye Lu, and she felt that this matter was getting more and more interesting.

Seeing that someone had intervened, the guy who had topped the price with Gushiki became a little confused.

The next item, of course, Gou Shiqi continued to raise her card, and those guys also started to raise their cards after thinking about it, while Long Fei Xue watched the scene and laughed without saying anything.

When the top was almost done, Gu Shiqi closed her hand, as she didn’t want the stone anyway.

Following that, the next piece was still the same.

However, seeing that one by one the stones had been bought by those few antique dealers, the other buyers began to grumble.

“Sh*t! What’s this? You look rich, don’t you? You’re buying at a loss.”

“One auction, you take it all, what the hell is the meaning of this?”

“That’s right, bullying people, isn’t it?”


In fact, that several antique houses also have the bitterness to know, most of the things they auctioned were lost, and this is still on the premise that every stone is as good as the one on the table, if there are any more accidents it will be a big loss.

Ye Lu reckoned that these guys couldn’t afford to lose money, and sure enough, the guys soon stopped fighting with Gushiki again, and were ready to throw the items to Gushiki.

However, Long Feixue once again raised her card and took the stone.

“That B*tch is obviously helping them, why don’t we forget about it, if this goes on, even if we lose, we won’t lose to the Gu family.”

With Long Feixue helping Gu Shiqi to block the bidding, it would be Long Feixue who would lose money, it had nothing to do with the Gu family, and there was no point in topping it again.

As expected, when the next stone was put up for auction, and when Gu Shiqi raised her bid again, they stopped participating.

The “clear bid” finally returned to normal.

After that, Gou Shiqi, on Ye Lu’s advice, bid for another “violet” and an imperial green stone, which of course also cost a lot, but after that, there was nothing else worth bidding on, so when the last one started, Ye Lu went back to the “dark bidding” area and looked at the stones he had bid on again, and if there was a higher bid than his own, he wrote a new offer and threw it in to make sure he was the highest bidder, as the bidding was about to end.

Having done this, Ye Lu returned to the “open bidding” hall, when the auction for the last stone was over.

However, just as everyone was about to leave, Long Fei Xue suddenly stood up and said.

“Wait a minute, I have a proposal for you.”

Seeing everyone looking towards him, Long Feixue then continued.

“I propose to these two friends, can you open the stones you bid for on the spot? If they are good, I can buy them, otherwise it will definitely take you a lot of time if you want to realise them.”

Hearing the woman’s words, Gushiki thought for a moment and said.

“Yes, but I’m worried, sister, with your appetite you won’t be able to eat!”

As a result, Long Fei Xue said with a smile.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter if I can’t eat it, all here are people who love jadeite, as long as the price is reasonable, I think everyone will bid for it, right?”

Firstly, we are all businessmen in the jadeite business, as long as it is profitable who has a grudge against money, secondly, the most exciting part of gambling is the moment when the stones are opened, there have been those who jumped off a building after opening, there are also those who had a heart attack after opening and went straight to the other side, who doesn’t like to see such a good hilarious event.

There were cutting tools at the venue, and Gushiki pointed to the soon to be “violet” stone first and said with a smile.

“Let’s open it first.”

An expert drew the lines and the cutter roared to life, and with a quick cut, the mystery hidden beneath the surface was unveiled.

“Wow! It’s incredible!”

Followed by shouts of amazement from the crowd watching.


Chapter 76

The stone was cut and everyone saw that from the open window downwards, the pinkish violet colour began to deepen gradually if at all and soon became dazzlingly intense, and the water was of a much better variety than the one above, definitely a high ice variety.

“Such a transparent and intense violet is a rare sight.”

“Yes, you can’t even tell from the open window!”

“This is a big profit, the bottom part is made into a bracelet, how can a piece be several million.”


This violet stone is not small, the intense purple part underneath alone has no problem coming up with large dozens of bracelets, although it cost more than ten million, but the profit in it can be imagined.

“That’s a beautiful colour! Sure enough, that Ye Lu can see inside the stone.”

Long Feixue was also blown away.

Followed by a stone that was almost as light purple on the surface as this one, and as a result, this time it was even more exaggerated, and after cutting it open it was actually mixed with half Yang green inside.

“Spring Band Colour, High Ice Spring Band Colour!”

Someone already couldn’t help but shout out.

This time, everyone’s amazement was even greater, other than that, it was where the two colours met, if it was made into a spring band colour bracelet, it would cost ten million each, while this piece Ye Lu and the others had only spent twenty-one million at that time.

“How is this possible, I should have known that we should have raised the price again then.”

The guy who had topped the price with Gushiki at the time immediately regretted it.

“You didn’t know it would be like this then, so how could you possibly dare to bet on it?”

“That’s right, they were definitely blind cats who ran into dead rats.”


However, the crowd hadn’t finished talking when the third stone had already opened and the three colours appeared in front of the crowd.

“Holy Sh*t! Fortune and longevity!”

“What kind of luck is this, day, has all the Sh*t luck hit them?”

“I think the ancestral graves have exploded.”

“How many years have we not seen this N*gga, there’s a ghost, there’s definitely a ghost.”

Seeing this scene, Long Fei Xue once again looked at Ye Lu in amazement, the reason she asked Ye Lu to open the stone was to see if Ye Lu had real skills or not, the result of this surprised her.

She loved jadeite, and of course she had heard the saying “it is difficult for a god to break an inch of jade”, such kung fu of cutting through skin and flesh was something that even the world’s top jadeite connoisseurs could not do, but Ye Luo had done it.

“How did he do it?”

Long Fei Xue looked at Ye Lu and pondered, she felt that Ye Lu was not a cultivator, besides cultivators, even innate cultivators could not do this.

“Maybe it’s a gift, born with a penetrating eye.”

While Long Fei Xue was speculating wildly, the fourth stone was also opened, this time it was imperial green, four stones, each of which was of the highest quality, and everyone was stunned.

“How about it, I can sell it cheaper, anyone want to get their hands on it?”

Gu Shiqi looked at the crowd and said with a smile.

Long Fei Xue was right, the people gathered here now were all big names in the jadeite world, and they were also the kind that knew the goods and had money, so it was indeed a good opportunity to ship out and realise.

Of course, Gu Shiqi wouldn’t sell all the goodies, she still had the hidden bids after the “open bidding” was over anyway.

As one of the major antique houses, the Gu family had to have some decent products.

“Buy, of course, as long as your price is reasonable, we will definitely buy.”

“Yes, this quality is definitely unattainable!”

“Miss Gu, just price it.”


The Gu family was really short of money at the moment, and the debt on Ye Lu’s side could be repaid later, but the Gu family’s working capital could not be stopped, otherwise the Gu family would not be able to play.

So, Gu Shiqi then set a very cheap price, and sure enough, everyone scrambled and started buying up, but of course, Gu Shiqi was not going to leave this opportunity to the pairs who had just inflated the bidding price.

“Ai! We’ve played badly this time, we’ve really lost our wives and lost our troops!”

The general manager of the Lin Family Antique House, who was watching the fun from the side, said somewhat depressedly.

Just now, in order to crack down on Gu Shiqi, several of their families had combined to lose a lot of money, but as a result, they found that their price hikes were completely trivial, and even if they raised another 10 million, or even tens of millions, people would still be able to make a lot of money.

“If I had known, we would have raised the price to hundreds of millions.”

One guy said glumly.

Another one looked at him and said.

“Don’t be ridiculous, you only said that afterwards, who dared before? A madman?”

“You’re still talking about me, didn’t you also say the Gu family girl was crazy when she raised her bid like crazy just now?”

“Yes, I couldn’t figure it out either, it was as if she knew what the stones would look like when they were cut.”


These guys saw that Gushiki had made a huge profit, and those who bought Gushiki’s stones would surely also make a huge profit, and just a few of them lost money, which made them feel incredibly depressed.

However, their depression wasn’t over yet, Gushiki’s side said once again.

“Don’t be sorry if you didn’t get it, now that the ‘dark bidding’ is also over, everyone help me to go for a special application, I can bring out some of the treasures that I dark bidded to share with you all to continue, there are real high purity gla*s seeds oh!”

There were only four stones just now, and they were divided into eight pieces after cutting and bought by eight buyers, so of course the others were sorry, and as soon as they heard that there was still a surprise, the crowd immediately started to clamour.

The organisers were also very happy to have sold almost all of the open bids because of Gushiqi, so they immediately agreed to Gushiqi’s request, but first they had to confirm that the price they had bid was the highest.

At this moment, in the city’s People’s Hospital, Zhang Tian was looking out of the window with a resentful face, having tossed and turned from yesterday until now, his body had only just about recovered.

“Where is Daoist Master Daochen?”

He asked, looking at the man watching next to him.

“Daoist Master Daidian said there was something that required a trip back to the clan, so after making sure you were fine, he left yesterday.”

Zhang Tian nodded and then asked again.

“What about Wolftooth, has he woken up yet?”

“Wolftooth has woken up, but, for the time being, it’s not too easy to move around, he’s lying in the next ward.”

Hearing that Wolf Tooth had woken up, Zhang Tian walked off the hospital bed and then went next door, and sure enough, Wolf Tooth was lying there with a somewhat pale face.

“Young master, sorry, it was my fault for not being able to protect you.”

Wolf Tooth said somewhat embarra*sed, as a bodyguard being beaten up like this was indeed a bit shameful, besides, usually he was always very high profile and always bragged that he was a great bully.

However, Zhang Tian didn’t say anything about him, but looked at him and said.

“You should have a friend, one of similar level to you, I can’t spare that kid, besides I have to get that girl, don’t worry, I won’t let your friend work for nothing.”

Wolfsbane said with a nod.

“I do have a few friends in the city that are stronger than me, but that kid is too evil, I am worried that they are no match either, even Dusty has fallen, I feel that the others are also tough enough.”

Zhang Tian then said calmly.

“You don’t need to worry about that, I have my own way to deal with that Ye Lu, your friends just need to help me with that girl, I can walk now but I can’t use my true qi for the time being, so I can’t make a move.”

Hearing Zhang Tian say that he was dealing with Gu Shiqi, Wolf Tooth then nodded and said.

“That shouldn’t be a problem, I’ll contact them now.”

Zhang Tian then said with a grim expression.

“Ye Lu is it, since the open won’t work, then we’ll play the dark, you’ll regret it.”

After saying that, he opened his mobile phone and dialed a number.

In the venue of the “public auction”, the statistician had already brought over the boxes where Gu Shiqi and the others had placed their secret bids.

“Well, in the presence of everyone, I will now open the boxes, and the person with the highest bid in the box will receive the original stone with the corresponding number of the box.”

After saying this, the woman in charge opened the iron box, there were not many bid cards inside, Long Fei Xue’s price was three times the reserve price, while Ye Lu put in a price 30,000 higher than hers.

“The winner of the bid, Gu Shiqi.”

The woman in charge said as she held up the card Ye Luo had put in.

Then the second box was opened and without any surprise, the winner was Gushiqi again, then the third box, and the fourth box ……

All the stones that Ye Luo had “secretly bid” for ended up being the highest bid by Ye Luo and his team.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a company like this.

Seeing this scene, those few guys who were fighting against the Gu family had already regretted it completely.

“This person is a goblin, right? They really shouldn’t have messed with them.”

“Yeah, it’s probably another batch of extremely high quality goods, hey, there’s no share of good goods for us in this public auction.”

“It looks like there are no more leaks to be picked up this year, all the bargains will be for the Gu family.”

Every year’s public auction creates many myths, but this year they are all destined to belong to the Gu family, and at this moment Zhang Tian’s conspiracy has begun.