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Super School Student Chapter 77-78

Chapter 77

After all the concealed boxes were opened and the original stones were obtained, Gu Shiqi chose a few of them to cut and then sold them again to the shopkeepers who had come for the treasure.

In this way, the event, which was supposed to end at five o’clock in the afternoon, was not finished until six o’clock.

“Miss Gu, these are the two items I just got, I’ll give them to you, there’s no use for me to keep them.”

Long Feixue walked over and looked at Gu Shiqi and said with a smile.

Although she liked jadeite, her family did not run a business regarding gemstones, so there was no use for her to have these raw stones, so she might as well give them to Gushiki, in Long Feixue’s opinion, it was a good choice to make friends with Ye Lu, and of course, she did not think that Gushiki would be the kind of person who could ask for something from someone for nothing.

Sure enough, Gu Shiqi looked at Long Feixue and said with a smile.

“This sister, just now really thank you for helping us, I was also about to find you to buy these two things over, you originally do not need these things, I bought them back at the original price, and then send sister a pair of bracelets, sister like what kind of talk to me, do not worry, I can get it all oh!”

To be honest, the bangles that Long Fei Xue could look at should be above the million level at any rate.

Seeing that Gu Shiqi was so generous, Long Feixue’s good feeling towards her also increased, and she looked at Gu Shiqi and said with a smile.

“You are in such a hurry to realise, you must be very short of money too, so I can’t take advantage of you, these two items are even my gift to you, just give me a pair of bangles of similar value, preferably green ones, I like cui.”

While Long Fei Xue was talking, Gu Shiqi was also observing the jewellery on Long Fei Xue’s body, and indeed they were all green jadeite, the earrings, the pendant and the ring on her hand were all top grade imperial green material, only a pair of bracelets were slightly inferior, although they were full green gla*s type, they were not to the very top, after all the top grade gla*s type imperial green bracelets were difficult to buy even with money.

The chances of such bracelets appearing in top auctions are not very good.

Seeing Long Fei Xue’s jewellery, Gu Shiqi then had her heart set on it, and she looked at Long Fei Xue and said with a smile.

“Good, then it’s settled, sister, just leave me a number, my house can make the bracelet, I’ll send it to you when it’s done.”

Long Feixue also didn’t like too much politeness, she smiled and nodded, then extended her white jade hand and said.

“Thanks a lot then.”

Gu Shiqi reached out and shook Long Feixue’s hand, following which, Long Feixue extended her hand towards Ye Lu and said.

“Long Feixue, nice to meet you.”

Ye Luo also had to smile and reported his name and shook Long Feixue’s hand.

This was of course deliberate on Long Fei Xue’s part, through this handshake, Long Fei Xue then ascertained that Ye Lu was not a cultivator, at least not a dark jin cultivator, as there were no fluctuations of true qi within his body, indicating that he had not yet condensed into true qi.

However, she felt that Ye Lu’s body was pure and free of any impurities, so it was a good material for cultivation.

Ye Lu felt that the other party’s dark energy had entered his body when he shook hands, however, the other party did not seem to have any malice, so Ye Lu did not care, but he could be sure that this beautiful woman was definitely a dark energy powerhouse.

The two people shook hands and then smiled at each other unspokenly, followed by Gu Shiqi, who said with a smile.

“My family’s people have come to pick up the goods, does sister want to come with us?”

Long Feixue had nothing to do here, so she smiled and followed Ye Lu and Gu Shiqi out of the venue of the “public auction” together.

People from the Gu family were already waiting outside in their car.

The stones that had been bid on had to be taken away, and in the Gu Yun Court, Gu Shiqi’s third uncle was already smiling from ear to ear, and in just a few hours’ time, the Gu family’s accounts had first gritted their teeth and paid out tens of millions of dollars, all of which he and Master Gu had saved over the years.

However, it was followed by hundreds of millions coming in.

“What on earth has this child, Gu Shiqi, done on that side of the ‘public board’, this is too much.”

Third Uncle said with an incredulous face as he looked at the computer’s interface.

“This time Shiqi has met someone extraordinary!”

Gu Mingyue couldn’t help but sigh with emotion as well.

However, just as Ye Lu and the others were about to leave in the car, two policemen suddenly came over, and one of them looked at Ye Lu after showing his papers and said.

“Ye Lu, there is a fight and injury incident that needs your cooperation in the investigation, come with us.”

Hearing his words, Ye Lu then basically understood that most of them were the Zhang family playing tricks on him, however, obviously he couldn’t play savage with the police, so he looked at the two policemen and said with a smile.

“Fine, I’m fine anyway, so let’s go for a trip.”

Following that, he turned his head to look at Gushiki and said.

“Stay honestly at home when you get home, and don’t go anywhere, understand?”

Gu Shiqi nodded obediently, and Ye Lu turned his head to look at Long Feixue again and said.

“Miss Long, please help take care of Shiqi, I’ll be back soon.”

After saying that, he followed the two policemen into a police car not far away.

“Was it a man called Zhang Tian who called the police?”

In the police car Ye Luo looked at one of the policemen and asked.

This policeman didn’t even look at Ye Lu but said coldly.

“You will know after you go in, your case is not my responsibility, I am only responsible for taking you back to the station.”

Ye Lu thought for a moment and asked again.

“Then can I call my family? I need to let them know, otherwise they should be worried.”

The policeman nodded, so Ye Luo gave Ye Yan a call and told her that his cla*smate had something he needed to help him with, so he had to leave for two days, he wouldn’t dare say that he was in the police station, otherwise with Ye Yan’s character who knew what she would do.

Ye Lu did not call Elder Shen and Elder Su and the others, because he knew that Gu Shiqi would definitely do this for him.

Sure enough, as soon as Ye Lu was taken away, Gu Shiqi started calling Elder Shen, who had the most extensive connections, and she felt that Elder Shen could definitely sort this out.

“Okay, Miss Gu, don’t worry, leave this matter to me, just don’t worry, you won’t let anything happen to Ye Luo.”

Shen Lao said with a smile.

However, after hanging up the phone, Elder Shen’s brow furrowed, he did have contacts at the police station, but he was worried that Ye Lu would be taken to the city bureau, as the head of the criminal police brigade there was known to be iron-faced and unselfish, not giving any favours to anyone.

“A fight and brawl, I think it’s the police station that’s in charge.”

Shen Lao thought about it then dialed the number of the police station chief where Gushiki’s villa was located.

“Oh, no report was received and no police were sent out right, okay, okay.”

After receiving a negative answer, Shen Lao asked the police station where Ye Luo was located and the police station where the “public market” was located, but it turned out that there were no police records.

“It looks like we’re in trouble.”

Elder Shen began to call the chief of the city bureau and the mayor with a bit of a headache.

And at the hospital, one of Zhang Tian’s men ran over and said.

“Young master, it’s done, that Ye Lu has been taken away, it’s Captain Mo Wen of the Interpol brigade, as long as we bite the bullet on this side, I guess he definitely won’t be able to get out in a short time.”

The reason why Zhang Tian did not look for the police station or other people was because there was no one more upright than Mo Wen.

Zhang Tian knew one thing very well, and that was, finding a soft-boned person who would play favorites on his side, that would be just as unreliable as playing favorites in front of others.

“Well, since Ye Lu has been stalled, let those friends of Wolf’s Teeth get down to kidnapping people, it’s better to be quick about this matter.”

That subordinate quickly nodded and left.

At this moment, Ye Lu had already been taken to the city bureau’s criminal police brigade, and Mo Wen, the brigade’s captain, was currently sitting in the room next to the interrogation room tapping her hand on the table.

Recently she has had too many headaches, several big cases have not been solved, and today she caught you a small person for intentional injury, and as a result, before the person arrived, the chief and the mayor both greeted her first and came over to say that this person was not a problem and asked her to take care of him.

How could Mo Wen not hear what they meant.

“I’d like to see what kind of person has so much energy and actually has such a background.”

Mo Wen slapped the table violently, the waves on her chest trembling violently.

And at this moment, Ye Lu had been pressed into the police station by two policemen, and he saw a guy in handcuffs being led out of the interrogation room.

And he was taken into the interrogation room next door, where Mo Wen was waiting for him.


Chapter 78

Ye Lu had not expected at all that the one waiting for him was actually a beautiful woman, despite being slightly older, looking like she should be close to the age of thirty, her mature charm was exceptionally attractive, except that due to her years of dealing with criminals, it made Mo Wen look a little stern in her aura.

“You are Ye Luo?”

Mo Wen looked at Ye Luo and asked coldly.

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Yes, I am Ye Lu, is there something wrong with making such a big show?”

Although Ye Lu was not a punk, he knew that if it was just because of a fight or something, he would have gone to the police station instead of coming to the CID.

Sure enough, Mo Wen looked at him and said.

“You are suspected of intentional injury, seriously injuring two people, both of whom are in hospital at the moment, and, there is more than one witness, do you have anything to say?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Of course I have something to say, I admit that there was a fight, but what intentional injury, I do not admit, because the other party’s injuries were not caused by me, I do not know if you have a clear understanding of the injured person’s condition.”

Mo Wen said with a calm face.

“Don’t worry, this is something that I will investigate clearly, however, until the truth surfaces, you will have to stay here for the time being.”

Hearing Mo Wen’s words, Ye Luo understood that the other party did not seem to be trying to do anything to himself by doing this, but rather wanted to stall him, presumably aiming at Gu Shiqi.

The actual situation was indeed like this, the people who wanted to deal with Gushiki had already started to move, and at this moment Gushiki was sitting in the car and rushing towards her home, while the car carrying the stone was driving towards the direction of the shop.

“Sister Long, do you really want to go to my home?”

Gu Shiqi asked, looking at Long Feixue with some confusion.

Long Feixue then smiled and said.

“What’s wrong? Am I not welcome?”

Gu Shiqi hurriedly shook her head and said.

“How could it be, Sister Long is so helpful, I definitely want Sister to come to my house as a guest ah, it’s just that …… is just a bit sudden and I feel a bit strange.”

Gu Shiqi did have a little trouble understanding in her heart why Long Feixue had suddenly changed her mind about following herself home.

The car soon drove to a section of the boulevard, which is not far from the villa and is the best green area in the city also known as the “heart of the city”.

At this moment, a car suddenly drove straight towards the car in which Gushiki and the girls were sitting.


The driver stopped the car with a sharp brake, and the front of the car almost collided with the other car.

“F**k! Does the F**ker know how to drive?”

The driver also fumed in anger as he cursed and then pushed open the door and stepped out, but then several people came out in a huff from across the street.

“You are ……”

Before the driver could finish his words, the other side had already raised their hands and cleanly knocked him unconscious, then casually threw him into the gra*s by the roadside.

Seeing this, the bodyguard sitting in the pa*senger seat also dashed out quickly, while signaling Gushiki to hurry up and call someone or call the police, he sensed from the other party’s movements that the other party should be a master, and he would definitely not be able to handle it alone.

As it turned out, he was right, as he had just stepped out of the car when he was “KO’d” by a blow from the other side, and was then thrown into the bushes.

Seeing that the other man had settled the fight cleanly, Gushiki was really scared.

At this moment, she had just pressed the button to connect her phone to the police, but a hand had already reached in and taken the phone from her hand.

“Oh, Miss Gu is it, eh! I didn’t expect it to be buy one get one free, there’s actually a pretty girl.”

This guy said with a smile as he held the phone and looked at Long Feixue who was sitting next to Gu Shiqi.

Long Feixue was calm as she smiled at the man in black and waved her hand.

“Hey! You’re not a bad girl, you’re actually not afraid of me at all, then you’re mine, as for you, Miss Gu, come with us, there are other people who are interested in you.”

As he said that, he reached out his hand and made a gesture of invitation.

Gu Shiqi had no choice but to step out of the car, and Long Fei Xue also smiled as she got out of the car.

“I’m sorry, Sister Long, for dragging you into this.”

Gu Shiqi looked at Long Feixue and said somewhat embarra*sed.

However, before Long Feixue could say anything, the man in black first looked Long Feixue up and down then said.

“This girl of yours is not bad looking, her skin is white enough and her legs are long enough, hey! It’s just a pity, it’s just that your breasts are a bit smaller, the beauty is not enough, the beauty is not enough!”

Hearing his words, Long Feixue’s face immediately went cold.

This was her scales of defiance, and she hated it when people took this point about her, so she looked at the man in black and said coldly.

“Get lost, you have three seconds, or I will make you regret it for the rest of your life.”

Hearing Long Fei Xue’s words, this guy suddenly laughed, and while he laughed, he looked at Long Fei Xue and said.

“Little sister, do you know who you are talking to? We are the famous ‘Wild Wolf Gang’, see these few brothers of mine, they are all genuine ‘Dark Strength powerhouses’, in this place, we don’t dare to say that we walk across the street, but we are not something that a little girl like you can mess with. ”

“By the way, whose girl are you that you dare to wade through this mess?”

The man in black was obviously a little worried about Long Fei Xue’s background, after all, to put it bluntly, he was just a dark jin powerhouse, it was okay to be king and hegemon in the mundane world, there were plenty of people who were more powerful than them among cultivators.

“Whose family am I from, you are not worthy to know yet.”

Long Fei Xue looked at the man in black and said with a calm face.

“Well, three seconds have long pa*sed, you were given the chance and you didn’t grasp it, so you can’t blame me for that.”

As she spoke, Long Fei Xue had already acted, she darted out and grabbed the man in black’s shoulder, the man in black tried to dodge but found that his speed was a huge difference from his opponent’s, and his opponent’s moves had sealed almost all of his retreats.


Long Fei Xue slapped the man in black on his shoulder.

Following that, the man in black fell to the ground with a miserable cry covering his vitals.

“You …… are a peak Dark Energy powerhouse.”

This blow also made him completely clear about the other party’s cultivation level, the other party should be just one step away from breaking through, and was already an invincible existence among dark jin powerhouses.

If he hadn’t been stuck in a bottleneck, Long Fei Xue wouldn’t have thought of coming to this small local “puja”.

When they heard the man in black’s words, the remaining men in black turned and ran, but it was already too late, as Long Fei Xue was so fast that he knocked several of them to the ground in a flash.

“Gu Shiqi, how far is this place from your home?”

After doing this, Long Feixue looked at Gu Shiqi and asked with a smile.

Gu Shiqi was already stunned by the scene in front of her, this Long Feixue was too capable of fighting, and she also instantly understood why Ye Lu had said that when she was leaving.

“So that guy Ye Lu had already seen that this Long Fei Xue could fight.”

Gu Shiqi muttered secretly, while at this moment Ye Lu was looking at Senior Captain Mo Wen and said with a smile.

“Captain Mo Wen, have you been bothered lately, that case you just couldn’t solve has made you eat and sleep badly? How about this, how about we make a deal, anyway you have no evidence at the moment, at most you can keep me for twenty-four hours, I will help you solve the case, then you release me earlier, anyway I will not run away, when you have evidence then arrest me.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Senior Captain Mo Wen froze for a moment, however, one of the two policemen who had just arrested Ye Luo in said disdainfully first.

“Help us solve the case? Who do you think you are? Are you Sherlock Holmes, or Detective Conan, do you think solving a case is a child’s game?”

Another one said.

“That’s right, have you ever seen a dead body, you little Sh*t? Probably P*ssed in fear at the sight of a dead person, and still solving cases.”

Ye Lu ignored these two guys’ words, what they both said didn’t count anyway, he looked at Senior Captain Mo Wen and said.

“Senior Captain Mo Wen, these few cases have not been in your hands for a day or two, especially the 3.28 case, all the clues have been broken, right, there is also the happiness district split body case, the WeChat beauty murder case, how long do you still want the murderer to be on the loose out there?”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Mo Wen finally moved, because she had never talked to Ye Luo about these cases, and for fear of having bad influence in the society, the cases related to these cases had never been made public either, she didn’t understand how Ye Luo knew about these.

At this time, the man in black who had had his meridians nullified by Long Fei Xue with his dark energy had dialed Zhang Tian’s number.