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Super School Student Chapter 81-82

Chapter 81

After saying that, Ye Luo then looked at Mo Wen and said with a smile.

“Go and arrest him, I think the killing and splitting was all done in one room, he should have left some clues anyway, if you still can’t get it right, I can go and help you arraign him, I think I should be able to find out what’s broken.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Mo Wen immediately gave an order for the following people to quickly go and put Qin Shihong under control, while thoroughly investigating his room.

Ye Luo then continued to look at Mo Wen and said.

“Captain Mo Wen, is there anything else you need help with the case? If there’s nothing else, can you let me go, there doesn’t look like there’s anywhere I can stay here either.”

As a result Mowen crossed his arms and said.

“What to go away, those two cases are still pending, there is no hurry to go, next help me to look at this WeChat beauty murder case, there are already eight people killed, and the deceased identical all used to chat with someone of the opposite S*x in WeChat before they were born, but, because the other party is very proficient in the internet, we can’t even determine until now whether the other party is one person using multiple waistcoats to commit the crime, a gang, or there are different people coincidentally committing the crime.”

Seeing Mo Wen’s stance, Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“This is easy, let’s talk upstairs, the smell here is too choking.”

Due to the storage of various corpse pieces and such, the smell of this evidence room was indeed a bit bad.

While walking upstairs, Ye Lu had already started to investigate in the “auxiliary system”, what he was investigating was of course the real location of the other party’s network address, as well as what kind of mobile phone was used, what software was installed, and what technology was used to evade network tracking.

Ye Lu had tried out the network capabilities of the “auxiliary function” before, including obtaining photos, video data, the other party’s mobile phone information, etc. The “auxiliary function” is simply a super hacker, as long as there is something on the network, there is nothing it can’t find. There is nothing it can’t find.

This time is the same, through the other party’s chat account, Ye Luo quickly found out the mobile phone that this account had logged into, and located the phone.

By the time he returned to the conference room, Ye Luo had already found out the other party’s location through his gla*ses.

“Captain Mo Wen, arrange for an arrest, the other party’s name is Hu Mingrui, his mobile phone number is XXXX, however, his mobile phone has undergone anti-detection processing, so you cannot locate it, however, I already know his location, I guess he won’t be running around at this time, go straight to the arrest, the address is… …”

Ye Lu said with a smile.

Mo Wen quickly dispatched the police force again.

Following that, she then looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Help look at the other cases as well, your employment contract has been printed, just sign your name and your ID number.”

While Mo Wen was talking, a female police officer also happened to bring over a printed document.

Seeing Ye Lu sign his name, Mo Wen then showed a smile for the first time and said.

“Well, take a break and look at the file, the rest of the case will be dealt with later.”

Ye Luo looked at Captain Mo Wen and asked with some confusion.

“How could you be so kind as to let me rest.”

Captain Mo Wen then smiled and said.

“Because there were originally fewer people on duty at night, and the three cases just now have sent all the police force out, so I can only rest for a while.”

Ye Lu thought to himself, I told you she shouldn’t be that kind.

However, soon there was news from the second team that went out.

“Well, the identity of the deceased Xia Juan has been confirmed, she was indeed a primary school teacher, but she recently resigned, saying that she was going to start a business with her boyfriend, and the people at the school have never seen her since.”

Mo Wen said as he looked at the other two people.

This also proved that Ye Lu had indeed not been talking nonsense just now.

Following that, another message came through.

“They have caught Qin Shihong, in his rented house, Xiao Wu and the others found a small amount of residual blood, while the tools for splitting the body, and the sculpture that killed the man were also found, Qin Shihong has broken down and confessed everything.”

Mo Wen said with a smile.

“It looks like the broken body case, we can close the case now.”

She also didn’t expect that a case that everyone had been clueless about for days and couldn’t even identify the deceased would be solved so easily, it was only a matter of time, less than half an hour back and forth.

Soon, the first team also sent a message.

“We have dug up the body of a young woman at the designated location, and after preliminary examination by the forensic pathologist, it was indeed once S*xually a*saulted, and male bodily fluids were left behind.”

Hearing this news, Mo Wen once again said with relief.

“It seems that the serial murder case can basically be closed as well.”

The other two captains looked at Ye Lu with a “I’m convinced” expression, because the iron-clad facts proved that Ye Lu was really a divine detective.

“Detective Ye, I take back what I said to you before, I was blind, you are really a divine detective, this is the first time I have seen it in my life, I am convinced.”

The other one also said with the same thumbs up.

“I’m also convinced.”

Ye Lu smiled and waved his hand and said.

“I’m no expert in solving cases, I just happened to come across it today, so I’m helping out, I can’t afford to be a detective.”

Ye Lu did not expect that he would have the title of “divine detective” after “divine doctor”.

However, as soon as his words left his mouth, Mo Wen looked at him and said solemnly.

“I don’t know if you want to take the police academy, I know more about this and I have some contacts.”

Ye Luo hurriedly waved his hand and said.

“No, no, I’ve already decided to go to ‘Yanjing University of Chinese Medicine’, forget about the police academy.”

Hearing Ye Luo say “Yanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, Mo Wen froze for a moment, then looked at Ye Luo and said.

“Do you really want to take the ‘Yanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine’? My daughter is studying at that university, her name is Mo Xiaomi, if you go there, you can help me take care of her, how can I say, I always feel that she is missing a tendon in her head, sooner or later she will cause trouble.”

After saying that, Mo Wen then smiled bitterly.

Ye Lu was a bit puzzled, although “Yanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine” was not the top university, it was still a key university and the score line was very high, he didn’t think that someone with a missing tendon could get into it.

At this time, in the villa of the Gu family, Gu Yanqiu walked into Gu Shiqi’s room, he really saw a rather beautiful-looking girl in Gu Shiqi’s room, but gave people the feeling that she was a bit cold and distant, this girl gave people the feeling that she was like a white lotus flower that could be viewed from afar but not profanely.

Seeing Gu Yanqiu come in, Long Feixue did not get up, still sitting there indifferently. Gu Shiqi did not speak to Gu Yanqiu either, she originally did not want to talk to this unreliable father.

“Shiqi, dad has something to say to you, can you come alone for a moment? It’s about you and Ye Lu.”

Gu Shiqi originally didn’t want to pay attention to him, but after hearing him say it was about Ye Luo, she thought about it then nodded, after which she looked at Long Feixue and said.

“Sister Long, I’m going out for a while, I’ll be back in a while.”

Long Feixue nodded, however, after waiting for Gu Shiqi and Gu Yanqiu to leave, she still cautiously flew to the roof and sat on the highest part of the roof, from here she could see the whole view of the villa, if someone came in, she would be able to spot it at first.

Gu Shiqi followed Gu Yanqiu to the ground floor, but instead of taking her back to her room, Gu Yanqiu went to the bas*ment.

Gu Shiqi was feeling a bit strange when she followed and saw Gu Yanqiu holding and rotating a certain porcelain vase in the bas*ment a few times, then the cabinet full of porcelain opened from it and a secret door appeared in front of her.

“This is the secret room of our house, come in with me.”

Gu Yanqiu said as she pressed the combination lock.

Gu Shiqi, on the other hand, asked with some confusion.

“What exactly do you want to do when you bring me into the secret room?”

Gu Yanqiu did not answer positively, but said indifferently.

“You will know when you go in, this is the secret of the Gu Family and it also concerns the future of the Gu Family.”

As she said that, the door of the secret room had opened, and Gu Yanqiu walked straight in, and Gu Shiqi, who was filled with suspicion, followed her in.

However, after entering, Gu Yanqiu did not stay in the secret room, but walked towards the side of the pa*sage, this pa*sage was very long, and Gu Shiqi did not know where it led to, and walked for several minutes, which only led to the end of the pa*sage.

“Let’s go.”

Gu Yanqiu opened another door, then gestured for Gu Shiqi to go first.

Gu Shiqi walked out with some confusion, only to find that she had actually arrived in the park behind the villa, and at the moment she appeared on the side of the huge rockery in the park.

“This secret pa*sage is actually connected to this place.”

She muttered in some surprise, followed by a sigh from Gu Yanqiu, and the pa*sage door closed at the same time.

“What’s going on?”

Before Gu Shiqi could figure it out, two men in black had already dashed out and gagged her with something, then tied her up and carried her away.

Gushiki could never have imagined that her own father would harm her, and at this moment her heart was filled with despair.

“Ye Lu, where are you? Come and save me!”


Chapter 82

He was helping to solve the case at the police station when the news of the third “WeChat Beauty Murder Case” came back.

“I have caught the suspect Hu Mingrui according to his address, and I did find his chat records with the girl in his mobile phone, as well as various anti-detection and hacking software, and the tools of the crime were also found.”

Hearing the report, Mo Wen then looked at everyone and said with a smile.

“Well, the third big case can also be closed.”

Then, she suddenly thought of what Ye Lu had said before, that he could cure her old stomach disease, at that time she didn’t believe it at all, but now it seemed that what Ye Lu said should be true.

“Should I ask him to help me touch it?”

Mo Wen hesitated a little, this stomach pain had been bothering her for more than a day or two due to her work.

However, before she could make a decision, the phone on Ye Lu suddenly rang.

“Ye Luo, sorry, I lost Miss Gu Shiqi.”

Long Feixue said somewhat embarra*sed on the other side of the phone.

Hearing Long Fei Xue’s words, Ye Lu was immediately confused, before he felt that Long Fei Xue’s level should be quite higher than Zhang Tian and that Daoist priest, so that’s why he had a*suredly left Gushi Qi to her, now it seemed that he was still a bit careless.

“What exactly is going on, and where is Gushiki now?”

Ye Lu asked anxiously while quickly opening the “auxiliary ability” of his gla*ses, in which there was a function of location tracking, he quickly locked the location of Gushiki’s mobile phone.

On the other side of the phone, Long Feixue became more and more embarra*sed.

She said with a red face.

“I’m really sorry, I don’t know where people have gone, I only know that they have disappeared, I originally thought that she was out with her father would be fine, who knew that I just called and there was no one to answer anymore.”

Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“Miss Long, don’t worry, I will take care of this matter, don’t worry.”

No matter what, Long Fei Xue was also helpful in nature, so there was no reason to blame her, moreover, Ye Lu had already traced a bit of information in the gla*ses, even though it was only a few seconds before the other party turned off the phone, but the approximate location Ye Lu still figured out.

“It’s fast, it should be in a car.”

Seeing the target disappear, Ye Lu frowned, but then he used the “auxiliary function” again to find the surveillance video of the target’s location just now, at the same time, he looked at Captain Mo Wen and said.

“Captain Mo Wen, I’ve helped you solve three big cases, is that good enough?”

Mo Wen quickly nodded, to be honest, she really thanked Ye Lu from the bottom of her heart, after all, these cases had been bothering them for a long time, and since the team was established, although this team was not considered a task force in nature, but it was true that none of the cases had been solved yet, which made her under a lot of pressure.

But this time, with three major cases in one night, they were bound to show their faces.

“How do you want us to help you, say it?”

Mo Wen said quickly.

“One of my female cla*smates has been kidnapped, now the kidnappers are travelling along Jianguo Road towards the east, can you help me intercept them, the license plate number is XXXX, I’m going after them here too.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Mo Wen was also taken aback, although she didn’t know how Ye Luo knew, but, in her heart, she already believed seven or eight points.

She quickly asked up to the traffic control department, while Ye Lu continued.

“Give me back what was confiscated from me, I’m going to save my cla*smates too.”

Mo Wen hung up the phone and then looked at Ye Luo and said.

“With the police’s help, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Ye Luo shook his head and said.

“No, I have to go in order to do that, because the people who kidnapped this time definitely have cultivators, and they are not low level, you police can’t deal with them.”

Mo Wen certainly understood what a cultivator meant, so she thought for two seconds then nodded and said.

“Good, give the stuff back to him.”

A female police officer soon brought the stuff over, however, Ye Lu found that the elixir was missing.

“That elixir, ah, was taken away because it needed to be tested to see if it was some kind of contraband.”

The policewoman explained.

“Forget it, couldn’t care less.”

Ye Luo quickly brought all the other things over and then said once again towards Mo Wen.

“I don’t know how to drive, send a policeman and give me another car.”

As it turned out, all the police force they had here had been dispatched, as had the three cars.

“Right, the traffic police brigade next door now has a rich kid who races cars and people here, why don’t you let him go and help.”

Ye Luo quickly nodded, the situation was urgent now, it was good to have a car, which cared about anything else.

At the moment, Zhang Tian was sitting in his family’s mountain villa drinking wine, the villa was located deep in the Tianma Mountain, a beautiful environment with winding paths, except for the less convenient transportation, it was simply a paradise.

“How’s the situation?”

He asked, looking at the henchman.

“Young Master, everything is going well, that Gu Yanqiu is really cooperative and has managed to receive Miss Gu, it shouldn’t take long to get here.”

Zhang Tian said with a smug smile.

“When it comes to understanding human nature, I am still quite confident, that Gu Yanqiu is already hopeless, where is that woman who interfered? Where is she currently?”

Zhang Tian was most worried about Long Feixue, that woman was too scary.

“That woman is currently still in the Gu family, don’t worry.”

Zhang Tian said with a rea*suring smile this time.

“Good, without that woman causing trouble and Ye Lu trapped in the police station, this operation is simply perfect!”

With those words he happily took a sip of red wine and looked beautifully out at the mountain.

And at this moment outside the mountain, Liu Qingyun and a few other people were gathering there with various tools.

“Is there really treasure in this mountain?”

A man looked at Liu Qingyun and asked.

Liu Qingyun nodded and said.

“There shouldn’t be any mistake, although I don’t know what kind of treasure there is, but there is indeed treasure, I have already checked, wait for my senior brother to come over later, he should know more specifically, unfortunately, there would have been another powerful helper, however, he is busy with the jade ‘public auction’ bid today and can’t come He can’t come.”

The person Liu Qingyun was talking about was of course Ye Lu, he had wanted to find Ye Lu, but firstly, he had heard that Ye Lu was helping the Gu family with the jadeite ‘public auction’, in his opinion Ye Lu was already the son-in-law of the Gu family, so the Gu family’s affairs must be more important, and secondly, because his senior brother had heard that Ye Lu was only an eighteen year old high school student and was strongly opposed to the matter, in his opinion Ye Lu must be just a waste of time.

When he heard Liu Qingyun talking about the jadeite “public” bidding, one of them also said disdainfully.

“What’s the use of finding a jadeite player? It’s not like we’re going to dig for jadeite ore.”

Another one also said.

“Yes, Liu Qingyun, have you become a fool as an official, what exactly is the origin of the helper you are talking about?”

Liu Qingyun thought for a moment and said.

“He is a legend, he knows how to identify treasures, he is a miracle doctor, and he is also a fighter, however, the person is very young, he is a senior student in our school ……”

As a result, Liu Qingyun was interrupted before he could finish his words and said.

“After all is said and done is just a high school student, again powerful can have what energy, you do not joke with us.”

“That’s right, even more genius, how far can a high school student go.”

“You purely have a bubble in your head.”


After hearing the words of the crowd, Liu Qingyun wanted to say something for Ye Lu, but the crowd waved their hands and didn’t give him the chance. However, Liu Qingyun was somewhat relieved when he thought about it, after all, he got the token of the “Dharma Society” only because of Ye Lu, while these people had the token themselves.

Liu Qingyun could only smile bitterly, thinking to himself that when you see Master Ye Lu, you will understand.

And at this moment, Ye Lu has sat in a sports car, in the top of the sports car also placed a temporary police lights and siren, the siren is now emitting “ee …… well …… ee …… well …… ee …… well ……” sound, while the rich second generation sitting next to Ye Lu is holding a cigarette roll with an incredible expression looking at Ye Lu said.

“What is the background of your kid, even the police have given you the green light, it’s too dragging.”

Ye Lu, on the other hand, said impatiently.

“Don’t talk nonsense, letting you race with a siren is not enough for you to fool around, let’s go.”

This guy “poof!” He spat his cigarette out of the car and yelled, “Okay!” The car then sped off like a wild horse.

Inside the mountain villa, Zhang Tian was staring at his mobile phone and said.

“What, there are police blocking you, what the hell is going on?”