Super School Student Chapter 83-84

Chapter 83

When he heard that the police were intercepting him, Zhang Tian was completely baffled, because his plan this time was very well thought out, and the only one among the others who knew about the situation was Gu Yanqiu, since Gu Yanqiu had tricked Gu Shiqi into coming in he shouldn’t have reported it again, so who could be working against him?

“Can it be fixed?”

Zhang Tian asked with some worry.

As a result, the other party said confidently.

“No problem, these worldly forces are not on our mind yet, what we are worried about is that even if we deliver the person, with these police officers around, it will be hard for you to make good, right?”

As a result Zhang Tian said.

“Don’t worry, I have my own way, you guys just go ahead and get the people over here.”

Following that, Zhang Tian hung up the phone.

At the same time, those police cars that were carrying out their official duties and were responsible for intercepting them suddenly saw several motorbikes with speeds of up to over 200 mph speeding up from the street, the drivers of the motorbikes obviously had excellent driving skills, they did not make any complicated attacking movements after whistling over, but quickly slapped on the police cars and then disappeared with the wind.

The process came as fast as it could, and while the policemen were still dumbfounded, the riders had already disappeared.

“What the hell is going on here?”

“A biker?”

“A provocation, this is a barefaced provocation.”


This sudden movement confused the police officers a bit and everyone started all sorts of unreliable speculations.

By this time, the target vehicle to be stopped also arrived.

“Get in and do it.”

The police officer in charge of the interception gave a quick order and everyone got into the car, but, following that, they realised that the car wouldn’t start anymore, and that’s when they realised what those riders were doing just then.

“Quickly, get out and intercept.”

The police officers gave the order again, but it was too late, the SUV had already driven past.

As they watched the SUV whiz by, the police could only look at its back and sigh.

“Those motorbike riders were definitely cultivators.”

The policeman in charge said as if he had a sudden realization.

“Only a cultivator can launch such an attack without leaving any traces. I’ve heard of cases about cultivators, but they all turn out to be headless cases, with no evidence to be found.”

A few other policemen said with a helpless sigh.

“I don’t know which one of them is not open-minded enough to offend the cultivators, causing us to follow the bad luck.”

“Don’t get sentimental, let’s go, let’s fix the car.”

“Hey! Can’t afford to P*ss off the high rollers!”


A few policemen shook their heads then started calling for a tow truck team to come and support them, after all, all three cars were crippled.

But just as the brothers were waiting for the tow truck, they suddenly saw another car coming at speed, it was a sports car but with a police light on the roof, and the car just whimpered and strutted past.

“Sh*t! Are all the rich kids so high profile now?”

“That’s right, too arrogant.”


At the same time, however, orders came over their walkie-talkies.

“Do not intercept a sports car with police lights, license plate number is XXXX, remember, over!”

Hearing this order, everyone was dumbfounded.

“What kind of rich kid is this, what a hard backstage.”

I don’t know who muttered, and everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

And at this moment, Ye Luo was urging that rich young man in to increase his horsepower, because the roads in the city were rather complicated, and because of the low visibility at night while watching the surveillance and chasing people, Ye Luo was also a bit worried that he might lose the chase.


The rich kid was inexplicably excited this time, he felt that this was even more exciting than the usual illegal car racing he played, because of the police lights everyone was avoiding them, which gave him a sense of superiority.

“Great, there’s a straight road ahead, we’d better get close to it while we can, then it’ll be hard for it to escape us with your skills.”

Ye Luo had also noticed that this rich kid was genuinely good at driving without saying anything else.

“When I’m in college, I’ll have to get a driving license and learn to drive sometime.”

Ye Luo muttered with some emotion, he found that driving was really a necessary skill, and of course owning a car was also necessary.

However, at this time, a motorbike appeared again, this motorbike was coming against the traffic, and the target was obviously Ye Luo’s sports car.

“Holy sh*t, is this an attempt to kill me to silence me?”

When he saw the motorbike rushing over in an aggressive manner, the rich young man really panicked, because the other party was obviously a desperate man’s stance, he was not ready to play with his life.

“Drive well, you don’t need to worry about the rest.”

Ye Lu quickly said, at the same time the person has also prepared, at that motorbike close, the motorbike rider raised the slap, he jumped up violently from the seat of the sports car, then one hand propped up in the front of the sports car hood, while the legs like a windmill kicked out.

The motorbike rider also did not expect Ye Lu to come out of nowhere with such a move, he was caught off guard and quickly closed his hand to try to block, but it was already too late.


The kick had already landed on his chest.


His whole body drew an arc in the air and flew up, while the motorbike remained straight ahead.

The sports car with the police lights on was already very solid, and the motorbike that had just gone against the traffic had just attracted many more people who were eating the melon, and as a result, many of them had seen the thrilling scene.

“Wow sh*t! Is this a Hollywood blockbuster?”

“So dazzling! Foshan Shadowless Kick.”

“It’s so fast, it’s like a man of the wind.”

“I think it’s a man like mad, it’s totally playing with his life!”


Not only did the uninformed crowd look stunned, but the rich young man driving the car looked just as stunned.

“Drive properly, don’t get distracted!”

Ye Lu had already darted back into the car once again.

“Holy f*ck, no way, how can you be so awesome, you are the legendary Interpol FBI right, too awesome, take me as your disciple.”

The rich second generation was already adoring beyond words.

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Don’t blindly worship what FBI, this is traditional Chinese kung fu, drive carefully, things are not over yet.”

For just as the two men were conversing, two more motorbikes appeared, this time the riders obviously already had a plan for the near future, two men darted over left and right, so that Ye Lu could not take care of both sides, and surely one of them could get the job done.

However, Ye Luo did not panic, he looked at the two men who were flying over and said.

“In a moment, when they are almost there, turn violently left, understand, leave the rest to me.”

This time the rich young man was a little confused, and he said anxiously.

“Run them over? Then I’m not finished.”

Ye Luo said without good grace.

“Crash to death my a*s, it’s for him to crash into you.”

Only then did the rich boy let out a relieved “oh”, but, followed by an even more confused voice, he said.

“Then I’m not still screwed.”

However, it was too late to discuss this, as both the sports car and the motorbike were going very fast and were about to meet.

The rich young man gritted his teeth and hit the wheel hard, the car quickly drifted up and dashed to the left.

It was too late for the motorcyclist to swerve, and he looked at the car with wide eyes, and rushed on.



“Holy f*ck!”


The people around him also let out shrieks of alarm, and everyone felt that a collision was inevitable.

However, just as everyone was shouting in shock, Ye Luo had already jumped out, he reached out and grabbed the motorbike that the motorcyclist was riding violently, and the motorbike came to a violent halt.

However, the rider was not so lucky. Due to inertia, he flew past the sports car like an arrow and dashed towards the green belt not far away, and then disappeared into the green belt.

And Ye Lu grabbed the motorbike in his hand and threw it violently at another motorcyclist who was desperately trying to slow down.


A loud crash sounded, and the other motorcyclist was also smashed and sent flying.

“What the hell, is this still a human being?”

“This is definitely a monster, fake it.”

“Day, look at those two motorcyclists, they’re actually not dead either, they can still walk.”


The crowd that saw this scene was already completely unnerved.

Of course that two motorbike riders wouldn’t die, they were dark jin powerhouses, and cultivators at the peak of bright jin, their flesh and blood bodies had already reached a rather formidable level, plus the strengthening of dark jin, it wasn’t that easy to die.


Ye Lu smiled and clenched his fist, then shouted to Richie Rich.

“Richie Rich, let’s go!”


Chapter 84

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, that rich young man immediately said.

“I’m not called Rich Boy, my name is Shen Yun, the cloud of clouds, but it seems that we are about to leave the city.”

Shen Yun said as he looked at the Tianma Mountain in the distance.

Ye Luo ignored him, instead, he was flying through his gla*ses, he was looking for the Zhang family’s property, according to Ye Luo’s logic, this incident must have been Zhang Tian of the Zhang family who was up to no good, and the place they were going to should be a certain property of the Zhang family’s own family.

“Found it!”

Following this, Ye Lu shouted with some surprise.

He found that there was indeed an estate style villa of the Zhang family in this Tianma Mountain, and the car in front of him at the moment was also driving in the direction of where the villa was located in the surveillance.

“This is the road, quick, follow it.”

Ye Lu commanded quickly, however, the climbing performance of the off-road vehicle in front of them was obviously excellent, and although Ye Lu and the others were desperately chasing after it, they actually failed to catch up.

However, after entering the mountain, Ye Lu turned off the police lights and put them into the car, now that they were out of the city, there was no need for them to open the road, and the sound of the police lights was too loud it was easy to scare the snake, making the other side prepared was obviously not a good thing.

“It seems to have gone in.”

Not far from the villa, that rich young man Shen Yun said.

Indeed, the SUV had already arrived at this moment.

Zhang Tian quickly shouted from the third floor of the villa.

“Give the man to Zhang Long, you guys go and help stop the guy who is chasing after us.”

Those people had already told Zhang Tian about the car that was chasing them just now, and at the same time they had also described the appearance of the person in the car, and Zhang Tian had certainly judged that the person in the car must be Ye Lu.

This made him depressed, because he originally wanted to use the power of the police to stall Ye Lu, but who would have thought that things would be just the opposite of what he had planned, not only did the police fail to stall the man but they also helped Ye Lu to chase him.

Zhang Long, on the other hand, was the butler in charge of this mountain villa and one of their own from the Zhang family. Hearing Zhang Tian’s order, he quickly took the bound Gu Shiqi to the villa’s specially made underground secret room and swallowed the pre-prepared pills for Gu Shiqi.

“Hehehe! With this pill, even a chaste and martyred girl will quickly turn into a lecherous Sl*t, but this one that young master brought back this time is really superb! It’s better than every time.”

Zhang Long looked at Gu Shiqi and said with some emotion.

It was not the first time he had done such a thing, but he had not seen many as beautiful and aura as Gu Shiqi, after all, Gu Shiqi was the only Miss of the Gu family.

“Just wait for the young master to enjoy you.”

Zhang Long carried Gu Shiqi to a very large round bed, and then left knowingly.

Zhang Tian, on the other hand, flew towards the underground chamber.

“This bizarre double cultivation still has to involve two lovers, it’s really nagging, if it wasn’t for these imported drugs to move the emotions, things wouldn’t really be so good.”

As for Ye Luo outside, Zhang Tian did not put his mind on it because firstly, with those cultivators plus the security guards in the villa to intercept, he reckoned it would not be too easy for Ye Luo to rush in anytime soon, and secondly, this secret room was built separately, it was not that easy to find, open and come in.

And at this moment Ye Luo looked at the villa’s main door and said.

“Prince Shen Yun, the critical time has come, give me the chance to rush through and crash through that ghostly gate, let’s go!”

After this journey, Shen Yun had already admired Ye Lu to the point of worship, so when he heard Ye Lu’s words, he didn’t hesitate, he increased the throttle and rushed towards the gate.


The villa’s gate was directly disliked by the sports car and tumbled to the ground, following which, the sports car went berserk and rushed towards the main building of the villa.

In Ye Lu’s gla*ses, Ye Lu had long known everything about the villa, including the location of the secret room that Zhang Tian thought was foolproof, he knew it all very well.


Seeing Ye Luo and their car rushing over, those men in black who were responsible for kidnapping Gushiki dashed up.

While in the secret room, Gushiki already felt her body tingling, an unspeakable urge began to sprout, grow and grow like a wild weed in her heart.

“There’s something wrong with that potion …… potion.”

Gu Shiqi muttered silently in her heart, and following that, she felt someone helping her untie the ropes that were tied around her hands and feet.

“Ye Lu, you’ve finally come to save me!”

She wept with joy as she ripped off the cloth covering her eyes, only to find that the person standing in front of her was not Ye Lu, but a smiling Zhang Tian.

“Oh, thinking about that Ye Lu coming to the hero’s rescue, are you?”

Zhang Tian looked at Gu Shiqi and said with a smile.

“Pity, after he comes in, he’ll only see you after you’ve been nourished by me.”

As Zhang Tian was speaking, Gu Shiqi felt that due to the ecstasy she had just felt, her mind was lost and that desire began to rush into her brain like an open flood, wandering uncontrollably, she felt extremely needy of a man at the moment ……

The source of the coldness was the “Ice Maiden’s Tears” pendant that Ye Lu had given her earlier, and at the same time, she saw Zhang Tian kissing her on the mouth.

“Go to hell!”

She raised her leg quickly and slammed her knee into Zhang Tian’s vitals.

He originally saw that after the drug hair, Gushiki’s eyes were already dazed, her cheeks were red and her body was on fire, so he never thought that Gushiki would have an instant sobriety.

Thus, the unlucky Zhang Tian fell under the bed with his vital points covered.

However, Gu Shiqi’s wakefulness was also short-lived, and following that, she once again felt a little dizzy in the head.

But at that moment, the door to the secret room opened with a “brush! The door of the chamber opened and Ye Lu’s upright figure appeared in the doorway.

When she saw that Ye Lu had really appeared, Gu Shiqi finally let out a long sigh of relief, and then the tide of desire overwhelmed her.

Zhang Tian, on the other hand, quickly opened a pa*sage and dug in.

Although Gushiki’s blow was fierce, it did not cause much damage to Zhang Tian, after all, Gushiki was just an ordinary girl.

Zhang Tian had just run his dark energy to dissolve the damage of that blow, however, he did not dare to dislike Ye Lu again, he was very clear about the gap between himself and Ye Lu.

“Ye …… fall ……”

Gu Shiqi lay on the bed with her two long legs constantly rubbing together, while her mouth shouted Ye Lu’s name, both hands kept reaching into her T-shirt to grab the peaks, while the other was hidden in her skirt, while the clothes on her body had long been torn in a mess ……

“Day, the antidote to poison pills actually happens to be absent.”

Seeing Gushiki’s current situation, Ye Lu certainly understood that she had been drugged, however, the antidote pill had been taken to be tested, and he had nothing in his hand at the moment.

“We can only control her first.”

Thinking of this, Ye Luo then quickly walked over and reached out to point at all of Gushiki’s acupuncture points. He first used his aura to stop Gushiki’s vital meridian points to avoid the spreading of the medicinal power, and then raised his hand to knock Gushiki unconscious.

However, he found that for some reason, it was very difficult to knock Gu Shiqi unconscious, and it took him a lot of effort to knock her unconscious.

“Gu Shiqi seems to be odd!”

Ye Luo muttered as he looked at Gushiki’s seductive appearance.

Although Gushiki’s current appearance made Ye Luo’s mouth a little dry, but, although he was not a decent man, he was not a villain who took advantage of others, so Ye Luo wiped his saliva and did not lay his hands on Gushiki.

“Zhang Tian, I can’t spare you.”

After thinking about it, Ye Lu picked up Gu Shiqi and rushed into the pa*sage that Zhang Tian had just opened and chased after her.

However, what made him feel a little surprised was that the pa*sage was actually very long and went in all directions, it didn’t seem to be a later excavation, but a natural underground cave, as a result, he didn’t have to go around for more than a moment before he got lost.

“It’s actually connected to a cave in the mountain.”

Ye Lu muttered somewhat depressingly, followed by finding a nearby exit and walking out.

As a result, to his slight surprise, he actually saw an acquaintance outside the cave, none other than his school’s headmaster, Liu Qingshan, however, at this moment, Liu Qingshan was not dressed like a headmaster, but rather like a tomb raider, and he was actually carrying a long knife.

“What’s all this, Principal Liu, do you still have a part-time job as a tomb raider?”

Ye Luo asked with a puzzled look at Liu Qingshan.

Liu Qingshan, on the other hand, had an ecstatic expression on his face as he smiled when he saw Ye Luo and said.

“Master Ye, why are you here?”

Following that, he then turned his head to look at those of his companions and said.

“This is the Grandmaster Ye I mentioned before, a true worldly master, with his help, we will definitely have no problem with this treasure hunt.”

However, several other people rolled their eyes at the same time, and one of them looked Ye Lu up and down and said.

“You’re Grandmaster Ye?”