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Winner Takes All Chapter 117-118

Chapter 117

Looking at Kunlun and Lone Wolf who were choking and coughing, Chen Dong lost his smile dumbly.

One billion could surprise the two of them, but to him, it was really not as important as the information revealed behind the billion.

This time …… heaven’s fate was on his side!

All those efforts he had made, his father and Elder Long hadn’t let him go to waste after all.

As for the rest, he wasn’t worried.

As long as he was still standing in the chessboard and not out of the game, then he was qualified to continue the contest!

Stretching out, Chen Dong smiled and said, “Lone Wolf, go out and buy some breakfast, I’m a little hungry.”

“Okay, Mr. Chen.”

When Lone Wolf walked out, Kun Lun also slowed down, he smiled as if relieved, “Young Master, you didn’t stab in vain, Master and Elder Long succeeded.”

“Hmm, but there should be some troubles to follow.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, his eyes deep, “There is no way this matter can be set right so easily, and Chen Tiansheng is not the kind of character that can swallow his anger.”

Kunlun nodded his head, pondering.

He took out his phone and dialed Elder Long’s number again.

But after pressing the speakerphone, the system prompted that it was still switched off.

“Don’t worry, if there is really something wrong, Elder Long will contact us soon.” Chen Dong said soothingly.

For the latter few days, Chen Dong spent his time recuperating in the hospital.

Only Lone Wolf was left to take care of him, and Kunlun still had to go to Lijin Hospital to help him cover for his mother.

His mother had been injured and hospitalised this time, and if it was then known that he had been injured, it would undoubtedly add to her health.

As for the Dingtai company, he was remotely directing the pony operation throughout.

Coupled with the a*sistance of Zhou Zunlong of Zunlong Real Estate from the side, there would not be any problems for a while.

After all, he has the ability to hold absolute control over Zun Long Real Estate, even if it comes from the wrong source and was forced by Elder Long to hand it over to Zhou Zun Long, but Zhou Zun Long would not dare to act rashly in this matter.

Otherwise, what Zhou Zunlong lost would not be just a tiny bit.

Although Elder Long still could not be contacted, to Chen Dong, at least it was considered calm and quiet.

Tianmen Mountain Villa Area.

Towards noon, Zhou Yanqiu was not the least bit hungry.

In fact, he was almost in a state of tea and apprehension for the past few days.

Chen Tiansheng’s sudden departure had caused all the plans he had made when he had previously decided to turn against Chen Tiansheng to suddenly fall through.

As for the events of that day, he had only learned a few words from the property side of Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Chen Dong had led his men to forcefully break into Chen Tiansheng’s home and when Chen Dong left, Chen Tiansheng left covered in injuries.

The mere brief information made it impossible for him to deduce what had actually happened that day.

From what he knew about the Chen family, it was never a simple beating and Chen Tiansheng’s departure was unusual.

On one side was Chen Tiansheng, who had suddenly left.

On the other side was Chen Dong who was still lying in hospital.

Who should be favoured, making Zhou Yanqiu anxious.

Everyone wanted the merit of being a dragon.

Even if Zhou Yanqiu had already been the city’s biggest businessman, he was no exception.

But if he obeyed the dragon, then it would be called the merit of obeying the dragon.

If you follow the worm, then you will be doomed.

Knock, knock!

A knock sounded on the door.

“Get lost! I’ve said I won’t see anyone!”

Zhou Yanqiu scolded angrily.

With his state of mind, he would not have been so uncontrollable on a normal day.

But now, the Chen family’s affairs had put him on edge.

“Master, there is a call for you from a gentleman surnamed Chen.”

Outside, an old man’s voice rang out.

“A phone call?”

Zhou Yanqiu’s expression froze, and suddenly his eyes lit up as he quickly opened the door and walked towards his office.

When he heard Chen Tiansheng’s voice coming from the phone, Zhou Yanqiu’s mind was instantly lifted.

“Mr Chen, why did you suddenly leave?” Zhou Yanqiu asked out the confusion that had been haunting him for days.

“Something to do with you?”

Over the phone, Chen Tiansheng remained condescending, as if commanding an order, “There is a special Chen family plane landing in your city this evening, help me to receive it well.”

“Fine, fine, sure, I will receive it with all my heart.”

Zhou Yanqiu was busy agreeing, and asked, “Daring to ask, which one of the Chen family is it?”

“Since you know it’s a dare, why do you still need to ask?”

Chen Tiansheng’s tone was icy and dripping with disdain, “Remember, to be a dog you must have the awareness of a dog, a dog will not open its mouth to ask its master!”


The phone hung up.

Zhou Yanqiu’s face was red and his expression was dull.

Underneath his gold-rimmed gla*ses, there was a vague flurry of anger.

In a flash, the anger in his eyes converged and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth as he slowly put the phone down.

With a self-deprecating smile, he murmured, “Yeah, it’s become a dog.”


The airport on the outskirts of the city was not quiet.

Inside the terminal, the lights were on, and from time to time there were announcements from the airport staff.

On the runway, planes are constantly landing and taking off.

As an airport with a huge throughput, even at midnight, it is still blossoming with its own vitality.

Only one runway was strangely empty.

No matter how many planes landed and took off from the surrounding runways, not a single plane occupied the runway.

It was as if it was an anomaly in the entire suburban airport.

In the distance, the lights came on.

A black Rolls-Royce Phantom was driving at the head.

After the Phantom, there were nine black Mercedes-Benz GLS500s.

Neat and tidy, the aura was huge.

If it were daytime, being seen by boarders, it would have drawn a gasp of surprise.

But it was late at night, and such a scene was as stealthy as a tapestry.

The Rolls-Royce was welcomed to the outside of the runway and the doors opened.

Zhou Yanqiu stepped out of the car.

The night breeze was slightly cool and he subconsciously wrapped his clothes around him.

“Master, it’s late at night, put on a coat.”

An old man followed him out of the car and prepared to drape the coat in his hand on Zhou Yanqiu’s shoulders.

“No need.”

Zhou Yanqiu raised his hand and refused, his gaze deep.

Just as Chen Tiansheng had said, he was …… here to be a dog tonight!

Facing the Chen family, which was as huge as the sky, he was indeed only qualified to be a dog.

The actual fact is that you can get Chen Tiansheng to call and instruct you, so it must be a true dragon of the Chen family that is coming tonight, and it would be disrespectful to cloak yourself in a trench coat to “receive”.

“It’s almost time to come, right?”

Zhou Yanqiu looked around and murmured in a low voice.

“How does Master know?” The butler asked.

Zhou Yanqiu smiled faintly, “Look at these planes at the airport.”

Not knowing when, the airport, which was originally filled with traffic, suddenly went strangely quiet.

There were no planes landing, nor were there any planes taking off.

Everything, it was as if it had been frozen.

It was terribly quiet!

Rumble ……

Suddenly there was a loud boom in the distant night sky.

It was like rolling thunder, deafening.

It was different from the engine roar of an ordinary airliner, more powerful, more surging, more deafening!

Almost as soon as Zhou Yanqiu heard it, the thunderous roar had already reached the sky directly above his head.

Zhou Yanqiu looked up and vaguely saw a huge black shadow flashing high above him.

In an instant, his face was shocked and his heart was beating wildly.

“This, this is the …… warplane?”

Zhou Yanqiu exclaimed offhandedly, his face flushed red, and his heart even raised a huge wave: “Warplanes escorting ……”

While exclaiming in shock, his pupils contracted to the extreme.

A whole …… ten warplanes!

And one can clearly see that ten warplanes are surrounding the air, starring at a civilian jet that is slowly landing!


Chapter 118

The night sky.

The engines of warplanes roared to life.

The wind is like an invisible hand, pressing down with force.

What were meant to be weapons of war were now reduced to escorts.

Such a scene could not be described as spectacular.

Even with Zhou Yanqiu’s experience, it was difficult to calm down at this moment.

In the waiting hall, everyone’s attention had already been drawn to this spectacular scene.

The whole hall was in an uproar.

Everyone was stunned.

Rumble ……

With the roar of the warplane.

The special plane slowly landed on the airport runway and started taxiing.

When the special plane came to a complete stop, ten warplanes abruptly burst into the night sky with a roaring explosion in unison.

Like thunder in the air.

The sound was enormous.

Immediately afterwards, the ten warplanes simultaneously drew an arc in the air, turned around, returned and disappeared into the night sky.

The time before and after was short, but even a second was enough to leave an indelible impression on everyone.

“My lord …… there are quite a few good people in the waiting hall.” The butler whispered.

Zhou Yanqiu returned to his senses and smiled faintly, “The Chen family’s true dragon has descended and has ten warplanes to escort and send off, is it not something that can be blasphemed by the clouds of mortal beings?”

After saying this, he led his men to quickly walk towards the special plane.

Gradually, Zhou Yanqiu’s gaze deepened as he quickly pondered.

As he approached the special plane, his face grew redder and redder, and his heart beat faster and faster, as if it was about to jump out of his chest.

The war weapon used to accompany the escort was enough to highlight the transcendent status of the being in the special plane.

From what he knew about the Chen family, there were only two people in the Chen family who could make an appearance in such a grand manner!

One was the Chen family head, and the other was the Chen family’s old lady!

No matter who it was, to Zhou Yanqiu, he was a true dragon that roamed the nine heavens.

And for him to receive such a true dragon was like making a pilgrimage.

Zhou Yanqiu, who was the most powerful man in the city and could remain calm as he watched the stormy weather, walked towards the plane with a restrained demeanour.

Under the night curtain, the airport on the outskirts of the city seemed to be frozen in time.

The landing plane seemed to be a giant beast lurking in the darkness.

When Zhou Yanqiu led his men to the plane, the hatch opened just in time.


Zhou Yanqiu led dozens of people to bow and shout at the same time.

The sound was like a wave.

“Get up.” An old woman’s voice rang out.

The Chen family’s old lady!

Zhou Yanqiu had an instant decision in his heart and slowly raised his head to look.

In her line of sight, an old man with silver hair and white hair was holding a bamboo cane and was being helped to slowly walk down the aeroplane steps.

A black and red cheongsam outfit accentuated the old man’s aura to the fullest.

With a radiant face, brilliant star-like eyes and neatly tended silvery white hair, it is difficult to tell the old man’s true age and creates an aristocratic aura that makes people look up to him.

If he hadn’t been in a high position, overlooking all life, he would never have been able to cultivate such an aura.

“I am Zhou Yanqiu, here to greet Old Madam Chen.”

Zhou Yanqiu bowed slightly and quickly stepped forward, raising one hand, ready to a*sist the old lady off the plane.

“I don’t know you, and I don’t want to ask you how you knew I was here tonight.”

Old Madam Chen spoke calmly, but with a superior, outlandish posture: “Disperse.”

Zhou Yanqiu was instantly frozen.

His face changed from blue to red, embarra*sed and frightened.

He had been ordered by Chen Tiansheng to greet the old lady, but he had never expected this scene to happen now.


Old Madam Chen raised her eyebrows and thumped her bamboo cane in her hand on the ground.

Zhou Yanqiu’s body shook with fear and he hurriedly explained, “Old Madam Chen, I am a good friend of your family’s Tiansheng, so when Tiansheng knew you were coming to the city, he ordered me to greet you, and with my energy in the city, I can also run an errand for you, Old Madam Chen.”

Zhou Yanqiu had no choice but to bring up Chen Tiansheng in her desperation.

Now that he could face Old Madam Chen directly, this was a heavenly opportunity in Zhou Yanqiu’s heart.

He had always been torn between helping Chen Dong and helping Chen Tiansheng, didn’t he want to find the opportunity to rise to the top?

Now, if he could leave an impression on Mrs Chen’s heart, it would be an unimaginable boost to his future.

Zhou Yanqiu is not an indecisive person.

He was telling the old lady that he and Chen Tiansheng had a friendship, and that he was qualified to be the old lady’s pony.

“Tiansheng’s grandson?”

As expected, when she heard Chen Tiansheng, Old Madam Chen’s face eased up a little, no longer as cold as she had been a moment ago, but with a warm smile.

Although she was not the head of the family, the head of the family also had to consider her words and actions.

And among the younger generation, Chen Tiansheng was one of the few who could please the old lady.

Zhou Yanqiu, who is good at reading people’s opinions, was delighted when he saw the look on Old Lady Chen’s face.

But before he could say anything, Old Madam Chen waved her hand, “It’s just that, since you are a good friend of Tiansheng, I won’t bother with you, but little friend, your energy is not worth mentioning, so you can take your people and disperse.”


Zhou Yanqiu, who was in great joy, was struck by lightning.

There was an instant feeling of frustration as he fell off the clouds.

If someone else had said such words to Zhou Yanqiu, Zhou Yanqiu would have scoffed.

In this city, he, Zhou Yanqiu’s energy, could really reach the sky!

But it was the Chen family’s old lady who said this!

Zhou Yanqiu had the self-awareness to know that in the eyes of the Chen family’s old lady, he could perhaps be considered a mole, but his so-called energy really could not enter the Chen old lady’s eyes.

These words left him speechless and unable to refute.

At that moment.

A car engine roared in the distance.

A blindingly bright light came.

In an instant, it attracted everyone’s attention.

Zhou Yanqiu squinted his eyes and looked into the glare.

A stretched Hummer, which was like a fierce beast, was coming this way.

“Little friend, this is tantamount to some energy.”

Old Mrs Chen smiled slightly and said to Zhou Yanqiu.

Zhou Yanqiu frowned.

Just a stretched Hummer to greet the Chen family’s old lady, this was …… too pedestrian, right?

What was this compared to the array he had prepared?


The Hummer sped up and stopped in front of the crowd.

Immediately afterwards, the car door opened and a middle-aged man with white temples stepped down.


Zhou Yanqiu, who was puzzled, saw the middle-aged man and his mind immediately went blank, dumbfounded.

He was in the city and had access to the sky.

But he really didn’t expect that the person who Old Mrs. Chen said was “some energy” would be his …… Tian!

“Old Mrs. Chen, I’m sorry, I’m late.” The middle-aged man smiled apologetically with a humble arch of his hand.

“No matter, let’s go.”

Old Mrs. Chen spoke calmly and took the lead in walking towards the Hummer.

The middle-aged man walked quickly to the front and carefully opened the door for Old Lady Chen, and reached out to block the top edge of the door.

His hands were raised with the utmost respect.

And Zhou Yanqiu had already looked dumbfounded.

He had never seen this middle-aged man flattering anyone before!

By the time he came back to his senses, the Hummer had already set off.

And from beginning to end, the middle-aged man never noticed him, as if he didn’t exist at all.

The Hummer roared along, ignoring the airport security system.

Soon, it was driving up to the top of the road.

Inside the car.

The middle-aged man said respectfully, “Old Mrs. Chen, the man you asked me to inquire about, Chen Dong, is now recovering in hospital from his injuries, should I go and see him immediately?”

Old Mrs. Chen smiled and said, “Have you ever seen an old body bending over backwards to pay respects to someone?”

The middle-aged man looked stunned, realising that he had misspoken, and his eyes flashed with a hint of panic.

Hastily, he changed his tone, “You rest first, I will arrange for Chen Dong to pay you a visit.”