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Winner Takes All Chapter 119-120

Chapter 119

When the first rays of sunlight hit the earth in the early morning.

Chen Dong opened his eyes, only to find that there was one more person in the ward.

Long Lao was leaning on the ward sofa with a tired face, a pillow in one hand and his eyes closed as he rested.

Chen Dong was instantly overjoyed.

He hurriedly cast a questioning glance at Lone Wolf who had woken up long ago next to him.

“Elder Long, Mr. Chen is awake.”

Lone Wolf, however, shouted dryly.

Chen Dong frowned, the reason he looked at Lone Wolf was precisely because he did not want to disturb Elder Long’s rest.

Elder Long had appeared in the ward so early in the morning, he must have rushed back all night last night.

Long Lao opened his eyes and looked at Chen Dong, rubbing his face tiredly as he smiled, “Young Master, it was Old Slave who instructed Lone Wolf to wake up Old Slave as soon as you woke up.”

Chen Dong nodded his head and frowned as he inquired, “How is the Chen family doing?”

The matter of the family rules had definitely been dealt with.

But the subsequent troubles would definitely not be any less.

Chen Tiansheng was, after all, one of the heirs of the Chen family, while he was merely a “wild child” in the eyes of the Chen family.

If everything were to be smoothed over simply because his father and Elder Long had muddied the waters, then Chen Tiansheng’s so-called heirship would be too worthless.

At these words.

Elder Long smiled bitterly, “Old slave rushed back all night precisely because of this matter, and last night the Chen family’s old lady descended on the city.”

The Chen family’s old lady?!

Chen Dong’s expression froze, his pupils tightening.

After the shock, he smiled helplessly, “I didn’t expect to have surprised this great Buddha out, Chen Tiansheng is really something in the Chen family.”

Elder Long was also filled with helplessness and incomparable melancholy.

In the Chen family, the old lady’s position was transcendent, and as the only living person of the previous generation, she had the air of an imperial empress draped over her.

She does not control the Chen family, but even the head of the family has to respect and yield to her.

Otherwise, a single word of filial piety could crush the head of the family.

Taking a deep breath, Elder Long said, “That’s why Master ordered Old Slave to rush back overnight, because he was worried that Young Master wouldn’t be able to cope with Old Madam.”


Chen Dong snorted, “I’m afraid that even Old Master Long can’t cope with the rising master, right?”

Elder Long laughed to himself, but did not retort.

He was only a slave of the Chen family, so when Old Madam Chen descended on the city to ask for an apology, he was indeed unable to deal with it, nor was he qualified to do so.

He had rushed back overnight because he also wanted to be by Chen Dong’s side, fearing that Chen Dong would do something too drastic and make things irreversible.

Elder Long said, “Master …… may also rush here.”


Chen Dong’s expression stiffened and his thoughts suddenly became complicated.

For a moment, he had the feeling of having a five-flavored bottle tipped over in his heart.

Uncertainty, apprehension, and resentment …… were all intertwined.

If he comes, how …… should I face him?

Forgive Chen Dong’s mind, at this time, his eyes also became drifting, a little frightened and helpless.

“Young master, we have to meet after all.”

Long Lao could see Chen Dong’s mind and smiled amiably, “It’s just that this incident has brought this scene forward, and the master is also afraid that you won’t be able to cope with Old Madam Chen.”

“When will he arrive?” Chen Dong asked.

“It should be just tonight.” Elder Long said, “Last night the old lady left suddenly on a whim, and the Noah Chen family still had to have the head of the family put some things in place, so he could not leave as casually as the old lady did.”

Chen Dong nodded and said with a complicated gaze, “Don’t alert my mother about this matter for the time being.”

Her mother had awakened in the hospital, and Kunlun was over there, and confirmed that she was fine for the time being.

But with the reunion after twenty years, he was not sure if this would be a joy or an irritation to his mother.

“Understood.” Elder Long nodded his head.

The words had just fallen.

The door to the hospital room was then pushed open.

Three men dressed in black suits walked in.

This scene caused Lone Wolf’s eyebrows to knit and he became alert.

The man in the lead said in a deep voice, “Chen Dong, the Chen family’s old lady has summoned you to come and pay your respects.”

The words were cold and indifferent, oozing an air of superiority from on high.

Coming so quickly?!

Chen Dong and Elder Long were startled at the same time.


Chen Dong smiled and looked at the three men in suits with a deep gaze, “You guys think I can be discharged from the hospital with this injury now? She could have come to see me.”

The corners of Long Lao’s eyes jumped wildly, Chen Dong’s words were like he was trying to stand up to Old Madam Chen.

The so-called “summoning” was a means for the old lady to show her status, even in the Chen family, the head of the family was also summoned!

“Heh! If you’re not dead, you’ll have to go see.” The man in the suit sneered, “If you’re dead and the old lady wants to see you, we’ll have to let you go and pay your respects even if you’re carrying a coffin.”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes and his heart was depressed.

As he was about to speak, Long Lao was the first to cupped his fist and smiled, “At eight o’clock in the evening, the old slave will bring the young master forward to pay his respects to the old madam.”

“The Four Seals Clubhouse outside the city.”

The man in the suit dropped a location and turned away with his men.

From the beginning to the end, not a single word was uttered.

High and lofty, arrogant and cold.

Even when facing Elder Long, he did not have a half-hearted face.

“Elder Long, this family slave of yours isn’t doing too well either, the three youngsters don’t even give you a good face.” Chen Dong joked.

It was not that he had thought of avoiding it, Old Lady Chen had descended on the city, so there was definitely no way to hide.

The reaction just now was also due to the tone of voice and demeanour of the three men in suits, which irritated him.

Long Lao rubbed his chin helplessly, “They are the old lady’s close family slaves who serve her exclusively in the Chen family, I am the old master’s close family slave, naturally they will not give me a good face, the Chen family is too intricate internally.”

At this moment, a sharp glint suddenly flashed in the eyes of Lone Wolf at the side.

“Mr. Chen, this Four Seals Club ……”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and looked at Lone Wolf in confusion.

“Are you trying to say that the Four Seals Clubhouse is a private clubhouse owned by the most powerful one in the city?” Elder Long said with a smile.

He had been sent by his lord to a*sist the young master, and when he arrived in the local area, he had learned all the forces and some of the local situation, the first time.

With the Chen family’s intelligence network, it wasn’t difficult to understand all this!


Lone Wolf nodded, his expression grave, “Back when I was still in the underground boxing world, I happened to hear the boss of the boxing world mention that the Four Seal Club was a real top existence in this city, and it was estimated that only a magnate like Zhou Yanqiu Zhou Zunlong would be qualified to hand in an invitation to enter.”

“Even Zhou Yanqiu and the others had to hand in their invitations to qualify to enter?”

Chen Dong smiled oddly, Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong were all very powerful in the city, but in the process of entering the “Heaven”, didn’t they have to hand in their invitations?

However, Chen Dong’s face soon sank, and a vague hostility emerged in his eyes.

“If it’s there, it’ll be difficult to ask questions tonight.”


Elder Long nodded with a complicated expression, “If that one really did take a mark against the young master because of the old lady, it would be difficult for Dingtai to develop in this city in the future.”

Chen Dong’s brow furrowed into a Sichuan frown and said meaningfully, “It would be much better if Zhou Yanqiu was in charge of receiving the driver.”

If it had been Zhou Yanqiu, then he would have had no scruples at all, and would only have had to deal with Old Lady Chen with all his might.

But now that it was the true dragon descending, a*sisted by the earth dragon, with two strong forces exerting pressure, Chen Dong was indeed a little apprehensive.

“I’m going to contact the old master.” Elder Long hurriedly walked out of the ward.


Seven o’clock in the evening.


Chen Dong and Elder Long got into the Rolls Royce together and headed to the Four Seals Clubhouse outside the city.

Kunlun was responsible for driving and Lone Wolf did not follow.

With Lone Wolf’s status, it was not suitable to be together, and as tonight was meant to be a night for Old Lady Chen to raise the alarm, too many people would not be good.

On the way, the atmosphere inside the car was oppressive.

Both Chen Dong and Elder Long’s faces were incomparably sullen.

Long Lao was still clutching his mobile phone in his hand and would glance down every now and then.

Suddenly, Kun Lun, who was driving, spoke out to break the silence within the car.

“Young Master, Elder Long, we are almost at the Four Seals Clubhouse.”


Chen Dong responded, then sat up straight and suddenly raised his right fist.


A powerful punch landed viciously on the location where the wound was bandaged.

Chen Dong’s five senses instantly twisted and he let out a muffled grunt of pain, and the gauze on the wound was even more quickly rendered by fresh blood.

“Young master, what are you doing?”

With the sudden scene, even Elder Long was shocked.


Chapter 120

Chen Dong forced himself to endure the excruciating pain of the tearing wound that struck him.

Leaning back in his seat, he breathed deeply and hard, still unable to hide the pain.

His voice trembled as he laughed, “Since she wants to raise her voice, if I were to go before her without a problem, wouldn’t it be a big sin?”

Elder Long’s expression choked.

His chest instantly clogged up, and his depressed Qi filled up.

Chen Dong’s move, in his opinion, was undoubtedly a helpless move, before he deliberately made the injury to show the old lady.

If it was Chen Tiansheng who was injured, he would never have acted in such a way.

In the Chen family, Chen Tiansheng is Mrs Chen’s good grandson. When he is injured, he only needs to kneel down in front of Mrs Chen and scream in pain, then Mrs Chen will be able to get justice for him.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, had to let his wounds, which were almost healed, reopen, seeking only a step back from the old lady!

The same Chen family member, but the treatment was worlds apart.

“It’s alright, Old Man Long.”

Chen Dong smiled and rea*sured Old Man Long, and said to Kunlun who was driving, “Don’t look, grab in or the blood will clot.”

Kun Lun gave a fake lighthearted smile and continued to drive the Rolls-Royce, only the smile on his face was also thick with bitterness and helplessness.

The word “birth” really made people indignant.

Under the night, the Four Seals Clubhouse was hidden in the woods halfway up the mountainside, as if nestled directly into this corner of the mountainside.

As the city’s top clubhouse, even the magnates like Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong had to hand in their invitations before they were qualified to enter, and it was difficult for the ordinary rich and powerful to reach it.

This also contributed to the mystery and lack of fame of the Four Seals Club.

So much so that even Chen Dong did not know about it.

The lofty gates, all in the style of ancient architecture, are surrounded by high walls and a large courtyard.

In front of the main gate, the plaque “Four Seals Club” is hung high, and two specially-made red lanterns are hung high, glowing red.

It is a solemn and mysterious place.

Outside the clubhouse, there were lights flashing from time to time, the clubhouse security guards patrolling back and forth in their patrol cars.

Chen Dong’s gaze was deep as he watched all this.

Soon, the Rolls Royce stopped at the entrance of the clubhouse.

“Please pa*s the invitation.”

A middle-aged man dressed in a Tang suit smiled as he walked up to the car, his tone not condescending.

“An invitation to pay respects?” Kunlun frowned.

The middle-aged man in the Tang suit smiled and said, “The Four Seals Clubhouse, does not receive people without an invitation.”

Elder Long smiled and said, “The old lady of the Chen family is staying at the clubhouse and has come to pay her respects.”

Saying that, he introduced to the middle-aged man in the Tang suit, “This is the young master of the Chen family.”

At those words.

The middle-aged man in the Tang suit changed his expression, and the smile on his face was instantly thick and brilliant, even his figure was no longer as upright as it was a moment ago.

“Sorry, I’ll go and verify this.”

Elder Long’s face sank, “Since when does the young master of the Chen family need to be verified even when he enters this tiny Four Seals Club?”

The middle-aged man in the Tang suit was hesitant.

Even if Zhou Yanqiu was in front of him, he could still command and demand the invitation without mercy.

But he had personally seen how humble and respectful the owner of this clubhouse was in front of that old lady of the Chen family.

“Please come in.” The middle-aged man in the Tang suit flashed to one side.

The Rolls Royce slowly drove towards the clubhouse, and the middle-aged man in the Tang suit soon caught up in the clubhouse security patrol car, leading the way ahead.

Chen Dong smiled oddly, strength enough, the so-called rules are just empty.

The clubhouse was vast, with pavilions and pavilions and gurgling water.

While following the patrol car, the Rolls-Royce gradually drove to a remote place.

There was no flowing water, no pavilions, just a lush bamboo forest and a small stream, a quiet place.

“Three of you, please get out of the car and walk forward, Old Lady Chen is in the Bamboo Forest Pavilion.” The middle-aged man in the Tang suit got out of the car and said.

Covering his wounds, Chen Dong got out of the car and slowly walked towards the inner bamboo forest with the support of Elder Long and Kunlun.

Every time he lifted his foot, it would involve severe pain in the wound, which made Chen Dong look incomparably wretched.

Before he could walk much further, a small courtyard appeared in his sight.

The small courtyard was plain and unpretentious, and did not fit in with the entire Four Seals Clubhouse.

“Old Madam, Young Master Chen Dong has come to pay you a visit.”

Elder Long took a step forward, raised his voice slightly and shouted.

“Come in.”

A voice came from within the small courtyard.

Under the a*sistance of Elder Long and Kun Lun, Chen Dong woefully covered his wounds and walked towards the small courtyard.

As he walked, Elder Long also admonished in a low voice, “Young Master, endure as much as you can.”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly.

His eyes flickered and his right hand unconsciously tightly covered his abdominal wound.

If he did not understand this, would he personally smash and crack the almost almost healed wound?

Having walked step by step from the darkness, he knew very well that at certain times, bowing his head appropriately was for the sake of flying higher in the future.

Squeak ……

The door to the small courtyard opened.

The three men in suits who had come to summon Chen Dong at noon were all in the courtyard.

The one in charge made a direct gesture of invitation, “The old lady is in the hall room.”

Inside the cloister, the lights were bright.

A faint scent of sandalwood filled the air.

The sound of chanting Buddhist sutras was also played.

Old Madam Chen was sitting on the main seat, eyes closed, her right hand gently twirling the rosary beads as she chanted along with the sound of the sutra.

On the side, a middle-aged man with white temples was sitting at attention, carefully accompanying her.

Seeing Chen Dong enter the room, the middle-aged man reminded in a low voice, “Old Madam, Chen Dong is here.”

Old Madam Chen frowned slightly but did not open her eyes, continuing to twist her Buddhist beads and muttering chanting under her breath.

The middle-aged man naturally understood and gestured for Chen Dong and the three of them to wait.

Chen Dong covered his wound and nodded at the middle-aged man.

This, the most powerful and valuable person in the city, since the other party did not give him a hard time, he was not stupid enough to shake the other party’s face off.

However, when he looked at Old Lady Chen who was sitting and chanting, coldness appeared in Chen Dong’s eyes and the corners of his mouth unconsciously tightened up.

Old man Long also had a shocked look in his eyes.

Time pa*sed slowly.

In the hall, the scriptures echoed.

Old Madam Chen had no intention of stopping.

But Chen Dong’s wounds had long since been stained red with blood, even forming drops of blood through his fingers and dripping down to the ground.

His face was also gradually pale and his body was weak.

Kunlun’s brows knitted together, Chen Dong’s state, with his experience, could not be clearer.

Unable to help himself, Kunlun gestured to Elder Long.

Elder Long hesitated for a moment, glancing at the frail Chen Dong, his gaze resolute.

“Old Madam, Young Master Chen Dong has come to pay you a visit ……”

The words were soft, humble and respectful.

The words had just fallen.

Old Madam Chen, who was chanting with her eyes closed, abruptly stopped, her brow furrowed as she slowly opened her eyes.

A pair of eyes were flooded with anger.

“This sutra, on the contrary, is becoming more and more difficult to recite, how dare you, as a household slave, interfere with my sutra recitation?”

Old Mrs. Chen tapped the Buddhist beads on the table, her eyebrows unruffled, “You know I have to recite the sutra a hundred times a day to pray for the blessings of the Chen family, and you dare to stand in my way?”

Long Lao’s face changed dramatically and he fell to his knees with a poof.

“Old Madam, forgive me, it is really because the old slave saw that young master Chen Dong’s injuries are serious, if he continues to wait, he is afraid that he will lose too much blood and endanger his life.”


Old Madam Chen raised her eyebrows and was about to speak.

Chen Dong suddenly let out a “pfft” laugh.

This laugh interrupted Old Madam Chen.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Dong looked down at the terrified Long Lao who was kneeling on the ground.

“I lost too much blood and lost my life, what’s the point?”

As he spoke, Chen Dong’s face was gradually covered with coldness, full of resentment, his gaze looked straight at Old Mrs. Chen and spoke in a cold voice: “Isn’t Grandma reciting the Earth Store Bodhisattva Benevolent Sutra? If I were to die, it would be better to have me transcended on the spot.”