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Winner Takes All Chapter 151-152

Chapter 151

The voice appeared at the same time.

Everyone in the room was startled and looked at the sound.

Fan Lu’s hand also stopped, and she looked up with teary eyes.

Kunlun, who was on the ground, was even more excited and ecstatic, shouting, “Young master!”

In the light, a figure was slowly walking down the mountain path.

It was none other than Chen Dong!

He had informed Lone Wolf to come along, but when he arrived at Matian Village, Lone Wolf had not yet arrived, so he had rushed to the ma*s grave first.

Now it seemed that the decision just made was the right one!

Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost, his hands were in his trouser pockets, and his eyes could not help but squint because of the stimulation of the light.

The rain was drizzling and wetting his whole body.

He stood in place, but his body exuded a harsh killing intent.

“You’re the one who answered the phone earlier?”

The middle-aged man’s brows knitted and he spat viciously at the ground, “D*mn, what a time to come and spoil our fun.”

After saying that, he glared at Fan Lu fiercely, somewhat reluctantly.

Only then did he scold Chen Dong, “Where’s the five million?”

“Didn’t bring it.”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders, the corners of his mouth curled in a seeping sneer.


The middle-aged man and the others were struck by lightning at the same time.

In an instant, the middle-aged man’s face was fierce and his eyes glared round, “Do you want to F**king die? Did I ask you to bring five million to make amends and apologise, or do you want them to die?”

The moment the words left his mouth.

The twelve brothers around him instantly swarmed towards Chen Dong, not hiding the killing intent on their bodies.

“Hehe …… a bunch of you mongrels, you are also qualified to ask me to make amends and apologize?”

Chen Dong’s eyes snapped open and his killing intent was majestic.

In an instant, like a tiger out of the gates, he kicked in the mud beneath his feet, setting off muddy water to splash the nearest two people’s faces.

Immediately afterwards, he rushed straight over.

A sudden scene.

Frightened, Fan Lu let out a cry and hurried back to Kunlun’s side, hugging him tightly for fear that the fight would spread to Kunlun.

“No, it’s alright, Young Master’s body is enough to deal with these scum!”

Kunlun raised his hand, patted Fan Lu’s back and said heartily, “Why are you so stupid? I don’t even need you to save me!”

Fan Lu did not reply, weeping in silence.


A ponyboy was directly kicked by Chen Dong, breaking his ribs and sending him flying out.

However, Chen Dong did not pause in the slightest, bullying his way up again and closing in on another ponyboy.

For a group of scum who were capable of ploughing up people’s ancestral graves, he had no intention of making any apologies or making peace.

Even if he really wanted to make peace, he would have to let these people lie on the ground before he could make peace with them!

Chen Dong, who had been trained by the devil in Kunlun, was in no way comparable to these ponies in terms of physical strength and fighting skills.

Chen Dong’s body quickly moved between them, and his fists and kicks were like thunderbolts, blatantly hitting each and every one of them.

In just a dozen seconds, six of the twelve men were down.

Six of them were lying in the mud, wailing and screaming in pain.

All of them, without exception, had lost their ability to fight, either with broken arms or legs, or with broken ribs.

Kunlun, who had been watching the battle, slowly revealed a relaxed smile.

Chen Dong was able to take down six people in a dozen seconds, so the rest of the fight was no longer in doubt.

Suddenly, Kunlun’s pupils tightened.

“Young master, be careful!”

Boom click!

Thunder broke through the air.


Blinding lightning reflected a seeping cold light in front of Chen Dong’s eyes.

The middle-aged man had rushed over at some point, holding a butterfly knife in his hand, glowing with an eerie cold light, and stabbed directly towards his chest!

“You F**king die for me!”

Chen Dong’s face changed drastically, and in the nick of time, his hands lifted directly towards his chest.


His right hand clutched the blade of the Butterfly Knife, and a sharp pain instantly swept through him, causing Chen Dong’s eyebrows to wrinkle and his gaze to freeze.

Fresh blood flowed down from the palm of his hand.

In a flash of lightning.

His left hand fiercely pinched the middle-aged man’s wrist, and with a roar, he lashed out brazenly.


The fierce force instantly broke the middle-aged man’s wrist.

Amidst the middle-aged man’s pig-like screams of misery.

Chen Dong gripped the butterfly knife and blatantly brought it downwards.


Blood splattered.

The butterfly knife was completely buried in the middle-aged man’s thigh.

What followed was an even more miserable and painful scream from the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man fell into the mud with a loud “poof”, his features twisted to the extreme, hissing and wailing.

Chen Dong stood in the same place, his expression cold.

With his right hand, he casually shook off the blood in his hand and swept his gaze towards the six remaining men.

“If you still want to fight, I don’t mind making you all less!”

The six men looked at each other, terrified and confused.

“Fight, give me a F**king fight!”

The middle-aged man shouted at the top of his lungs as he forced himself to endure the excruciating pain.


Chen Dong stomped on the middle-aged man’s thigh and the butterfly knife, and said with a morose sneer, “If I go down with this foot, guess if your leg will be peeled open by this knife?”

The middle-aged man’s lips were noisy, not daring to move.

The severe pain made him sweat profusely, and the look in his eyes at Chen Dong was written with panic.

He had no doubt that Chen Dong would really do it.

For he could already feel the sharp pain of the butterfly knife blade tearing flesh downwards.

But in his extreme fear, he did not even dare to scream out.

Chen Dong slowly turned his head and looked at the six men, “Hm?”

A simple word, but it carried a majestic killing intent, and a domineering look at everything.

The six men shook their heads at the same time and took three steps back.

Chen Dong turned back and stared at the middle-aged man, his right hand oozing blood slapping on the middle-aged man’s face.

“Make amends and apologise, I won’t, but now that my brother and sister have been bullied so badly by you, you have to kneel down and apologise to them!”

The middle-aged man’s tiger body shook as intense humiliation set in.

His lips mumbled and he was about to retort.

However, Chen Dong suddenly laughed.

The sound of his laughter was ominous.

It made the middle-aged man swallow back the words that were coming out of his mouth.

The next second.

Chen Dong raised his hand and pointed at the half-opened grave, saying, “I am not discussing with you, if you don’t apologise and make amends, I will bury you in it!”

An undisguised threat.

Yet it made the middle-aged man suddenly hideous and vicious.

He shouted directly at the top of his voice, “Why should I apologise? I won’t apologise even if I die! Even if you kill me, you won’t survive in this city! My big brother and the others will definitely hunt you down all over the city!”

Chen Dong’s expression was hostile.

His killing intent was as majestic as a tide.

But at that moment.

Not far away, a human figure came running wildly on the mountain path.

The movement was instantly noticed by everyone.

When the figure was revealed in the light, it came to a screeching halt.

It was none other than Lone Wolf!

Without waiting for the Lone Wolf to speak.

The middle-aged man on the ground’s eyes suddenly lit up with excitement and ecstasy as he shouted, “Big brother!”

The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth twitched for a moment, giving the middle-aged man an incredulous glance before looking oddly at Lone Wolf.

So …… coincidental?

Lone Wolf’s body sweat stood up as he was gazed at by Chen Dong.

He walked towards Chen Dong and the middle-aged man with an awkward expression.

When the middle-aged man saw Lone Wolf, he was like a new life, laughing and screaming at Chen Dong, “This, this is one of my big brothers, you, you are finished!”

The words had just fallen.

Lone Wolf bowed to Chen Dong, “Mr. Chen, please listen to my explanation.”


Chapter 152

The lone wolf’s bowing and bowing of his head made the middle-aged man horrified.

He suddenly reacted to the fact that Lone Wolf had left long ago, so how could he suddenly appear here?

He had long heard the reason why Lone Wolf had left.

Could it be that ……

A terrifying thought came to mind.

The middle-aged man looked askance at Chen Dong in disbelief, fear to the core.


Chen Dong raised his eyebrows.

Lone Wolf was busy explaining, “They are from the underground boxing world, there are several ranks in the boxing world, although my time in the underground boxing world is short, I am considered his big brother by rank.”

“The hands of the underground boxing world, reaching out so far?”

Chen Dong sneered, and then looked at Lone Wolf, “I’m busy taking care of my brother and sister, you’re on your own.”



Lone Wolf’s body shook as he raised his eyes to look at Fan Lu and the injured Kunlun.

A wave of hostility surged up.

He crouched down fiercely and pulled out the butterfly knife stuck in the middle-aged man’s thigh with one hand.

Blood splattered.

The middle-aged man let out a miserable cry and said in horror, “Brother Lone Wolf, I, I didn’t know that, I was just collecting the bill, you, for the sake of the boss ……”


The butterfly knife fell and snapped the hamstring of the middle-aged man’s injured foot, right off.

Blood and turned over flesh.

It made the six young brothers standing at a distance simultaneously pale and have a bad chill all over their bodies.

The middle-aged man even screamed miserably and fell straight to the ground, rolling his second white eyes and almost pa*sing out from the pain.

Lone Wolf stuck his butterfly knife on the ground and got up and said in a cold voice, “Boss, you have to make amends and apologise to Mr. Chen as well, what are you?”

After saying that, he walked directly towards Chen Dong.

After receiving Kunlun from Chen Dong’s hand, Lone Wolf bowed, picked up Kunlun on his back and ran towards the mountain with quick steps.

Chen Dong supported Fan Lu with a burst of heartache.

He turned back to Fan Lu’s father, who had long since been stunned, and said in a cold voice, “From now on, Fan Lu is a member of my Chen family, your kinship with her has been broken, if you continue to pester her ……”

Chen Dong pointed at the middle-aged man, “He, is your downfall!”

Fan Lu’s father’s body trembled and his face turned white as he shook his head in fear, “No, I don’t dare, I won’t dare again.”

“Let’s go.”

Chen Dong coldly spoke to Fan Lu.

When sentimentality could not be reasoned with.

Only a thunderbolt could be broken off in a dry manner.

What Kunlun and Fan Lu had done before was ultimately too soft in remembrance of a love.

Otherwise, there would not be this scene now.

To this, Fan Lu did not have the slightest retort.

When a person was hurt all over, it was the time to let go of everything.

As he pa*sed by the middle-aged man, Chen Dong smiled coldly, “When you go back, tell your boss to tell your boss to call Zhou Yanqiu to come to me and make amends at his door!”


The middle-aged man who had almost pa*sed out came to his senses at once.

The boss behind the underground boxing world was Zhou Yanqiu!

At this moment, Chen Dong’s words made him feel like the sky was falling!

He had even forgotten about the injuries on his body.

The drizzling rain turned into a torrential downpour in an instant.

He ran down the mountain road to the bottom of the hill and by the time he reached the car, Kunlun had pa*sed out.

Lone Wolf tried to drive, but was stopped by Chen Dong, who got himself into the driver’s seat.

Under the night, the Rolls Royce sped all the way to the Lijin Hospital.

Kunlun was taken to the resuscitation room.

Fan Lu sat despondently on the floor at the entrance, as if she had lost her three souls, staring blankly at the red light on the resuscitation room.

Chen Dong sat on a chair.

Beside him, Lone Wolf stood apprehensively, looking a little unnatural.

When he received Chen Dong’s call, he knew something big had happened.

Given his status, if Chen Dong was looking for him in the middle of the night, it was definitely not a business matter, and most of the time it was not allowed to see the light of day.

So he hurried, but he never thought he would be a step late.

What he didn’t expect was that the other party was actually an acquaintance from the underground boxing world.

That call of “Big Brother” made Lone Wolf’s heart tremble.

He took a look at the closed door of the rescue room.

Lone Wolf took a deep breath and said, “Mr. Chen ……”

“It’s nothing to do with you.” Chen Dong said.

Lone Wolf swallowed the words that were on his lips back into his stomach and breathed a secret sigh of relief.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “Do you think that Zhou Yanqiu will come and apologise to me on my doorstep?”


Lone Wolf was struck by lightning, revealing an incredulous expression.

Who was Zhou Yanqiu?

That was the city’s biggest man, a real local dragon!

He was a powerful man in the business world and a master of the underground boxing world in the dark.

Such an existence might bow his head and make amends when his interests are touched.

Making amends is a gift.

To apologise on the doorstep, on the other hand, was undoubtedly lowering one’s status, groveling, and leaving one’s face completely untouched!

“With Zhou Yanqiu’s status and background, I don’t think so.” Lone Wolf voiced out his opinion.

“Identity background?”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes and snorted, “What kind of dog is he!”

A thick disdain, an endless coldness.

It made Lone Wolf look stunned, looking at Chen Dong, suddenly somewhat unfamiliar.

Was this …… really the Chen Dong that he knew?

This night.

The entire city was enveloped by lightning.

Heavy rain poured down.

The entire city was hidden in a curtain of thunder and lightning rain, and the silence was awesome.

Inside the luxurious and spacious bedroom.

Zhou Yanqiu, who was asleep, was woken up by a phone call.

After hearing the call, Zhou Yanqiu’s face changed drastically and a majestic anger instantly tumbled in his eyes.


The phone was smashed directly onto the floor, breaking it into pieces.

“B*****ds! A bunch of B*****ds who don’t know any better!”

Zhou Yanqiu’s face was red and her body trembled with anger, “Who is he? You all have the guts to mess with him? And stir up such a big trouble?”

The angry voice echoed in the dark room.

Zhou Yanqiu turned on the light and lit a cigar, pacing worriedly back and forth in the bedroom.

“Honey, is something wrong?”

Outside the bedroom, a woman’s worried voice rang out.

It was Zhou Yanqiu’s wife.

Zhou Yanqiu had a habit of working at night, so when he was busy at work, he would sleep in a separate room from his wife.

“Get lost! Don’t F**king bother me!”

Zhou Yanqiu cursed with an angry wave of his cigar in his right hand.

Outside the door, there was an abrupt silence.

Snapping …… snapping ……

Zhou Yanqiu took a big puff of his cigar, spewing out thick smoke from his mouth.

“Apologize on the doorstep? Let me go and apologize to him at his doorstep? What’s the difference between that and asking me to kneel down in front of him?”

Half a day.

Zhou Yanqiu suddenly turned around and took out a spare mobile phone from the drawer.

She dialed a phone number.

As soon as it was connected.

He said in a cold voice, “Bury all those B*****ds who caused trouble tonight!”

He hung up the phone, his anger subsiding a little.

He had been so angry earlier that he felt it was a shame.

But now, he began to weigh the pros and cons.

In the end, Zhou Yanqiu let out a bitter laugh and sat down on the bed in dismay.

“It’s just that, fate too, I’ve tried my best to show goodwill, but I didn’t expect to cause such a big trouble. If I don’t apologize tomorrow and put up this stance, I’m afraid that there will be no place for me, Zhou Yanqiu, in this city anymore.”

He is not stupid!

With Chen Dong’s backing, now with the inability to rely on Chen Tiansheng and the Chen family’s old lady.

If he wanted to remove him from the city, it would be as easy as a slap on the wrist!