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Winner Takes All Chapter 153-154

Chapter 153

A regular collection in the underground boxing world.

But it was the big boss behind the scenes, Zhou Yanqiu, who was on tenterhooks and stayed awake all night.

The next morning.

After his devil training, Chen Dong did not go to the company immediately.

He was waiting for Zhou Yanqiu’s apology.

Kunlun was still lying in the hospital, but he had pa*sed the dangerous stage, but had not yet woken up.

Fan Lu stayed in the hospital to look after him and did not sleep all night.

If this blood debt ended with just a few clowns paying the price, wouldn’t his brothers be too cheap?

When he returned home, there was a steaming meal on the dining table.

What made Chen Dong frown and wonder was that his mother was nowhere to be seen.

“Madam has gone out.”

Long Lao came down from upstairs, pondering: “Let’s put the dishes away after dinner and she’ll come back to clean up.”

“Where did she go?”

Chen Dong asked.

Elder Long shook his head, “Old slave has asked someone to follow.”

It was also while Chen Dong and Elder Long were eating breakfast.

Outside the Tianmen Mountain villa area, a big black Mercedes Benz G sped up.

“Stand at attention!”


The security guards at the entrance saluted in unison, while standing tall.

The Mercedes-Benz G did not pause, and sped all the way into the Tianmen Mountain villa area.

“Strange, why is Mr Zhou here at the Tianmen Mountain villa area early in the morning?” A security guard wondered.

The one who could make all the property security guards so solemn, the one sitting in the big black Mercedes G, was none other than Zhou Yanqiu.

It was just that all the security guards knew that Zhou Yanqiu had many properties under his name, and Tianmen Mountain Villa was only one.

On a normal day, the number of times Zhou Yanqiu lived in the Tianmen Mountain Villa was only a few.

It was even the first time that he had seen him rush to the Tianmen Mountain Villa area early in the morning.

“Be careful what you say!” A middle-aged security guard said in a deep voice, “We are just the gatekeepers, just keep an eye on the gate, how can we talk about General Manager Zhou.”


The Mercedes-Benz G stopped sharply outside the Mid-Levels Villa.

Zhou Yanqiu got out of the car with a grave expression, carrying a wooden box in his hand, and walked quickly towards the villa.

He had not slept all night, making his face full of fatigue at this moment.

But his eyes, however, were unusually bright and shining.

After tossing and turning all night and thinking about what was at stake, Zhou Yanqiu firmly decided to apologise on his doorstep.

Perhaps it would be humiliating if word got out.

But to him, saving his life was the most important thing!

He did not hesitate to fall back on Chen Tiansheng, but the series of events that followed were completely beyond his expectations.

Chen Tiansheng’s departure and the fact that Chen Dong was still standing made it difficult for him to ride the tiger and he had no choice but to ride the wall.

When Chen Dong Dingtai was in great crisis, he did not hesitate to take a piece of land in the west of the city, also in order to show his goodwill to Chen Dong, hoping to seek a place to settle on Chen Dong’s side.

However, his gesture of goodwill was a muddy cow into the sea and did not receive any response from Chen Dong.

If Chen Dong’s mind was tainted by this incident again, he had no doubt that Chen Dong would really take action against him.

Even if it was the best outcome, he would follow in Zhou Zunlong’s footsteps.

After all, the two had been rivals for many years, and there was a gap in strength, but it was by no means too far.

Under the True Dragon, all beings were equal!


Ring the doorbell.

Zhou Yanqiu waited apprehensively, but his hands were clutching the wooden box.

Inside, was his sincere apology to Chen Dong for coming to the door!

There was still …… a trace of residual warmth!

After waiting for a long time, the door finally opened.

Upon seeing Elder Long, Zhou Yanqiu’s pupils tightened for a moment and said respectfully, “Elder Long, I have come to apologize and apologize.”


Elder Long gave way and said indifferently, “Young Master is dining.”

Zhou Yanqiu entered the villa and, led by Elder Long, walked quickly to the dining room.

In sight, Chen Dong was sitting blandly at the dining table, eating quietly.

The sunlight slanted and fell on Chen Dong’s body.

The calm and self-possessed aura, set off by the sunlight, looked at Zhou Yanqiu in a trance and his heart was full of bitterness.

Who would have thought that once in the pension company he had created for his wife’s brother, there would be such a true dragon hiding?

Thinking of all that had happened before, Zhou Yanqiu was annoyed and remorseful.

If he had been steadfastly on Chen Dong’s side from the beginning, how could there have been such a scene of him coming to the door to apologise?

“Mr Zhou, you are quite early.”

Chen Dong was holding a bowl of thin porridge and said with a smile, “Sit down and have some together, you should not have had breakfast yet.”

Although he was inviting, his gaze did not look at Zhou Yanqiu directly.

“No, no, I’m here to apologise.”

Zhou Yanqiu smiled sarcastically and shook his head, he really hadn’t eaten breakfast, he hadn’t slept all night, and as soon as the day dawned, he pinpointed the time and came.


Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and drank the thin porridge by himself.

In the dining room, silence could listen to the needle.

Zhou Yanqiu hurriedly handed the wooden box to the dining table in front of Chen Dong in a panic.

Respectfully, while opening the wooden box, he said, “Mr. Chen, what happened last night was a great sin on my part, and now these curmudgeons have paid the price.”

The moment the wooden box was opened, Chen Dong glanced at its contents out of the corner of his eyes.

In an instant, Chen Dong’s expression froze, his internal organs tossed violently.

The wooden box contained …… hands!


Chen Dong slammed the bowl onto the table fiercely and said in a stern voice, “Mr. Zhou, stirring my appetite early in the morning, is this your so-called doorstep apology?”

Zhou Yanqiu was struck by lightning and hurriedly snapped the wooden box shut.

He had already dealt with the matter last night, and the contents of the wooden box were what he had left behind as evidence to apologise to Chen Dong.

He, however, had completely overlooked the situation at this point!

“Oh …… General Zhou, your apology, I feel it, this apology on your doorstep, is very good!”

Chen Dong got up and took a step back, his face was as cold as frost, and he laughed coldly in a deep voice.

Zhou Yanqiu’s sweat stood on end and beads of sweat seeped out from his forehead.

As he was terrified and disoriented, his eyes suddenly became firm.

Clenching his cheeks fiercely, Zhou Yanqiu’s knees went weak and he poofed to the ground.

“Mr. Chen …… forgive me!”

“It’s my fault, it’s my demonic mind and treachery!”

“Everything is my fault, I am sorry Mr. Chen, I beg your forgiveness.”

A series of pleas for forgiveness came out of Zhou Yanqiu’s mouth.

If outsiders were to see them, their jaws would surely drop in shock.

The city’s most powerful man had actually stooped to such a low and humble level?

However, Zhou Yanqiu did not feel the slightest bit offended.

He knew that Chen Dong’s apology was not just a matter of collecting debts!

Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern as he stared indifferently at the terrified Zhou Yanqiu on the ground.

Half a minute later.

He waved his hand and said indifferently, “All right, take your things and leave here!”

“Mr. Chen ……” Zhou Yanqiu looked up at Chen Dong in fear and uncertainty.

Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost and his voice was like a cold wind blowing from the depths of the Nine Underworlds: “One can be two, but not three!”

“Thank you, Mr. Chen!”

Zhou Yanqiu hurriedly hugged the wooden box and left, looking excited and ecstatic.

After the people had left.

Elder Long, who had been watching, suddenly smiled and looked at Chen Dong with a profound gaze.

“Young Master, his backbone is completely broken by you today!”

Chen Dong smiled indifferently, “A dog wants to bite its master, breaking the backbone is the only way to show him who is the dog and who is the master!”

Elder Long smiled spontaneously, “With this kneeling, Zhou Yanqiu is afraid that he will not dare to disobey Young Master again.”


Chapter 154

Zhou Yanqiu was a magnate and a lord.

Such a person is in no way comparable to a cross breed like Zhou Zunlong.

Although the two had always been seen as rivals by the outside world, how much of Zhou Yanqiu’s heart really regarded Zhou Zunlong as a rival?

To deal with a crossbreed, one only needed to blackmail him with his life and lure him with benefits, and that would be enough to suppress him.

But when dealing with a lord, these two things are insignificant.

A lord is a lord because he is a deep and suspicious man, who knows how to avoid harm and maximise his own interests.

He has his own pride and dignity.

He was so proud that he could look down on all his so-called “rivals”.

This also led to his backbone being more rigid and flexible than that of a cross breed like Zhou Zunlong.

Therefore, in the previous incidents, even though Zhou Yanqiu had turned against him, he was still able to stand unharmed on the wall in the end.

Even at the time of Din Tai’s great crisis, there was still the heart to purchase land and show goodwill to Chen Dong.

Such a man of the city, such a way of getting around, such a bone of contention in his rigidity.

Chen Dong knew very well that it was impossible to easily get Zhou Yanqiu on his side.

The best way is to break Zhou Yanqiu’s backbone and make him drop his arrogance and dignity and understand who is the servant and who is the master.

Otherwise, Chen Dong can guarantee that even if Zhou Yanqiu bows down to him now, when Chen Tiansheng comes back to the city in the future, Zhou Yanqiu will definitely backstab him again.

Just now, Zhou Yanqiu’s kneeling is considered to have completely put down his pride and dignity and broken his backbone.

From now on, it will be easier to control him!

“I didn’t expect Zhou Yanqiu to be ruthless to such an extent, it’s a bit appetizing, I can’t eat anymore.”

Chen Dong’s mind recalled the scene from earlier and recoiled a little.

Elder Long smiled spontaneously, “Old slave feels the same.”

As Chen Dong watched Long Lao calmly and calmly drinking the white porridge and even nibbling on his mother’s marinated chicken claws, he began to doubt Long Lao’s words.

At that moment.

Li Lan walked into the home.

She looked downcast and her eyes were a little complicated, as she walked inside with her head down in thought.


Chen Dong noticed Li Lan and even more so the look on her face, but still pretended as if nothing had happened and asked, “So early, where have you been?”

“I went out for a walk.”

Li Lan’s expression became gentle and asked suspiciously, “I met Zhou Yanqiu outside just now, he came to our house?”

“Mm.” Chen Dong nodded and pointed to the breakfast on the table, “Mom, I’m full, I’m going to the office first.”

Leaving home, Chen Dong first sent a WeChat to Long Lao, asking him to return the favour as soon as he knew about his mother’s situation.

Just when Chen Dong was about to go to the company, an unfamiliar phone number suddenly called.

Looking at the unfamiliar phone number.

Chen Dong couldn’t help but frown slightly, the number was unfamiliar, but he had received it once before.

It was Wang Nan Nan!

“Hello.” In the end, Chen Dong still chose to answer.

“I’m leaving the day after tomorrow.”

Wang Nan Nan smiled and said, “Don’t ask me where I’m going.”

Chen Dong said, “I didn’t want to ask either, what’s the matter?”

On the phone, there was silence for two seconds.

Only then did Wang Nan Nan speak, “Can you come and see me off the day after tomorrow?”

“Sorry, I don’t have time.”


Hanging up the phone, Chen Dong looked ancient and unruffled.

The past had already pa*sed, and when one was covered in scars, to remember it one more time would be to tear the wounds.

There were some things, some people, that could not be returned to the past.


The Four Seals Clubhouse.

Inside the small bamboo forest courtyard, flowers and beautiful purple and red.

Gu Qingying, in a white dress, is all smiles, humming a song and carefully trimming and watering the flowers.

The sunlight envelops.

It made the scene seem like a picture scroll.

Since she knew of Chen Dong’s plans, Gu Qingying had been in a good mood for the past few days.

She had not contacted Chen Dong because she was afraid that she could not help but pry into the details of Chen Dong’s proposal.

This would have left a few less surprises.

For the proposal, Gu Qingying was full of anticipation inside.

Inside the house, the ancient charm lingered and the sandalwood fragrance lingered.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing were sitting opposite each other, making tea and enjoying the flowers.

A family of three, a rare moment of leisure and tranquillity.

“Wife, was I really that out of order that night?” In the past few days after sobering up, Gu Guohua only vaguely remembered a few moments from that night.

But those few moments alone made him blush.

After holding back for so long, he finally couldn’t help but ask.

Li Wanqing raised her eyebrows and gave a scornful glance, “What do you think? He did come to express his gratitude and only wanted to use that night as the first time to meet his parents, but you’re so good that you drank too much and opened your mouth to force people to admit to the marriage proposal.”

“I, I’m just thinking that the boy came up and gave away a few hundred million.”

Gu Guohua scratched his head and argued, “You think, those few hundred million is nothing to our family, can be Dong’er’s wealth, a few hundred million is already very heavy, I was quick to talk, how could I want to do a bad thing with good intentions?”

“You’re just drunk and crazy.”

Li Wanqing rolled her eyes and said gently, “If I hadn’t stopped you that night, those words of yours would have broken your daughter’s heart, you are a father, how can you be a father at all?”

Gu Guohua blushed, scratching his head and smiling, but he did not dare to argue.

He changed the subject, “How did you comfort Xiao Ying? This girl is in a beautiful mood these days!”

Li Wanqing smiled faintly, “Dong’er is also a very transparent person, it’s not that easy for me to comfort Xiaoying, but Dong’er sent a text message to Xiaoying, saying that he would propose to Xiaoying at the end of this month.”

“Propose? At the end of the month?”

Gu Guohua’s face changed drastically, followed by a tightly knitted brow, “Then don’t we have to stay here until the end of the month? What about the Chen family?”

Li Wanqing’s face was devoid of smiles and was flooded with a sense of annoyance.


The purple sand pot in her hand stomped heavily on the table.

Li Wanqing said coldly, “Is your business that important when you’re thinking about the Chen family? Or do you not have enough money to spend now and want to take it to the coffin later? I’m telling you, our daughter is our top priority, and the Chen family has to stand aside!”

“Now our primary goal is to complete our daughter’s marriage, this girl has been dragging on for so many years, at last the clouds have opened up and the moon has seen the light.

“Ouch, how dare I, I’m just thinking that it’s so easy to get a date to enter the Chen family, so I can’t bear to miss it.”

Gu Guohua hurriedly took Li Wanqing’s hand and begged for forgiveness. Seeing Li Wanqing’s face still looked ugly, he said seriously, “Fine, fine, according to you, let’s wait until that boy Chen Dong proposes to Xiaoying before we leave.”

He said, patting his head, “It’s just that I’ve been waiting for three years for Xiaoying, and in the end, Chen Dong is getting married for the second time.”

“Shut up!” Li Wanqing’s expression was cold, “If you mention second marriage again, I’ll make you sleep outside the door!”

It was while the two families were arguing.

Outside the small bamboo forest courtyard, a staff member of the Four Seals Clubhouse, came walking quickly.

After knocking on the door.

Soon, Gu Qingying opened the door.

“Miss Gu, someone outside has let you have this.”

The staff member handed an envelope to Gu Qingying, turned around and left.

Gu Qingying was puzzled for a moment and opened the envelope.

As soon as she saw what was inside the envelope, the smile on her stunning face instantly disappeared, and she was dull to the core.