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Winner Takes All Chapter 155-156

Chapter 155

In the small courtyard.

The breeze is gentle and the flowers are fragrant.

But Gu Qingying stood frozen in place, her face no longer as radiant as it was a moment ago.

Her expression was gloomy, her gaze drifting.

The contents of the envelope were like a bolt from the blue, a bang that made all her hopes and hopes crumble like a dream.

It was a photograph!

On the photo, it was Chen Dong and Wang Nan Nan who were meeting and sitting opposite each other in the Blue Siren Café.

The two of them, together again?

Then he, why did he propose to me?

For a moment, Gu Qingying was distracted and her mind went blank.

She stuffed the photo into the envelope and turned around and walked despondently into the house.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing, who had been drinking tea and observing Gu Qingying, were stunned at the same time.

The couple saw the staff from the Four Seals Clubhouse deliver the envelope.

They also saw their daughter’s expression change drastically when she saw the contents of the envelope.

“Xiao Ying, what is it?” Gu Guohua was the first to speak.

Gu Qingying, who was walking forlornly, trembled and hid the envelope behind her in a panic, looked up at her parents, shook her head and squeezed out a smile, “No, it’s nothing, Dad.”

After saying that, she turned around and headed for her bedroom.

How could this scene have escaped the eyes of Gu Guohua and his wife?

Gu Guohua was about to chase after them, but Li Wanqing dragged her away with one hand.

“My daughter has said it’s nothing.” Li Wanqing said.

Gu Guohua immediately became anxious: “Xiao Ying is already there, and she still says it’s nothing, do you believe that?”

“My daughter is older!” Li Wanqing shook her head helplessly, “She’s not the little girl you’ve always protected in your arms, there are things she’s not willing to say, and if you ask her, you’ll only embarra*s her.”

Gu Guohua looked stunned and gritted his teeth helplessly.

After returning to her room, Gu Qingying once again took the photo out and looked at it lost in thought.

Gradually, her eyes reddened.

Her nose was sore, and even though she held it back, tears eventually slipped down the corners of her eyes.

Gu Qing Ying hurriedly flung herself onto the bed, pressed her head with a pillow and pulled the quilt to bury herself tightly.

She was afraid that her parents would hear her crying and worry them.

Just as Gu Qingying was grieving, she was also grief-stricken.

Dingtai Company.

Lone Wolf also handed an envelope onto Chen Dong’s desk.

“Who sent this?” Chen Dong asked.

Lone Wolf shook his head, “The building security guard picked it up on the floor, wrote your name on it, and sent it here.”

“In future, this kind of letter, just throw it away.”

Chen Dong said in a deep voice, waving his hand for Lone Wolf to leave.

After hesitating for a moment, he opened the envelope anyway.

A photo and a note fell down at the same time.

When he saw the photo, Chen Dong’s mind went “boom”.

His calm face was instantly flushed with fierce anger.

The blue veins at the corners of his eyes bulged out and jumped wildly.

In the photo, he and Wang Nan Nan were sitting opposite each other when they met.

It was a very brief “goodbye meeting”!

But when the photo was taken, it meant so much more.

In his anger, Chen Dong picked up the note and gritted his teeth, his thumbs instantly snapping and crushing the paper.

The content of the note was simple.

“Don’t want Gu Qingying to know, give me 100 million!”

Below the text, there was a bank account number.

Looking at the bank account number, Chen Dong’s jaws cracked and his anger tumbled.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Premeditated? A deliberate extortion?”

Chen Dong was not at all unfamiliar with this bank account number.

For, over the past three years, his money had been transferred into this account time and again!

It was used to satisfy the Wang family’s eating!

This card …… belonged to Wang Nan Nan!

“Wang Nan Nan, good, you are ruthless enough! You Wang family members, all of you are ruthless enough!”

Chen Dong’s body was trembling, gritting his teeth and churning with anger, at this moment he felt like a volcano was suppressed in his chest: “One hundred million? It’s just one hundred million, I’ll give it to you, I’ll F**king give it to you!”

He didn’t care about money.

Once he did, but now, in his eyes, money was really just a string of numbers.

Not to mention one hundred million, even if it was one billion he was willing to give it.

As long as he could maintain his relationship with Gu Qingying!

This relationship was not easy to come by, and he treasured it immensely.

Whether it was Gu Qingying’s treatment of him, or Gu Qingying’s parents’ treatment of him, he held this relationship as a priceless treasure.

If this photo fell into the hands of Gu Qingying, the proposal he had prepared for the end of the month would be completely in vain.

Moreover, since Wang Nan Nan had designed it a long time ago, how could it be just a simple photo of them sitting together?

Chen Dong was not surprised to see even more evocative photos afterwards.

He kept breathing deeply, trying to suppress his raging anger.

Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost, as if he was a man-eating beast, the corners of his mouth flaring into a fierce smile as he slowly picked up his phone.

He sent a text message to Wang Nan Nan.

“The day after tomorrow, I’ll personally send you! Send your whole family!”


Snapping the phone heavily on the desktop, the room was dead silent.

The Wang family.

Wang Nan Nan, who had packed her luggage long ago, lazily leaned on a chair by the window, looking at the empty bedroom, her eyes filled with memories.

Gradually, her eyes reddened.

It is only after experiencing it that one understands.

Only when you have lost something can you cherish it.

The dream is broken, the person is awake, and the once obsessive hatred for Chen Dong has now dissipated.

Stretching out, Wang Nan Nan smiled in relief, “Finally, I’m leaving this place, this nightmare will slowly disappear with life from now on, right?”


The sound of a mobile phone message rang.

Wang Nan Nan casually picked up her phone and saw the message from Chen Dong.

Her eyes turned into a drifting trance, but the corners of her mouth could not help but outline a smile.

Putting down her phone, she revealed a brilliant smile, “Then, let’s say goodbye for the last time.”

And outside the house.

Wang De’s face was so gloomy that he packed a piece of his travels to be taken away into his suitcase, picked up the family portrait on the table, smiled bitterly, and finally stuffed it into the suitcase.

The house had already found its next home, and the transfer would take place tomorrow.

By then, the family will have changed places, and perhaps …… the home will be at peace.

Thinking of this, Wang De took a look at Wang Nan Nan’s room, his eyes full of heartache.

Finally he looked again at his and Zhang Xiuzhi’s master bedroom, his eyes full of disgust.

He was a teacher and was most concerned about saving face.

Now, it was to save face that he had to resign early and leave the city.

“Ugh ……” Wang De sighed and lowered his head to continue packing.

In the master bedroom room.

Wang Hao and Zhang Xiuzhi sat together.

Wang Hao said with some hesitation and uncertainty, “Mom, did you really ask for 100 million? Is that, would that be too much?”

“Too much? Chen Dong doesn’t care about this one hundred million, he has plenty of money.” Zhang Xiuzhi’s face was full of cross colour.

Wang Hao shook his head, “No, he definitely has that much money, but I’m worried, he won’t give it.”

“Won’t give?”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s eyebrows were raised, and she smiled proudly, “If he doesn’t give it, then he can wait until he breaks up with Gu Qingying, I have these photos, so I’ll eat him up.”

“You want our Wang family to leave the city after you’ve done so much damage to them? It’s a dream. If I don’t bite him hard, I won’t be willing to die!”

“One hundred million ah ……” Wang Hao was full of longing.

Zhang Xiuzhi, however, had fierce eyes and a strange cold smile.

What she wanted was not just to bite a piece of Chen Dong’s flesh and blood!


Chapter 156

Throughout the afternoon, Chen Dong was distracted.

In his mind, all he could think of was the image of his meeting with Wang Nan Nan that day.

He had only remembered the last trace of love, but he did not expect that this last trace would be used by Wang Nan Nan’s design.

The most poisonous woman’s heart.

The Wang family’s eating habits had once again refreshed his perception!

An ordinary farewell meeting had been designed to be evidence of blackmail!

This was simply humiliating for Chen Dong.

It was difficult to calm his monstrous anger.

However, he was too scared to vent this anger directly on the Wang family members.

If the Wang family dared to extort a hundred million dollars, then they would have the guts to give the photos to Gu Qingying.

His relationship with Gu Qingying was about to be consummated at the end of the month.

During this period, he would never allow any ripples!

In the evening, he left work.

Chen Dong absentmindedly left the company and called Gu Qingying while sitting in the taxi.

Soon, the call was answered.

“Big fool, you finally know to look for me, huh?” On the phone, Gu Qingying’s voice was tinged with a slight grumble.

Chen Dong was relieved and said with a smile, “If you don’t look for me, I can only look for you ah.”

“Che …… I’m waiting for you to propose at the end of the month.” Gu Qingying said with a playful smile.

“Don’t worry don’t worry, the end of the month will definitely make you memorable for life!” Chen Dong said.

“Alright, rest early, don’t get tired, mua mua.”

After saying that, Gu Qingying hung up the phone.

Chen Dong looked slightly relieved, and after making sure that Gu Qingying still did not know about it, he was in a much more relaxed mood.

At least, there was still a hundred million to spend to wipe this matter out.

It wouldn’t affect his proposal to Gu Qingying at the end of the month!

But what Chen Dong did not know was this.

While Gu Qingying and him were laughing and talking, Gu Qingying was already in tears, her delicate body trembling.

On the phone, she was merely forcing herself to be joyful.

After hanging up the phone, Gu Qingying could no longer hold back her tears and buried her head under the quilt, aggravated to the point of crying out.

Outside the door, the gentle voice of her mother rang out.

“Little Ying, come out for dinner.”

“Mom, I’m not hungry, you guys can eat.” Gu Qingying forced down her sobs and responded.

Outside the door.

Li Wanqing’s willow brows were furrowed in thought, before she finally sighed and walked towards the dining room.

Gu Guohua was waiting, and seeing that there was no Gu Qingying behind Li Wanqing, he frowned and said, “Xiao Ying isn’t eating?”

“She’s not hungry.” Li Wanqing’s face was full of sadness.

“I’ll go and call again, what if I starve myself.”

Gu Guohua got up at once and headed out, “This girl, since she was little, whenever she encounters something unhappy, she doesn’t eat, and she thinks she can hide it from us.”

“Stop right there!” Li Wanqing stomped her foot and snapped angrily.

“Our daughter must be hiding something from us, if we let her hold it in like this, she’ll have to suffocate.” Gu Guohua was a little reluctant.

“Eat!” Li Wanqing forcibly dragged Gu Guohua back to the dining table.

Tianmen Mountain Villa.

In the living room, there was silence.

Fan Lu was still at the Lijin Hospital taking care of Kunlun.

Inside the home, there was only Elder Long and Li Lan.

The two sat separately on the sofa, both silent.

Only Long Lao’s eyes, however, always fell on Li Lan, full of complications.

Li Lan’s expression was in a trance, her head lowered and her hands clenched together.


Li Lan broke the silence in the living room, “Elder Long, don’t tell Dong’er about this.”

“But the young master has noticed the lady’s abnormality and specially instructed the old slave to pry.”

Elder Long smiled bitterly, “How could old slave not have expected that madam would be distracted by this matter in these few days.”

“Then you can tell Dong’er that you didn’t find out anything, I don’t want him to be distracted by my affairs.”

Li Lan looked up and stared at Elder Long with a determined expression, “This is my own matter, I will sort it out myself.”

Long Lao sighed, his expression complicated, “Old slave has advised madam long ago, and old slave also believes that madam can solve it, but madam, a big tree eventually attracts the wind, old slave thinks it is better to tell young master, so that young master can be mentally prepared!”


Li Lan suddenly slapped her palm on the table in anger, shaking the teacups on the table with a clang.

At this moment, Li Lan’s kind and amiable face was covered with frost, and her expression was sullen and angry.

If Chen Dong had seen it, he would have been astonished.

This was because he had rarely seen such a look on his mother’s face since he was a child.

“Since you call me a madam, do you still want to resist my life?” Li Lan said in a cold voice, her gaze blazing as she looked straight at Elder Long.

“Your Ladyship’s appearance at this moment is a reminder of the old slave’s past great years.”

Long Lao was calm and composed, not looking askance, “But old slave is thinking of the young master after all.”


Li Lan picked up the teacup, shattered it on the floor, picked up a piece of porcelain and held it across the front of her neck, “If you don’t hide Dong’er for me, then I will die!”

“Madam ……” Long Lao’s face paled and he got up hastily in fear and tried to lean over.

“Stand still!”

Li Lan angrily scolded, “I told you, I don’t want to affect Dong’er in this matter, I can handle it!”

Elder Long froze for two seconds before finally letting out a long sigh, “Old slave promises!”

At those words.

Only then did Li Lan’s expression ease a little, putting down the porcelain tile in her hand, bowing her head and saying helplessly, “What happened back then is all in the past, now that Dao Lin has returned and granted Dong’er the heirship, then all of Dong’er’s energy should be on the heirship, not being burdened by miscellaneous matters.”

The voice was low and dripping with a strong sense of helplessness and sadness.

Even Long Lao’s face was dishevelled and his heart was mixed.

Was the Lady’s matter really considered a chore?

If it could really be handled, would there have been so many twists and turns back then?

However, Long Lao did not dare to say these words, for Li Lan had already used the most decisive means to force him to shut up.

At that moment, the door to the house was pushed open.

Chen Dong walked in, and seeing the fragments of tea cups on the ground, he could not help but be a little puzzled.

A look of panic flashed across Li Lan’s face as she hurriedly leaned down to clean up the shards on the floor.

“Mom, I’ll clean it up.” Chen Dong hurriedly walked over.

“I’ll do it.” Li Lan smiled, “Accidentally breaking a teacup, this teacup must be very expensive, it’s a pity.”

“Which is not.” Chen Dong harrumphed.

After Li Lan finished cleaning up the pieces, she let Chen Dong rest for a while while she went to the kitchen to cook alone.

Chen Dong watched his mother enter the kitchen before asking Elder Long, “Elder Long, what happened to the matter you were asked to inquire about?”

Long Lao had already promised Li Lan, so he could only put on a calm face and said with a smile, “Young Master, perhaps we have all misunderstood Madam, she really went out for a walk.”

“Really?” Chen Dong raised an eyebrow and nodded and murmured, “That’s really good, I was afraid that if something happened to Ma, she was afraid that it would involve me and make me suffer, so she deliberately hid it.”

Long Lao’s lips mouthed, his gaze complicated.

However, Chen Dong did not notice the subtle change in Long Lao’s expression.

Wang Nan Nan’s matter had made him anxious and his anger was hard to calm down.

He greeted Elder Long and went straight back upstairs to his bedroom.

Right now, all he was asking for was to spend money to send the plague gods away to send Wang Nan Nan’s family away as soon as possible to wipe out the matter.

Because of the extortion, even the next day, Chen Dong was so depressed that he found it difficult to go back to work calmly.

After a long day of muddling through, he returned home and lay in bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

He stayed up until dawn.

Chen Dong woke up early, today …… was the time for Wang Nan Nan’s family to leave the city.