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Winner Takes All Chapter 163-164

Chapter 163

Gu Qingying’s pretty face was scarlet.

When the misunderstanding was cleared, the last hurdle in her heart was gone.

All that remained was the longing for the proposal.

She had waited three years for this scene!

Three years ago, as a bridesmaid, she personally escorted Chen Dong and Wang Nan Nan into the hall of marriage.

The next day, she travelled across the ocean.

For three years, the figure that haunted her mind had caused her to reject countless sons of the gentry and nobility.

Now …… finally got what she wanted.

“Xiao Ying …… you have to be more reserved, you can’t lose the face of our old Gu family later.” Gu Guohua suddenly said.

Li Wanqing on the side was furious, “How are you a father? What do you mean by “reserved”? Are you saying this because you have just reprimanded Chen Dong and now you can’t pull your face back?”

In one word, he had broken Gu Guohua’s mind.

Gu Guohua scratched his head and smiled nervously.

The summit of Tianmen Mountain.

At this time, the lights were lit up.

A stage had already been set up in the middle.

All the Din Tai employees were clustered together.

There were even people who had been kindly invited by Chen Dong.

However, as Chen Dong drove away, everyone looked at each other in disbelief, somewhat unprepared.

Tonight was Chen Dong’s marriage proposal ceremony.

How come the leading lady hadn’t arrived and the leading man had left?

“Old Meng, what is going on here?” Zheng Guote looked stunned, “Could it be that Old Gu has lost his temper?”

“BullSh*t, do you think Old Gu has the same donkey temper as you?” Dean Liu gave Zheng Guote a blank look.

Lord Meng’s gaze was profound as he sighed softly, “I hope Old Gu doesn’t miss out on this opportunity.”

At these words.

Dean Liu also nodded gently in agreement, while Zheng Guote was bewildered and puzzled.

All three of them had been invited by Chen Dong.

As Gu Guohua’s closest friends, they were also considered Gu Qingying’s elders.

They deserved to be present at this night’s scene.

“Here it comes!”

Suddenly, someone in the crowd shouted.

On the mountain road, the Rolls Royce came driving with bright lights.

“On your marks!”

Pony ordered at once.

At once, the Din Tai staff spread out and got ready.

On the other hand, Long Lao, Li Lan and Fan Lu stood in the darkness.

Looking at the incoming Rolls Royce and the big G after it.

Long Lao quietly took out his mobile phone and sent a quick message: Master, everything is ready.


The car came to a halt.

Chen Dong was the first to get out of the car and quickly walked to the Big G to open the door.

“Little Shadow, come with me!”

He extended his right hand and led Gu Qingying out of the car.

The two then slowly walked towards the stage.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing then got out of the car, and at a glance, they saw the three of Lord Meng at the edge of the stage.

The two walked quickly and Gu Guohua said in shock, “You guys, why are you here?”

“Witnesses, of course.” Lord Meng smiled and said solemnly, “Tonight, you are perhaps the one who is laughing the most.”

Gu Guohua waved his hand with no good humour, “Don’t mention it, I just had a fit of anger at the bottom of the hill earlier.”

He didn’t wait for a few people to ask questions.

On the stage, the lights suddenly dimmed.

Chen Dong led Gu Qingying to the middle of the stage.

“Are you ready?” Chen Dong asked with a smile.

Gu Qingying took a deep breath and nodded her head.

“Look at the screen!”

Chen Dong raised his head to look at the screen on the stage.

Almost simultaneously, the screen lit up with light.

A picture leapt to the surface, slowly switching between them.

Looking at a picture on the screen, Gu Qingying first froze.

Then, she suddenly became surprised, her jade hand covering her mouth.

“This, this is a picture from our college days?”

“I’ve found them all!”

Chen Dong nodded solemnly.

Gu Qingying was stunned, looking at one of the photos on the screen with a feeling as if she was dreaming.

Some of the photos, even she herself could not remember.

Chen Dong must have gone to great lengths to put together these photos!

The proposal she wanted was not earth-shattering, it was exactly such a bit of memory, tender as water.

Along with the photo switch, ‘You at the Same Table’ rang out from stage left and right.

In a flash, the song pulled Gu Qingying’s memories back to her university days.

The floodgates of memory opened.

A scene from the past, like a photo on the screen, kept surfacing in her mind.

Gradually, within the already red and swollen eyes, they were once again moist.

Chen Dong raised his hand and gently wiped the wetness from the corners of Gu Qingying’s eyes, “Little fool, only this much, are you going to cry?”

“Isn’t that enough?” Gu Qingying asked rhetorically.

Some of the photos were not even remembered by her, so one could imagine how much effort Chen Dong would have to put in if he wanted to collect them all?


Chen Dong smiled faintly, “You are my Chen Dong’s woman, how can such a little, be enough?”

The words had just fallen.


In the distance, a blaze of fire rose into the sky.

As the fireworks shot up into the night sky, there was another boom and they exploded into a sky full of flowers.

Followed closely by.

Boom! Boom! Boom!


All around the stage, a ball of fire shot straight up into the night sky.

In the night sky, it turned into a gorgeous ma*s of flowers.

It covered the sky.

It illuminated the entire Tianmen Mountain as bright as daylight.

Ten thousand rays of light, gifted only to a beautiful woman!

Chen Dong stood on top of the stage with Gu Qingying in his arms, looking up at the sky full of fireworks.

Gu Qingying looked stunned, completely immersed in the splendid and dazzling fireworks.

The crowd present also let out a gasp of awe amidst the ten thousand rays of light.

Not only that.

At the bottom of Tianmen Mountain, all media were not allowed to go up the mountain because of the control.

But as the night sky lit up like daylight.

All the media went crazy.

Long guns and short cannons were aimed at the summit of Tianmen Mountain to record this spectacular scene in its entirety.


The commotion on Tianmen Mountain even alarmed the whole city at the bottom of the mountain.

For the control of Heaven’s Gate Mountain had long attracted the attention of the whole city.

Now that a ten-thousand-foot light was rising from Heaven’s Gate Mountain, it had even shocked the whole city.

Everyone was wondering what was happening on Tianmen Mountain this night.

Until, the earth-shattering fireworks filled the sky.

After it finally transformed into a giant arrow through the heart.

The whole city was abuzz.

A marriage proposal!

It was someone proposing!

Goodness, who on earth was proposing on Heaven’s Gate Mountain?

Not only had the mountain been closed, but they were showing it off to the world in such a big way?

At the top of Tianmen Mountain.

Gu Qingying looked in surprise at the radiant arrow piercing her heart, hanging in the night sky.

At this moment, her heart was beating wildly, as if it was about to jump out of her chest.

“So soon, has it proceeded to this scene?”

Even though she was already prepared, she was still a little nervous when she saw the arrow piercing through the heart and foresaw the next scene.

But, it was Chen Dong’s gentle voice that rang in her ears.

“It’s not enough, you like roses, how can you have less this time?”

The words had just fallen.

Rumble ……

In the distant night sky, there was the sound of propellers roaring.

Five helicopters, rapidly coming towards Tianmen Mountain.

Five beams of light, shooting down from the helicopters, enveloped Chen Dong and Gu Qingying on the stage.

The next second.

A rain of flowers fell in the sky.

The sky was covered in a shower of flowers.

Everything was like a dream.

Everyone was once again in awe.

Gu Qingying, too, looked up at the rain of flowers and was lost in thought for a while.

She did not notice that Chen Dong, who was beside her, slowly knelt down on one knee ……


Chapter 164

“Little Shadow, thank you for your unfailing love.”

Until, Chen Dong’s gentle voice rang out.

Only then did Gu Qingying’s delicate body tremble as she came back to her senses.

Amidst the sky of fireworks and floral rain, she slowly lowered her head and looked at Chen Dong who was kneeling on one knee.

At this moment, Gu Qingying felt that only she and Chen Dong were left in heaven and earth.

Even the roar of the five helicopters overhead had all but disappeared.

“Three years of waiting, not to be outdone by the long love.”

Chen Dong was very serious, his voice was very gentle.

Xu Xu said, full of magnetism, but it hit Gu Qingying’s heart straight away.

“I once said that you used your whole life as a bet, how could I let you lose?”

“In the future, I want to have you by my side all the time!”

As the last words were uttered, Chen Dong took out the diamond ring that he had already prepared long ago.

Under a shroud of light, he slowly opened the gift box.

In an instant, a gorgeous crimson light reflected out.

Gu Qingying was frozen, completely captivated by the diamond ring in Chen Dong’s hand.

The blindingly gorgeous crimson light seemed to exist only in the world of fairy tales.

And not far away.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing’s faces changed drastically at the same time.

Gu Guohua even blurted out, “A blood diamond? My goodness, a blood diamond of this size, at least several hundred million, this kid Chen Dong, has he gone crazy?”

“Insane? Hehe!”

Lord Meng laughed, “A few hundred million is nothing, even if it is a billion, there is no need for any surprise.”

Gu Guohua’s face turned red, puzzled.

It was at this moment.

On the stage, Chen Dong, who was shrouded in light, finally slowly spat out those words.

“Gu Qingying, please marry me, from now on, join hands with me until old age and have no regrets, you promise me that you will never leave me, and I promise you that you will live and die together!”


Gu Qingying only felt a loud bang in her head.

In an instant, her beautiful eyes were hazy.


Three years of waiting.

All the time, she had been fantasising about this moment.

Now that the fantasy had become a reality, all her emotions finally exploded at this moment.

Without the slightest hesitation.

Gu Qingying nodded her head excitedly and extended her right hand.

Chen Dong smiled faintly and took out the blood diamond ring in the gift box and was about to put it on Gu Qingying.


In the distant night sky.

The deafening sound of rolling thunder came.

It was so loud and overwhelming.

It was as if a thousand armies and horses were sweeping through the air.

A huge sound that not only echoed through Heaven’s Gate Mountain, but also bombarded the entire city like thunder.

“What’s going on?”

In an instant, on Heaven’s Gate Mountain, everyone was dumbfounded.

Even Chen Dong was at a loss.

At that exact moment, Elder Long, who was hidden in the darkness, held a microphone and shouted.

“Young Master …… This is a small token of appreciation from the Master for you.”


Chen Dong was violently startled, and the diamond ring that he was about to put on for Gu Qingying in his hand could not help but give a lurch.

Also at this moment, not far away, Lord Meng’s face suddenly changed drastically.

He exclaimed, “A warplane! This is the sound of a warplane!”


Hearing this alarming cry.

Everyone was struck by lightning and was dumbfounded on the spot.

Proposal …… How come there were still warplanes on the scene?

The thundering roar of the warplane, almost in the blink of an eye, had flown over Tianmen Mountain, higher than the hovering helicopter.

Even so, the crowd could vaguely see the huge figures of warplanes through the light.

A full …… twenty aircraft!


The next second, twenty warplanes climbed vertically with a blast, the piercing tail flames lighting up the long sky.

And as the warplanes climbed, each of them spewed out bands of light of different colours from their tails, converging together in a more gorgeous and fantastic display than a rainbow.

There were twenty bands of light, standing in the sky, illuminating the heavens and the earth.

It was as if a curtain of light, covering the entire Heaven’s Gate Mountain with radiance.

Wow ……

Everyone in the audience all shrieked and screamed in astonishment.

Such a scene was simply forceful compared to all that had just happened.

The radiance was so dazzling that it illuminated heaven and earth.

“Young master …… is waiting even longer?”

Under the envelope of light, Elder Long reminded Chen Dong who was lost in thought.

Chen Dong was dumbfounded and hurriedly put the diamond ring on Gu Qingying’s ring finger.

After getting up, he swept Gu Qingying into his arms and smiled tenderly, “From now on, you belong to me only.”

Gu Qingying looked at the scene in front of her like a dream.

The events of this night made her feel as if she was dreaming.

The warplanes roared, and the bands of light were in different colours.

Gathering together, it was like a seven-coloured auspicious cloud.

A scene like this was something she had only ever dared to fantasise about in her dreams.

She imagined that her intended man, clad in golden armour and with his feet on the seven-coloured clouds, would come to marry her.

Now, it had become real!

Chen Dong was not clad in golden armour, but in a suit.

But the seven-coloured auspicious clouds in front of him did exist.

When the fantasy became a reality, even if it was only half of it, it was enough to move Gu Qingying to tears.

She snuggled into Chen Dong’s arms, her teary eyes hazily gazing at the seven-coloured band of light in the night sky as she murmured, “Thank you ……”

The band of seven-coloured light lasted for nearly ten minutes.

Finally, in the night sky, twenty warplanes roared at the same time.

The band of light disappeared, and the twenty warplanes even returned at the same time, disappearing into the night sky at great speed.

Once again, the darkness on Tianmen Mountain returned.

However, the warplanes’ trip left an indelible impression on everyone’s mind.

It was not only the employees of Din Tai who were dumbfounded.

Even Lord Meng, Gu Guohua and the others, who had seen a lot of the world, were shocked and lost their minds in dismay.

“A war machine, Chen Dong …… never hired a war machine?”

Gu Guohua was dumbfounded and murmured in shock.

Warplane, that is a war weapon!

How can it be manipulated by courting child’s play?


Lord Meng, however, smiled blandly, “If you had seen the Chen Dong family traveling with warplanes escorting them, you wouldn’t have exclaimed so much.”

Warplanes escorting?!

The two Gu Guowas, Dean Liu and Zheng Guote all looked at Lord Meng in astonishment.

At this moment.

Hidden in the darkness, Elder Long slowly walked onto the stage.

Li Lan, supported by Fan Lu, slowly followed.

“Ma, Elder Long.”

Chen Dong brought Gu Qingying forward.

“Good, good, from now on we are all family, if Dong’er dares to make Xiaoying unhappy, don’t blame me, as a mother, for being so righteous!”

Li Lan smiled gently and took Gu Qingying’s hand, her eyes full of affection, “Xiao Ying, thank you for your unfailing love for Dong’er, Dong’er is lucky to have married you.”

“Thank you, auntie.” Gu Qingying smiled shyly.

Even though she had met Li Lan countless times before, this time, it gave her a completely different feeling.

“Where are your parents? They’ll all be in-laws from now on, we have to meet.” Li Lan said with a gentle smile.

Gu Qingying turned her head to look at the other side of the stage: “They’re over there.”

Saying that, she raised her hand and beckoned.

At this moment, the two Gu Guowas were still immersed in the shock of Lord Meng just now.

They did not notice Gu Qingying’s gesture in the slightest.

Instead, it was Lord Meng who patted Gu Guohua’s shoulder: “Old Gu, go up and remember not to get too excited later.”

“Heh, it’s just meeting the in-laws, why should I be excited?” Gu Guohua raised his eyebrows, his face full of disbelief.

Lord Meng, however, smiled slightly, “You’re the one who’s having the most fun tonight.”

Gu Guohua didn’t care at all, taking Li Wanqing’s hand and walking slowly towards the stage.

Only, as the distance drew closer.

The line of sight gradually became clear.

Gu Guohua’s gaze, however, fell on Long Lao’s body, and he could not move away.

His brow gradually tightened.

That feeling of déjà vu was getting stronger and stronger ……