Winner Takes All Chapter 165-166

Chapter 165

When the darkness faded away.

Gu Guohua finally looked at Elder Long when he could see clearly.


Gu Guohua felt a thunderbolt from a clear sky and was dumbfounded on the spot.

In a short moment, his mind went blank and his heart set off huge waves.

This was …… Elder Dragon?!

Over the years, Gu Guohua had wanted to pay homage to the Chen family head more than once or twice.

But in the end, when he was based in front of the Chen family, the one who received him was all Long Lao.

He was no stranger to Elder Long.

The Chen family head’s trusted servant!

But …… how could he be here?

In a trance, Gu Guohua’s face was red.

Breathing heavily, his neck thickened.

Suddenly, his steps stumbled and he almost fell to the ground, thanks to the help of Li Wanqing next to him.

Not far away, Zheng Guote saw this scene and was filled with shock.

Lord Meng and Dean Liu, on the other hand, looked at each other and gave an odd smile.

As Gu Guohua’s closest friends, they were naturally aware of Gu Guohua’s repeated desire to pay a visit to the Chen family.

It was just that this destiny ……

“Old Meng, you were really right just now.” Zheng Guote naturally knew what Gu Guohua was thinking, but he didn’t know Elder Long.

Lord Meng smiled and rubbed his chin, “Old Gu’s wish for many years was fulfilled by his daughter, do you think we should laugh?”

“Heart’s desire?” Zheng Guohan looked blankly at the two Gu Guowas on the stage.

The lights were shrouded in light.

Chen Dong had his arm around Gu Qingying’s waist, while Gu Qingying was holding Li Lan.

Long Lao was silent at the side, all looking towards Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing who were walking towards them.

Gu Guohua’s steps were a little shaky, and if not for his wife’s support, he would not have been able to take a step.

Elder Long was only a slave of the Chen family head.

But he knew very well the status of this slave.

In the Chen family, this servant was the only one who could act on behalf of the family head’s orders!

This was proof of Long Lao’s identity and status!

Doubt, shock, disbelief, all sorts of emotions crawled over his heart, and unknowingly, dense beads of sweat seeped out of Gu Guohua’s forehead.

“Mom and Dad, this is Chen Dong’s mother.”

Gu Qingying greeted her with a smile and took Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing’s arms as she took the lead in introducing them.

“My in-laws are very polite, I am Li Lan, Dong’s mother.” Li Lan smiled warmly, and spoke with dignity and proper manners.

“Good day in-laws, from now on we will be family too.” Li Wanqing was still able to maintain her composure and responded to Li Lan.

This was because, every time she came back with Gu Guohua, but every time Gu Guohua paid a visit to the Chen family, she had only gone alone, so she did not know Elder Long either.

“Uncle and aunty, please be magnanimous about what happened just now.”

Chen Dong said apologetically, his father-in-law and mother-in-law must have endured a lot of anger these past few days because of the photo, how could a parent not feel for their daughter.

“It’s alright, since the misunderstanding has been cleared up, it’s a case of clearing the clouds and seeing the sky.”

Li Wanqing said with a smile, “Dong’er, since you have already proposed to Xiaoying, auntie must also remind you that in the future, the couple should support each other and move each other, I hope you remember what you just said, never leave each other and live and die together.”

The words were earnest, and the tone of voice was without the slightest pause or hesitation.

It was both a reminder and a warning in disguise.

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously and nodded his head.

Only then did Li Wanqing scold Gu Guohua, whose legs were trembling and his face was red, “You’re such a father, you didn’t think to say anything to your in-laws’ mother and Dong’er Xiao Ying on such an important occasion as your daughter being proposed to?”

Gu Guohua’s body shook and he nodded seriously, “Yes, it is necessary to say something.”

As he spoke, his back couldn’t help but hunch up a little.

Gu Guohua’s body was originally of the tall and majestic type, but at this time, with his hunched back, he was a little bit constrained and naive.

Then, under the astonished gaze of the crowd.

Gu Guohua took two steps forward, but stood in front of Elder Long who had been silent.

He stretched out his hands, his face full of smiles.

“Elder Long, I never thought I would see you here, old man.”

The way he spoke and behaved was humble.

This scene made Chen Dong’s few jaws drop and they were dumbfounded.

Not far from the edge of the stage, Zheng Guote even shook his tiger’s body and accused, “What the hell is Old Gu doing? When you see your in-laws, why are you running to greet the old man next to you?”

“That old man, of extraordinary origin!” Lord Meng smiled blandly.

And on the stage, Li Wanqing was the first to come back to her senses, she hurriedly coughed lightly and reminded, “Old Gu, no rudeness.”

Originally, the couple had come on stage to meet the in-laws.

For Gu Guohua not to greet his in-laws first, but to greet the old man in front of him, this was simply rude!


Gu Guohua, however, looked solemn: “A woman’s family, what do you know?”

Li Wanqing’s pretty face turned white and she choked on her words for a moment.

Long Lao glanced awkwardly at Chen Dong and Li Lan before smiling and shaking Gu Guohua’s hand, “Mr. Gu, long time no see.”

Gu Guohua was instantly excited and ecstatic and said, “No, no, actually this time ……”

He didn’t wait for Gu Guohua to finish.

But Long Lao turned to Chen Dong and bowed slightly, “Young master, the marriage proposal ceremony is over, it is almost time to leave.”


The words were like a thunderstorm on a flat ground.

Gu Guohua’s eyes were rounded on the spot and his tiger body shook.

Even with his experience and heart, it was hard to hide his shock.

He looked at Chen Dong with an almost fierce expression.

Young master?!

Elder Long …… actually called Chen Dong Young Master?

Good heavens!

Gu Guohua’s heart thumped so fast that he even had the urge to jump out of his chest and pa*s out with a roll of his second white eyes.

He had made several visits to the Chen family for the sake of his business empire, only for Elder Long to show up and receive him.

Even so, each time Long Lao had treated him with condescension and posturing, turning him away with some excuses.

And now, the scene in front of him made him feel like he was dreaming.

The man he once looked up to was calling him his son-in-law …… Young Master?!

Soon, he reacted to the fact that Chen Dong was also surnamed Chen, and Long Lao was a slave of the Chen family yet he called Chen Dong Young Master.

Then …… Chen Dong ……

An extremely terrifying thought suddenly surfaced in Gu Guohua’s mind, giving him a surreal feeling.

“Well, let’s go home first.”

Chen Dong smiled and glanced at Gu Qingying.

Gu Qingying, however, lowered her head shyly and suddenly stood on tiptoe, exhaling hot air lightly in Chen Dong’s ear as she whispered, “My parents are still here, so I will go home with you later.”

This girl ……

Chen Dong laughed dumbly and rubbed his nose.

He nodded to Li Wanqing and the stunned Gu Guohua, “Uncle and aunt, it’s over, we’ll go home first, today’s impact is too great, and the mountain is surrounded by major media, so please excuse the many inconveniences, tomorrow I’ll still ask uncle and aunt to come to our door, I’ll host a banquet at home.”

“Fine, fine, we will definitely come on time tomorrow.” Li Wanqing smiled and nodded her head.

Such a big commotion had been made tonight.

Tianmen Mountain had long been surrounded by the long guns of the major media and some anchors, if there was another dinner party to follow tonight, it was bound to be tracked by the long guns and trouble would be few and far between.

Chen Dong instructed Xiao Ma to arrange the follow-up.

Then he got into the Rolls-Royce with his mother and Elder Long, and Kunlun drove, heading down the mountain.

On stage.

Gu Guohua was frozen like a wooden chicken, his face red and motionless.

Looking at the Rolls Royce leaving.

Only then did Li Wanqing’s face sink: “Old Gu, you’re such a father, why were you so rude just now?”

Gu Guohua, as if he hadn’t heard, suddenly opened his mouth and murmured, “The dragon son-in-law …… is really my Gu family’s dragon son-in-law ……”

“Dad, what nonsense are you talking about?” Gu Qingying looked at Gu Guohua with shame and shock, she knew that the dragon son-in-law her father was talking about was Chen Dong, but was it too much to say that?


Gu Guohua, however, suddenly turned around and looked straight at Li Wanqing with both eyes, “Wife, hit me!”


Chapter 166

Li Wanqing was caught off guard and was bewildered.

Gu Guohua fiercely glared, “If you don’t hit me, wife, I’ll hit you!”


The sound of the slap was crisp and loud.

Gu Guohua covered his face and spun around, almost stumbling and falling to the ground.

He covered half of his face which was almost red and swollen, instead of being angry, he laughed out loud, “Hahaha …… really, it’s all true!”

“You’re the one who told me to hit you!”

Li Wanqing looked at Gu Guohua’s laughing appearance and was apprehensive: “Xiaoying, your father wouldn’t be crazy, would he?”

Gu Qingying was also full of shock and incomparably worried.

At this moment, Lord Meng and his trio walked over.

Seeing Lord Meng and Dean Liu, Gu Guohua suddenly went up with a smile and gave the two a fierce bear hug.

“Old Meng, old Liu, thank you for reminding them in the first place!”

Heartfelt thanks, excitement and ecstasy undisguised.

All these years, he had begged the Chen family for help, but never imagined that, in the blink of an eye, his own daughter had led the Chen family’s dragon son-in-law to him.

Gu Guohua was even more aware that Lord Meng and Dean Liu must have known Chen Dong’s identity when he first met him.

If the two hadn’t mentioned it back then, he wouldn’t be where he is today!

“Old Gu, it’s not that we didn’t know about it at first, it’s really because Chen Dong wouldn’t let us.” Dean Liu smiled helplessly.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Gu Guohua smiled broadly and waved his hand.

Zheng Guote looked stunned, “Brothers, what exactly are you playing dumb?”

Gu Guohua took Zheng Guote’s shoulder with one hand: “Old Zheng, thanks to the advice of Old Meng and Old Liu, I suppressed my donkey’s temper, otherwise …… see, my son-in-law could even get a warplane to propose to my daughter!”

He said, he pointed to the sky.

Before seeing the proposal ceremony, Gu Guohua was shocked, but at this time, it was full of bragging and pride.

The old Gu family’s dragon son-in-law had arrived at the door, and even with Gu Guohua’s status and experience, it was hard to contain his excitement and ecstasy.

Zheng Guodian was dumbfounded, obviously still didn’t understand.

It was Gu Qingying who hurried up to him: “Dad, what’s wrong with you? Chen Dong has only proposed to me, there hasn’t been a wedding yet, why are you suddenly like this?”

“Good daughter, you’re really my precious daughter!”

Gu Guohua turned around and hugged Gu Qingying, but his eyes were slowly reddening, he exhaled heavily and said with a sense of relief, “Do you know how many years daddy has been tossing and turning for this matter? You helped papa to lead the dragon son-in-law to the front, papa is really too thankful to you.”

Gu Qingying was also confused.

Li Wanqing’s willow brows were furrowed in thought.

Finally, Lord Meng spoke up, “Old Gu, you’re not even on point with your words, is it so hard to say that Chen Dong is a Chen family member?”


The words thundered out.

Zheng Guote’s face swished white as he said in shock, “Chen, a member of the Chen family? That, that Chen family?”

Lord Meng nodded his head.

Zheng Guote’s body shook and almost fainted, followed by hurriedly grabbing the shoulders of Lord Meng and Dean Liu: “I really thank you two brothers for mentioning me in the first place, otherwise …… I’m afraid this name of National Hand would have disappeared abruptly!”

The Chen family’s authority, Zheng Guodian has no doubt.

Even if he was internationally renowned, in the eyes of the Chen family, he was like an ant.

“Is it really that Chen family?” Li Wanqing shouted in surprise, her charming face full of surprise, and with her dignity, she could hardly care about her manners at this moment.

Gu Qingying’s pretty face also changed drastically as she reacted violently, she was aware of her father’s plans over the years.

She was aware of her father’s plans over the years. Over the years, Qingying International had flourished, and in the eyes of outsiders, had indeed risen in the wind and grown stronger.

But she knew it well, and her father had mentioned it more than once.

Even if the international market is booming, it will not be able to break through that bottleneck!

And the Chen family was the best choice for Qingying International to break through the bottleneck!

In an instant, Gu Qingying’s mind buzzed, her beautiful eyes flashed, and she heaved a breath of cold air.

Chen Dong …… is that Chen family?


How long has that big fool been hiding something from me?

“Let’s go, let’s get out of here first, the reporters at the bottom of the mountain are probably long red-eyed.”

Gu Guohua waved his big hand and took the lead in the direction of the car, “Dragon son-in-law on the door, the old Gu family ancestral virtue, ancestral grave smoke, today’s matter, when floating a big white!”


Everything on Tianmen Mountain was watched by the whole city.

Whether it was the fireworks, the rain of flowers brought by helicopters, or the colourful clouds swept by the roar of warplanes.

It was all heart-stopping!

The whole city was in awe.

Who had such great power to blockade Tianmen Mountain just for a marriage proposal?

There were even countless girls who were envious of the girl who was proposed to.

How happy must she be?

Which girl, let’s ask, wouldn’t want the man of her choice, blooming with flowers, to show her love in a high profile?

And while everyone was waiting with baited breath to find out who had caused such a sensation.

The media coverage, however, left the city dumbfounded and disappointed.

Whether it was the major media or the self-published anchors.

All the coverage revolved around the blockade of Tianmen Mountain and the sensational scene at the top of the mountain.

As for who the protagonist was, no one knew!

The major media outlets also had a hard time saying anything.

With such a sensational scene, who in the media didn’t know that if the protagonist was caught on camera, it would definitely lead to a more sensational level of public opinion?

So when Tianmen Mountain was on lockdown, they came on the wind and set up their long guns early, forming another layer of blockade on Tianmen Mountain.

But until peace returned to Tianmen Mountain, none of the media ever blocked the main character on the mountain path.

The only thing that appeared on camera was a black Mercedes G that had never come down the mountain since it went up, and an ordinary car that had hurried up and down the mountain, as if it had been driven away.

Even so, it didn’t stop everything on Tianmen Mountain from becoming the focus of attention and the talk of the town.

There was even no shortage of videos that quickly burst into flames after small self-publishing anchors put them online, drawing the envy of the entire internet.

By the time Chen Dong returned home, it was already early in the morning.

Long Lao smiled and said, “I guess all those media outlets have to go crazy tonight?”

“Hahahaha …… They are blocking us at the bottom of the mountain one after another, but they didn’t expect us to live halfway up the mountain.” Kunlun smiled spontaneously.

Chen Dong, who was still immersed in the joy of the proposal, however, smiled slightly, “It’s just that when Little Shadow and the others come down the mountain, I guess it’s a bit troublesome.”

“Young master is worrying too much, it won’t be blown out of proportion.” Elder Long smiled meaningfully.

Back in his room, Chen Dong did not feel like sleeping.

Instead, he lay on the bed, remembering everything about the night, sweet and happy.

It was only when the fragment in his mind proceeded to the scene where the warplane roared that he was in a bit of a trance.

With deep eyes, Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled bitterly.

At this very moment.

Gu Qingying’s WeChat sent a message.

Chen Dong picked it up and took a look, and instantly revealed a gentle smile.

The content of Gu Qingying’s WeChat message was simple.

“Big fool, are you really the young master of the Chen family? How long have you been hiding this from me by treating me like a fool?”

Chen Dong smiled and replied back to the WeChat: My identity as the young master of the Chen family can be treated as if it is not there for the time being, get some rest and do not be rude to me in your dreams (cheap laugh).