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Winner Takes All Chapter 167-168

Chapter 167

A night without a word.

The shocking scene on Heaven’s Gate Mountain drew the attention of the whole city.

There was even no shortage of envious girls who stayed up all night.

When the sun rose.

Chen Dong had finished his devil training and returned home with Kunlun, just in time to meet Elder Long watching the morning news.

“Young master, the broadcast of last night’s events.” Long Lao said with interest.

Chen Dong shrugged, “I don’t think it’s on, there’s nothing to see.”

Long Lao smiled and picked up his phone, “The media can’t broadcast anything, the young anchor can have something to make up.”

Chen Dong took a closer look and instantly burst out laughing.

[Shock! Tianmen Mountain is a sensation overnight, the unknown protagonist leads people to wonder!

Apart from the fact that what happened on Tianmen Mountain was true.

The subsequent reports on Chen Dong, the subject, were made up.

It was even imagined that Chen Dong was a rich second generation with a family, who made such a sensational scene in order to make his mistress happy.

As for not daring to show himself, he was also afraid that the main family would find out.

Shaking his head, Chen Dong did not care, and after the family had breakfast, they headed to the office.

The Four Seals Clubhouse, the small bamboo courtyard.

Gu Guohua had stayed up all night in excitement, and his bloodshot eyes still could not hide his excitement and ecstasy.

Everything that happened last night, until now he had the feeling of dreaming.

He had been working so hard for so many years, knocking on the door of the Chen family to no avail and being turned away by Elder Long every time.

But then, in a twist of events, his daughter had attracted the Chen family’s dragon son-in-law to his door.

With this relationship, he had no doubt that if the Chen family helped him, he would be able to break through the bottleneck of his group.

The Chen family was not the only one that could help him break through the bottleneck, but in his heart, it was the best and most suitable.

“You haven’t slept all night, why don’t you go get some sleep?”

Li Wanqing walked to the hall and looked at Gu Guohua heartily.

“Not sleepy, I’m in great spirits!”

Gu Guohua stretched his back and said in a refreshed voice, “Wait to get ready, we still have to go to our son-in-law’s house for dinner tonight.”

“Look at you, before you were shouting at Chen Dong, who was only proposing to Xiaoying, but now you are directly calling him your son-in-law.” Li Wanqing scolded with a scornful glance and laughed.

“It’s already a proposal, is it still far from marriage?”

Gu Guohua harrumphed and turned to say with a sullen face, “You can’t say anything about me on this, I’m Xiao Ying’s father, even if I knew before that Chen Dong was the young master of the Chen family, I still had to shout at him, a matter of principle!”

“Fine, fine, I know you care for your daughter, alright?”

Li Wanqing said and sighed, “You two, father and daughter, one has slept until now and one has woken up until now, I really can’t do anything about you.”

Knock, knock!

There was a knock on the door from the outside courtyard.

Gu Guohua hurriedly went to open the door.

Outside the door, there was Lord Meng.

“Old Meng, is there something early in the morning?”

Gu Guohua was a little puzzled, Lord Meng had a lot of power and was busy with many things every day.

Even if his late friend was at the Four Seals Club, it was usually difficult to see him, let alone this early in the morning.

Lord Meng smiled, “I’ve come to talk to you about something.”

When the two of them entered the hall, Li Wanqing had already made tea and set out a few snacks.

After sitting down, Lord Meng picked up a piece of dim sum and ate it, eating it in a bit of a hurry, obviously not having eaten breakfast.

After two pieces of dim sum had gone down, he felt a little full, and only then did Lord Meng hold his cup of tea and drink it lightly.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing waited quietly.

Finally, Lord Meng spoke, “Old Gu, there are actually a few words about Chen Dong that I want to pa*s on to you.”

“But there is no harm in saying them.” Gu Guohua said.

Lord Meng pondered for a moment and said, “You should know the rules of the Chen family’s successor, right?”

Gu Guohua frowned, “From the younger generation, an elite generation is selected to cultivate, and then from the elite generation, heirs with qualifications are selected to compete with each other, and the best heir is the future Chen family head, as the saying goes, the winner is the king.”

“Since you know that, that’s good to know.”

Lord Meng nodded, “Although Chen Dong is the young master, in reality, his name is not right because he is an illegitimate son! An illegitimate son who is not recognised by the Chen family!”


Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing were struck by lightning.

They were from a powerful family, so they naturally knew the importance of a proper name in a powerful family!

The Chen family had all the money and power in the world, so the word “righteous” was even more important!

An illegitimate son who is not recognised by the family is, to put it bluntly, a person who carries the family name but has no hope.

Not even considered a member of the Chen family at all.

Lord Meng clearly caught the shock of Gu Guohua’s couple, which was expected.

He was clear about Gu Guohua’s goal, so it was only normal for Gu Guohua and his wife to have such a look after informing Chen Dong of the truth about his identity.

This was tantamount to dousing the flame of hope that Gu Guohua had just kindled.

After a pause, Lord Meng continued, “However, Chen Dong’s illegitimate son is different from ordinary illegitimate sons, as his father is the current Chen family head. And the Chen family head, is the one who approves of this real son, even if everyone in the Chen family does not.”

There was no hint of concealment, the door was opened and the words were straightforward.

Lord Meng and Gu Guohua were old friends, so he had thought about it all night and felt it necessary to tell Gu Guohua the truth.

It wasn’t so much that he wanted Gu to weigh the trade-offs, but he was worried that Gu would immediately stir up a storm over his business plans after learning the brief information that Chen Dong was the young master of the Chen family.

If that were to happen, it would inevitably offend those in the Chen family.

The magnificent Chen family, even if the Chen family head ignored it, would be enough to knock Gu Guohua into the abyss of ten thousand feet even if the Chen old lady, no, any one of the Chen family stood up and manipulated the power of the Chen family.

Gu Guohua’s expression began to tangle: “Are you trying to persuade me, to let Xiaoying and Chen Dong break up?”

Lord Meng froze for a moment and laughed bitterly, “I would rather tear down ten temples than destroy a marriage, I am reminding you that before we settle down, don’t rush to carry out your business plan, otherwise you will be in big trouble if you P*ss off the Chen family.”

“But you’ve made it so clear that Chen Dong is hopeless, and it won’t help if the Chen family doesn’t approve of him, even if his father, the head of the family, does.”

Gu Guohua sighed despondently, “You know, among the gentry and noble families, even the head of the family is never a man of one word!”

“So that’s the choice you have to make, either Xiao Ying and Chen Dong break up or it’s a big gamble!”

Lord Meng’s gaze was profound, “But even if it is a big gamble, you are not without hope of winning, because in the Chen Family, even the mere approval of Chen Dong by the Family Head is enough, because the Chen Family Head has granted Chen Dong the qualification of successor!”

The tone of his voice was low, but powerful.

As he spoke, the image of that day when Chen Daoling lived behind the bamboo fence and coldly threatened the Chen family’s old lady came to Lord Meng’s mind.

With the Chen family head desperately trying to shelter him, Chen Dong did have hope, and was indeed a true dragon!

The successor qualification was in place, and there would be a chance to compete before that Qiankun was determined.

In the hall room, there was dead silence.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing were both caught in thought.

Half a day later.

Gu Guohua laughed: “How else can we choose? Xiao Ying has already chosen for us, a big gamble is a big gamble, I, Gu Guohua, have gambled all my life to reach this point and change my fate against the heavens, so why not accompany that boy Chen Dong to gamble once more?”

Lord Meng smiled faintly and got up, “Your business plan should be put aside for now, the most important thing in front of you is this big gamble, winning the gamble is a merit from the dragon, plus you are still the father-in-law of the true dragon, there is no shortage of you in the future.”

Seeing Gu Guohua nodded.

Lord Meng then walked out, smiling as he did so, “In fact, old Gu, if it were me in this matter, I would also choose Chen Dong, his heart and talents far surpa*s those of the Chen family heirs I have seen, if he is not the head of the family, it is time for the Chen family to decay!”


Chapter 168

Lord Meng was gone.

Gu Guohua, however, sat on a chair with a complicated look on his face, showing his exhaustion.

The exhaustion after a night of ecstasy was all revealed as Lord Meng told the truth.

Li Wanqing said comfortingly, “Alright, Old Meng is just telling us the truth, even if Chen Dong is not the heir to the Chen family, he is still our son-in-law, as long as our daughter likes it.”

“Well, this I know.”

Gu Guohua stretched, “Old Meng told us the truth because he was afraid that I would get into trouble for being hasty, now that we know the truth, let’s just gamble, since our son-in-law is one of the Chen family heirs, it’s not hopeless, whether he is a dragon or a worm, we have to compete with those elites of the Chen family to know.”


The sound of the door opening rang out.

Gu Qingying walked out from the bedroom.

She looked at Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing, she was actually awake, it was just the arrival of Lord Meng that made her choose to stay in the bedroom for a while longer.

And the talk in the hall room, she heard it all.

“Mom and Dad ……,” Gu Qingying said carefully, “I heard it all.”

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing looked at each other, a little stunned.

Li Wanqing hurriedly stepped forward to rea*sure, “It’s alright Xiaoying, even if Chen Dong can’t become a Chen family member in the future, then he’s still a member of our family.”

Touched, Gu Qingying nodded, “Thank you, mother.”

Glancing at her despondent father, Gu Qingying said, “Dad, Chen Dong will definitely not let you down, he is no worse than those Chen family heirs.”

“That’s for sure, the person my daughter chooses, that must be a dragon among men.”

Gu Guohua smiled, his gaze was deep, but a key point came to mind in his mind.

That was the big crisis in Din Tai this time, first Yike left the scene, and around the same time he helped Chen Dong save the day, Yike entered again.

Yike was owned by the Chen family.

When he thought of Lord Meng’s words just now, he instantly realised that the great crisis at Din Tai was simply a contest between the Chen family head and the Chen family members about Chen Dong.

And in the end, it was clear that the Chen family head had won!

With a family head father who could help Chen Dong fight against the Chen family, Chen Dong’s chances of winning weren’t too small!

It is true that among the powerful families, the head of the family cannot speak with one voice, but he is also the one in control of the greatest power.


It was late afternoon.

The big black Mercedes G drove into the Tianmen Mountain villa area.

Chen Dong was waiting early. This was considered the first official meeting between the two families after the marriage proposal ceremony.

In terms of etiquette, Elder Long had controlled it impeccably.

During the meeting, the two families talked and laughed, and Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing did not mention what Lord Meng had said, as if it had never happened at all, and did not show any signs of impropriety.

This made Gu Qingying relieved, she was worried that her parents would change their mind about Chen Dong after they found out the truth about him.

As for herself, she never minded whether Chen Dong was the young master of the Chen family or not!

What she liked was Chen Dong.

She likes him from the beginning.

No matter how high or low he was, he would always be there.

After three rounds of wine, five tastes of food were served.

The dinner party was over.

Gu Qingying drove the car and took her parents away.

Chen Dong accompanied Gu Guohua and drank a lot of wine. After sending off Gu Qingying, he went back to his room to sleep by himself.

Fan Lu and Kun Lun busied themselves with cleaning up the dishes.

Long Lao, on the other hand, sat aside and rested. At the dinner table earlier, he had also drunk some wine and was a bit overwhelmed by it at his age.

Li Lan sat alone at the side.

She was still full of smiles during the meal, but at this moment she had her head bowed and her face full of sorrow.

The mobile phone was slowly fiddling in her hand, but Li Lan’s face was becoming more and more ugly.

Eventually, she tucked the phone away and got up to walk out: “Elder Long, I’m going for a walk, don’t alert Dong’er.”

Long Lao opened his eyes and looked profoundly at Li Lan who left.

Only after the door closed did he say, “Kunlun, follow Madam to check it out.”

“Elder Long, it’s not good to follow Madam, is it?” Kunlun was a little embarra*sed.

Elder Long’s eyes were stern, “It’s not for you to follow, it’s for you to follow behind for protection.”

“This ……” Kun Lun was stunned.

Elder Long said in a deep voice, “If someone is against the madam, you can kill them first and then tell them later!”

Kunlun’s expression froze, nodded, and went out the door.

Fan Lu was a little worried, “Elder Long, nothing will happen, right?”

“It’s fine.”

Elder Long shook his head and laughed, “It’s just that I’m worried that Madam has been bitten by a wild dog; Madam is kind-hearted and will inevitably not bother with a cat or a dog, so I’ll just have to let Kunlun guard behind.”

Although he was laughing, Elder Long’s eyes were so stern that they gave Fan Lu a hairy feeling.

The Tianmen Mountain Villa under the night was still brilliantly lit up.

After Li Lan hurriedly stepped out of the door, her pace darted towards the front door, which was not half as good as a walk.

Kunlun went out and followed quietly.

As a former mercenary king, stalking on the battlefield was one of the mandatory lessons.

What’s more, Leland was only an ordinary person and hadn’t thought of any counter-surveillance methods.

Leaving the Tianmen Mountain Villa.

From a distance, Kunlun saw a black Maybach parked by the roadside, hidden in the darkness under the shade of the trees.

He stopped and frowned as, in his line of sight, Leland walked at a rapid pace to the car and without the slightest pause, opened the door and got in straight away.

As he watched, the Maybach turned around and drove off down the hill.

Kunlun hurriedly found a car to borrow from the property and followed after it.

Under the night.

The Maybach sped along the mountain road.

In the back row of the car, an old voice rang out beside Leland.

“You, how are you thinking about it?”

“No fair!” Leland spoke with a sense of resentment.

“Is that the tone you take when you talk to me?”

The old man’s voice grew a few degrees colder, accompanied by a few coughs as he spoke again, “What happened back then, can’t you still look away even now?”

Li Lan’s brow furrowed and her fists clenched.

Facing this man beside her, she seemed a little nervous.

But she, still gritting her teeth, said, “Why should I be allowed to look away? Back then, I was told to look away, and now I am being told to look away?”

“Is it possible that the explanation I am giving you now is not sincere enough?”

The old man’s voice rose a few notches, “Is this not enough to forgive the sins of that year? Do you still want me to die in front of you before you can see the light of day?”

After saying this, the man coughed violently again.

Li Lan’s expression changed greatly and hastily patted this man’s back, but said, “I don’t need you to die, you can even live a long life, but you took me then and now you want to take my son, I will not allow it!”

“You ……”

The figure’s body trembled violently, furious to the core: “Is this not a pinch? This is an invitation!”

“I think, let’s leave it at that, my Dong’er is excellent today, he doesn’t need your invitation.” Leland said in a deep voice.

Seeing the silhouette about to speak again, she suddenly said coldly and sternly, “If you keep pestering me, don’t forget that I’m not one to put up with anything!”

“You beast!”


The slap sounded crisp and loud.

Under the dim streetlight print, Leland’s head deflected and hit the gla*s with a thud.

“I want to get out of the car!” Leland forced his voice.

“Tell her to get out!”


The Maybach came to a halt.

Leland got out of the car, half of her face was already swollen under the street light, and her eyes were full of anger.

And this scene was watched by Kun Lun who came closely behind.

Kunlun was a little puzzled. He was obviously heading down the hill, but how did he get halfway down and the lady got out of the car?

He did not stop, but drove slowly towards Leland to see what was going on.

As it was a borrowed vehicle, there was no fear of being spotted.

As he drew closer, the redness on half of Leland’s face fell into Kunlun’s line of sight.

He even saw Leland gently wiping the corners of his eyes.

Kunlun’s expression snapped and a surge of anger rose up.

He glared fiercely at the Maybach parked at the curb and slammed his right foot down.


The throttle roared.

The car accelerated directly and crashed into the Maybach.