Winner Takes All Chapter 169-170

Chapter 169

Bang Teen!

Two cars rear-ended.

The bonnet of the vehicle driven by Kunlun buckled and the airbags all blew out.

Smoke and dust rolled from the scene.

Leland was dumbfounded and blanched in fear.

Immediately afterwards, Kunlun kicked open the car door with a furious kick and walked straight towards the Maybach.

Elder Long had asked him to follow and guard Li Lan, and now that Li Lan had been slapped, what kind of following and guarding would it be if he didn’t do something about it?


Li Lan let out a startled cry, seeing Kun Lun walking towards the Maybach, she instantly understood what the crash was all about.

She hurriedly and quickly ran over to him, while shouting, “Kunlun, stop!”

Kunlun didn’t pay any attention and yanked open the car door.

With a large bushy hand, he yanked the person in the back straight out.

“You, what are you doing?”

In the light, the person yanked out was an old man with white hair.

The old man’s face was full of furrows, but his suit was straight, but he was dragged out by Kunlun, showing all the wretchedness, and coughing violently in the midst of his frightened cry.

“You insulted my wife, you should be beaten!”

Kunlun’s voice was stern, and his big fan hand swung down brazenly.


The sound of the slap was crisp and loud.

The old man’s head tilted and his whole body was dazed, blood spilling from the corner of his mouth, his face full of shock.

With this slap, even Li Lan, who had come running, was also dumbfounded.

She was frozen in place, her right hand covering her mouth, almost screaming out.

And at that moment, the driver in the Maybach finally reacted, opened the door and rushed towards Kunlun in an aggressive manner.

“Dare to hurt my master, you want to die!”


The wind of the fist buzzed.

Kun Lun faced the driver’s fist, but he did not dodge, his eyes narrowed, and his big bushy hand blatantly stretched out, lightly squeezing the driver’s fist directly.

“Whoever you are, the king of heaven shall not touch my lady!”

Kunlun’s fierce cold voice, but his right hand was fierce.


The bones of the driver’s right arm broke in response.

With that, a pig-like scream echoed across the mountain path.

After Kunlun released the driver, the driver staggered backwards with a painful look on his face and fell to the ground.

This scene, however, caused the white-haired old man’s pupils to tighten and his heart to grow fearful.

But he was still strong and calm, and said in a cold voice, “Young man, do you know who I am?”

Facing such a reckless man, the old man knew very well that there was no other way but to use his power to oppress others, and the result of violence had been fulfilled in his driver.


Kunlun, however, revealed a look of disdain.

“Heh~ The sky and earth are not as big as my lady!”

He had once been the king of mercenaries, and had seen countless powerful magnates, if he was truly scrupulous about oppressing people with his power, he would not have had the chance to traverse the mercenary battlefield back then.

This life was given to him by Chen Daoling.

He had given it to Chen Daoling when he had saved him from the danger he had faced alone.

He did not even bother to pay attention to the white haired old man’s words.

“You ……” The white-haired old man’s face turned red, with a sense of suffocation as a showman encountered a soldier who could not be reasoned with.

He didn’t wait for his words to come out.

With a wave of his big hand, Kunlun directly threw the white-haired old man at the dumbfounded Li Lan.

“Make amends to my lady, or don’t blame me for not respecting the old and the young!”

The voice was icy cold and unabashedly threatening.

Under the huge force, the white-haired old man stumbled and fell to the ground with a miserable scream.

This miserable scream finally brought the stunned Leland back to her senses.

Her lips mumbled, and after glancing at the white-haired old man on the ground, she busily said to Kunlun, “Kunlun, forget it, let’s go.”

Kunlun, however, looked solemn: “Madam, if the young master were to find out, then the young master would not forgive me.”

He had been sent to Chen Dong’s side by Chen Daolin in order to shelter Chen Dong’s life.

When he was at Chen Daolin’s side, he had secretly solved countless life-and-death killing situations for Chen Daolin.

Even so, Chen Daolin had sent him to Chen Dong’s side, as if Chen Daolin valued Chen Dong’s life more than anything else.

And Li Lan is Chen Dong’s mother, if he endured the humiliation of the slap and did not resist, then what did he come to Chen Dong’s side for?

“But ……”

Li Lan’s face was torn and her heart was apprehensive.

How could she not have expected Kun Lun to follow her, and she was also clear that this should have been arranged by Elder Long.

On the contrary, Kunlun’s first time of stalking, he encountered something like this!

“Houshang boy, you are truly lawless, did you not think that your young master, that little Chen Dong, could topple the heinous disaster for you?”

The white-haired old man was also furious at this moment, his eyes glaring round, his jealousy wanting to crack.

Given his status, even if he slapped him, even if he pointed his finger at him and shouted at him, he would not dare to have anyone in his face.

Kun Lun took a step forward, his lofty tower-like body exerting tremendous pressure on the white-haired old man.

He smiled coldly, “If my young master were here and witnessed you slapping his mother, you would have broken at least one arm and leg by now, just like him.”

With that, Kun Lun raised his finger and pointed at the driver with the broken arm not far away.

The young master’s filial piety was clear to him.

The mother was the young master’s scale of adversity.

The young master could insult, but the young master’s mother could not be insulted!

Whoever insults his mother, the young master dares to pay with his life!

“You ……”

The white haired old man’s face turned red as he locked eyes with Kunlun, only to have his back chill and his heart beat wildly under Kunlun’s fierce cold intent.

After taking a deep breath, the white-haired old man turned to look at Leland angrily and gritted his teeth, “Leland, are these dogs taught by your family?”

The tone of his voice was cold and full of contempt.

Kunlun’s face sank and his fists clenched and clicked.

The torn Li Lan’s body trembled and his eyes met the white haired old man’s angry gaze with determination: “Only an old stubborn man like you would see his family as dogs that everyone can control!”

The white-haired old man’s expression choked and his eyes suddenly became complicated.

Li Lan, however, swept right past the white-haired old man, walked over to Kun Lun and grabbed his arm, “Kun Lun, listen to your aunt and come home with me!”

“Madam, this old undead ……” Kunlun’s expression eased slightly, but he was indignant.

“Come with me!”

Li Lan let out a stern shout, causing Kun Lun to swallow back the words that were coming out of his mouth.

Kun Lun glared at the white-haired old man fiercely and helplessly followed Li Lan towards the Tianmen Mountain villa area.

But just as the two turned around.

A low, cold voice of the white-haired old man suddenly came from behind them.

“Li Lan, if you don’t want to eat your wine, this old man’s bones can still stand up to a few years of beatings. If you and your son don’t appreciate it, don’t blame me for fighting your son to the death!”

The threat was undisguised!

Moreover, Chen Dong was the direct target of the threat!

Li Lan’s body trembled, and his face turned gloomy to the extreme, but he still kept his lips tightly shut and kept silent.

On the contrary, Kun Lun, with a fierce expression, wordlessly shook off Li Lan’s hand and turned towards the white-haired old man.

As he walked, he said coldly, “The lady begged you for mercy and you didn’t appreciate it, if you want to honor the wine and not eat the punishment, you can’t blame me for being ruthless!”


With a roar.

Kun Lun directly struck a whip leg in the air, sweeping across the body of the white-haired old man.

It was so powerful that there was no doubt that even if the old man didn’t die, he would be seriously injured by this kick.

The old man’s face turned pale as he felt the slashing wind coming at him, but he was too old and weak to dodge.

He was filled with hatred and fear.

He had forgotten to lower his stature to speak, and his words had come out of his mouth out of pure anger.

In a flash of lightning.

Leland turned around violently, and just as Kunlun’s right foot was less than one hand away from the white-haired old man’s body, she shouted violently.

“Stop it! She’s my father!”


Chapter 170


The strong wind of the whip leg blew the old man’s white beard and white hair.

Kunlun’s right leg came to an abrupt halt beside the old man and slowly fell to the ground.

“Madam’s …… father?”

Kunlun was filled with shock and disbelief as he looked back at Leland.

Li Lan looked torn, looking at the white-haired old man with a mixture of anger and intolerance, her reddened eyes brimming with tears.

Eventually, she nodded to Kunlun.

Kunlun stood frozen in place, looking back and forth at Leland and the white-haired old man with a complicated expression.

For a moment, he was somewhat at a loss for words.

It was Li Lan, on the contrary, who slowly walked up to the white-haired old man, her expression abruptly stern.

She said in a cold voice, “I hope your words just now were just spoken out of anger and not sincerely, otherwise I could have saved you at the foot of Kunlun just now, and I could have made you pay the price again!”

The icy killing intent was like a cold wind blowing out of the Nine Underworlds.

The white-haired old man’s body trembled, pained, “This, is the tone you take when you talk to your father?”

Li Lan smiled spontaneously and straightened his back, looking down on the white-haired old man from above, his eyes no longer carrying the slightest bit of emotion.

“I am also a mother. You may have thought I was easy to bully back then, but you never thought that a woman is weak, but a mother is strong!”

“If you hadn’t thought of Dong’er’s youth, do you think the Li family would have gotten away with it so easily? Now that Dong’er has grown up, if you want to see if I’m easy to bully, go ahead!”

The words were cold, but powerful.

It was hard to imagine that this could come from Li Lan’s mouth, who was always kind and gentle.

Kunlun was completely confused, and his eyes were filled with astonishment as he looked at Li Lan.

He had the illusion that the madam looked like a different person.

“Kunlun, go!”

Li Lan let out a cold cry, turned around and left.

Kunlun came back to his senses, but dared not disobey again and followed quickly.

On the mountain path, the light was dim.

The night breeze was cool.

The white-haired old man sat down on the ground in dismay, looking profoundly at the departing Li Lan.

Finally smiling bitterly, he muttered, “Back then …… did it wrong ah.”


Tianmen Mountain villa area.

Kunlun arranged for the property to go to the mountain road to deal with the accident and compensate for the damage.

By the time he returned home, the living room was still lit up.

Elder Long and Li Lan were sitting opposite each other in silence.

Kunlun stepped forward and whispered, “Elder Long ……”

Elder Long raised his hand, interrupting Kun Lun’s words.

With a faint smile, “I know all the things.”

Saying that, he looked profoundly at Li Lan, “Madam, you really can’t solve it!”

“You followed me!” But Leylan digressed and looked at Elder Long with a cold and stern expression, “If I say I can solve it, I can solve it, there is no need for you and Kunlun to interfere!”

“Tonight, is the proof that Madam can solve it?” Elder Long smiled teasingly.

Li Lan’s expression became even more gloomy.

But there were no words to refute Elder Long.

Because she knew clearly that if Kunlun hadn’t tracked down the direct action tonight and pushed the situation to the point where the gunpowder was strong, her slap would have been in vain.

And she, too, would have opted for the softer, yet more time-consuming, patient and still unknown outcome of the sleight of hand.

Kunlun’s strike made her use a more decisive, but the best kind of manoeuvre to achieve results.

“Madam, a tree attracts the wind, and for the first twenty years or so, Madam and the young master were dependent on each other, so that wind would not blow since.”

Long Lao’s voice was low, meaningful: “And now, the young master has risen to the top, this big tree has grown, that gust of wind is naturally attached to it, with the involvement of the madam and that gust of wind tied, it is impossible to do a quick cut and erect a wall to block the wind!”

The living room was silent enough to listen to a needle.

Kunlun stood to one side, his brow furrowed, sometimes puzzled, sometimes contemplative.

He was not clear about the Lady’s past.

It was because the lord had only taken him under his wing after he had returned to the Chen family and become its head.

Therefore, only Elder Long, the only person who was truly in the know about the past of the Master and Madam.

For a long time.

Leland finally sighed, “It’s just that Kunlun appeared tonight, and it was for me to show the bottom line, and perhaps things are over as of tonight, and there will not be this gust of wind to follow.”

“Still not telling the young master?” Elder Dragon raised an eyebrow.

“I’m resting.”

Leland got up and went upstairs, the words were an answer to Elder Long.

Long Lao leaned back on the sofa, smiled helplessly and watched Li Lan go upstairs before he murmured softly, “The heart of a man is not enough for a snake to swallow an elephant, how can a greedy heart be ended by this mere wrist? Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been like that back then.”

“Long Lao …… what exactly happened back then?” Kunlun asked suspiciously.

Long Lao’s right hand gently tapped on the sofa, his gaze deep, as if he was reminiscing.

In the end, it was a quiet light sigh and a helpless smile, “The twenty years of embarra*sment and misery for Madam and Young Master was created by Madam’s father, the old man you beat, himself!”

Kunlun’s pupils tightened and his brow furrowed.

The tiger’s poison had not yet eaten his son.

What had really happened back then?

The lady’s father, the young master’s grandfather, such a first blood relative, personally pushed the two to the point where they were dependent on each other for food and shelter?

What kind of kinship is this?


The matter of Li Lan, Long Lao and Kun Lun finally chose to conceal Chen Dong.

In the following days, Chen Dong was preoccupied with his work.

With Elder Long helping to cover for Li Lan, it was difficult for Chen Dong to get the truth even if he intended to keep an eye on his mother.

A week pa*sed and the glory of Din Tai was about to come.

At noon, it was supposed to be closing time.

Both Chen Dong and Xiao Ma were still in the office.

“Brother Dong, the property prices in the west of the city tend to stabilise, the follow-up should still be around 30%, but it has nearly doubled compared to the initial prices!”

Xiao Ma reported with a smile, his face full of red, after experiencing the great crisis of Dingtai, at this time, looking at the house price of the west of the city, let him have a kind of raised eyebrows and a sense of joy.

“Then let’s release the purchase restrictions and start full pre-sales.” Chen Dong said.

Is this because Dong didn’t hear me?

Xiao Ma froze for a moment.

He was busy saying, “Brother Dong, the current property prices are only stabilising, there should still be room for a 30% increase, I think it would be in the company’s best interest to wait until the highest point to pre-sell.”

“The most beneficial is the most harmful. It’s true that you can get the most benefit from exhausting the water and fishing, but what about exhausting the water and drying up the fish down the road?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, his gaze brightening, “Dingtai still has a long, long way to go, releasing the last 30% of the profits to the homebuyers in order to soothe the resentment in their hearts towards our restrictions.”

Xiao Ma pondered, nodded and smiled, “Thanks to Brother Dong for pointing it out.”

“Prepare for the pre-sale.” Chen Dong waved his hand and added, “By the way, let’s open the pre-sale directly this time, don’t hold a pre-sale conference, I won’t attend either.”

He did not want to create another spectacle that would be unprecedented and sensationalise the whole city.

This would not bring more benefits to Din Tai other than pushing it to the limelight.

With Yike and Qingying International in the picture, what need was there to create momentum for the property in the west of the city?

When Xiao Ma left, Chen Dong was planning to go out for lunch.

A phone call suddenly came in.

“Elder Long, what’s wrong?”

On the other end of the phone, Elder Long’s voice was low: “Madam has gone missing, only you, Young Master, can find her!”