Winner Takes All Chapter 171-172

Chapter 171

When Chen Dong heard Elder Long’s words.

First, he was shocked, then his brows were locked in confusion.

“My mother is missing and only I can find it?”

Elder Long’s words were obviously a little lame.

If she was really missing, with Elder Long’s skills, he would have already searched the city for her, instead of telling him that only he could find her.

Over the phone, Elder Long sighed.

“Old Slave and Kunlun will be downstairs at Young Master’s company immediately, meet and talk.”

Hanging up the phone, Chen Dong’s face was gloomy as he hurriedly went downstairs.

There was something wrong with Elder Long’s words, but it was certain that something had indeed happened to his mother.

It was a matter of his mother, and he was anxious as hell.

When he arrived downstairs, Chen Dong saw the Rolls Royce parked on the roadside.

He walked straight over and got in, then Elder Long said directly to Kunlun, “Let’s go.”

“Who did this?”

Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost and his heart was depressed.

Elder Long had directly asked Kun Lun to drive, so it was obvious that he had already found the person.

Now that the person had been found, it was time to talk about the back end!

“Young master won’t ask who made madam disappear?” Elder Long asked with a smile.

“Do I need to?” Chen Dong Dong said.

Elder Long rubbed his temples and said in a calm tone, “Actually, Madam is not quite missing, as she went there on her own, and of course because the other party told her to.”

After a pause, Elder Long added, “Moreover, Young Master is calm, I am afraid that you will not be able to dispose of this matter by the means expected in your mind.”

Chen Dong’s eyebrows furrowed into a Sichuan frown.

His mother was his scales of rebellion.

He did not mind retaliating by any means at all against those who hurt his mother.

However, Elder Long’s words had left him a little at a loss for words.

After taking a deep breath, Chen Dong asked, “Then why am I the only one who can find my mother?”

“Because the other party wants you to pay him a visit, otherwise no one will be able to see Madam.” Elder Long said.


Chen Dong made a fist with his right hand and his bones clicked, “I want to see who told me to go and see him!”

Last time, it was Old Madam Chen who asked him to go and pay respects!

Long Lao gave Chen Dong an odd look and smiled meaningfully.

If the young master knew that it was his grandfather, whom he had never met, that he was asked to pay a visit to, how would the young master react?

The Rolls-Royce sped on, driving out of the city.

It was a hot summer’s day, but as far as the eye could see, there was a busy farming scene.

Occasionally, old farmers could be seen on the roadside, leading old cows, slowly moving forward.

Long Lao looked at the old farmer and the old cow by the roadside, and the calf that was accompanying the old cow, and sighed quietly, “Can it be true that the licking of a calf is deep?”

Chen Dong, whose face was flushed with depression, looked back and followed Elder Long’s gaze.

He smiled, “Of course it’s licking the calf, if it wasn’t for my mother, I would have lost it long ago.”

“What if it’s a joke?” Elder Long looked back at Chen Dong.

Chen Dong looked stunned and puzzled.

Elder Long’s words clearly meant something.

This caused Chen Dong to look down and ponder.

Ju Shui Tan, was a scenic area near the city.

It was also a healing resort.

The lush woods were full of dense oxygen.

It is so secluded and elegant that those who live in it have a sense of escape from the world.

A detached courtyard with flowing water.

In the elaborate fish pond, fountains splash and fish churn in the water.

On the shore, the white-haired old man sits on a green stone, scattering feed into the water, teasing the fish to toss and tumble even more.

Leland sat by the side, his face grim.

“You asked me to come here to watch you feed the fish?”

The white-haired old man laughed as he scattered the feed, “It’s to catch up on the love between father and daughter.”

Leland’s frown deepened, his face flushed with coldness.

“My words, weren’t they clear enough before?”


The white haired old man laughed, “However, this matter has nothing to do with you, but with my grandson, so he has to decide. With the family business of my magnificent Li family, I believe my grandson will not be as reckless and ignorant as you.”

“Dong’er is not short of what you say.” Li Lan said disdainfully.

The white-haired old man scattered all the feed in his hand into the pool, clapped his hands, got up and said to the bodyguard beside him, “Take the one that eats most happily, grab it and steam it at night.”

Before he walked over to Li Lan: “It’s true that Dong’er doesn’t lack, but who would mind if there was more? The Li family will give Dong’er more, far more than you think, even if there hadn’t been those things back then, to this day, you wouldn’t be able to give Dong’er!”

The disdain on Li Lan’s face intensified as she met the old man’s gaze and said, “Dong’er will let you down, he and I are mother and son, we know him better than anyone!”


The white-haired old man slapped Li Lan across the face.

“You and I are also father and daughter, how come you didn’t understand that I would slap you?”

Palm marks flew up on Li Lan’s cheek.

She stared at the white-haired old man with resentment, but did not speak.

At that moment, a bodyguard came from outside.

“Old Master, people are here.”

The white-haired old man smiled faintly and gently stroked Li Lan’s head, “Good daughter, wait and see, there is no one who is not greedy, and if there is, it is just that not enough is given! If there is enough, there is enough to write off the past!”

Outside the compound, the Rolls Royce stopped steadily.

Chen Dong got out of the car and followed behind Elder Long, his frown gradually deepening.

Long Lao looked as if he was not at all unfamiliar with this place.

Was this really the mother who had gone missing?

The three of them walked to the door just as it opened.

A young man in a suit stepped out and bowed in invitation, “Three, long time waiting, please come in.”

When Chen Dong walked into the other courtyard, he saw Li Lan at a glance.


Chen Dong immediately quickened his steps and walked up to Li Lan.

But as soon as he saw the red and swollen handprints on Li Lan’s face, his expression instantly turned cold and his eyes raged with fierceness.

“Who hit you?”

He didn’t wait for Li Lan to speak.


The white-haired old man smiled faintly and lightly stroked his white beard, “I’m your grandfather.”


The words that came out were like a great thunderclap.

Chen Dong’s body shook violently and he froze on the spot.


Ever since he could remember, his mother had never mentioned anything about his grandfather.

He had always thought that his grandfather was too old and had already pa*sed away.

In a trance, Chen Dong’s eyes were slightly confused.

In a flash his gaze fell back to the red and swollen handprint on his mother’s cheek.

Suddenly, he thought of what Elder Long had just said.

Licking the calf?

What a licking of the calf!

Chen Dong looked at Li Lan and smiled, “Mom, did Grandpa hit you with this?”

Although he was smiling, the coldness radiating from him caused Li Lan’s heart to beat wildly.

Although her mother did not say anything, the silence, was already the answer.

Chen Dong turned around and walked towards the white-haired old man with a smile, “You, really are my grandfather?”

“Of course, all these years have been hard on you mother and son.”

The white-haired old man was full of a kind smile, without any semblance of the arrogance and coldness he had when facing Li Lan just now, “Grandfather has come on this trip precisely to take your mother and my good grandson, home.”


Chen Dong stopped in front of the white-haired old man and raised his eyebrows and smiled teasingly, “After suffering for twenty years for our mother and son, you only want to remember now?”

The white-haired old man was stunned.

“To come and pick me and my mother up after twenty years and give her a slap on the wrist first?”

Chen Dong’s laughter echoed through the courtyard.


The slap sounded crisp and loud.


Chapter 172

The sound of a crisp slap echoed through the secluded courtyard, where there was only gurgling water.

But it was like a thunderclap.

Everyone was shocked.

No one expected Chen Dong to suddenly strike.

And …… hit his own grandfather with such crispness and decisiveness!

This slap directly struck the white-haired old man with blood spilling from the corner of his mouth, his face full of shock and confusion.


The nearby bodyguards, at once, swarmed over.

“Stand still!”

The white-haired old man shouted angrily, “Do you still want to beat up my grandson?”

Several bodyguards stopped abruptly.

“Dong’er ……” Li Lan spoke in panic.

But Chen Dong raised his hand to interrupt, his gaze coldly fixed on the white-haired old man, “I don’t care who you are, if you hit my mother, I’ll hit you!”

“It’s Grandpa’s fault.”

The white-haired old man nodded his head and smiled apologetically, “Dong’er is satisfied now?”

“What qualifications do you have to be my grandfather?”

Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern, and his words were as cold as frost, “Where was your grandfather when my mother and I were living under other people’s roofs for twenty years? Where was this grandfather of yours when my mother and I were destitute and unable to feed ourselves? Where was your grandfather when my mother was seriously ill and dying?”

“I ……”

A series of questions left the white-haired old man speechless.

“Good grandfather, where to stay, my mother lets you, I don’t F**king spoil you!”

Chen Dong let out a snort, pulled up Li Lan, turned around and left: “If you touch my mother, I’ll give up my life, even the King of Heaven will pull down my horse, you’re just a grandfather, what is it?”

Simple, brutal, overbearing and brutal.

But it was a surprise to everyone.

“Dong’er, aren’t you going to listen to Grandfather’s intentions?” The old man with white hair turned blue with anxiety.

He had only sworn in front of Li Lan that Chen Dong would bow down to him.

But to his surprise, Chen Dong gave him a slap on the back foot, without even giving him a chance to speak.

The old man with white hair was not willing to accept such an ending!

“Get lost!”

Chen Dong pulled his mother with him and dropped the word coldly without stopping on his feet.

And several bodyguards immediately tried to block it.

However, Kun Lun took a step forward, accompanied by a cold hum, and his lofty body instantly pressed the bodyguards to stop.

Long Lao swept past Kun Lun and walked up to the white-haired old man.

With a smile on his face, he clasped his fist and saluted, “Old master, I haven’t seen you for many years, looking at your old age, your health should be failing, right?”

It was clearly a salute, but the words were full of teasing.

“If my health wasn’t failing, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have come here to invite young master, would I?”

The white-haired old man’s face turned blue and he clenched his cheeks, “Elder Long, you are a mere household slave, is this the tone you take when you speak to the old man? I didn’t see you like this back then!”

“Back then, you were also groveling and nodding in front of my master, ah.” Elder Long laughed.

A fierce light flashed in the white haired old man’s eyes, “Don’t you think that my Li family is afraid of you?”

“The benevolent will see the benevolent, the wise will see the wise.”

Elder Long turned around and waved his hand while taking a step and laughed, “Old master die, you are too late, now that young master is a member of my Chen family, there are mountains of food and seafood set before young master, young master will not gnaw on dog bones!”

“In addition, also remind the old master, my family master is back, young master and madam, is no longer the same as back then, people can be bullied, you old man still have to have some forced count in your heart!”

The white-haired old man’s anger tumbled and his face was fierce as he watched Elder Long and Kunlun leave.

His body trembled and his teeth creaked.

The raging anger seemed like a volcano that had built up in his chest and was difficult to contain even at his advanced age.

Ruthlessly wiping away the blood from the corner of his mouth, the white-haired old man grimaced ironically and laughed hideously, “Good, worthy of being a good grandson of the old man, you will bow your head, you will definitely bow your head!”


Leaving the osprey pond.

On the way home, the car was unusually quiet.

Old man Long sat on the pa*senger side, looking out of the window.

Chen Dong and Li Lan sat in the back row, both keeping their mouths shut.

Chen Dong’s brow was furrowed and his gaze flickered as he pondered.

Grandpa’s appearance was as shocking as when Elder Long had shown up to tell him about his father.

What was the same was that he both had resentment in his heart.

The difference was that Elder Long’s appearance had saved his mother, and that had given him a remaining trace of gratitude for that father.

Grandpa’s appearance, on the other hand, was a ridiculous “licking of the lips”.

This made his heart depressed, yet he wondered what the truth of the matter was back then.

Leland bowed his head and clenched his hands together.

In the scene just now, Chen Dong had behaved as she had told her father, which hadn’t let her down.

However, Chen Dong’s dry and decisive manner had surprised her with apprehension.

She had not intended to tell Chen Dong about the past, but now the window paper was poked through and could not be concealed ……

The Rolls Royce drove into the villa area.

After parking into the garage.

The old man called Kunlun to get out of the car first.

And Chen Dong and Li Lan, did not move a muscle.

“Mom, does it still hurt?” Chen Dong broke the silence.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Li Lan wiped her face and finally made up her mind, “Dong’er, you’ve grown up, these things are the result of mum thinking wrongly before, thinking that she should hide them from you, thinking that mum could solve them herself, but now, mum feels that she should let you know.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly and waited quietly for the follow-up.

Li Lan’s eyes flickered, as if she was remembering, and as if she was organising her thoughts.

Finally, she slowly spoke up.

“Do you know about the Li family in Kyoto?”

Chen Dong was startled: “The Li family that resides at the feet of the Son of Heaven and is the richest in Kyoto under the Son of Heaven?”

Li Lan nodded in silence.

Chen Dong’s face changed slightly.

All cities had their richest people.

The realms also had their richest people.

But whether it was the richest person in a realm or a city, they were all merely symbols of wealth and energy.

The richest person at the feet of the Son of Heaven, on the other hand, was of extraordinary significance.

Even if it was just the richest person in a city, the energy and wealth it contained was enough to rival the richest person in a realm.

While Chen Dong was in awe, Li Lan was lightly throwing out a thunderbolt.

“Mother, it’s the Li family, and it’s the direct and proper line, the family head line!”


Chen Dong was struck by lightning, his face full of disbelief.

Immediately afterwards, all sorts of doubts came in like a tidal wave of water breaking the river.

Since his mother was a member of the Li family in Kyoto, and she was also a member of the direct lineage.

Why, then, had he and his mother lived together for twenty years in such poverty?

Originally, when he had known his father’s identity, he had wondered how his father could have befriended his mother.

After all, he was not a silly boy living in a fairy tale.

Things like fairy tales where the prince falls in love with Cinderella are simply rare in reality.

Even if he and Gu Qingying, it was because they had slowly developed feelings for each other when they were at university, and Gu Qingying’s father was also from the rich generation.

The rich generation is indeed a world away from the magnate generation, which is why he and Gu Qingying are where they are now.

But if his mother was a direct descendant of the Li family, then he and his father would be a perfect match, and the chances of getting together would be much higher!

Li Lan did not pay attention to Chen Dong’s shock, but spoke in a calm tone as she narrated the story.

“Your father’s Chen family, the selection of the head of the family is the winner is king, while in the Li family is hereditary succession, the first line of the family has the supreme right to speak, and back then ……”