Winner Takes All Chapter 175-176

Chapter 175

Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern.

He frowned and stared at the text message on his mobile phone, but his eyes were cold and flickering.

How shameless could an old immortal who ate human blood buns be?

“Young master ……”

Seeing Chen Dong’s bad face, Kun Lun opened his mouth to ask.

Chen Dong, however, quickly replied to the text message.

The content was simple: get lost!

Tucking his phone away, Chen Dong suppressed the nausea in his heart and spread a smile, “It’s alright, let’s eat breakfast.”

While eating breakfast, the mobile phone message rang again.

Chen Dong did not look at it.

This was because he was not sure if it was from the old undead of the Li family.

If it really was, he was not sure that he could be calm and unpredictable.

If his mother saw it, it would only affect her mood.

Since he had already decided to ignore the Li family, he did not want to have much more to do with them.

The only thing he could do was to maintain restraint and not stab that knife out.

It was not until Chen Dong got in his car and headed to the office.

Only then did he take out his phone to read the message.

Sure enough, it was from Old Man Li.

When he clicked on the message, a fierce aura flashed in Chen Dong’s eyes, and the only restraint he had could not be maintained.

The text message read: If you don’t come, Grandpa will personally invite you to his door and ask that unfilial daughter how she taught her grandson!

Was this a threat?

Chen Dong’s right hand could not help but grip the phone tightly, his gaze fiercely staring at the phone screen.

Unfilial daughter?

My mother, are you not in a position to judge her?

How can you talk about a daughter’s filial piety when her father has no father’s love?

In an instant, the temperature in the car seemed to plummet by a large margin.

Kunlun, who was driving the car, noticed Chen Dong’s strange appearance and asked, “Young master, is there anything I need to do?”

“You’ve succeeded!”

Chen Dong smiled coldly, the fierceness in his eyes disappeared and he looked at Kun Lun, “Don’t go to the company, take me around the city a few times, and when it’s almost noon, send me to the Four Seals Club.”

“See Little Shadow?” Kunlun smiled and nodded, “Young master really should go and meet Little Shadow, after being so busy with the company for so long, Little Shadow probably misses you.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, but said calmly, “There’s a dog trying to bite, I’ll go and see what breed of dog he is.”

Kunlun’s smile froze, reacting to the fact that Chen Dong’s visit to the Four Seals Club was not to see Gu Qingying.

He gave a sarcastic laugh and drove sullenly.

Chen Dong looked at the rapidly receding scenery outside the window, but his heart was slowly bursting with depression.

This is begging me to give you a knife?


Four Seals Clubhouse.

There was laughter in the luxurious meeting room.

“For Old Man Li to come to my humble abode, it really makes this Four Seals Clubhouse of mine shine.” Lord Meng was full of spring and piled on a smile.

On the main seat, the white-bearded and white-haired Old Master Li sat loftily, with the majesty of a superior being between his brows.

Even Lord Meng’s aura was dwarfed in front of Elder Li.

Old Master Li gave Lord Meng a sidelong glance: “I am sorry to have disturbed you, thank you for your hospitality, Little Meng.”

The phrase “Little Meng” clearly separated the two men.

However, Lord Meng did not show the slightest sign of displeasure.

It was true that he was a man of great power in the city, a man of the world like Zhou Yanqiu.

But compared to the head of the Li family, the richest man in Kyoto, he was still inferior after all.

Whether it was his age, his status and background, or the resources he could mobilise and his heritage.

“Elder Li is joking, I have already arranged for someone to arrange a suite for Elder Li.” Lord Meng said with a smile.

But Old Man Li waved his hand and smiled slightly, “Don’t bother, it’s the bamboo courtyard, I’ve heard that within the Four Seals Club, the bamboo courtyard is the most elegant and quiet.

At these words.

Lord Meng’s expression stiffened and he smiled awkwardly, “I’m sorry, Old Man Li, but the bamboo courtyard already has a guest.”

“Just move out.” Elder Li smiled disdainfully, his face full of arrogance.

The head of the Li family, the richest family in Kyoto, had descended to the city, just like a true dragon descending.

With his status, he had full confidence that no one in this corner of the world dared to pick up his sharpness and could compare with him.


“It can’t be moved!”

Lord Meng said bluntly, even as a flash of cold severity pa*sed through his eyes.

He revered the Li family and maintained respect for Old Master Li.

But that didn’t mean he could be arbitrarily dictated to and directed to do things by Old Master Li.

This was his place, and Gu Guohua in the small bamboo courtyard was still his closest friend.

What’s more, was the Gu family worse than the Li family?


Elder Li’s brows knitted and his expression suddenly went cold: “Little Meng, is this your way of treating guests?”

Lord Meng sat up and looked straight at Elder Li: “Qing Ying International, Gu Guohua!”


Master Li was struck by lightning and the corners of his eyes jumped wildly.

Qing Ying International was internationally renowned and powerful.

And the Li family was the richest in Kyoto.

But Elder Li knew clearly that the Li family today was a cut above ClearShadow International.

Even if the Li family was in its heyday when he was in charge, it would at best be on a par with ClearShadow International.

Moreover, the prerequisite was that it was in the country!

After his surprise, Elder Li was puzzled, “General Manager Gu of Clear Shadows International, how come he is here?”

“Saving his family.”

Lord Meng made a perfunctory remark, coming back to see his future son-in-law was indeed no different from visiting relatives.

The words had just left his mouth.

Elder Li was the one who got up and headed out, “In that case, I should go and pay my respects, lest it be said that my Li family doesn’t know how to be polite.”

The old shameless.

Lord Meng looked at Elder Li’s back with a wave of contempt.

Seeing that Old Master Li was about to walk out of the meeting room, he immediately called out to Old Master Li.

“Old master, there’s no need to go, Mr. Gu lives deep in the bamboo forest courtyard, even I, the host family, can hardly see him, and he is returning to China for personal matters this time, he doesn’t want to cause any extra trouble.”

Master Li’s steps gave a pause, his eyes tangled for a moment, then he smiled helplessly, “Fine, fine, since it’s a personal matter, I won’t go, there will be plenty of time to enjoy Mr. Gu’s style later.”

With that, he walked back and sat back in his chair.

Only then did Lord Meng ask, “What is the reason for Master Li’s visit to the city this time? I might be able to help a little.”

Elder Li raised his eyebrows, “I really need your help in this matter, Little Meng.

He is so proud of himself that he thinks he can make a name for himself outside the country and will not go back with me.

“I also want him to see how strong the Li family is in terms of its heritage and connections, so that he will be intimidated and stop thinking about making his own way and go home with me.”

Lord Meng nodded, this kind of thing was not new to him.

He said with a smile, “The son of the old master’s family is indeed a tiger among men, but if he could return to the Li family, with the help of the Li family, he would certainly be able to open up the heavens and the earth, so how would he need to break into the world by himself? Don’t worry, Master, I will let that heir know how wide the world of the Li family is and how broad the connections are.”

“In that case, thank you, Little Meng.” Old Master Li smiled and cupped his fist, “Let him know that the sky is high, and he will be able to return to the Li family in a smooth manner.”


Chapter 176

When Chen Dong arrived at the Four Seals Clubhouse, it was exactly twelve noon.

There was no invitation, but Kun Lun still drove his Rolls Royce into the clubhouse unhindered.

This was because, as Lord Meng had ordered long ago, Chen Dong did not need an invitation to enter or leave the Four Seals Clubhouse.

After parking the car.

“Young master, shall I go with you?” Kunlun said.

Since the young master had said that he was coming to the Four Seals Clubhouse to see what breed of dog that only bit people was.

Naturally he had to follow close by, otherwise what if the dog bit the young master?


Chen Dong answered and got out of the car.

Raising his hand, he summoned one of the clubhouse staff, “Where is the Li family’s old master?”

“The Mountain and Sea Courtyard.”

“Lead the way.”

Following the staff member, he made his way deeper into the Four Seals Clubhouse.

Chen Dong, however, outlined a faint disdainful smile.

Having been in and out of the Four Seals Clubhouse several times, he had an understanding of the specifications of the various courtyards in the Four Seals Clubhouse.

The Mountain and Sea Courtyard was considered to be a superior specification of hospitality.

But compared to a top cla*s like the Bamboo Grove Courtyard, it was still a cut short after all.

The Li family thinks highly of itself, why can’t even my father-in-law be driven out of the Bamboo Grove Courtyard?

From a distance, Chen Dong saw a courtyard nestled amidst green gra*s and a hundred flowers.

It was different from the solitary seclusion of the Bamboo Grove Courtyard.

Although the Shanhai courtyard was of superior specifications, what was revealed was opulence and solemnity.

Moreover, there is no shortage of courtyards co-located around it.

The place and environment occupied alone is high and low compared to the small bamboo courtyard.

Creak ……

The thick vermillion riveted gate was slowly pushed open.

Chen Dong was in front and Kun Lun was behind, entering slowly.

Without the elegance of a small bamboo forest courtyard, the word “atmospheric and luxurious” can describe what you see.

Before walking very far, a young man in a suit greeted him.

He was one of Master Li’s bodyguards.

“Young master, Master Li has been waiting for you in the dining room for a long time, you are late.”

The bodyguard bowed and made an inviting gesture, while indicating the direction.

Chen Dong, however, did not take a step.

Instead, he looked at the bodyguard with cold eyes and said, “A dog is qualified to criticise me?”

The bodyguard’s expression changed.


Kun Lun kicked out, directly sending the bodyguard flying out.

His lofty tower-like body took a step forward and glared at the bodyguard from above, “It’s already giving you guys face that my young master can come!”

“Let’s go, Kunlun.”

Chen Dong put his hands in his pockets and strolled towards the restaurant as if he was walking idly, but with a cynical smile on his face, “You’ve cleaned up the fight, a dog that bites people has to be beaten ruthlessly.”

“Young master, understood.” Kunlun nodded his head.

Inside the restaurant, there was a cla*sical atmosphere.

Ancient colours and fragrance.

The ancient zither echoed and the sandalwood fragrance lingered.

The huge round table was set with mountains of delicacies and delicacies, slowly turning.

Master Li was seated at the main table, while Lord Meng was seated at the main companion table.

Beside them, there were several others sitting with him.

Among them were the Director of Lijin Hospital Liu and Zhou Yanqiu.

Master Li had the intention to showcase the Li family’s connections, and Lord Meng had naturally invited the city’s giants and bigwigs to help him.

President Liu was a titan in the medical field, and Zhou Yanqiu was the city’s business tycoon, so it was no surprise that the two appeared here.

Zhou Yanqiu’s gaze searingly swept over the crowd present.

Even if his gold-rimmed gla*ses tried to block it, he could not stop his eyes from burning with enthusiasm.

Technically speaking, there was no one here who was inferior to him, either on his level or stronger than him.

Lord Meng was his heaven.

And the old man of the Li family on the main seat was even more of an existence that his heaven needed to sit with.

The richest man in Kyoto, Zhou Yanqiu was like a thunderbolt.

The businessman is the best at making a fortune.

Otherwise, Zhou Yanqiu would not have wavered between Chen Dong and Chen Tiansheng Chen Tianyao.

If he could befriend the Li family, it would be another opportunity for Zhou Yanqiu.

Although it was not a chance to change his fate against the odds like the Chen family, it was still enough for him to leap into the sky.

“Old man Li, relax, your family’s heir will definitely follow you home obediently once today is over.”

Being able to be called here, Zhou Yanqiu naturally knew the purpose of this trip and opened his mouth at this point to laugh.

To put it bluntly, this banquet was not just a way for the big landlord to show his silly son how many small landlords the big landlord’s family could call upon, and then get the silly son to go home willingly as a landlord?

“Old man is grateful.”

Old Master Li clasped his fist, looking bashful, but without the slightest hint of gratitude.

In fact, he did not care to show his gratitude to Zhou Yanqiu either.

He was the head of the family of the richest man in Kyoto.

In his eyes, Zhou Yanqiu, a magnate from a corner of the world, was nothing more than a mole cloaked in the Ma family.

“So many people have come?”

At this moment, a teasing laugh came from outside the door.

The crowd looked at the same time.

Zhou Yanqiu, who was still full of smiles, instantly froze his smile and his pupils tightened.

Dean Liu was also full of dismay, his hands pressed against the desk, almost jumping up.

The corners of Lord Meng’s mouth even twitched violently, and his eyes looked strangely at Elder Li, who was towering above him with an arrogant face.

The rest of the few people, too, showed their shock.

After all, nowadays, Chen Dong and Dingtai were in the limelight in the city.

Given the status of the people here, it would be strange if they did not know Chen Dong.

In fact, when Chen Dong saw a few familiar faces in the room, the smile on his face froze.

What a coincidence?

Lord Meng, Dean Liu, Gu Qingying her father’s closest friends, accounted for two-thirds of them right in front of him.

And Zhou Yanqiu, whose backbone he had broken not long ago!

But in an instant, Chen Dong understood and his expression turned cold.

This wasn’t a statement, it was clearly a threat!

He was not familiar with the rest of them, but the three he was familiar with were all popular figures in the city.

If it was just a quick chat, wouldn’t it be such a scene of a dragon and tiger lying in wait?


Inside the restaurant, there was a muffled sound.

Master Li stomped his cane on the ground with a heavy blow, his expression sullen and angry, and he scolded in a stern voice.

“Dong’er, today’s audience is full of your elders, and all of them are the most popular figures in your place, you are late and so rude, why don’t you apologise?”

At these words.

Lord Meng and the others were all stunned.

This …… needed an apology?

“Apologize for what?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled disdainfully, “You asked me to arrive at twelve o’clock and I arrived on time, what kind of rudeness is that?”

Elder Li held his body with an angry brow, “You made us all wait here for you alone, that’s disrespectful!”


The disdainful smile on Chen Dong’s face grew stronger and stronger, “Don’t put up a stink, just give me a hard time if you want to, what’s so intimidating about it?”

“A disgrace?

Several of Lord Meng’s brows furrowed as their hearts beat wildly.

The fact that the man from the Li family was Chen Dong was already enough to horrify them.

It was even more sensational to let Chen Dong know that the sky was high.

How could it now be a disgrace?

The crowd was all very clear-headed, and they quickly came to the realization that this meal was not good today.

“It’s a revolt, it’s a revolt! I’ll make you apologise!”

Elder Li had a feeling of being unable to get off the stage, and gritted his teeth and angrily rebuked.

“On what grounds should I apologise?”

Chen Dong shook his head disdainfully, strutting on his chair with one hip, lazily resting one hand on the armrest and crossing his legs.

His eyes swept over the crowd and eventually fell towards Elder Li.

“Just ask, who of them dares to accept my apology?”