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Winner Takes All Chapter 177-178

Chapter 177

One word came out.

Lord Meng, Zhou Yanqiu and the others all looked odd at the same time.

No one really dared to accept Chen Dong’s apology.

What’s more, was Chen Dong at fault?

Arriving on time at the agreed time was clearly right.

On the contrary, it was Elder Li who was somewhat oppressing people with his power.

Master Li sat at the main table with a blue face.

He had wanted to take advantage of this meal to show off the Li family’s heritage to Chen Dong.

Even in this corner of the world, he could bring in all the local dragons with a wave of his hand.

In his opinion, Chen Dong would not have been able to invite these people with his usual hospitality.

It is true that Dingtai is now rising in the city, but it is simply not in the eyes of Old Master Li.

Money and connections are two different things, and connections are more important than money!

On the contrary, Chen Dong put up a rash stance.

This made his plans, all of them, fall flat.


In his anger, Elder Li held his walking stick and stomped the ground fiercely.

“Little Zhou ……”

The sound came out from between his teeth.

Zhou Yanqiu’s heart twitched, and his already odd face instantly turned ugly.

He had shown his loyalty to Old Master Li in order to get closer to him in the first place.

But he never expected that the protagonist of this meal would actually be Chen Dong!

Wasn’t this …… making him kick a steel plate?

It’s hard to get it right!

Smell the words.

Chen Dong looked at the fidgety Zhou Yanqiu with a playful smile.

The last time he came to apologize, Zhou Yanqiu had already had his backbone broken, would he still have the courage this time?

Feeling Chen Dong’s gaze, Zhou Yanqiu had a feeling like a man’s back was on his back.

He rose with a start and faced Elder Li: “Elder, Young Master Chen Dong arrived on time, it was not considered rude, I think this matter should be put to rest.”

“You ……” Elder Li’s face turned red as he looked angrily at Zhou Yanqiu.

Zhou Yanqiu’s conciliatory words made him even more furious.

What did he say on the first foot?

How did it change like this?

He originally wanted to use his power to oppress others, to let Chen Dong know that even if he was rich, in the eyes of the Li family, he was just an ant.

But now, Zhou Yanqiu had begun to make things easier, and it was obvious that this kind of intimidation could not be carried out.

Exhaling a secret breath, Elder Li suppressed his anger and narrowed his eyes to look at the crowd.

“What do you all think?”

“Chief Zhou is right!”

Lord Meng was the first to speak.

Elder Li’s pupils shrank.

“Young Master Chen Dong has come just in time, it is not considered rude.” Dean Liu followed suit and echoed.

Black lines began to protrude from Elder Li’s forehead.

And when the rest of the few people saw that both Lord Meng and Dean Liu had spoken, they nodded in agreement as well.

Old Master Li clenched his cheeks, his anger surging.

But as everyone had “forgiven” him, he could not force himself to continue.

With a cold glint in his eyes, Elder Li looked coldly at Chen Dong.

“You disobedient and unfilial offspring, I blame your mother for giving birth to you and not teaching you, so you don’t know how to behave, since everyone is so magnanimous, let’s just let it go at this point!”



Chen Dong suddenly felt funny.

Although he was laughing, his expression grew colder and colder, and his firm and handsome face was covered in frost.


A slap slammed down on the table.

Chen Dong stood up and pointed at Old Master Li, “Who are you to lecture me about disobedience and unfiliality? My mother raised and educated me well, so there is no need for you, an outsider, to judge me!”

In the room, the air instantly seemed to freeze.

The faces of Lord Meng and the others all turned ugly.

It was not because of Chen Dong’s indignant rise to his heckling.

Rather, no one was a fool and could see that Chen Dong had a grudge against Old Master Li.

This meal, which was still not good?

It would be considered lucky if the table wasn’t overturned later on!

“How dare you! I am your grandfather!” Old Master Li scolded angrily, his chest heaving.

“BullSh*t grandfather!” Chen Dong was full of contempt.

If it wasn’t for Elder Li’s threat, he wouldn’t even have come to this dinner party.

Even if he had come, he would not have come to be a shrinking turtle!

He wanted to stand on the moral high ground and humiliate his mother?

To hell with that!


“You …… are simply going to turn the tables!”

Elder Li was trembling with anger, Chen Dong’s brutality was like a slap in the face.

This meal today was his home turf.

It was his moment to show off the Li family’s heritage to Chen Dong.

Instead, he was being slapped in the face by Chen Dong in public.

Master Li’s face was red and his chest was heaving as he pointed his trembling right hand at Lord Meng: ”You, do you know who these people are? He, is the most powerful man in your city!”

“He, is the most powerful man in your city’s shopping malls.”

“He, is the titan of the medical world.”


As Elder Li’s hand slowly moved, a sentence of identity introduction that was enough to stun ordinary people to freeze, squeezed out from his teeth.

But while being furious, Elder Li didn’t notice in the slightest that the expressions of Lord Meng and the others slowly changed as he was introduced.

When the last person was introduced.

Old Master Li stomped his cane violently and said in an overbearing manner.

“Where on earth did you get the nerve to shout at me in these scenes?”

“My Li family is the richest in Kyoto, I am the head of the Li family, moreover, I am your grandfather, how can you be so rude?”

“You are excellent, and Dingtai is doing well, but in the eyes of my Li family, you are nothing more than a mere mole!”

The words were powerful and full of anger.

With a domineering aura, he directly crushed towards Chen Dong.


Chen Dong laughed disdainfully, “Since your Li family is so powerful? Why are you, an old, undead man, still licking your face and inviting me back to be the head of the family?”


The words came out shockingly.

Lord Meng and the others were all struck by lightning, their faces shocked.

The Li family was the richest in Kyoto.

He was the head of a family with a lot of power and authority, and he was just casually asking Chen Dong to return as the head of the family?

In an instant, the minds of the crowd turned, and the eyes they looked at Chen Dong became incomparably shocked.

On one side was the heir to the Chen family, and on the other was the head of the Li family, who was within reach.

How could such a golden dragon be hidden in this corner of the city?

Master Li’s face was red to the point of oozing blood, his breath panting like an ox, his eyes full of blood, staring at Chen Dong with a deadly stare, wanting to eat Chen Dong on the spot.

With this one sentence, it was clear that his confidence and pride had been stripped away to the bone!

It was at this moment.

Lord Meng suddenly stood up and cupped his fist at Old Master Li, “Sorry Old Master, I will leave first.”

After saying that, he simply ignored Old Master Li’s face.

Walking quickly in front of Chen Dong, he nodded slightly and smiled apologetically, “Xian nephew, I am sorry, it was uncle who was abrupt today, if he had known that this meal was for you, uncle would never have let this game take shape.”

After saying this, he walked out of the restaurant with quick steps.

Following closely behind, Dean Liu also stood up.

Without even greeting Old Master Li, he respectfully walked up to Chen Dong.

“Xian nephew is sorry, don’t say anything to your father-in-law about this matter, otherwise that old boy’s temper will definitely want to smash my family’s hospital door.”

After a few apologetic admonitions, Dean Liu hurriedly left.

One had a heavy authority and the other was a titan of the medical world.

After the two had separated their powerful relationship, there was really no need to give face to Old Master Li.

It was true that the Li family was the richest in Kyoto, but the city wasn’t Kyoto!

Face was given, but if the situation was not right, then there was no need to give face.

As two people left in quick succession, Elder Li was frozen like a wooden chicken, with a sense of loss that was hollowed out of his body.

Seeing that Dean Liu was about to walk out, Old Master Li shouted, almost as if he was doubting his life, “Dean Liu, this son is just a hairy B*****d who has strayed from my family, why are you apologising to him?”

Dean Liu stopped in his tracks.

In a low voice, he said, “Chen Dong is one of the heirs of the Chen family, and he is the virtuous son-in-law of Chairman Gu of Qing Ying International, why do you think …… we should apologize?”


Elder Li’s body shook, and his face, which had flushed red in an instant, swished white.

Chen Dong …… was the virtuous son-in-law of Chairman Gu of Qingying International?


Chapter 178

In the dining room.

Silence can listen to needles.

The atmosphere is strange.

Master Li sat in his chair in despair.

The words of Dean Liu before he left had left him with a feeling of uncertainty and trance, and his body was burning hot.

Even with his position and status, he had the feeling of a punch on cotton.

When he had previously learnt that Gu Guohua of Qing Ying International was at the Bamboo Grove courtyard, he had thought of going to pay his respects.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Dong had actually become Gu Guohua’s virtuous son-in-law?

ClearShadow International was already ahead of his Li family.

Not to mention that there was also a Chen family.

Then what the heck was this meal …… he was having today?

At this time.

Several people here also got up, and after cupping their fists to Master Li, they turned around and left the table.

Without exception, when they walked to Chen Dong, they all apologized.

Moreover, their attitudes and kindness were worlds away from the expressions they had when they clasped their fists and bid farewell to Elder Li.

In the blink of an eye.

In the dining room, there was only Zhou Yanqiu still sitting on the chair.

Elder Li looked at Zhou Yanqiu with appreciation, “Little Zhou, you ……”

Before he finished his words, the smile on Elder Li’s face abruptly froze.

His pupils tightened.

In his line of sight, Zhou Yanqiu slowly stood up.

He clasped his fist at Elder Li: “Sorry Elder Li, my status is the lowest in the room, so it would be too rude to be the first to go.”

After saying that, under Elder Li’s man-eating gaze.

Zhou Yanqiu walked in front of Chen Dong.


A deep bow was given.

“Mr. Chen, I’m sorry, please forgive me.”


This scene was as if a heavy hammer had ruthlessly blasted against Elder Li’s eyes.

In an instant, his chest rose and fell, his throat welled up, and he felt the urge to vomit blood.

He knew very well that Chen Dong’s Dingtai, even though it was now rocketing up in the city, was still as strong as Zhou Yanqiu.

But his strength was still not on the same level as Zhou Yanqiu.

One was an up-and-coming youngster, while the other was a renowned business tycoon.

These two, even if they included the Chen and Gu families behind Chen Dong, would in no way humble Zhou Yanqiu to such an extent.

“Well, let’s go.”

Chen Dong nodded indifferently.

With his bones broken, he would not be able to straighten up in front of him in the future.

Waiting for Zhou Yanqiu to leave.

Only then did Chen Dong’s gaze look coldly at the dumbfounded Old Master Li, his face full of a playful smile.

Shrugging his shoulders, he said, “Your dismounting, it’s over.”

Although his voice was soft, the mocking implication in it caused Elder Li’s body to tremble, jolting him awake.

He looked at Chen Dong with complicated eyes, his lips mumbling, but he did not know how to retort.

He wanted to show off the status of the Li family to Chen Dong and make him bow down and submit.

But he never thought that this meal would turn out to be like this.

“When you bullied me and my mother as orphans and widows and ate my family’s human blood buns, you are really a father!”

Chen Dong slowly got up and was overbearing: “Go back to your cannibalistic Li family and leave my mother alone, back then my mother was pregnant with me and did not fight with you, but now, if you dare to hara*s, I dare to invite you to death!”

“I don’t care about your position as the head of the Li family!”

Old Master Li’s face was white and his eyes were obscure.

He said, almost wailing, “Dong’er, if you return to the Li family and inherit the position of family head, with the Li family’s power in place, your future path will definitely be smooth and prosperous, this is a win-win outcome for you and for the Li family!”

“So, this is why you made this scene today?”

Chen Dong snorted, his face full of disdain, “You want to show off your Li family’s power to me, but your power, however, has already been under my feet, don’t you think it’s funny?”

A disdainful snort, but like a red-hot sharp knife, it viciously stabbed into the heart of the Li family’s old man.

Chen Dong no longer stayed any longer and turned around to leave.

But the bodyguard at the door blocked across the doorway, stopping.

“Want to die?”

Chen Dong put his hands in his pockets and raised his eyebrows.

The killing intent was thick, but it caused the temperature nearby to plummet.

Kunlun took a step forward, his lofty pagoda-like body pressing down on the two bodyguards’ faces.

“Get out of the way!”

Kunlun roared.

The two bodyguards simultaneously moved aside to the left and right.

Chen Dong laughed and turned back to Elder Li, “No matter how many people you have, they are not as good as my Kunlun alone.”

Teasing, mocking, and disdain were all implied in this one sentence.

He had come today, not to bow down.

Rather, he wanted to tell Elder Li that he was not to be messed with, let alone to be threatened.

The best way to deal with a cold-blooded man who shamelessly oppressed others with his power was to be even more ruthless and cold-blooded than him.

Master Li looked gloomy, his eyes obscure as he watched Chen Dong leave.

His hands, which were holding his walking stick, were trembling vaguely, and the bruises on the back of his hands stood out.

He was the head of the Li family, the richest man in Kyoto.

He had accumulated decades of prestige, decades of confidence and arrogance.

But he had never expected to be stripped clean by his grandson today!

In Kyoto, who did not know Old Master Li? Who doesn’t give Master Li a face? Who doesn’t lick their face and want to do their best for the Li family?

But here, none of that existed!

The human heritage and power that he thought he was proud of was trampled under Chen Dong’s feet!

“Good, good enough, really my good grandson ……”

The old man of the Li family gritted his teeth, but suddenly smiled incomparably brightly, “The stronger you are, the more I have to pull you back into the Li family, only you can save the Li family that is now on the wane, I have to say, that dead girl Li Lan, she did give birth to a good son!”

In his eyes, there was only profit.

When profit is at stake, he can decisively give up what he has to give up.

Just like back then, when faced with the foundation left behind by Chen Daolin, he was moved, so he did not hesitate to borrow the Li family’s big hand to forcibly suppress Li Lan and eat human blood buns without any guilt.

And now, the Li family’s golden jade is in ruins and the building is falling.

Master Li sees it clearly and knows it in his heart.

None of the family’s sons could carry the Li family’s weight.

Letting Chen Dong take over the reins of the Li family is the only way to sustain the family’s life.

He would not hesitate to do so, even if it would shake some of the interests of the family’s heirs.

What he wanted was the longevity of the Li family, not who would be the head of the family.

As long as he could keep the Li family glorious, he could lose his face and dignity.

Leaving the Mountain and Sea Academy.

Chen Dong and Kunlun did not leave the Four Seals Clubhouse directly.

He had come here anyway, so he went straight to the Bamboo Grove Courtyard.

When he walked into the Bamboo Grove Courtyard, Gu Qingying was already waiting in the courtyard.

Seeing Chen Dong, Gu Qingying leapt forward, “Big fool, what happened?”

Chen Dong was stunned for a moment and looked towards the hall with raised eyebrows, “Lord Meng and Dean Liu have come over?”

“Well, they have spoken about things.”

Gu Qingying looked at Chen Dong with an incomparably strange look, looking him up and down and joking curiously, “Big fool, back when I was at university, how come I didn’t realise that you were so good? Your background is so much bigger than mine!”

“I didn’t expect that either.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and laughed to himself.

He had been living and working for twenty years, desperately trying to climb up the ladder.

What the hell did he know about the behemoths behind his father and mother?

“You’re a big baby, I’m really getting curious, what other surprising identities do you have?” Gu Qing Ying said, stroking her chin.

“Big baby?”

Chen Dong smiled and put his ear to Gu Qingying’s ear, exhaling hot breath: “Little fool, I really have a big baby, want to see it?”