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Winner Takes All Chapter 179-180

Chapter 179

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled.

Her ears went soft.

Subconsciously, she moved a step to the side and said in surprise, “Where is it?”

But just as the words left her mouth, she saw Chen Dong’s odd smile.

Gu Qingying was instantly stunned and snapped awake.

In an instant, scarlet crawled all over her cheeks.

She said angrily, “You rascal, what are you thinking about? My parents and uncles are here!”

“What about not being there?” Chen Dong smiled and scratched the bridge of Gu Qingying’s nose.

Gu Qingying’s stunningly beautiful face was so red that it was almost oozing blood, and she lowered her head in shame and silence.

Chen Dong laughed and stopped teasing Gu Qingying, “Let’s go, I’ll go inside and say hello to Uncle and Aunt, what just happened was indeed quite embarra*sing.”

“This rogue, is getting more and more rogue.” Gu Qingying stood still and snapped a glance at Chen Dong who was walking towards the hall.

This was overheard by Kun Lun who was following closely behind.

He smiled and said, “Young master playing a rogue to his own wife is not called playing a rogue.”

“Kun Lun, you are not allowed to say that.” Gu Qingying stomped her foot fiercely in shame.

Kunlun shrank his neck, smiled nervously and hurriedly followed Chen Dong.

Gu Qingying was the only one standing in place, her hands entwined together, murmuring, “What else can you call it if you don’t call it hooliganism?”

Chen Dong walked into the hall.

Gu Guohua was sitting with Lord Meng and Dean Liu, drinking tea together.

Seeing Chen Dong enter the room.

Lord Meng and Dean Liu got up at the same time and smiled awkwardly.

“Dong’er, I’m really sorry for what happened just now.”

Lord Meng was the first to speak, “It is also my fault for not inquiring clearly beforehand.”

Chen Dong smiled and waved his hand, “Uncle Meng has worried too much, it’s fine, instead, I have to thank Uncle Meng and Uncle Liu for backing me up.”

At these words.

Lord Meng and Dean Liu had a big stone dropped in their hearts.

Even if Chen Dong did not have the background of being the heir of the Chen family, in the scene just now, they would still choose to help Chen Dong.

After all, this was the son-in-law of their own family.

Qing Ying International was really not afraid of the Li family in Kyoto.

And the two of them, one with a heavy power and one with a prominent reputation as a titan in the medical world, were not yet so subservient to the Li family, who was thousands of miles away.

“A misunderstanding, after talking it over, there’s nothing more to it.”

Gu Guohua said with a smile, greeting the three men as they took their seats.

Only after Chen Dong had taken his seat did Gu Guohua say curiously, “Dong’er, are you really a grandson of the Li family?”

At these words.

Lord Meng and Dean Liu also could not help but look at Chen Dong curiously.

Even after the scene they had just experienced, the two of them could still hardly contain their curiosity.

It was already shocking enough that a native, who had been orphaned and suffering with his mother for more than twenty years, had suddenly become the heir to the Chen family.

Now he has emerged as the grandson of the Li family, and has become involved with the Li family, the richest family in Kyoto.

Even existences like Lord Gu Guohua Meng and Dean Liu were curious enough to know the secrets.

Chen Dong nodded his head in acknowledgement.

Shrugging his shoulders, he smiled bitterly, “It is indeed true, but that is the past, not from the moment I was born.”

“What do you mean?” Gu Guohua was Chen Dong’s future father-in-law, and his status was closer to Chen Dong than Lord Meng and Dean Liu, so he had no qualms in asking.

“My mother and I have been in a storm for more than twenty years, all the hardship and misery thanks to the Li family!”

Chen Dong did not intend to go into details, not to mention his mother’s unwillingness to remember this matter, even he, a posthumous person who had not experienced it, was not willing to mention it more than once.



He had once thought that the title of father was disgusting enough.

But he had never thought that the title of grandfather was far more than that of father.

Gu Guohua’s three people simultaneously revealed their astonishment.

Following closely, Chen Dong continued, “It is true that I am the grandson of the Li family, but it is also true that my mother and I have suffered for twenty years, the Li family wants to eat people and feast on human blood buns, my mother and I have no more ties with the Li family.”

Although the words were soft, they were forceful.

It made the doubts in the eyes of Gu Guohua’s three people intensify.

Chen Dong did not intend to stay any longer, smiled faintly and got up to leave after he finished his salute.

In the hall.

The three Gu Guohua’s faces looked at each other.

For a long time.

Gu Guohua suddenly complained to Lord Meng: “Old Meng, you are a local man of authority, you don’t know about Chen Dong’s past?”

Lord Meng shook his head blankly, “I’m a local, but I didn’t know that Chen Dong was the son of the Chen family head before.”

Dean Liu laughed helplessly, “Old Gu, don’t blame Old Meng, don’t mega-rich people of your calibre, even if they go in a city, try to hide their whereabouts as much as possible, for fear of being known?”

Gu Guohua snorted with laughter and nodded helplessly.

It was true that Chen Dong was a local.

But his parents were not local back then.

Whether it was the Chen family or the Li family, they were both transcendent, standing proudly in the clouds.

Even when they arrived in this part of the world, they would not make a big deal of it and would certainly try to hide themselves as much as possible.

This kind of existence wants to hide, the onlookers are really difficult to know.

“Li family this matter, how to do?” Gu Guohua suddenly asked, but his gaze was on Lord Meng.

The Four Seals Clubhouse was owned by Lord Meng, he was the owner of the place, and it was his turn to have the say.

Lord Meng hesitated for a moment and looked at Gu Guohua, “Don’t ask me what to do, just say what you want to do?”

Gu Guohua smiled slightly, but his gaze was stern: “My good son-in-law doesn’t like it, and this good father-in-law of mine definitely doesn’t like it either.”

“Understood then.” Lord Meng nodded his head.

After Lord Meng and Dean Liu left.

Gu Guohua, however, sat with a profound gaze in a daze.

Chen Dong’s identity had surprised him.

The Chen family made him only look up to them, and even the Li family possessed the ability to be on a par with him.

Clad in these two identities, Chen Dong would actually be stuck wandering around for twenty years before finally being picked by his own daughter.

Such a destiny, spare Gu Guohua feel some trance unreal.

“Dad …… did Chen Dong say anything?” Gu Qingying walked in.

“Said, but it was very vague and not specific.”

Gu Guohua smiled spontaneously and looked at Gu Qingying with a burning gaze, “Xiao Ying, Dad really wants to know, did you already know Chen Dong’s identity and background in the first place, that’s why you willingly waited for him for three years and didn’t mind his second marriage?”

“Dad, what are you talking about?” The redness on Gu Qingying’s pretty face had not yet receded, and at this moment, it was once again aggravated.

Gu Guohua laughed, “You’ve earned it, you’ve really earned it big time! Thanks to your insistence on not going on a blind date with the offspring of those oil barons, otherwise we would have lost out big time!”

After Chen Dong left the Four Seals Clubhouse.

He then directly asked Kunlun to send him to the company.

The Li family, he really didn’t see it in his eyes.

Even if Master Li was high and mighty, but he didn’t put it in his eyes, it was just dust.

The bottom line had been laid out, and it was time for Master Li to back off.

Just as he arrived at the office, Xiao Ma ran in with great enthusiasm.

“Brother Dong, the four major properties have almost been sold out, this wave has made our company a huge profit, from now on, even if we face Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong’s real estate companies, we dare to stand up straight and shout.”

Chen Dong smiled slightly, “How much did you make?”


Chapter 180

Pony did not speak straightforwardly.

Instead, he mysteriously handed a bill to Chen Dong.

“Make sure you get a big shock, Brother Dong!”

Chen Dong picked up the bill and took a look at it, then calmly placed it on the table again.

Calmly looking at the agitated looking Xiao Ma again, “So?”

Xiao Ma: “0? 0”

Stunned for a moment, Xiao Ma asked in amazement, “You’re not surprised? Not excited? Not happy?”

“Excited, happy.”

Chen Dong nodded calmly.

Xiao Ma was speechless for a moment, did Brother Dong look excited and happy?

What a fool!

Following closely, Chen Dong leaned back in his chair and calmly said, “My dad gave me pocket money once, and that was all.”


Xiao Ma was struck by lightning, his five senses twisted, and his whole body was not well.

The sudden show of wealth was too much for people to handle.

They were both people with fathers, why was there such a big difference?

Chen Dong waved his hand, “Xiao Ma, I am indeed happy and excited, but the current Din Tai in my heart is not nearly enough for me to act excited and happy.”

“We have only sold out four properties, there is still a large wave of properties waiting to be pre-sold afterwards, the whole west of the city renovation project, is nearly half of the city!”

Xiao Ma was thoughtful and nodded his head, his gaze bright.

“Brother Dong I know, I was the one who was too happy too early, when all the renovation of the west of the city is completed, that’s when we’ll really celebrate.”

After saying that, he walked out majestically.

Chen Dong leaned back in his chair and smiled bitterly.

Was a mere west of the city really enough?

Far from enough!

He still had a long way to go.

The answer sheet he had to hand in was not a full score answer sheet, but an answer sheet that only had a full score so it could only be a full score.

Only then could he make the elite of the Chen family bow down, and he, the “illegitimate son” who was disliked by everyone, could walk into the Chen family with dignity and sit on the throne.

To return to his mother the glory that should have belonged to her!

The elite of the Chen family are not straw bags after all.

If they slacken off a little, they will be out of the game.


Inside the Four Seals Clubhouse.

Elder Li’s face was iron blue, as if he was an angry lion, clenching his teeth.

At this moment, it was as if he had a sick feeling of having eaten Sh*t.

“Master, the traveling gifts are all packed.” A bodyguard approached.

“Get lost!”

Master Li shook his hand and threw his walking stick out.

The bodyguard scurried away in fear, and he was the only one left in the room.

It was just now.

Someone from the Four Seals Club, came to ask him to move to the Taishan Hotel.

They said it was a five-star hotel and in the city, so it was convenient for him.

But the words sounded good, but the meaning in the words, who couldn’t understand?

A five-star hotel is indeed a high standard.

But to him, what does it count for? The four seals clubhouse?

This is clearly …… driving him away!

The Li family is the richest in Kyoto, and as the head of the family, Master Li is always the guest of honour everywhere he goes, an existence sought after by everyone.

But he couldn’t stay in the most prestigious courtyard of the clubhouse, and now he was being kicked out!

D*mn it!

“Go! If you’re kicking me out, why should I stay here?”

Old Master Li exhaled like an ox, and although he had made up his mind, his words were still full of resentment.

For the first time, the richest man in a city had ended up in such a humiliating situation!

And all of this was because of Chen Dong.

He knew clearly that if it wasn’t for Chen Dong, Lord Meng would never have dared to be so disrespectful.

Half an hour later.

Master Li finally grimaced and got into his car.

The two Mercedes-Benzes, set off.

With Elder Li’s status, he looked incomparably forlorn.

By the side of the gate of the Four Seals Clubhouse.

Looking at the two Mercedes-Benz cars that left.

Lord Meng smiled and said, “Old Gu, are you satisfied?”

“Yes, my son-in-law doesn’t like this old man, it’s best to let him go.”

Gu Guohua was all smiles as he said indignantly, “If he dares to give my son-in-law any more grief, then he will be driven out of this place!”

“You old rascal.”

Lord Meng smiled helplessly, “He’s at least the richest man in Kyoto.”

Gu Guohua smiled teasingly, “Do you really think I’m not aware of the domestic wind and clouds since I’m always abroad?”

After a pause, Gu Guohua said, “The Li family in Kyoto, now has a fire in their backyard.”

Lord Meng smiled but did not say anything.

After a few seconds, Lord Meng asked, “When are you going to the Chen family?”


Gu Guohua’s face was full of smiles, “My daughter has done me a great favour by getting a dragon son-in-law like Chen Dong, and Elder Long has a*sured me that the Chen family’s doors are open for me this time, and the family head will receive me personally.”

“Then your dream of all these years will finally be fulfilled.” Lord Meng said.

“Thanks to Dong’er, otherwise I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish it in this lifetime.” Gu Guohua sighed a little.

All these years, countless times of running and knocking at the door, just to be received by Old Man Long, if it continued, it would have been by and large the same.

Qing Ying International was indeed not in the eyes of the Chen family.

Now it could have such a turnaround, all because of Chen Dong!

Gu Guohua’s gaze was firm: “This game, I have bet on Dong’er to win, from now on, I will ask Old Meng to take care of you more, even if I risk my life, I have to ensure that Dong’er steps into the Chen family.”

“Don’t worry, I will take care of it, at least in this corner of the world, no one can shake it yet.” Lord Meng smiled and nodded his head.

Early the next morning.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing left the Four Seals Clubhouse.

Gu Qingying stayed behind, but also moved out of the Four Seals Clubhouse.

With her parents gone, it was boring for her to stay at the Four Seals Clubhouse alone, so she might as well live in the city for convenience.

Of course, the more crucial thing was that she wanted to be closer to Chen Dong.

In the afternoon of the same day, Gu Qingying finished moving.

The new house was chosen near the Yingli Building Materials Company.

Nowadays, Gu Qingying was still the owner of Yingli Building Materials Company, so it was convenient to be near the company and to commute to work.

She did miss Chen Dong, but the education she had received since she was a child had not made her to the point where she could ignore him.

A woman, no matter how strong her man is, can only be considered independent if she has something of her own to do.

She was not willing to become a subordinate to Chen Dong.

After working on the move.

Gu Qingying was so tired and sweaty that she lay on the bed, smiling as she took out her mobile phone and sent a WeChat to Chen Dong.

“Big dummy, my parents are gone, I’m moving out of the Four Seals Club.”

Dingtai Company.

Chen Dong, who was busy, saw Gu Qingying’s WeChat and was instantly stunned.

Before he could reply, another WeChat from Gu Qingying was sent over.

“Big fool, come and sit at my house tonight, I want to cook for you.”

Chen Dong smiled.

His eyes gradually became fiery.

He suddenly thought of the words he had teased Gu Qingying with at the Four Seals Club.

Had …… come true so soon?

But wasn’t this a bit bad?

Although he had already proposed, he hadn’t gotten married after all.

Moreover, the first foot Gu Qingying’s parents just left it, the second foot the big bad wolf eat the little white rabbit, think about it all feel a little ungenerous.

He took a deep breath.

Chen Dong gathered up the smile on his face.

Seriously and solemnly, he typed back to Gu Qingying.