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Winner Takes All Chapter 185-186

Chapter 185

Chen Dong’s expression was solemn as he stopped.

Elder Long and Kunlun were also stunned as they stopped in their tracks.

What was this operation of Qin Ye’s?

“Follow if you wish, I don’t care if something goes wrong.”

Chen Dong’s tone was cold as he dropped a sentence and quickly walked downstairs.

Qin Ye hemmed and hawed and followed, grabbing Elder Long and Kunlun’s shoulders with one left and one right.

“Don’t worry don’t worry, at least I’m from the Qin family in Xishu, is that Li family you guys are talking about the richest man in Kyoto?”

“Well, are you really going to follow?”

Elder Long intentionally reminded that this time was not a trivial matter.

By kidnapping his wife back to the Li family, Elder Li was moving Chen Dong against his scales.

When Chen Dong said that he would smash the Li family’s gate, that was certainly not a lie!

“Exciting, that’s what makes it exciting!”

Qin Ye laughed out loud, “I’ve been hollowed out with this body from my daily technical exchanges with women, so it’s just time to go out and give that one of mine a break.”

Long Lao and Kun Lun blushed red and were speechless for a while.

When Chen Dong and the others arrived at the airport.

Early on, there were people from the Chen family office waiting, leading them directly through the internal channel and into the airport to board a private plane.

With the Chen family’s wealth, it was not too difficult to call a private jet into the air in an emergency.

As the plane lifted off.

The temperature inside the cabin also dropped.

Both Kunlun and Elder Long clearly sensed the chill emanating from Chen Dong’s body, which just formed a creepy low pressure around Chen Dong.

Even the cynical Qin Ye looked solemn and silent as he watched Chen Dong.

“Young master, old slave has already informed the family head.” Elder Long said in a deep voice.

Chen Dong nodded his head.

His expression was indifferent and his eyes were filled with endless coldness.

Elder Long could not help but frown, the young master’s appearance at this moment was like a man-eating beast with pent up anger.

Once his anger erupted, the consequences would be unthinkable.

After hesitating for a moment, Long Lao advised, “Young master, the Li family is after all the richest man in Kyoto, please ……”

“It’s fine for him to touch me, but definitely not my mother! The bottom line has been given to him, he doesn’t want to be shameless, then he won’t give it!”

With one sentence, Long Lao’s latter words were swallowed straight back into his stomach.

He knew that no further persuasion would be of any help.

With a helpless sigh, Elder Long looked out the window at the sea of clouds and had a big headache.

Tonight in Kyoto, I am afraid that the storm clouds are going to surge ……

Qin Ye’s gaze flickered for a moment as he gave a playful laugh and asked, “Actually, I’m quite curious, how did you get into trouble with the Li family?”

“You just watch the show.” Chen Dong responded indifferently.

Qin Ye shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently, “Fine, I guess, you ya a notorious Chen Family heir, you actually dare to challenge the Li Family at the drop of a hat, it’s really bull!”

With that, he even gave a thumbs up to Chen Dong.

Chen Dong rubbed his temples in boredom, “Kun Lun, throw him down!”

Kun Lun’s face was stern as he glared at Qin Ye.

Qin Ye hurriedly waved his hand and begged for forgiveness, “Got it, got it, can’t I be wrong?”


Chen Dong gave Qin Ye a sidelong glance in annoyance and closed his eyes, faking sleep.

On the side, Elder Long gave Qin Ye a warning glare.

Qin Ye did not know the young master’s temper, but he and Kunlun did!

The dragon’s rebellious scales would kill him if he touched them!

If the young master was really a good-tempered man, he would not have stabbed himself in the back to help his mother take revenge on Chen Tiansheng.


A truly cosmopolitan city.

It is a truly cosmopolitan city, and because of its supreme status, it is a place where countless personalities gather at the foot of the Son of Heaven.

This has created a complex situation in which Kyoto is home to crouching dragons and tigers.

It is not necessarily a strong man to come out on top of a pile of weaklings.

But to be the first among the strongest is certainly a strong man!

Such is the case with the Li family!

The Li family is such a family, and in the midst of the stormy times of Kyoto, it has managed to secure the position of the richest man.

The night is drawing in.

The lights are on in Kyoto, and the city is thriving.

But tonight, Kyoto is starless, and the entire city is covered with dark clouds.

A storm is coming.

The city is under pressure.

The outskirts of Kyoto.

The Fragrant Hill Scenic Area, a tourist attraction at the foot of the Son of Heaven, is filled with tens of thousands of visitors every day.

But few people know that in a remote corner of Fragrant Hill stands an ancient castle manor.

This is a restricted area for ordinary people.

Only with the consent of the owner of the fortress manor are you eligible to enter.

And this was where the Li family was!

Under the darkness of the night, the ancient castle manor was lit up.

It looked rather cold in the mountains, yet it gave the Ancient Fortress Manor its unique mystery and solemnity.

Inside the room.

Leland was lost in thought as he looked at the familiar room.

A dozen delicacies were laid out in front of her.

But she had no appetite, her eyes were bloodshot and filled with tears.

What Master Li had done today could be described as “doing whatever it takes to get what you want”.

If she hadn’t grown up in the Li family, she would have doubted whether she was born to Master Li or not, knowing that the Li family was so patriarchal that it was almost cold-blooded.


The door to the room opened.

Old Master Li walked in, with a kind smile on his face.

“Lan’er, this was your room back then, and for twenty years, I had it cleaned daily and never changed the slightest bit of the arrangement.”


Li Lan’s tearful eyes looked at Elder Li, full of resentment.

“I know you are still blaming my father.”

Old Master Li smiled bitterly and sat loftily in his chair, sweeping a glance at the dishes on the table and frowning slightly, “Not to your liking? Then I will have my servants remove and remake it.”

“I can’t eat the Li family’s food.”

Li Lan bit her lip, and because she was biting too hard, her lip even oozed some blood.

“Ah Lan’er, my father did that back then for the greater good.”

Elder Li sighed and explained, “You are a daughter, attached to the Li family is enough, that Chen Daolin abandoned you mother and son, you are orphaned and widowed, holding those foundations in your hands, but also bound to be appropriated, as a Li family member, carry forward and grow the family, is your only mission!”


Li Lan suddenly burst out laughing and stared at Elder Li with an almost fierce glare, “What a grand statement you’ve made! Just because the Li family is growing, you can forcefully plunder and suppress me at every turn for twenty years, regardless of whether Dong’er and I live or die?”

“Are you blind? I’m a daughter, but I’m far more capable than your precious sons, and you’re worried that I’ll be appropriated, so you plunder me? Isn’t that funny?”

A series of questions made Elder Li’s face red and his mind unsettled.

Li Lan was overbearing, and at this moment, it was as if she wanted to vent her grievances.

She slowly got up and stared at Elder Li from a high position, her face revealing a strong sense of disdain and contempt.

“You value your sons over your daughters, and you are always talking about strengthening the family, going out of your way to ruthlessly plunder the properties that Dao Lin left to me and Dong’er to fatten the Li family, but your sons were as stupid as pigs to create the current Li family, and don’t you still have to invite my Dong’er back to take the helm now?”

His voice was powerful, and every word was like a knife, piercing right into the heart of Old Master Li.

An undisguised humiliation and mockery.

Old Master Li’s chest rose and fell, his face steeped in fierceness.

“You disobedient and unfilial rebellious daughter!”


The walking stick swung out a streak of shadow.

It struck Li Lan’s right leg brazenly.


Li Lan screamed in pain and instantly fell to the ground, the intense pain made her body tremble and sweat like rain.

But as stubborn as she was, she still glared at Elder Li with a fierce glare.

From between her teeth, she slowly spat out the words.

“Do you …… not dare to beat me to death straight away?”


Chapter 186

“You ……”

In an instant, Elder Li was like a raging lion as he raised his walking stick and was about to drop it.

But when it reached mid-air, his movements gave a violent lurch.


The cane stomped heavily on the ground.

Old Master Li took a deep breath, and his furious expression calmed down abruptly, revealing a meaningful smile.

“If old me really palms you down, won’t Dong’er be completely broken with the Li family?”

Li Lan’s face changed.

That was exactly what she was thinking.

It was because of her restraint that Chen Dong was constrained here in the Li family.

If she was gone, Chen Dong would be able to focus on fighting for the position of the Chen family’s head.

Without her mother, there was still her father!

She knew that she had dragged Chen Dong down all these years, and she would never allow Chen Dong to give up his bid for the Chen family headship and run off to inherit the Li family because of her.

Putting aside the cold-bloodedness of the Li family.

The contrast between the Chen family and the Li family alone was a world of difference!

How could she wish for her son to become a dragon and rise straight to the heavens, how could she wish for him to become a dragon and resign himself to the clouds?

After taking a deep breath, Li Lan endured the pain in her right leg and said firmly, “Dong’er will never succeed you as the head of the Li family!”

“Too early to say!”

Elder Li smiled confidently, “Dong’er is not stupid, the Chen family successor is just a qualification, a superiority with the Chen family’s elite generation, what are the chances? And as long as he turns to my Li family, the position of family head will be his!”

“It is true that the Li family cannot match the Chen family, but when Dong’er becomes the family head, he will still be able to overlook the ma*ses!”

“Dong’er is indeed not stupid, he is not stupid enough to save a cold-blooded cannibalistic family, with my previous experience, does he still want to fly to the flame?”

Li Lan laughed, even though her right leg was in great pain, she smiled brightly, “I know what you are calculating, I am worthless in your eyes, Dong’er is equally worthless in your eyes, what you value is his ability to save the Li family and surpa*s your sons who are as dumb as pigs!”

Old Master Li’s smile froze.

His eyes turned steeply cloudy.

Seeing this appearance.

Li Lan’s heart became even more certain as she laughed wantonly, “With your character, how could you be willing to give away the large Li family to an ‘outsider’? You only want to use Dong’er to save the Li family, and when the foundation is firmly established, then the stupid Li family will take over!”

“Even if you died, you would surely have made plans in advance to teach your useless wimps how to seize power, right?”


Old Master Li’s body shook.

His expression remained unchanged, but the veins at the corners of his eyes bulged out and trembled vaguely.

Even the right hand that rested on the walking stick was quietly clenched.

A long time later.

Elder Li suddenly gave an odd smile.

“You are indeed more capable than those few brothers of yours, but for the sake of the Li family’s glory, from the moment you were born, you were destined to be a sacrificial lamb for the Li family, even if you were more capable!”

After saying that, he turned and left.

“Your Dong’er will come, as to whether he is willing to take over the Li family, with you as a sacrificial lamb, what fear does the old man have?”

With a single word, Li Lan instantly became furious to the extreme.

She rolled and crawled like a madman after Master Li, and roared, “Can you be a human being? Why do you, the father, have such a malicious heart?”

“Old man is dedicated to the Li family, why is there any mischief?”

Elder Li stopped and looked down at Li Lan, who was hugging his thigh, without a trace of pity in his eyes.

“You will regret this, you will definitely regret this!”

Li Lan cried and roared, her eyes fierce, her hands clinging to Elder Li’s thighs in a deadly manner, “We are not the orphans and widows we were back then, Dong’er’s father is back, he …… he will not let you go!”

“Ridiculous! If the Chen family was like my Li family with one voice, I would still fear Chen Daoling a little, now he wants to turn on me, go through the Chen family old lady first!”


As Old Master Li laughed coldly, his cane was raised again and smashed fiercely on Li Lan’s right hand.


Li Lan let out a miserable cry of pain and let go of Elder Li’s thigh.

Elder Li left with quick steps.

Immediately after that, two maids walked into the house, picked Li Lan up brutally and threw her onto the bed.

From beginning to end, neither Master Li nor the lowest-ranking maid in the family showed the slightest mercy or compa*sion to Li Lan.

In the cafe outside Kyoto International Airport.

Chen Dong sat by the window.

Night had fallen, but the area around the airport was still brightly lit.

Chen Dong looked at the scene outside and said with a sullen expression, “Elder Long, how much longer do we have to wait?”

In fact, they had already landed a long time ago.

It was just that Elder Long had received an order from Chen Daoling to wait at the airport.

But after this wait, it was already dark!

“Old slave doesn’t know either, everything will be fine when His Lordship arrives.” Elder Long said.

“Wait for him to arrive?”

Chen Dong turned his head back, his gaze stern, “After waiting for a few hours, how much longer do we have to wait? If he doesn’t arrive, should we let my mother stay in the Li family all the time?”

Old Master Li did not regard his mother as his own daughter at all.

Twenty years ago, he was able to shamelessly and maliciously plunder the foundation left behind by his father, and during these twenty years, he had been secretly suppressing his mother, not allowing her to have a chance to turn over a new leaf.

For someone who could use such tactics against his own daughter, Chen Dong really did not dare to expect his mother to have a good life in the Li family!

“This is Master’s order!” Elder Long smiled bitterly.

“BullSh*t order, no more waiting!”

Chen Dong rose indignantly and strode out the door, “He can afford to wait, but I, as a son, cannot afford to wait!”

“Elder Long ……” Kun Lun looked at Elder Long in dismay, hesitating.

Long Lao sighed helplessly, “Let’s go.”

Qin Ye finally got up and looked at Chen Dong who was angrily moving forward, he couldn’t help but rub his chin, “A bit interesting, but he has bloodlust, his crotch is really not a poseur thing.”

As he said that, he looked towards the thick black clouds on the night and laughed playfully, “Tonight’s storm, I’m afraid, is a bit heavy.”

Under the night curtain.

A black Hummer, like a fierce beast, whistled towards the outskirts of Kyoto.

It rampaged along the way, its huge body, causing nearby cars to retreat in panic.

Rumble ……

In the night sky, the black clouds that had been building up for a long time finally burst into thunder.

As if the heavens were roaring in anger, thunder continued to roll and roar.

It made the already oppressive Kyoto even more suffocating.

Outside Fragrant Hill.

The Humvee came speeding along.

The strong light illuminated the road ahead, even though it was a mountain road, but Kunlun, who was driving, still rampaged on without the slightest intention of slowing down.

Chen Dong sat on the pa*senger side, a position he had picked out for himself.

Looking indifferently ahead, along with the forward motion, thunder kept rolling and roaring outside.

Lightning began to tear through the night, and from time to time, the lightning illuminated everything around him.


A lofty standing ancient castle manor appeared in the line of sight.

“Young master, the Li family is up ahead.”

Kunlun pointed at the Li family manor.

A look of disgust appeared on Chen Dong’s cold face.

Looking at that ancient fortress manor, it was as if he saw a monstrous product under the old feudal dogma.

The cold and solemn ancient castle was filled with cold blood everywhere.

Gradually, Chen Dong’s eyes grew fierce.

It was as if a monstrous sea of fire was churning violently.

As he approached the fortress, Kunlun told the car to slow down.

Chen Dong turned his head: “What’s the point of slowing down?”

“The Li family’s ancient fortress, one has to knock, otherwise no outsiders are allowed to enter.” Kunlun explained.

A touch of openness surfaced on Chen Dong’s face.

His right hand lifted up and pointed at the ancient castle gate, his voice indifferent as he said, “I’m here to rob someone, not to pay respects, speed up and ram it in!”


At the same time, the night was filled with thunder and lightning.

Blinding lightning lit up the sky.

The sound of thunder was deafening.

Inside the car, Elder Long, Kunlun and Qin Ye’s bodies trembled at the same time and their faces changed dramatically.

A frightening chill was born from their hearts ……