Winner Takes All Chapter 187-188

Chapter 187

The electric light was blinding, imprinted on Chen Dong’s cold, stern face.

Long Lao San’s heart was chilled and his back was chilled.

At this moment, Chen Dong looked like a different person.

He was wild, cold, and even had a murderous aura!

Elder Long’s pupils tightened.

Looking ahead at the gates of the Li family’s ancient castle, which were getting closer and closer, his heart felt as if it was about to jump out of his chest.

The gate of the richest manor in Kyoto had been hit!

News like this would definitely stir up the stormy clouds in Kyoto.

For this was not just a gate, but the face of the Li family!

It was a provocation that could not be measured!

“Young master ……”

Kunlun’s voice was low to the point.


Chen Dong’s eyes were hostile: “I said, crash in!”

Being gazed at by Chen Dong, Kun Lun’s body was shivering with sweat.

He had once been a mercenary king, crawling out of the pile of the dead countless times and being reborn in blood.

He had seen countless fierce gods.

But now, he actually saw the same look in Chen Dong’s eyes as those fierce gods did!


The Hummer exploded with a roar of its engine.

The speed spiked wildly!

Boom click!

On the night sky, lightning cracked the sky.

Under the blinding light, the huge black Hummer, like a ferocious beast, rammed into the old castle gate.


Like a cannonball.

The gate of the castle was instantly deformed.

But it did not collapse.

The Hummer’s engine roared and the tyres scraped against the ground, sending up smoke.

With an ear-splitting twist of metal, the gate was thumped and sent flying a dozen metres away by the Hummer!

The sudden scene immediately alerted the security personnel inside the Li family fortress.

Seven or eight security guards surrounded them in unison.

“This is the Li family, get off immediately!”

An angry roar echoed outside the car.

Kunlun sat frozen in his seat, in a bit of a trance.

And in the back row, Elder Long had a gloomy look on his face.

Qin Ye’s eyes shone with essence, somewhat agitated.

Chen Dong was the only one, indifferently sweeping towards the security personnel outside, “Noisy! Drive in!”

Kunlun returned to his senses and gave a kick of the accelerator down.

The Hummer roared straight on towards the depths of the ancient castle.

“Activate the s-level security alert!”

At the same time, the Li family security personnel simultaneously made the quickest response.

Level S alert, the highest level of alert in the Li family’s security system!

The security personnel had the authority to use weapons during this level of alert.

If any casualties are caused, the Li family will bear the responsibility!


A gunshot echoed through the large gardens of the Li family fortress.

The bullets hit the Hummer and sparked brightly.

The security personnel at the gate, too, quickly got into their cars and whistled towards the Hummer in pursuit.

Do not enter unless you are invited!

To enter the Li family one had to knock on the door and get permission to enter, and even some powerful people were not allowed to drive into the old castle, but had to enter in a Li family vehicle.

This was the dignity and arrogance of being a top wealthy family.

But now, Chen Dong was trampling this dignity and arrogance underfoot.

The ear-piercing sound of an alarm instantly echoed through the ancient castle.

A blinding red light shone above the ancient castle.

A gunshot rang out, sending the entire ancient fortress into an incomparably tense situation in an instant.

The Humvee, however, was still moving at breakneck speed.

Inside the car.

Chen Dong turned back indifferently and looked at Qin Ye, who was dazed and somewhat pale: “Is everything alright?”

Qin Ye was dumbfounded and slowly shifted his gaze, looking at the bullet hole beside him.

The bullet from earlier, grazed his side and shot away so hard that even his arm, felt the burning sensation of the blazing heat.

“Te, D*mn it …… seems to really …… be in big trouble!”

The hovering on the edge of death made Qin Ye’s voice tremble terribly.

“Heh ……” Chen Dong laughed openly and wildly, “A small disaster, I’m still too lazy to break into it!”

The eyes, however, looked askance in the direction of Kunlun.

On the windshield in front of the driver’s seat, a bullet hole was clearly visible.

Faintly, Chen Dong could see the blue veins bulging out of the corners of Kun Lun’s eyes.

The bullet that had just grazed Qin Ye’s arm had also grazed Kun Lun’s head.

“Thanks brother!”

Chen Dong’s cold expression softened a few points.

Kunlun, however, smiled spontaneously, “Having come through life and death, I’m not afraid anymore, Young Master, up above and down below, Kunlun has no fear!”

As he said that, Kunlun raised his eyes to look at the rear view mirror.

Three cars were speeding after him.

“Sit tight!”

Kunlun smiled coldly.

Without warning, he grabbed the steering wheel with both hands and turned violently.

The terrifying inertia caused Chen Dong, who was caught off guard, to fall backwards and forwards.

Along with Kunlun’s quick manoeuvre, the Hummer’s tyres scraped against the ground, emitting an ear-splitting sound.

When the car came to a halt, it was the front end of the car facing the three cars coming after it.

“Since we’re going to play, let’s play big! Let the Li family know that my young master, my family, is not to be bullied!”

Bloodthirsty madness flashed in Kunlun’s eyes as his right foot blasted down on the accelerator.

The Hummer roared and crashed directly into the nearest car.

Bang Teeny!

The terrifying impact instantly shattered all the gla*s of the Hummer.

The car that was hit rolled over, sending smoke billowing out.



The two cars that were following the crash braked sharply at the same time.

The security staff inside were all confused.

Whoever broke in was crazy, right?

As the security personnel of the Li family, they were undoubtedly at the top of their profession.

They had never had an incident where an outsider had broken into the Li family.

What’s more, it was a scene like this in front of him.

Was this …… going to end up with the Li family?

“Beautiful!” Inside the Hummer, Qin Ye, who was frozen in fear, suddenly let out an excited shout.

Kun Lun smiled coldly.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, said indifferently, “Off to the ancient castle.”

Only Elder Long was the only one who looked gloomy to the extreme, his gaze complicated.

Today’s matter was completely done!

Not only was it trampling the Li family’s face into the mud, but it was also going to stir up the Li family and Kyoto, like thunder and lightning above the sky.

The Hummer turned and sped towards the old castle.

The two security cars, after a moment’s hesitation, finally gave chase.

And at the same time.

In the hall of the castle.

The atmosphere was tense.

Everyone was in a state of panic.

“Who the hell is it? Who dares to barge into my Li family?”

“Arrogant, simply arrogant! Those who trespa*s against my Li family, die!”

“S-cla*s alert, this is already the highest level of alert, I even heard gunshots just now, who the hell dares to ignore my Li family like that?”


The crowd was boiling and people were on edge.

At this moment, a middle-aged man suddenly shouted.

“Dad is here!”

The crowd’s gazes flashed in unison.

Master Li’s face was as gloomy as charcoal, and with the help of his maid, he walked quickly to the crowd on his crutches.

Looking at the group of terrified Li family members, Old Master Li’s heart was filled with indignation as he scolded fiercely, “A group of indisputable things, what are you panicking about?”

Having been in charge of the Li family for decades, he had supreme prestige in the Li family.

With a single word, he instantly made the Li family settle down.

“Dad, who is it?”

The middle-aged man who had just shouted out supported Elder Li and looked at the security personnel who kept gathering over outside the hall, his face slightly pale.

“Lan’er’s son.”

Elder Li said in a deep voice.


Everyone exploded in shock at once.

“D*mn it! How could it be that dead B*tch’s son?”

“That dead woman Li Lan, what does she take our Li family for? How dare she let that B*****d son of hers do whatever he wants!”

“Dad, I told you that little sister should not be allowed, she shouldn’t be a member of our Li family, look at that, you still thought of letting them come back, and now that son of hers, he’s driving straight into our Li family!”


Inside the hall, there was a lot of noise.

There were Elder Li’s own sons, and there were also members of the side clan.

But without exception, all of them were furious.

“On guard!”

Outside the hall, a shout went up.

Elder Li and the others were all startled and looked out at the same time.

At that exact moment, two beams of extremely harsh lights, from far away, came straight at them.

Everyone could not help but squint their eyes.

And inside the car.

Chen Dong looked indifferently at the dozens of security personnel outside the hall, “Kunlun, whoever stands in the way, let the car drive over him.”

“Give me that, drive the car into the hall!”


Chapter 188

“Young master, so many people ……”

Kunlun’s gaze flickered.

He was not afraid to kill, mercenaries on the field, either to be killed or to kill, there was no choice.

And now, these people in front of him made him hesitate.

“When they shot, they didn’t think about whether they would kill us or not.”

Chen Dong’s words made Kunlun’s hesitation vanish into thin air.

The wrecked Hummer let out a roar and increased its speed instead of decreasing, charging directly towards the ancient castle hall.

This scene caused everyone within the ancient castle hall to explode in shock.

“Oh my God, is this beast crazy? Is he trying to run us all over directly?”

“House Master, make a decision, just ask security to shoot him! You can’t keep a mad dog like that!”

“He should be killed, he should be killed! When has the Li family ever been bullied to such an extent?”


All of the Li family members were in an uproar as they were horrified.

As the richest man in Kyoto, even if they were from the side of the family, they still had the pride of the richest man.

This arrogance made them accustomed to being in the clouds and overlooking all the people.

But Chen Dong had crushed their arrogance, pulling them from the clouds to the earth and stepping on them in the mud.

For the great families, face and dignity are more important than human lives!


Outside the hall, dozens of security personnel stood at attention, guarding the front of the hall.

Under the strong light, three security officers in the crowd raised their hands.

Three pitch-black gun barrels swept through the gaps in the crowd, pointing straight at the Humvee that came barreling down the hall.

Murderous intent, at once!

In front of the old castle hall, the only sound that remained was the roar of the Humvee roaring from afar.

And the Hummer, without the slightest sign of slowing down.

Instead, the roar was accompanied by increasing speed.

Dozens of security personnel frowned and looked grave, some of them even had beads of sweat seeping out of their foreheads.

This was the first time since they had been guarding the Li family fortress in the true sense of the word!

Shock, confusion and nervousness all lingered in their minds.

Inside the hall, Elder Li was positioned in the middle of the crowd like a needle in the sea.

As he looked at the speeding Hummer, his brow was furrowed into a river, his shadowy eyes were like those of a viper, and the veins at the corners of his eyes were even more prominent.

The Li family around him quieted down, but the agitation and fear remained.

The middle-aged man standing beside Elder Li said in a deep voice, “Dad, this is a rebellious son of a madman, kill him!”

He was Elder Li’s eldest son, Li Deshan, who was second only to Elder Li in terms of prestige and status in the Li family.


Elder Li let out a cold snort and took a step forward, his gaze firm.

Li Deshan instantly felt wild joy in his heart, killing intent raging in his eyes.

He was the eldest son of the Li family and was second only to his father, the family head.

If there were no surprises, he would be the next head of the family!

In the Li family, only by becoming the family head could he enjoy all the money and resources of the Li family, which was the highest glory.

However, his father suddenly changed his mind and actually wanted his D*mned little sister’s son to inherit the Li family’s headship.

When he learnt this news, his anger raged.

He had waited for decades to become the head of the family after his father’s death.

How could he let a wild B*****d with a foreign surname who did not even have the name Li become the head of the family?

Li Deshan thought about convincing his father, but his father’s attitude was unexpectedly resolute.

While he was anxious, he did not expect that Chen Dong would dare to storm the Li family.

“You seek your own death, so you can’t blame me for sending you on your way!”

Looking at the face in the Hummer, which vaguely resembled Li Lan, Li Deshan’s killing intent surged.


“All get out of the way!”

Elder Li suddenly let out a furious roar.


Li Deshan’s tiger body shook, and his features instantly grimaced to the limit.

And those words were no less than five thunderbolts to everyone!

Had the family head gone mad?

He had already rushed into the Li family’s fortress, and he was still going to do nothing and let this wild animal rush into the fortress?

If this were to get out, the Li family would become the laughing stock of the entire city!

“Dad ……” Li Deshan, the eldest son, immediately tried to persuade.

“All of you give way to the old man!”

Elder Li gave a roar that was like a lion’s roar.

And at that moment, the Hummer had already rammed close to the front.

The dozens of security personnel no longer hesitated and quickly moved to the left and right.

And as the Hummer rammed brutally into the steps, the Li family could not stand any longer at last, and retreated in fear.

But everyone was shocked to find out.

Only Old Master Li was standing tall in the middle of the hall, unmoving!

“Dad ……”

Li Deshan was startled.

“Family head.”



In an instant, the crowd was filled with shouts of surprise.

Yet no one stepped forward.

The Hummer rushed into the hall, and the glare shone so brightly that the hall was white and engulfed Old Master Li.

Everyone couldn’t help but squint their eyes.

There were even adults covering the eyes of children.


The ear-piercing sound of brakes.

The Hummer came to a halt.

When everyone thought that it was hard for Elder Li to escape.

The car lights went out, revealing Old Master Li.

He was still standing firmly in place, his body no more than ten centimetres away from the Hummer!

Inside the hall, there was dead silence.

Elder Li stood in place, looking at Chen Dong inside the Hummer with a shadowy expression.

And Chen Dong, too, looked at Elder Li.

The two were staring at each other, invisibly, but they were causing everyone in the hall to feel a strong oppression.


Old Master Li sneered, “You don’t dare to kill old me?”

“You are qualified to let me kill?”

Chen Dong gave an untamed smile.

Opening the car door, he got out of the car.

Behind him, Kunlun, Elder Long and Qin Ye got out of the car one after another.

Elder Li swept his gaze over the three of them one by one, “Elder Long, young people are reckless and impulsive, and you follow the hot blood at your age?”

“You, are not qualified to question Old Man!” Elder Long laughed disdainfully.

The gloom in Elder Li’s eyes intensified, and fell back on Qin Ye with a cold smile.

“The man who killed his father in the Qin family is also here to stir up this muddy water?”

Qin Ye cynically stuck his hands in his pockets and rolled his eyes, “None of your business!”

Elder Li’s face sank.

At that moment.

Li Deshan and the others who were in a state of shock finally came back to their senses.

“Take him down for me!” Li Deshan shouted.

Dozens of security personnel outside swarmed into the hall.

But it was Elder Li who bellowed, “No one is allowed to come over!”

With one cry, everyone came to a screeching halt.

Master Li said in a stern voice, “If anyone hurts my grandson, I will let him die without a burial place!”

Li Deshan’s jealousy and resentment was overwhelming.

The rest of the Li family were also shocked, bewildered, puzzled and angry.

Chen Dong smiled.

Walking up to Elder Li: “You are truly brazen!”

“You are still young, Grandpa doesn’t blame you!” Elder Li smiled amiably, as if what had just happened, had never happened.

“I’ve come to take my mother home!”

Chen Dong looked at Elder Li coldly and sternly.

“Your mother is in her own home now.” Elder Li’s smile was gentle, but his eyes were incomparably resolute.

The words had just fallen.


Chen Dong directly grabbed Elder Li’s neck with one hand.

“I’m not discussing with you, I’m informing you! Otherwise, I can make you an ancestor of the Li family!”