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Winner Takes All Chapter 191-192

Chapter 191

It was as if a cold wind was blowing from the depths of the Nine Phenomena.

It sent chills down the spines of all the Li family members.

Master Li’s face turned blue and red as he stared at Chen Daolin, his eyes shadowy to the extreme.

An aura of decadence was born.

Even if he was the head of the dangling Li family, his heart was still weak in the face of the Chen family.


Chen Daolin suddenly sneered, turned to look at the helicopter outside, and waved his hand.

Just three seconds.

There was a sudden loud bang in the thunder and lightning raging night sky.

A flash of fire tore through the night sky.


A corner of the courtyard wall of the Li family’s ancient fortress collapsed straight away as the firelight fell.

Smoke and dust swept up.

A mushroom cloud of flames rose up.

The flames and vibrations caused all the Li family members within the hall to be horrified.

It had really exploded!

All of the Li family members looked at Chen Daoling with eyes that became terrified.

This guy, had he gone mad?

This was the Li family residence!

“Chen Daoling, are you trying to start a war? Bombing my Li family mansion, what do you take our Li family for?” Li Deshan’s anger rose and his roar shook his ears.

The corners of Elder Li’s eyes jumped wildly as he looked angrily at Li Deshan, wanting to stop him, but it was already too late.


Chen Daolin laughed and raised his right hand once again, landing.

In an instant.

Once again, there was a loud bang in the night sky, and flames were heard across the sky.


A tremendous sound that shocked the heavens.

Along with the flames and vibrations, another ancient fortress courtyard wall collapsed with a bang.

Overwhelming, crushing!

Not to mention the Li family.

Even Chen Dong’s heart was beating wildly as he watched, dumbfounded.

My dad …… was really super fierce!

Inside the hall, there was dead silence.

Only in the night sky, lightning roared and warplanes circled.

All the Li family members were dumbfounded.

No one had expected that someone would dare to do such a shocking thing in the Li family.

Accustomed to being arrogant, now that they had been pulled down from the clouds by Chen Dong and ruthlessly pressed to the ground by Chen Daoling, all of them did not know how to react.

“You, you ……”

Li Deshan was furious, he was the eldest son of the Li family, a proper direct lineage bloodline.

Since the glory of the Li family, he had never suffered such a great humiliation.

If word got out, what face would the Li family have in Kyoto?

And yet.

“Shut up for the old man!”

Elder Li bellowed angrily, frightening Li Deshan’s body into a tremor.

In the Li family, Old Master Li possessed supreme prestige.

He was the heaven of all Li family members.

Elder Li stepped forward and looked gloomily at Chen Daolin: “I only want Dong’s son to inherit the position of Li family head, is this how you, as a father, repay me as a grandfather?”

At these words, Chen Dong revealed a look of boredom.

He was truly disgusted by the Li family’s rhetoric to the extreme.

Gritting his teeth, he was about to retort.

But Chen Daolin in front of him spoke calmly, “What kind of grandfather are you? You bully my wife and force my son, and you call this a grandfather?”

With that, he waved his right hand once again.


Another cannonball fell straight down.

And this time, it was a mushroom cloud of flame that rose from the open space inside the ancient castle manor.

The ground shook and smoke and dust swept away.

The terrifying blasting force caused the hearts of the Li family to tremble in fear.

“Chen Daolin! You deceive people too much!”

Li Deshan was furious as he stepped forward in anger.

“You shut up!”

Elder Li’s body trembled as he turned and roared, “Useless fool, back off!”

If it were anyone else, if he had offended the Li family today, it would have been a death-defying situation.

The Li family’s face must not be humiliated!

He knew clearly that even if the Li family was the richest in Kyoto, it was not comparable to the Chen family.

If the conflict was allowed to continue to escalate.

If Chen Daolin said he would blow up the Li family, then he really dared to do so!

“Rubbish Li family, useless next generation, it’s hard enough for you to hold on to this late old body.”

Looking at Elder Li, Chen Daoling did not hide the contempt and disdain on his face.

“Dao Lin, I am still Lan’er’s father after all, back then Lan’er was with you and I fully approved of it, you know, at that time we didn’t even know the identity of your Chen family’s heir, Lan’er was marrying down at that time.”

Master Li was red-faced and hurried to persuade.

He knew that the situation today could not be undone, and that the Chen Daoling before him was enough to crush the Li family to death.

But asking him to let Li Lan go, to let her and Chen Dong, mother and son, leave, he could not do it again.

Chen Dong was the future hope of the Li family!

If he let him go today, he would never have such a good opportunity again.

I am afraid that even if he wanted to see Chen Dong or Li Lan for real, he would not be able to do so.

“I want it, my wife!”

Chen Daolin let out a roar, interrupting Elder Li’s words, “Your Li family values sons over daughters, in your Li family, Lan’er has no status or resources, the so-called dowry and approval you speak of, that is F**king indifference, what old face do you have to say this to me?”

The roar echoed.

Accompanied by that, the firelight once again ripped through the night sky.


The earth shook and flames rose.

Everyone in the Li family’s heart jumped and chills ran down their backs.

At this moment, even a fool could see it.

This fierce god, Chen Daolin, did not want to talk at all, but wanted to directly make the Li family make a choice.

Either let Li Lan go or blow up the Li family!

“I ……”

Elder Li looked torn, anxious as ants on a hot pot.

Chen Daoling pointed his backhand outside and spoke angrily, “First blow up your Li family’s courtyard wall, then blow up your Li family’s garden, if you still dare to pester and argue, the next shell will be this ancient castle!”

The bullying was unparalleled.

It was so overwhelming that everyone in the Li family could not breathe.

Chen Dong’s nose tingled as he looked at the lofty figure in front of him, as if it was a great mountain, stopping him in front of him.

“I only asked him to be the head of the Li family! He is the heir to the Chen family, but he has to fight, fight for that slim chance, you have no way to put him on the head of the family, while in my Li family, I can!”

Elder Li exploded with impatience, near wailing.

“That is Dong’er’s own choice of subject, he can be the head of your Li family, I respect his choice, but you cannot use despicable and underhanded means!”

Chen Daolin’s gaze was stern, “The bottom line is given to you, now, let my wife go!”

Like a cold wind blowing from the depths of the Nine Secrets, the temperature in the entire hall plummeted to freezing.

Master Li staggered back, at this moment he seemed to have aged to the point of dying, his body was weak and his face was blue.

Faced with the aggressive and domineering Chen Daolin.

All his pride was lost.

In the end, he fiercely gritted his teeth, “Someone, bring Lan’er out and let her go!”

The Li family all breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

A trail of terrified gazes fell on Chen Daoling.

If the family head insisted on not letting her go, this fierce god would definitely dare to raze the Li family to the ground!


Li Lan then limped down the hall with the help of the Li family members.


As soon as she saw Chen Dong, Li Lan instantly struggled, and after breaking free from the Li family members, she was immediately about to run towards Chen Dong.

However, a sharp pain in her hand and leg caused her to fall straight to the ground.


Chen Dong’s face changed drastically and he jumped directly in front of Li Lan, picking her up, as soon as he saw the injuries on her legs.

He turned back violently and roared at Elder Li, “You hit my mother?”

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Daolin, who saw Li Lan’s injuries, also spoke in a cold voice, “You beat my wife?”


Chapter 192

Inside the hall.

As Chen Dong and Chen Daolin spoke.

At that moment, the air seemed to freeze.

Killing intent surged.

All the Li family members’ faces changed drastically at the same time.

Old Master Li’s body trembled and his intestines turned blue with regret.

Why had he not held back just now and had to hit hard?

He felt the gaze of Chen Dong and Chen Daolin.

He could not help but feel nervous, even with his experience and heart.

The smoke and fire from the bombardment outside was still there.

That was what Elder Li was truly afraid of.

“I ……”

Elder Li was instantly about to explain.

“You hurt my mother in two places, I want your Li family to come out and hurt her in the same two places!”

Chen Dong spoke in a cold voice, his gaze fierce as he stared at Elder Li: “Otherwise, I will personally strike at you!”

“Chen Dong, this is no place for you to shout!”

Li Deshan roared, “Arrogant and arrogant, you are a member of my Li family in vain!”

“Arrogant and arrogant?”

Chen Dong let out a snort, “That’s right, I’m not arrogant and arrogant, not to your Li family! What qualifications does your despicable and underhanded Li family have to make me, Chen Dong, one of you?”

“You ……” Li Deshan was seething with anger, gnashing his teeth.

Chen Daolin, however, looked at Chen Dong, his eyes full of appreciation, only after his gaze fell on Li Lan, his brow tightened once again.

“Deshan, come forward and be punished!”

Elder Li suddenly chided.

Li Deshan’s body shook as he looked at Elder Li with a shocked expression, “Dad, are you telling me to go up and stand and let him beat me?”

“Could it be that you want the old man to go up?” Old Master Li sank his face and roared.

Li Deshan’s face changed greatly, clenched his teeth, lowered his head, and walked up to Chen Dong.

Without looking, Chen Dong helped Li Lan to walk to Chen Daolin’s side and said in a cold voice, “Kunlun!”


Kunlun walked quickly towards Li Deshan.

The lofty and sturdy figure created a sense of oppression that caused Li Deshan’s face to swish white.

Li Deshan looked at Kunlun, who was walking quickly, in terror, and at this moment he wanted to turn around and run away.

But his back was suddenly nudged by Elder Li with his walking stick.

“Stand still!”

Li Deshan looked determined and straightened his body slightly.

Old Master Li was his father, and even more so, the head of the Li family.

His father had said so.

Then there was simply no other way for him.

If he didn’t listen, he would have nothing left in the Li family afterwards!

A flash of lightning.

As soon as Kunlun got close, without the slightest pause, he directly landed a whip kick with a residual shadow on Li Deshan’s right leg.



There was a muffled sound, accompanied by a slight, yet enough bone cracking sound for everyone to hear.


Li Deshan flew straight out and fell to the ground, screaming in agony.

His features were instantly hideously distorted, and his head was full of beads of sweat sticking out.

The miserable scream sent chills down the spines of all the Li family.

But, no one stopped it!

Kunlun stepped forward once again, his expression cold and stern, and once again kicked out with his right foot at Li Deshan’s left hand.



Under the tremendous force, Li Deshan, who was lying on the ground, instantly twisted his direction, and his left hand even took on a strange twisted shape.

A miserable scream echoed through the hall.

It was like killing a pig.

“This matter is over!”

Chen Dong spoke indifferently.

Looking down at his mother in his arms, his expression gentled up, “Mom, I will take you home.”

“Go home …… we go home ……”

Li Lan did not hesitate in the slightest, red eyes filled with tears, but teary-eyed hazily looking at the figure in front of him.

Twenty years.

From day to day, she had been thinking about this figure.

But now, she had never expected to meet him on such an occasion.

There were so many emotions and so many tastes.

But at this moment, she could not say that she missed him.

As Chen Dong turned around with Li Lan, Kun Lun and Elder Long and Qin Ye also followed.

Chen Daolin stood in the hall.

One faced all the Li family members.

He said coldly, “Remember, I am now the Chen family’s man of words, my people, you can invite but not move!”

Overbearing and peerless.

Out of the corner of his eye, he looked at the crowd.

Under everyone’s gaze.

Chen Daolin turned around blandly and walked outside.

When he reached the door, he paused.

“Blow up your Li family ten more, count it as punishment, if there is a next time in today’s matter, the Li family will be turned into flat land, I said!”

At those words.

All the Li family members’ minds went “boom” and they fell into an ice cave.

Was this a way to bully the Li family to death?

What would ten cannonballs do to the Li family?

But as the elder Li did not move, the rest of the Li family did not dare to speak up.

It was as if they were, silently, admitting to this heavy punishment!

As Chen Dong and the others left in the helicopter.

The warplanes hovering over the ancient castle roared up at once.

Ten artillery shells, tugging at the blinding flames.

Like a meteor shower, they blasted down into the Li family garden.

There was a series of explosions.

Ten flaming mushroom clouds rose into the air in a spectacular display.

Inside the Li family hall.

Everyone’s face was deathly pale as they clenched their teeth.

Outside, there was a barrage of fire.

Inside the hall was dead silence.

This was a disgrace to the Li family!

A great shame!

They could even foresee that tonight, the Li family had been stared at the pillar of shame, becoming the laughing stock of the whole of Kyoto.

Master Li’s body was trembling, his dry hands clenched into fists, his eyes shadowy as if he wanted to eat someone.

He valued the Li family’s face above all else.

But as these shells fell, the Li family’s face was gone.

Anger was raging!

But he dared not speak out in anger.

With the sound of Li Deshan’s screams echoing in his ears, he looked at Li Deshan with a heartfelt look, “Someone, take Deshan to the doctor!”

At once, someone went to help Li Deshan.

At that moment, the rest of Elder Li’s sons, who had finally returned to their senses, clustered around Elder Li.

“Father, are you really going to let my Li family suffer such a great humiliation?”

“Barging into my Li family, crashing into my Li family hall, shelling the Li family manor, all these things, how can my Li family still have any face in Kyoto in the future?”

“Chen Dong is disobedient and arrogant, father has to think twice about asking him to be the head of the family!”

A series of voices made Elder Li irritable.

He felt like countless mosquito chants coaxing in his ears.

“That’s enough!”

Elder Li angrily scolded, “If you don’t ask Chen Dong to be the head of the family, who in your generation will be able to do the job? I am doing all this for the sake of the long-lasting rainbow of the Li family for generations to come!”

All the Li family members were silent, but they were filled with doubts.

Was the Li family’s generation still inferior to that dead woman’s B*****d son?

For the sake of the longevity of the Li family, the family head was single-handedly letting the Li family be stared at the pillar of shame?

The helicopter roared and flew towards Kyoto.

On the plane.

The three members of Chen Dong’s family sat together.

The atmosphere was odd.

What was supposed to be a family reunion was a family that looked at each other without words.

Elder Long, Kunlun and Qin Ye were looking out at the night sky.

Qin Ye murmured, “The three of us feel like three big electric bulbs.”

With a single word, he immediately made the few people in the helicopter laugh dumbly.

The atmosphere lightened up a little.

“Dong’er, give me your mother.”

Chen Daolin took Li Lan from Chen Dong’s arms and gave Chen Dong a provocative glance, “She’s my wife.”

Chen Dong, who was caught off guard, was instantly confused.