Winner Takes All Chapter 193-194

Chapter 193

Kyoto is a place of dragons and tigers.

The Li family fortress is in the mountains.

But this night’s movement was like thunder and lightning, sweeping through the intelligence networks of all Kyoto’s powers.

The Li family was broken into.

The Li family had been bombed, and even warplanes had been sent out.

One by one, information kept reaching the desks of the major powers.

Everyone was stunned.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the whole city was shaken.

In Kyoto, the Li family was the richest, its position unshakeable.

Who was it?

Who was it that dared to do this act of slapping the tiger’s butt?

For a while, some people were gloating, some were full of doubts, and some were even happier.

The Li family had become the laughing stock of everyone!

But without exception, all the forces were trying to trace the cause of the incident.

As a piece of information continued to appear in front of these people, the shock in these people’s hearts, too, was rapidly amplified.

This night in Kyoto.

It was like this rain in the night.

The storm clouds were surging, thunder and lightning were flashing, and the rain was pouring down.

Somewhere in the hotel in Kyoto.

In the room, Chen Dong sat with Kunlun Long Lao and Qin Ye.

Kunlun Qin Ye was smoking a cigarette.

Elder Long looked at a book.

Chen Dong was somewhat idle, looking out of the window at the heavy rain and lightning, silently dazed.

Everything tonight had been too much of a shock for him.

His father’s domineering ways had left an indelible impression on him.

As a child, every time he clashed with someone, he was expecting a father to stand up for him.

But he didn’t have a father, the people he was in conflict with did.

This contributed to the fact that when he was a child, whenever he clashed, whether he was right or wrong, he ended up on the wrong side of the fence.

When he was wrong, he deserved a beating.

But when he was right, he was also beaten.

His mother was exhausted from holding up a family for him, and whenever he was wronged, he dared not confide in her, like a dog, hiding in a dark corner, silently licking his wounds and recovering to face her with a smile.

And today, twenty years on.

The feeling of having a father is finally being felt.

The feeling was intense, shocking, and made Chen Dong’s emotions overwhelmingly complex.

His parents were in the next room and his father was helping his mother with her injuries.

And he consciously ran to Elder Long’s side of the room on their side.

Because he knew that, after twenty years of reunion, his mother must have had a lot of thoughts to tell his father.

And he had too, but that was after his parents had caught up with each other.

“Elder Long, don’t pretend.”

Qin Ye’s voice broke the silence in the room.

Chen Dong turned around and saw that Qin Ye had stood up and ripped Elder Long’s book away with one hand.

What Chen Dong did not expect was that there was still a book stuck inside the book.

Just the cover of the book ……

looked a little red to his face.

Elder Long’s body trembled and he was a little alarmed.

He hurriedly put away the book and angrily glared at Qin Ye: “You brat, I am only interested in reading sage books!”

“Che …… you old rascal will only be bent on studying technology!”

Qin Ye rolled his eyes.

Chen Dong and Kun Lun looked at each other.

If it wasn’t for Qin Ye, the two of them really didn’t think that Elder Long had this side.

The image of Old Man Long in their hearts in the past was now completely crumbling.

Following closely.

Qin Ye walked up to Chen Dong and extended his right hand, “Make a price, I’m your man tonight.”


Chen Dong’s tiger body shook and his face turned red as he looked at Qin Ye in horror, “You, what do you want? I, I’m not that kind of person!”

The sudden scene caused Elder Long and Kunlun to be startled as well.

Had the young master been discovered by Qin Ye for something?

Suddenly, Elder Long’s gaze flashed and he became excited, “Young master, why don’t you say yes?”

How the hell could this be a promise?

Chen Dong immediately became unsettled and was about to open his mouth to argue.

Long Lao stomped his foot, “Qin Ye has agreed to your invitation.”

Chen Dong was stunned, and then came to his senses.

He excitedly clasped Qin Ye’s hand, “Deal!”

The two men looked at each other and smiled.

Qin Ye said, “But you have to put a good price on it, if you want me to work for you, you have to be worthy of my life, and the price for my helping you is also great.”

“The price?” Chen Dong was stunned for a moment.

Qin Ye, however, smiled faintly, his handsome features dripping with a bit of evil aura.

He turned around and took out his mobile phone, dialing a number.

Soon, the call was answered.

Qin Ye said coldly, “From now on, I am not a member of the Qin family, expel me from the clan tree.”


Hang up the phone.

In the room, it was silent enough to listen to a needle.

Chen Dong was confused.

Elder Long and Kunlun were also confused.

This was a huge price, indeed!

Even for a person from a powerful and powerful family, it was undoubtedly a disaster of annihilation.

Yet, Qin Ye was refusing so casually.

This was where the three were truly shocked.

Qin Ye turned around, looked at the dumbfounded Chen Dong and shrugged his shoulders.

“Don’t be so surprised, anyway, I am being stored up as a ruined person in the Qin family, since I have a goal to be able to work towards, breaking away from the Qin family to struggle is just fine, now that my parents are gone, I don’t have any big attachments in the Qin family.”

Chen Dong’s heart was full of doubts.

Looking at Qin Ye, his lips were curt, wanting to ask.

A man who had killed his father had committed a great crime, yet the Qin family had spared his life and kept him.

To say that Qin Ye had killed his father and had no inside knowledge would be purely false.

Recalling carefully, it was clear to him that Qin Ye had also undergone a change in attitude from his saving his mother’s life this time.

After taking a deep breath, Chen Dong finally suppressed the doubts in his heart and did not ask.

This was Qin Ye’s secret.

It was also an inside story that the Qin family in Xishu had been hiding.

He respected Qin Ye, and if Qin Ye did not say anything, he would not ask more questions.

It was just like Fan Lu back then.

Only, looking at Qin Ye again.

Chen Dong suddenly felt that the man who had killed his father in front of him did not seem to be that cold-blooded and ruthless anymore.

Knock, knock!

A knock sounded at the door.

Chen Dong’s expression froze.

Was it finally his turn?

Kunlun got up and opened the door.

Standing in the doorway was Chen Daolin and Li Lan.

The two were embracing each other, their eyes were red.

Clearly, both had been crying.


“Master Chen family.”

Kun Lun, Elder Long and Qin Ye greeted each other.

Chen Daolin nodded and looked at Chen Dong with a soft gaze.

Chen Dong was dumbfounded, this moment, staring at his father, left him a little dazed, his mind was blank.

All the thoughts and expectations that he sometimes really got were not as easy and casual to deal with as he had expected to design them to be.

“You’ve done well!”

Chen Daolin nodded and praised, “You are excellent beyond my imagination, I am ashamed of you for twenty years, I have failed you mother and son.”

Chen Dong smiled and did not say anything.

“Our son, he can already hold up a piece of heaven for his mother.”

Chen Daolin twisted his head to look at Li Lan and smiled gently.

He then looked at Chen Dong again, “Be careful yourself, your answer sheet is not enough for you to take your mother back to the Chen family, the Chen family heirs, there are more than just the Born and Raised duo, I will take you and surpa*s them step by step.”

“I can surpa*s them myself.” Chen Dong said.

Chen Daolin smiled spontaneously and nodded, “Good, good, that’s the kind of guts my son should have!”

“I need to go back to the Chen family immediately, the incident tonight will be a big deal, and the Chen family needs to be suppressed.”

Chen Daolin’s face was sullen, but his gaze was directed towards Qin Ye: “Qin family boy, I know about you, you’re a filial son! Very good! a*sist my son well, and what you want, my son will give you one by one in the future!”

Chen Dong frowned.

Qin Ye instead scratched his head and smiled, “What are you laughing at, Master Chen, I’m the beast that slaughtered my own dad with my own hands.”

Chen Daolin laughed noncommittally.

Turning around, he left.


Chapter 194

Chen Daolin has left.

It came very suddenly and left very suddenly.

This made Chen Dong, who had come back to his senses and calmed down, inexplicably feel a little lost.

Li Lan saw what was on Chen Dong’s mind and she smiled softly, “Your father, at home, is waiting for us to come home.”

A simple sentence, but it conveyed another layer of meaning.

Chen Dong’s eyes flashed up with a fine aura.

Secretly, he clenched his fist.

Twenty years of relying on each other.

He must walk right into the Chen family and let his mother have the glory that should have belonged to her.

The night was without words.

At dawn, the rain stopped.

Chen Dong and the others then left Kyoto in a hurry.

The Li family last night was bound to cause a storm in Kyoto.

In Chen Dong’s eyes, Kyoto had long since become a maelstrom after the night.

A long stay would only plunge a few of them into the whirlpool as well.

He did not have an ounce of good feeling towards the Li family.

There was only disgust, anger and hatred.

Even if the Li family was willing to make him the head of the family, he would rather fight to the death for the slim chance of being the head of the Chen family.

The Li family’s whirlpool was something he had even less heart to get involved in.

In fact it was indeed as Chen Dong thought it would be.

A night of fermentation.

The major powers had also probed into the cause of what had happened at the Li family last night.

After all, Chen Daoling’s descent was not earth-shattering, but it was enough to shake the whole city.

All the powers were also shocked by Chen Daoling’s appearance.

It was important to know that the Chen family was at a level higher than the Li family, the richest family.

While in shock, some of the giants of the forces also reacted quickly.

As soon as the stock market opened, the share prices of the companies under the Li family plummeted in unison.

Not only that, some undercurrents, too, were gathering momentum in Kyoto.

Inside the Li family’s ancient castle manor.

Last night’s bombardment had left the ancient fortress manor in ruins and disrepair.

The courtyard walls had collapsed and the vast gardens were ruined.

The only thing left standing is the old castle.

Had Elder Li not made a quick decision in the end, he would have had to bomb the old fortress too.

The once glorious and mysterious Li family, under the rising sun, was showing a bleakness of the waning sun.

All the Li family members were terrified and looked gloomy.

The events of last night had shattered the pride in the hearts of the Li family.

Inside a luxurious room in the old castle.

Master Li sat silently at the window, a cigar cigarette burning in a curl of smoke in his hand.

Looking out from this angle, he could just about take in the devastation of the garden.

Master Li’s eyes were red and his face could not hide the look of exhaustion.

He had not slept all night, and had sat here, all night long.

Even after the night was over, he was still filled with resentment.


Li Deshan’s voice came from behind him, “The doctor said you can’t smoke.”

Old Master Li laughed: “This old body of mine is already holding strong, not being able to smoke is for the good of my health, can I live a thousand years?”

Li Deshan looked puzzled.

After a moment’s hesitation, he said, “Father, in fact, we, the brothers, are able to take charge of the Li family, it’s just that you have refused to let go.”

As he said these words, his gaze kept sweeping towards Old Master Li.

The heart was frightened.

Because he knew that this was already asking his father to choose a new family head.

It was no different from forcing a palace in ancient times!

“Oh, you brothers, who is this material?”

Old Master Li smiled despondently, “I also want to let go of my power and step down as the family head, but you all, who can take up the position of family head? All of you are brave but not resourceful, and all of you are drunken sacks of rice, skilled in internal fighting.”

The character of his sons had been in the eyes of Old Master Li since he was a child.

If he hadn’t known them well, why would he have gone to such lengths to plan for Chen Dong, a man with the surname Chen, to become the head of the family?

Even if he had already calculated how his son could usurp Chen Dong’s position as head of the family when the Li family was firmly established in the future.

But at least during the time when Chen Dong was the head of the family, the Li family would be a disgrace and a laughing stock in the eyes of outsiders.

Li Deshan’s old face flushed.

But he still gritted his teeth and said stubbornly, “Father, I think I am already capable of taking charge of the Li family, you may not know yet, just because of this operation of yours, today the share prices of the listed companies under our Li family have plummeted at the same time, and several of them have already fallen to a halt.”

“I don’t need to know, I also guessed that there will be more trouble for the Li family in Kyoto in the coming period.”

Elder Li looked obscure and sighed helplessly, “Last night’s descent of Chen Daolin was already using his big hands to stir up the entire situation in Kyoto into a dark current, those people, I guess, already started sharpening their knives last night, preparing to deal with our Li family.”

The position of the richest man, the Li family had been sitting on it for many years.

A big tree invites wind, and there are many enemies.

The glorious Li family, in Kyoto, had people who wanted to take its place.

However, they had always been fearful of the strength of the richest Li family and did not dare to make a move.

This has also kept this pool of water in Kyoto, calm.

Last night, when Chen Daolin descended, a dozen shells fell.

However, it had stripped the Li family’s bottom clean. Elder Li knew very well that when the skin was stripped, the bare meat would be the most extravagant thing those people could hope for.

“Then what should we do about this?” Li Deshan’s face changed dramatically.

Elder Li smiled bitterly, “If Dong’er were here, he wouldn’t be asking old man this, that’s why he can be the head of the family, but you few can’t.”


When the plane landed at the airport.

It was already eleven o’clock at noon.

Long Lao had long ago arranged for a car, and when several people walked out of the airport, they took the car directly back to their Tianmen Mountain villa home.

By the time they arrived home.

Fan Lu had already set the table full of dishes.

Seeing Li Lan, Fan Lu first froze for a moment, then flung herself in front of Li Lan with tears of joy and hugged her.

“Auntie, you scared me to death, you really scared me to death.”

Li Lan was stifled by Fan Lu’s lunge, which involved her injury, and she immediately let out a stifled grunt.

This scared Fan Lu and she hurriedly apologised.

But Li Lan smiled and said, “It’s alright, it’s a small injury, it’s not a big deal.”

“Mom, let’s eat first.”

Chen Dong let Fan Lu hold her mother, then greeted Qin Ye Long Lao and took his seat.

In the kitchen, there was still movement.

Chen Dong glanced at Fan Lu, “There is someone else?”

Fan Lu smiled and said, “It’s Little Shadow, after Aunty disappeared, I was terrified, after informing you guys, Young Master, I also informed Little Shadow, she was so scared that she rushed over.”

The words had just fallen.

The kitchen door opened.

Gu Qingying, whose face was red from the smoke and fire and who was wearing an apron, came out carrying a bowl of soup.

After putting down the soup, she rubbed her hands together and sat down next to Li Lan, saying with an apology, “Auntie I’m sorry I didn’t take care of you while Chen Dong was away.”

A sudden apology.

Not only did it confuse Li Lan, even Chen Dong was not expecting it.

However, Chen Dong was feeling a warm current flowing in his heart.

In this matter, what was Gu Qingying’s fault?

She lived alone and her mother was kidnapped at home, how could Gu Qingying possibly know?

“Silly girl, it was auntie’s own fault, why are you still blaming yourself.” Li Lan said in a soft voice.

“But I am Chen Dong’s fiancee, you are my future mother-in-law, I should have taken care of you after Chen Dong left, but I didn’t take care of you and let you get kidnapped, that’s my fault.” Gu Qingying said seriously.

This made Chen Dong and the others laugh dumbly.

Chen Dong scraped the bridge of Gu Qingying’s high nose, “You little fool, your logic is quite smooth.”

Gu Qingying’s nose wrinkled slightly and she glared at Chen Dong.

At this moment, Qin Ye suddenly stood up.

He extended his right hand to Chen Dong, “Brother Dong, for the sake of my sister-in-law, I’ve made this friend of yours.”

Chen Dong’s eyes glared, “Kunlun, beat the hell out of him!”