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Winner Takes All Chapter 195-196

Chapter 195

The following days.

Chen Dong was once again busy, on the one hand, he had to lead the project of Dingtai.

On the other hand, he also set up the structure of the financial company with Qin Ye, and the follow-up only required Qin Ye to take the lead.

He was indifferent to the storm clouds in Kyoto because of the Li family.

The Li family, even if they were to go down the drain, would have nothing to do with him.

Because of the kidnapping of Li Lan, Gu Qingying would also go to Tianmen Mountain Villa every day to accompany Li Lan.

From time to time, she would also ask Fan Lu for cooking lessons.

It was simple and happy, making Chen Dong feel very warm.

However, just because Chen Dong did not care about the stormy clouds of the Li family in Kyoto, it did not mean that he could really stay out of it.


Chen Dong, Elder Long and Kunlun and Qin Ye were sitting on the terrace, drinking beer and blowing the night breeze.

The terrace on the roof of the villa had become a place for the four to rest in their leisure time.

“Young master, the recent storm formation in Kyoto is not small at all.” Elder Long murmured.

Chen Dong gave a non-committal smile.

Qin Ye poured in a mouthful of beer and said, “The Li family has been sitting on their a*ses as the richest man in Kyoto for so many years, there are probably many people coveting that position, this time Brother Dong and Master Chen have skinned the Li family, those people will definitely take advantage of the Li family’s illness to take their lives.”

Saying that, he shrugged, “The Qin family in Xishu is also secretly the target of many people who want to pull down their horses.”

Long Lao deflated his mouth and looked up at the night sky, “The old man in Kyoto doesn’t care about the storm in Kyoto, but now the wind from Kyoto has slowly blown over here.”

Chen Dong frowned slightly, looking at Elder Long in surprise.

It was true that he did not care about the death of the Li family, even if Kyoto was turned upside down, he could still sit on a steady fishing platform.

But when the wind swept this way, eventually he and Dingtai, too, would be swept into the whirlpool.

With his current strength, it was not the time to fight against the dragons and tigers of Kyoto.

Qin Ye’s expression also gripped his features.

As a member of the Qin family, the entanglements of the giants and magnates were most clear.

“The commotion that night was too big, Kyoto hides dragons and tigers, it’s simply too easy to scout it out.”

Qin Ye frowned and murmured, “Brother Dong, what do you think about this?”

“Dryly watching.”

Chen Dong smiled to himself, “The storm clouds in Kyoto are rolling in, and Din Tai, who lives in this corner of the world, really has no other choice but to watch dryly.”

“Actually, young master has nothing to worry about, after all, young master still has the family head and the Chen family behind him.” Kunlun said comfortingly.

Qin Ye raised his eyebrows and said, “Didn’t the Li family know about Dong’s background and still kidnap Auntie?”

Kun Lun was speechless for a while.

On the contrary, Elder Long smiled slightly, “It’s just that, and we’ll see how the wind and clouds change, and the fortune will have its own argument.”


The next morning.

After Chen Dong and Kun Lun had their devil training, they ate breakfast and prepared to go to the company.

But an invitation was delivered to his doorstep by the security personnel of the Tianmen Mountain Villa.

When he opened the invitation, Chen Dong became a little despondent.

“Coming, so soon?”

“Is it from Kyoto?” Elder Long asked with a frown.

Chen Dong nodded his head and sighed helplessly, “It’s from the Zhang family in Kyoto, inviting me to attend an auction in the city tonight.”

“An auction?”

Elder Long was stunned for a moment, and then smiled, “Since it is an invitation to an auction, it should be for good.”

Chen Dong hesitated for a moment and said, “Elder Long, tell us about this Zhang family in the car.”

He had been immersed in real estate for three years, and he was still clear about the real estate-related families.

But the only way to find out about the magnates outside the industry was to ask Elder Long.

The Rolls-Royce drove towards Dingtai Company.

In the car, Long Lao recounted, “Young master, this Zhang family is considered a relatively clean family, in fact, the energy in Kyoto is not too big, mainly engaged in film and television entertainment, now after three generations of cultivation, just like to become the oligarch of film and television entertainment, already in cooperation with international film companies.”

Small power.

Clean family history.

Chen Dong quickly eliminated two important pieces of information from Elder Long’s profile, and the big stone in his heart finally fell.

This Zhang family, as Elder Long had said, should have come here for good and to make friends.

Otherwise, would such a “weak” family have the guts to deal with him?

Stretching his back, Chen Dong said, “I’ll ask Qin Ye to go with me tonight.”

Long Lao nodded, not wondering why Chen Dong had brought Qin Ye and not him.

In fact, Chen Dong also thought that since Long Lao was so old, he had no one to rely on before, but now that Qin Ye, the son of a rich family, was there, he could share the burden on Long Lao’s behalf.

It was a busy day.

At six o’clock in the afternoon.

Chen Dong left work on time and went downstairs to wait for a moment.

A roar of engines came from the distant street corner, bombarding the whole street.

Immediately after, Chen Dong saw a black Koenigsegg rushing over.


The Koenigsegg stopped, the car door opened and Qin Ye stepped out, “Brother Dong, let’s go you!”

Chen Dong was dumbfounded for a while.

Looking at the Koenigsegg his heart beat a little faster.

This car was dead expensive!

“Brother Dong, don’t stand still, what’s so surprising about just one car?” Qin Ye smiled cynically.

Chen Dong’s lips nodded as he sat in the car.

Feeling the luxury inside the car, he was a little bewildered.

He was the heir of the Chen family, and Qin Ye was the outcast of the Qin family.

The original and now distinct identities had given birth to a feeling in Chen Dong that he was now the outcast.

“Qin Ye, just how much private money do you have?”

Chen Dong couldn’t help but ask, “First you sold that villa next door to my house, and now you’re buying such an expensive car, you only look like the heir to the Chen family, huh?”

“Not much not much.”

Qin Ye smiled mysteriously and gave Chen Dong a contemptuous look while driving, “Your father gave you so much money, you hide it yourself and don’t show it, and you don’t allow me to show it?”

Chen Dong: “……”

Koenigsegg sped along.

When he arrived at the auction house, it was already 7:30 pm.

Night had fallen.

Looking at the ancient pavilion building in front of him, Chen Dong was in a bit of a trance.

He had been to many high-end places, but this was the first time he had been to an auction house.

There was a sense of restraint in his behaviour and demeanour.

Qin Ye, on the other hand, was walking calmly, strutting towards the auction house.

As he walked, he even spat out to Chen Dong, “Brother Dong, the auction house in your place is no good, it is better for my auction house in Western Shu to have style.

Chen Dong was dumbfounded and laughed.

When the two of them reached the entrance, they handed in their invitations and were led into the auction house by a special person.

The lights were dimmed at once.

As they walked along the long corridor to the interior of the auction hall, the only light in the entire venue was also focused on the central stage.

“Two, please follow me.”

The man from the auction house led Chen Dong and Qin Ye towards the first floor box.

It was also just when the two were going upstairs.

Not far away in the darkness, a soft laughter suddenly rang out, “Grandpa, that Chen Dong looks cynical, like a prodigal son!”

A hoarse laugh sounded out, “Yu Lan, the Zhang family’s intelligence agency is already at its limit when it comes to finding out what happened that night, and it can’t even detect Chen Dong’s appearance.

“The man beside him is dressed in a suit, but his demeanor is so formal, how could the heir to the Chen family act like this on such a small occasion?” The soft voice carried a note of certainty.

“That’s true.”

The hoarse voice suddenly became a little lower: “Yu Lan, would you blame grandpa? The Zhang family is relying on you tonight, if you can win Chen Dong’s trust, the Zhang family will have one more way to go in the future.”

“I don’t blame grandpa, besides, Chen Dong is the heir of the Chen family, he falls under my skirt, I’m not at a loss.”

In the darkness, a tall silhouette dressed in a long dress slowly walked towards the first floor ……


Chapter 196

First floor private room.

The lights were charming.

Chen Dong and Qin Ye looked at the environment as they walked into the box and looked at each other.

After the staff left.

Chen Dong frowned and said, “The boxes in the auction house, are all in this kind of tone?”

“I’m F**king dumbfounded too.” Qin Ye looked like he had egg on his face, “This arrangement, it’s so flirty.”

The corner of Chen Dong’s mouth twitched and he sat down on the recliner in a wooden manner.

It would have been fine if it was just the charming lighting.

The key was that the entire compartment was filled with a strong smell of fragrance, and there was a picture of semi-nude body art hanging on the wall.

This …… is to attend the auction, or to see the art exhibition?

Two big men crammed into such a box always gives people a strange feeling.

However, Chen Dong did find that the floor-to-ceiling window of this box, which was right in front of the auction stage, could take in everything below, so it should be the best location.

The Zhang family was showing their sincerity, but ……

Chen Dong swept a glance at the box and finally landed on Qin Ye.

This is a very excessive show of sincerity, ah.

Sensing Chen Dong’s gaze, Qin Ye’s expression was solemn: “Don’t think too much!”

“Get lost!”

Chen Dong cursed with a smile.

Knock, knock!

There was a knock on the door.

Immediately after, a delicate and soft voice came from outside.

“I am from the Zhang family, Zhang Yulan, may Mr. Chen come in?”

Chen Dong nodded his head.

Only then did Qin Ye speak, “Come in.”

When Zhang Yulan, who was dressed in a long white dress and floated like an immortal, walked into the box.

A touch of surprise surfaced on her beautiful face at once.

And similarly, Chen Dong and Qin Ye were also surprised.

Chen Dong only knew that the Zhang family in Kyoto had invited him tonight, but he had never thought that a woman would come.

Moreover, it was an enchanting and beautiful woman!

Under the charming lighting, the long white dress trimmed Zhang Yulan’s tall figure to near perfection, with every depression and bulge just right.

Her delicate features, put together in near-perfect proportions, lightly powdered and with eyes like stars, were no better than those of the big stars on television.

This made Chen Dong’s mind think of Gu Qingying first when he was surprised.

Both of them were equally stunning, but when comparing them, Gu Qingying had more of a dusty and immortal aura, while Zhang Yulan gave off a mellow and worldly feeling.

Both were equally stunning, one in the sky and the other on earth.

“So beautiful!”

Qin Ye’s offhand exclaim broke the silence in the room.

Zhang Yulan woke up from her amazement and swept a somewhat bored glance at Chen Dong.

A bodyguard who would actually follow Mr. Chen into this box?

This was carefully decorated by me, and just because of this bodyguard, it brakes the view.

Zhang Yulan’s bored look flickered away, but it was still easily caught by Chen Dong.

Chen Dong looked bewildered, inviting me here just to throw me a wink?

“Mr Chen, I am the first daughter of the Zhang family, Zhang Yulan.”

Zhang Yulan was full of smiles, giving people a spring-like feeling, and as she walked, her waist twisted, looking at her posture.

Then, under the stunned gazes of Chen Dong and Qin Ye.

Zhang Yulan slightly owed her body and walked in front of Qin Ye, extending her right hand, “First time meeting, please enlighten Mr. Chen.”

Mistaken identity?!

Chen Dong and Qin Ye looked at each other and were confused at the same time.

Chen Dong suddenly felt a little amused.

His own image, compared to Qin Ye’s, was so unlike the rich second generation?

The Zhang family in Kyoto had invited him, and they hadn’t even figured out who exactly was Chen Dong, and they had come up with the wrong one?

Zhang Yulan’s willow brows knitted slightly as she looked at Chen Dong with some anger, “What’s so funny about this?”

She had no good feeling towards this bodyguard in front of her.

This private room was personally prepared by her and her grandfather, and it should have been her and Chen Dong alone.

She believed that with her worldliness and looks, she would definitely be able to multiply her goodwill with Chen Dong overnight.

But a bodyguard had become a stumbling block to this elaborate preparation.

Chen Dong narrowed his smile for a moment, and did not get angry, but instead found the scene amusing.

If Zhang Yulan knew the truth later, what kind of reaction should she have?

Zhang Yulan was filled with a gentle smile as she looked towards Qin Ye: “Mr. Chen is really generous, he actually did not ask his bodyguards to stand outside the door and wait, but entered the box together, this is very different from the rich family’s children that Yulan has seen.”


Qin Ye suddenly laughed as well, his face flushed a little red.

This scene made Zhang Yulan look choked, a little confused.

Saying the wrong thing?

Qin Ye was busy waving his hand, “It’s alright, it’s alright, we’re all brothers, how can we be so uncomfortable?”

Chen Dong didn’t retort, Qin Ye had a clear mind, and didn’t think of telling Zhang Yulan the truth.

With that, Qin Ye took a step forward and looked down at Zhang Yulan with softness and affection in his eyes.

His lips lightly opened and he let out a magnetic voice: “What I didn’t expect was that Miss Yu Lan was so American looking, which really surprised me.”

Feeling Qin Ye’s gaze, he listened to words full of praise.

Zhang Yulan was secretly happy.

With her first impression, the next step would be easy.

She had many ways to deal with the prodigal son.

Increasing goodwill was just a handful.

“Mr. Chen is joking, how can this point of Yulan’s beauty be worthy of Mr. Chen’s praise?”

Zhang Yulan’s long, white jade hand gently held Qin Ye’s right hand, and after touching it, she clearly felt Qin Ye’s hand tremble for a moment, and her confidence instantly multiplied.

After all, it was a polite handshake and the two quickly separated.

However, Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan continued to look at each other, both of them with smiles on their faces.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that they were frowning at each other.

Chen Dong witnessed it with his own eyes, his face rising a little red.

This was a high-end player game within a game, the battle of the Sea Kings?

His eyes cast a sidelong glance at the charming lighting and arrangement in the box.

Chen Dong clearly understood the Zhang family’s purpose.

This Zhang family, pulling in favours, didn’t even know to ask around about me?

Even if they can’t recognize me, can’t they find out that I have a fiancĂ©e?


After a long time, Qin Ye lightly took Zhang Yulan’s hand and invited Zhang Yulan to take a seat as a gentleman.

Zhang Yulan also behaved in a reserved and polite manner, but the charm remained between her eyebrows.

After the two of them took their seats, they chatted enthusiastically.

Chen Dong was left out, sitting alone on the side.

But he didn’t care, he didn’t like such a scene.

Zhang Yulan had identified the wrong person, so it was just as well to let Qin Ye, a technical player, take the bullet for him.

Whatever technical exchange the two had, as long as it didn’t impress him.

“By the way Mr. Chen, the auction tonight is a bit of a spectacle.”

Zhang Yulan suddenly said in a delicate voice.

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and instinctively looked over.

Sensing Chen Dong’s gaze, Zhang Yulan frowned slightly before turning to Qin Ye with a delicate smile and said, “The grand finale auction tonight is a piece of jewellery, the Tears of the Blue Sea, which is a whole sapphire, designed and made by the top designers, and will definitely convince every girl.”


With Zhang Yulan’s family background, she naturally did not need to have the Tears of the Blue Sea auctioned for her, but this could also serve as a test.

If “Chen Dong” was willing to take it for her, then the relationship would be one step closer.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, his gaze deep and thoughtful.

“Tears of the Blue Sea? I don’t think I’ve given her many gifts since I got together with Little Shadow.”