Winner Takes All Chapter 197-198

Chapter 197

The time pa*ses slowly.

Inside the auction hall, there were more and more people.

On the first floor, one after another, the lights of the boxes were lit up.

However, because of the special design, it was difficult for outsiders to see who was actually sitting inside the boxes.

Chen Dong paid no attention to Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan, who were in love with each other.

He played with his phone with his head down and sent a WeChat to Gu Qingying, “I want to send you a gift.”

“What kind of gift? (Happy)” Gu Qingying replied in seconds.

Chen Dong sent back a message, “You’ll know when the time comes.”

After sending the message, he put his phone on mute and tucked it into his pocket.

Leaning back in his chair, he looked at the lights that were gradually brightening on the auction stage below.

The auction was about to begin.

Chen Dong was determined to win the last item, the “Tears of the Blue Sea”.

This was his gift to Gu Qingying.

As for the price, he didn’t consider it, the city’s auction house probably couldn’t sell any heavenly treasures, not to mention that he had money now.

“Mr. Chen, the box is a bit hot.”

Zhang Yulan suddenly said daintily, “Can you let this bodyguard of yours out? I want to fix my skirt and cool off a bit.”

Qin Ye’s eyes lit up, but he immediately showed a difficult look again.

Zhang Yulan had mistakenly identified the wrong person, he wouldn’t dare to really throw Chen Dong out yet.

A smile emerged at the corner of Chen Dong’s mouth.

The Zhang family in Kyoto was worthy of being in the entertainment industry, and the luxurious daughter of the family was actually all in such a posture.

“That, Yu Lan, a brother of your own family, don’t mind.”

Qin Ye suddenly stifled a sentence.

Zhang Yulan’s expression was choked.

This …… can still be a self brother, don’t care?

Chen Dong was caught off guard, his face turned violently red and he coughed violently.

He fiercely glared at Qin Ye, this B*****d, so righteous to his own brother?

Qin Ye knew that he had said the wrong thing and blushed as he pointed to the auction stage below, “That, look at the auction, it will start soon.”

Zhang Yulan gave Chen Dong a sidelong glance, slightly annoyed.

With this light bulb in front of her, she simply could not continue to exert her charms.

The Zhang family was not considered prominent in Kyoto, even if the film and entertainment in the hands of the Zhang family had almost become an industry oligarchy nowadays.

But compared to the real giants of Kyoto, they are still a long way behind.

If she could get the Chen family’s attention, even if Chen Dong was only the successor, as long as the Chen family had not yet established a real new family head, this name alone would be enough for the Zhang family to operate.

For the sake of the family, she would do anything.

Not to mention that the “Chen Dong” in front of her was quite to her liking.


The light on the auction stage shone brightly.

At the same time, the few scattered lights in the venue also went out.

All the lights were focused on the auction stage.

A middle-aged man in a suit, with a strong figure, smiled as he walked onto the stage.

The auction, officially started!

Chen Dong attended the auction for the first time and watched with great excitement as the auction proceeded.

But after looking at a few items, he lost interest because, as he had expected, the items up for auction were indeed valuable to ordinary people, but to him, they were insignificant.

There were no bids for the entire first floor box.

Those who competed for bids were all those in the ground floor venue.

He cast a sidelong glance at Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan.

The two were almost embracing each other, eyebrows raised.

With what Chen Dong knew about Qin Ye these days, he reckoned that if he hadn’t been present, these two would have really become dry fire.

“Mr. Chen ……”

Sensing Chen Dong’s gaze, Zhang Yulan let out a wink.

Qin Ye was a little embarra*sed: “Brother of my own family, it’s nothing.”

Zhang Yulan: “……”

She was about to explode with anger.

I’m already like this with you, and you’re still talking about brotherhood?

What the hell do you think I am?

However, thinking of the purpose of this trip, Zhang Yulan could only suppress her anger and cling to Qin Ye’s embrace as a bird.

Chen Dong could not help but laugh as he watched.

Not wanting to spoil Qin Ye’s fun, he forced himself to focus on the slightly tedious auction on the auction stage.

Inside the auction hall, the atmosphere became more and more heated with each round of bidding.

When the atmosphere reached a climax, the last three rounds of the auction finally began.

And at that moment, there were finally people in the boxes on the first floor who started to raise their bids.

Chen Dong watched quietly.

He was waiting for the finale, the “Tears of the Blue Sea”.

“Mr. Chen, the Tears of the Blue Sea will be up soon.” Zhang Yulan tried in a delicate voice.

Qin Ye smiled wickedly at the right time, “You like it? Then I’ll buy it for you.”

With his personality and financial resources, spending a thousand or so million on picking up a girl was a routine operation.

What’s more, the beauty in his arms was a genuine white rich beauty, so it was not a loss at all to spend a thousand or so million.

“Yu Lan likes everything that Mr. Chen gives her.”

Zhang Yulan’s beautiful eyes lit up, and at once her entire body was about to rub into Qin Ye’s arms.

This was what she was waiting for.

As long as “Mr. Chen” was willing to give it to her, it meant that there was a possibility of further development.

But Zhang Yulan didn’t notice that Chen Dong, who was at the side, quietly gave Qin Ye a warning look and shook his head.

Qin Ye was instantly dumbfounded.

Chen Dong had taken a fancy to it?

Immediately afterwards, he reacted that Chen Dong was going to give the Tears of the Blue Sea to Gu Qingying.

Qin Ye was a little melancholy and looked down at the delicate Zhang Yulan in his arms, he could not bear it in his heart.

“Everyone, the next item is the grand finale of this auction, the Tears of the Blue Sea.”

Accompanied by the auctioneer’s voice, two cheongsam beauties walked onto the auction stage holding trays.

Everyone was staring intently at the tray covered with a silk cloth.

When the auctioneer uncovered the silk cloth.


An azure light shone out under the strong light, beautiful and glorious.


The entire auction hall was immediately filled with astonishment.

Even Chen Dong could not help but be surprised, attracted by the light of the Blue Sea Tear.

Zhang Yulan, on the other hand, was also stunned in his heart.

This place, there was really such a top quality jewel being auctioned?

“This auction house, it’s a bit of a thing.” Qin Ye also could not help but exclaim in admiration.

As the light gradually diminished.

Everyone got a good look at the real Tears of the Blue Sea.

It was a piece of jewellery that was extremely artistic in its carving, no, it should just be called a work of art.

The blue sapphire still shone brightly, a radiant blue that was intimidating.

It was so dazzling that even the diamonds on the necklace became an accent.

The whole necklace was extremely glorious, so beautiful that it was flawless.

Once again, the auction room was filled with shouts of astonishment.

Some even took a glance at their female companions who were full of desire around them, and could not help but scratch their purses and sigh helplessly.

“This piece is called Tears of the Blue Sea, the owner of this auction house obtained a top quality sapphire by chance and specially invited the top international Italian designer to design and make it, you can call it a piece of jewellery or a piece of art, but I think I prefer to describe it as the dream of all women.”

An introduction.

The auctioneer announced loudly, “The reserve price is fifty million dollars, with bids of ten million dollars per round, the bidding will now begin!”


“Fifty million? Still the reserve price? Holy Sh*t, I can’t afford it, I can’t afford it!”

“Oh my God, I don’t think I’ll be able to make as much money as this Tear of the Blue Sea in my lifetime, right?”

“Such a beautiful work of art, it’s really worth a fortune, if someone was willing to give it to me, it would be worth my life.”


Inside the auction room on the ground floor, there was an uproar.

And just at that moment.

A calm voice suddenly came out from the box in the middle of the first floor.

“One hundred million!”


Chapter 198

The voice is calm.

But it was like a big thunderclap.

In an instant, everyone looked at the box from which the voice came.

“One hundred million, this guest in the box upstairs, bid one hundred million!”

The auctioneer shouted excitedly.

Immediately afterwards, everyone in the venue finally came back to their senses.

There was a mountain of shouts of shock.

“Oh my God! Who is that sitting upstairs? A bid of just 100 million?”

“It’s doubled straight away, it seems that this big man is determined to win!”

“It’s too ruthless, the trench is unbeatable, that box couldn’t be Zhou Yanqiu, could it?”


Inside the box.

Chen Dong blandly put down the microphone and leaned back in his chair, quietly waiting.

This was his first time attending an auction.

However, he had figured out some tricks from the few rounds he had just watched.

Under the premise that the highest bidder would win, one round of bidding would only make some people get hot under the collar and keep bidding.

The end result is that the price far exceeds the original price of the lot.

A heavy-handed approach is the fastest way to settle an auction.

It would also allow those who were interested in competing to keep their cool and not get carried away by the heat of the moment.

“One hundred million?!”

Qin Ye blurted out.

Zhang Yulan even furrowed her eyebrows and looked sullen, “Mr. Chen, is this bodyguard of yours shouting the price for you? This is too much to overstep the bounds of your authority!”

As a master and servant, how could a servant take the law into his own hands without being told to do so by his master?

As a member of the Zhang family’s direct lineage, she was a proper rich white girl.

Zhang Yulan had participated in countless auctions and had brought along her bodyguards to let them help shout the bids, but those bodyguards had all shouted at the master’s command.

She had even asked her bodyguards to help with the bidding.

And just now, “Mr. Chen” hadn’t said a word!

“I bought it myself.” Chen Dong said calmly, “This Tear of the Blue Sea is for my fiancée.”

Zhang Yulan’s mind went “boom” and her eyes were filled with disbelief.

Immediately afterwards, she suddenly snorted with laughter, “What a big mouth! You’re just a bodyguard of Mr. Chen, you have so much money?”

As she said this, Zhang Yulan did not hide her contempt and disdain for Chen Dong.

A mere bodyguard, shouting out a hundred million dollars with his mouth open?

Don’t even take a P*ss and look at yourself!

“One hundred million, is that a lot?”

Chen Dong gave Zhang Yulan a sidelong glance.

Zhang Yulan smiled, “Not much, indeed not much, but don’t blame me for not being kind enough to remind you, this is an official auction, if you are unable to pay after bidding, you will be sanctioned by the law.”

Chen Dong smiled disdainfully and paid no more attention.

But it was such a look that instantly seemed to have stirred a certain nerve in Zhang Yulan.

She was almost exploding.

The titled Miss Zhang Family was being scorned by a bodyguard ……?

She turned her head to look at Qin Ye: “Mr. Chen, this is your bodyguard?”

Qin Ye was embarra*sed for a moment.

Glancing at Chen Dong, Qin Ye said helplessly, “A brother of my own family, never mind.”

“But you clearly said earlier that you were going to buy it for me.”

Zhang Yulan pouted and took Qin Ye’s arm, saying pitifully, “Mr. Chen, you have promised me, are you going to be a man of your word?”

If it was at the beginning, Zhang Yulan would never have acted like this.

But now, she was sure that the “Mr. Chen” in front of her was interested in him.

If a man has a love for a concubine, there is no harm in being petulant.

Qin Ye shrugged helplessly: “As you heard, my brother wants to give it to her fiancée, isn’t it good to be an adult? He offered 100 million, he’s determined to get it, so just give it to him, and I’ll just send you another one later.”

“But does he have the money to give it?”

Zhang Yulan was indignant, she had not taken the Tears of the Blue Sea seriously before, she was just using it as a medium for her to get closer to Chen Dong.

But when she really saw the Tears of the Blue Sea, even with her knowledge, she was moved.

What girl doesn’t like pearlescent jade?

What’s more, it’s this kind of top quality art!

This kind of top quality jewellery can only be found at the top auctions like Sotheby’s.

“Ugh …… if you like it, just auction it yourself.”

Qin Ye stretched his hands in annoyance, intending to leave this matter alone.

With his dangling and cynical personality, simply identifying the wrong person and spending some money to pick up a girl, he was happy to do it.

But if Zhang Yulan screwed with him, it would be no fun.

Zhang Yulan was confused.

He looked at Qin Ye in disbelief.

The auction stage.

The auctioneer shouted.

“One hundred million, for the first time!”

This shout touched Zhang Yulan.

Growing up pampered and spoiled, and even more so, soaking in the entertainment industry, a place of fame and fortune, she was fed, clothed and dressed with the best.

With an indignant grit of her teeth, Zhang Yulan picked up the microphone, “One hundred and fifty million dollars!”


The sound came out and the entire venue exploded in shock.

People’s voices boiled.

The shouts were ear-splitting.

Because the bids were all from the same box.

This …… was a bid from one of our own?

The auctioneer was also confused: “That, hello customer, the same box, in principle, can only be a single bid.”

The words had just fallen.

Inside the box, Chen Dong’s voice came out again.

“Two hundred million!”


Everyone once again exclaimed in shock, their faces changing drastically.

At this moment, even the people in the other boxes on the first floor were not calm, even if they knew that they could not see anyone, they all got up and looked this way.

“Insane, simply insane!”

“Two people in the same box are bidding for $50 million at a time, how can you be so rich?”

“A reserve price of 50 million, two bids and it’s up to 200 million, my god, this news is so explosive!”


The auction hall was filled with exclaims.

The atmosphere was instantly pushed to a full-blown firestorm.

Inside the box, however, it was as cold as an ice cellar.

Zhang Yulan’s shell teeth clenched her red lips as her beautiful eyes glared at Chen Dong with resentment.


What a B*****d!

This stinking bodyguard, did he think this was a game?

“You opened your mouth and shouted for 200 million, where on earth did you get the courage to do that as a bodyguard?” Zhang Yulan coldly scolded and asked.

“You don’t need to care, this Tear of the Blue Sea belongs to my fiancee anyway.”

Chen Dong indifferently swept a glance at Zhang Yulan.

“I …… well, if you want to fight, then I will see what kind of divinity you really are!”

Zhang Yulan is not stupid, although the person in front of him seems to be “Chen Dong’s” bodyguard, but “Chen Dong” said “his own brother”, obviously the two of them have a very shallow relationship.

However, she was not in the habit of swallowing her anger when the matter had come to this stage.

She finished.

Zhang Yulan picked up the microphone again.

In the face of the roar of excitement within the venue, her red lips opened lightly and she was about to raise her bid.

Suddenly, Qin Ye raised his hand and wrapped his arm around her waist.

“Baby, let me remind you, be calm!”

Zhang Yulan froze for a moment.

She didn’t wait for her to regain her senses.

Qin Ye smiled awkwardly and said to Chen Dong, “Chen Dong, are you really not going to tell her? It’s your own money that you’ll lose if you keep making a scene like this.”


Zhang Yulan’s delicate body shook as if she had been struck by lightning.

Her beautiful eyes were round and shocked as she looked at Chen Dong who was sitting indifferently, her brain buzzing.