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Winner Takes All Chapter 199-200

Chapter 199

Zhang Yulan was dumbfounded, her brain buzzing as her beautiful eyes stared round at Chen Dong.

She felt that the sky was spinning.

The man in front of her was Chen Dong, so whose arms was she snuggling in just now?

Chen Dong cast a sidelong glance at Qin Ye, somewhat helpless.

The auctioneer at the bottom had already shouted.

When the “third” time came out, the auctioneer said.


The auction hammer fell.

The hammer was set and no one else followed.

In the auction hall, as the 200 million dollar bid fell, deafening shouts rang out.

Both the people on the ground floor and those in the boxes on the first floor turned their attention to the box in the middle.

Everyone was curious as to who had made such an astronomical bid!

The Tear of the Blue Sea was indeed rare, otherwise it wouldn’t have caused Zhang Yulan to go crazy.

But with the specifications of this city’s auction house, whether it was the Tear of the Blue Sea or the $200 million sky-high price, it was enough to blow up the whole place.

Inside the box.

“Let’s go.”

Chen Dong got up, swept past Zhang Yulan and headed outside.

From the beginning to the end, he did not even glance at Zhang Yulan.

What he wanted had already been obtained, and the Zhang family’s purpose was clear.

If it was a serious solicitation, Chen Dong would not mind getting closer to the Zhang family, but coming up with a beauty ploy was not something he could accept.

Zhang Yulan’s delicate body trembled as she finally woke up with a start.

Looking at Chen Dong’s back, Zhang Yulan’s red lips mumbled, “Mr. Chen ……”

The words reached her mouth, but she did not know what to say.

When she thought of how she had treated Chen Dong just now, she felt a sense of shame that was difficult to even apologize.

“Baby ……”

Qin Ye was somewhat fond of Zhang Yulan’s posture, among all the girls he had ever seen, she was definitely ranked in the top three of stunning beauty.

What’s more, Zhang Yulan had a layer of family background that hardened her to rank number one in Qin Ye’s heart.

“Get lost!”

Zhang Yulan was furious and scolded at Qin Ye angrily.

Qin Ye was stunned and shrugged, “Actually, I’m not that bad, I’m at least a former member of the Western Shu Qin family, didn’t I just kill a dad and then ask for my own expulsion from the family tree.”


Zhang Yulan was struck by lightning, and her beautiful face turned white.

As the first daughter of the Zhang family, what happened to the Qin family in Xishu back then had caused a storm in the gentry and was known to everyone.

She did not know Qin Ye, but she had also heard of this incident.

When she thought that she had just snuggled into the arms of a man who had killed her father, Zhang Yulan’s heart raced and her nausea and fear reached the extreme.

In a fit of rage, Zhang Yulan grabbed the cup and smashed it directly at Qin Ye.

“You get lost!”

“Just get lost, here, this is my contact information.”

Qin Ye put down a business card with a face full of indifference, turned around and left.

In the box, Zhang Yulan’s pretty face was white and her chest was heaving violently.

The scene just now replayed in her mind as if it was a nightmare.

Shame, hatred, self-blame, panic and other emotions haunted her mind.

She was at a loss for words.

After leaving the box, Chen Dong and Qin Ye did not leave the auction hall directly, but were led by a special person to the backstage of the auction hall to go through various formalities.

The formalities were quickly completed and the jewellery box containing the “Tears of the Blue Sea” was handed to Chen Dong.

“Mr. Chen, congratulations, this is a treasure that my boss has kept for many years, and when he learnt of the arrival of your guest, he specially brought it out for the finale of the auction.”

“Who is your boss?” Chen Dong asked curiously.

Since it was brought out because of a valuable guest, it was nine times out of ten because of the Zhang Yulan family.

The Zhang family of Kyoto, in Kyoto where dragons and tigers were hidden, was indeed not strong enough to be at the top.

However, in this city, it was a true dragon descending.

“Zhou Yanqiu.” The staff did not conceal it, there was no need to conceal it from such a big client.

Chen Dong was stunned, looked at the jewellery box in his hand and smiled faintly, “Thank you then.”

After saying that, he left together with Qin Ye.

Also just as the two left, the staff member who was responsible for delivering the Tears of the Blue Sea to Chen Dong gradually furrowed his brows.

He hurriedly walked to an unoccupied corner.

Dialing a phone number.

“Boss, things have taken a turn for the worse, the Tears of the Blue Sea did not fall into Miss Zhang’s hands.”

“Hmm, it was a gentleman named Chen Dong who bought it?”

Over the phone, Zhou Yanqiu’s surprisingly calm voice caused the staff member to frown.

But he still responded, “Yes, it’s called Chen Dong.”

“Very well, the flower has fallen to its rightful owner.”


The phone hung up.

The staff member was dumbfounded.

Tears of the Blue Sea, it wasn’t the boss trying to please Miss Zhang?

Rather, the boss had taken it out especially for Chen Dong?

Before, was the auction house guessing wrong?

At the same time.

Zhang Yulan walked out of the auction house, his eyes hollow as he walked towards a BMW x7.

As soon as he got into the car, a hoarse voice rang out.

“Yu Lan, how was it?”

Zhang Yulan’s torso trembled, and her empty eyes quickly focused, then flushed red with tears.

A strong sense of aggression swept over her.

She flung herself directly into the old man’s arms and sobbed, “Grandpa, I’m sorry, I, I recognized the wrong person.”


The old man’s body shook and his face changed drastically.

He had brought Zhang Yulan here from Kyoto and prepared all this in order to gain proximity to Chen Dong, using it in the hope of getting on the Chen family’s line.

After all, the Chen family was above the rest, high up in the clouds overlooking all life.

Even the Zhang family is a member of the ma*ses.

It is difficult to make friends with the Chen family.

Not to mention the Chen family heirs, even the elite generation would find it difficult to make friends.

This also proved how important and scarce Chen Dong, the “wild” heir apparent, was.

“I… Didn’t I tell you not to mistake anyone?” The old man’s voice trembled a little.

He was clear about the special status of Chen Dong’s successor, but he was still willing to gamble for the sake of the Zhang family’s future, which was why he had rushed here without stopping.

But now, after preparing so much, and even being ready to give his own granddaughter to Chen Dong, he actually …… recognized the wrong person!

“Grandpa, you did see it, those two people just now, who looks more like Chen Dong, you can tell with one glance.”

Zhang Yulan cried out in aggravation, “At least Chen Dong is the heir of the Chen family, who would have thought that on such an occasion, he would show his restrained attitude?”

The old man’s body shook and his face turned red as he clenched his teeth.

Looking at the teary-eyed Zhang Yulan, the old man sighed helplessly, “It’s just that, it’s not your fault, even grandpa has just admitted his mistake, this matter can only be discussed in the long run.”

“Grandpa, I really could have done something for the Zhang family, I’m really not to blame this time.” Zhang Yulan cried out in aggravation, her delicate body trembling.

The old man was heartbroken for a while, patting his back to soothe him while frowning and asking, “Who is that cynical man? Since he can walk with Chen Dong, he should not be an ordinary person, right?”

At those words.

Zhang Yulan looked abruptly frightened, “It’s the father-slayer of the Qin family in Xishu.”


The old man thundered in a clear sky and was dumbfounded, “How could a brute who killed his father walk with Chen Dong?”


On the other side.

After Zhou Yanqiu hung up the phone, a smug smile appeared on his face.

“Such a precious treasure is handed over to you, you should be able to appreciate this kindness of mine, right?”


Chapter 200

As a local snake, Zhou Yanqiu was the first to learn of the Zhang family’s arrival.

The sudden arrival of the Zhang family in Kyoto in this corner of the world made him suspicious, but at the same time, he quickly investigated clearly.

The Zhang family had come for Chen Dong.

So when the Zhang family decided to meet Chen Dong at the auction house, he knew that the opportunity had come.

He knew that when the Zhang family decided to meet Chen Dong at the auction house, he knew that the opportunity had come.

The arrival of the Zhang family is an opportunity for him to show his goodwill to Chen Dong.

This is why Zhou Yanqiu generously brought out the “Tears of the Blue Sea”.

It seemed to be for Zhang Yulan, but in fact it was for Chen Dong.

Such a piece of jewellery was a work of art, and Zhou Yanqiu was sure that Chen Dong would auction it off for Gu Qingying.

After all, a show of love and a proposal of marriage were both earth-shattering.

It was enough to prove that Chen Dong was unstinting towards Gu Qingying.

“A good hand has been played to shreds, and now I can only make up for my relationship with Chen Dong a little.”

Zhou Yanqiu was filled with despondency and shook his head helplessly, “It’s just the Zhang family, they should be able to make some friends as well.”


On the way home, Qin Ye drove the Koenigsegg as fast as he could.

Chen Dong helplessly glanced at Qin Ye: “You poked yourself, you can’t blame me for this.”

Zhang Yulan was indeed stunning, and it was normal for Qin Ye to have thoughts.

What’s more, just now, the two of them were in love with each other, as if it was a matter of time.

It was just that the fire Qin Ye was holding in his heart right now, Chen Dong had some egg on his face.

“Blame me?”

Qin Ye gave Chen Dong a sidelong glance, “If I didn’t call a halt, maybe this Tear of the Blue Sea would have been bid up to some sky-high price.”

Chen Dong shrugged, “Then you don’t have to be so impatient now.”

“The best of the best, brother! It’s so hard to have one foot in my arms wooing and the next making me roll.” Qin Ye said.

Chen Dong deflated and paid no further attention.

The Koenigsegg roared all the way into the Tianmen Mountain villa area, and after getting out of the car, Qin Ye drove towards the outside of the Tianmen Mountain villa area with a tail drift.

Chen Dong was puzzled for a moment, and ignored it, and entered the villa.

“Young Master, back, how did things go?”

Elder Long took the lead and asked.

“The Zhang family in Kyoto is trying to pull me in, it’s just that the tactics are a bit unacceptable to me.” Chen Dong shook the jewellery box in his hand, “Instead, I bought a piece of jewellery for Little Shadow.”

“What tactics?” Elder Long asked.

Chen Dong did not hide anything and recounted what had happened.

After hearing this, Elder Long Kunlun was all confused.

“Qin Ye ran out again all the way in a blaze of glory, and now he should be looking for Zhang Yulan.” Chen Dong added.

Long Lao chuckled, “That brat touched a nose, he won’t immediately go to be a licking dog again, he might go somewhere to exchange techniques.”

Chen Dong looked at Elder Long strangely.

The image was falling apart more and more.

Sensing the looks from Chen Dong and Kun Lun, Elder Long smiled awkwardly and looked solemn.

“But it makes sense that that boy Qin Ye is fond of Zhang Yulan, Zhang Yulan’s beauty is notorious in the entertainment capital circle, and countless capital giants in the entertainment world are eager to have a kiss.”

“Then you have to have that strength too, the Zhang family’s oligarch status is no joke.” Chen Dong replied, then went upstairs and entered his room.

Taking out the “Tears of the Blue Sea” again, Chen Dong took a closer look at it.

Even though the light in the room was not as bright as that in the auction hall.

But the “Blue Sea Tears” still reflected an intimidating blue light, like a dream.

It had to be said that the item that Zhou Yanqiu had deliberately brought out to show her favour was indeed of extraordinary value.

Putting the “Tears of the Blue Sea” back into the jewellery box, Chen Dong smiled lightly, “This small gesture of goodwill is not enough to bring you back to the past.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that the sword was at his throat, Chen Dong would have let Zhou Yanqiu off the hook because of the kindness he had given him in the past.

The fact that Zhou Yanqiu’s backbone is broken is also for the sake of future insurance.

He has everything in the city, and Zhou Yanqiu is a local snake, so where can he sleep?

If he wanted to sleep, he would have to sleep at his feet!

Taking out his mobile phone, Chen Dong sent a WeChat to Gu Qingying.

“The gift has been bought.”

Gu Qingying’s WeChat returned in almost seconds.

“Really, show it to me quickly!”

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, “Little fool, this gift won’t be a surprise if I show it to you this moment.”

“Che …… whether I can be surprised or not is still up for debate (arrogant).”

“Then wait, rest early.”

After replying to WeChat, Chen Dong glanced at the “Tears of the Blue Sea” jewellery box and smiled confidently.

The family of Gu Qingying is very deep, it is true that ordinary jewellery and jewellery cannot surprise her, but what about the one worth 200 million?


The next two days were uneventful.

The first thing that surprised Chen Dong slightly was that the Zhang family had no more backhanders.

This was obviously somewhat out of the ordinary.

Having come all the way here from thousands of miles, the purpose was to pull him in.

To give up completely after only the first failure?

You’re kidding.

The truth was also just as Chen Dong had guessed.

The Zhang family had not given up and had remained in the city.

It was only because of the misadventure that Zhang Yulan had not been able to let go of his feelings in the past two days.

That was why the plan was put on hold.

Even the old man of the Zhang family was at a loss.

The perfect situation of being one step ahead of the others was now at an impa*se.

One step ahead of the others, but now they are lagging behind instead.

At least the first impression in Chen Dong’s mind has changed for the worse.

It would be difficult to redeem the situation later.

Early this morning.

Inside the Taishan Hotel.

Zhang Yulan was still sleeping when she was woken up by a phone call.

It was Grandpa calling.

“Yu Lan, tonight at the latest, you must meet Chen Dong immediately, someone from Kyoto is rushing over.”

A single sentence instantly made Zhang Yulan wake up.


“The Chu family!”

Zhang Yulan’s willow brows furrowed, “Is it that Sl*tty hoof of the Chu family?”

“Yes! You know that girl’s hand well, if we can’t take care of Chen Dong before she does, think about it, what chance does our Zhang family have?”

Grandpa’s words caused Zhang Yulan’s face to turn white.

The Sl*tty hoof she was talking about was none other than her arch rival.

Ever since she was young, she had always been, no matter in terms of looks or ability.

Apart from her looks, she was really ashamed of herself.

A look of determination flashed across her beautiful eyes.

Zhang Yulan said in a deep voice: “Grandpa, don’t worry, it will definitely work out tonight! Chen Dong, it has to be mine, there is no way I will let that Sl*t have her way!”

“Then Grandpa will invite Chen Dong immediately.”


Inside Din Tai’s office.

Chen Dong, however, looked at the post on the table with some playfulness.

“I made some trouble with the Li family, is it such a big stir?”

The post was delivered by Lone Wolf, and after handing it over to Chen Dong, Lone Wolf did not leave.

“Young master, the Li family is the richest in Kyoto, so when young master makes a scene, the stirring cannot be small.” Although Lone Wolf did not follow Chen Dong to Kyoto, he knew something about it.

Chen Dong smiled helplessly.

Picking up the post, he unwrapped it and took a look.

He then froze.