Winner Takes All Chapter 209-210

Chapter 209

A single word made the ward as cold as an ice cellar.

Chen Dong, the three of them, were all stunned.

A family was the result of the efforts of several generations over many years.

Whether it was financial power, status, or anything else, it was the work of several generations.

And to have a family become a scapegoat, to have generations of hard work go down the drain, how horrible should the mastermind behind this be?

At least, Gu Qingying was already astonished jade hand covering her mouth.

“Phew ……”

Chen Dong exhaled and picked up the information again and read it.

“The Zhou family of Xishu?”

The information showed that the Zhou family was just a small family in Xishu.

Not to mention compared to the Li, Zhang and Chu families, even compared to Zhou Yanqiu, it was still a mole’s existence.

They live in a remote area, and are a complete snake in the ground.

The entire family’s a*sets are only 300 million.

How could he be qualified to be the mastermind behind this?

Even if there was a grudge, this Zhou family would never have the guts to do so!

Even less could they have the energy to conceal it for three days under the full pursuit of several major powers.


Chen Dong snapped the information shut and threw it into the trash.

Zhou Yanqiu looked at the trash can and said somewhat reluctantly, “But so many forces are tracing …… at the same time”

“Checking the exact same thing, that’s what’s fishy.”

Long Lao directly interrupted Zhou Yanqiu’s words, “If there are differences, it’s still possible, but exactly the same, isn’t it like copying an examination paper?”

Zhou Yanqiu looked dumbfounded, speechless.

“The mastermind behind this is also hilarious, in three days’ time, he has froze a scapegoat, how on earth did he manage to make this Zhou family, willing to die for him?”

Chen Dong was full of doubts.

The efforts of a family for several generations had ended up as a scapegoat and the family could be overthrown.

Could such a price be willingly paid for by a mere pressure of intimidation?

It was clearly impossible.

“Young master, what do you plan to do now?”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and smiled helplessly, “Do as father does.”


Elder Long turned to leave.

Zhou Yanqiu hesitated for a moment and also followed to leave.

In the ward, silence could be listening to the needles.

The smile on Chen Dong’s face disappeared, leaving only endless coldness and depression.

It was interesting to be able to manipulate a family to be a scapegoat.

If a fox’s tail can be hidden once, can it be hidden forever?

“Chen Dong ……”

Gu Qingying spoke up.

Chen Dong waved his hand, “Xiaoying, bring me the information, I want to take another look at it.”

After getting the information, Chen Dong directly took a photo of the first page and sent it to Qin Ye.

“You are from Xishu, how much do you know about this Zhou family?”

“I’ll talk to you at the hospital.” Qin Ye replied in seconds.


Jade Spring Villa.

Inside the Heavenly Pavilion.

Chu Reed and Elder Zhang and Zhang Yulan sat opposite each other.

It was the same time, checking out the same results.

With Elder Zhang’s experience, how could he not detect something fishy?

“The intelligence is not right!” Chu Reed said.

Elder Zhang nodded, and at this moment, he also said, regardless of his former suspicions, “The identical results of several major powers, how it looks like the mastermind behind the curtain deliberately laid out the answers for us to see.”

“Moreover, that Zhou family in Western Shu has no reason to make a move, much less the guts to do so.” Chu Reed said.

“What if it is them?” Zhang Yulan suddenly said.

Chu Reed’s willow brows furrowed as she gave Zhang Yulan a cold stare, “Big breasts and no brains.”

“You ……” Zhang Yulan was furious.

“Yu Lan, shut up!”

Elder Zhang stopped Zhang Yulan with a drink.

Immediately after, he smiled in relief, “However, since the answer is there, it is time for our two families to be able to return to Kyoto.”

In the past few days, Elder Zhang had trouble sleeping at night.

All his energy was focused on investigating the mastermind behind the crime.

Because he knew that once he failed to find out, no one could afford the Chen family’s wrath!


The words had just fallen.

Zhou Yanqiu was walking into the Heavenly Pavilion.

It was just in time to hear Elder Zhang’s words.

Zhou Yanqiu said coldly, “Sorry, the three of you cannot leave yet.”

“What do you mean?” Zhang Yulan instantly became a little anxious.

Zhou Yanqiu’s expression was solemn: “After Mr. Chen is discharged from the hospital, I still have to have a conversation with the three of you.”

At these words.

Elder Zhang and Zhang Yulan’s faces sank at the same time.

After the autumn reckoning?

Chu Reed’s willow brows knitted together, “This matter has nothing to do with me, I was kind enough to save him, he had to take that stab himself, can’t I go too?”

Such a thing had happened.

The two families had already given up on pulling Chen Dong in for the time being.

The most urgent task was to pull out and return to Kyoto as soon as possible.

As for pulling the strings, they could only think about it in the long run.

“Miss Chu has misunderstood, Mr. Chen has something he wants to ask you.”

Zhou Yanqiu explained, then swept a glance at the three people and said, “Therefore, before Mr. Chen leaves the hospital, please ask the three of you to stay at Jade Spring Villa for some more days, I, Zhou Yanqiu, as the host, will also provide good hospitality and will not neglect the three of you.”

The words fell.

Zhou Yanqiu turned around and left without stopping in the slightest.

Not to mention that he had no intention of making friends.

“Grandpa, what should we do?”

Zhang Yulan lost her expression and grabbed Elder Zhang’s arm.

Master Zhang let out a sigh and said decisively, “What’s coming will come after the autumn reckoning, and the Zhang family can afford to pay some price.

“But ……” Zhang Yulan’s face was pale, her intestines were all regretted, how could she have been cheap that night?

Chu Reed shook his head, did not say more, turned around and left.

“Sl*t!” Zhang Yulan cursed indignantly.


Lijin Hospital.

Inside the ward, there were only Chen Dong and Qin Ye.

Gu Qingying had been taking care of Chen Dong in the hospital for three days.

Having taken care of his mother who was hospitalised before, Chen Dong knew exactly how much he suffered from taking care of a patient in the hospital.

Even if Gu Qingying didn’t care, he was still heartbroken.

Qin Ye’s voice echoed in the ward.

As Chen Dong listened, he looked at the information on the Zhou family in Xishu.

His expression, however, grew colder and colder, and the smile outlined at the corners of his mouth, grew thicker and thicker.

When Qin Ye stopped.


Chen Dong directly tore the information to pieces.

With a voice as cold as frost, he said, “Awesome, the mastermind behind this is really a god, actually the information revealed about the Zhou family is similar to what you said, this is practically an endors*ment, a ghost would believe this result!”

“Ghosts definitely don’t believe it either.”

Qin Ye shrugged his shoulders and deflated his mouth, “If it was the Qin family of Xishu messing with you, I could still accept it, a fart-sized Zhou family trying to a*sa*sinate you? Look at what his family can do.”

“However, this is the result of that one deliberately handing over, what are you going to do?”

“Endure!” Chen Dong spat out the word, anger surging in his eyes.

“This can also be endured?” Qin Ye was stunned, “Let me remind you, endure a moment of peace and quiet, retreat a step and end up with hatred, if it were me, I would just chop the F**k up!”

Chen Dong shook his head, “He has the intention to kill me, if he fails once, there will be a follow-up.”

Rubbing his nose, Chen Dong suddenly smiled, “However, I’m still a little curious, this mole Zhou family, just how much smoke has risen from their ancestral graves to be chosen as the scapegoat, and they are willing to bury their own family?”

Qin Ye also frowned in contemplation as his eyes rolled.

A family with three hundred million a*sets was indeed a magnate in the eyes of ordinary people.

But in the eyes of a true magnate, it was a mole.

Out of countless mole crickets, how could they have picked this mole cricket, the Zhou family, to bear this heaven-shaking sin?

A long time later.

“Can’t figure it out.”

Qin Ye shook his head, his eyes lit up and he smiled playfully, “But I did just think of something even more interesting about the Zhou Family ……”


Chapter 210

“What is it?”

Chen Dong looked at Qin Ye in confusion.

Qin Ye stretched out, dropping his feet onto the hospital bed and folding them together, leaning his body back slightly as he looked at the ceiling.

Smiling teasingly, he said, “If this wasn’t about that little Zhou family in Xishu, I wouldn’t have remembered it if I hadn’t thought about it carefully just now.”

Chen Dong did not press on, waiting patiently.

“That Zhou family, right, although it’s small, I’ve still had a few encounters with their family, because the Qin family in Xishu has a little business in cooperation with the Zhou family.”

“The most recent face-to-face I remember was at a dinner party before I hacked my dad to death.”

The corner of Chen Dong’s mouth twitched.

Qin Ye, however, said as if nothing had happened, “At that time, I saw a junior standing behind the Zhou family head, and I didn’t take it seriously at all before, even the Zhou family head I didn’t take it seriously ……”

Saying that, Qin Ye suddenly sat up.

His eyes stared straight at Chen Dong.

“But after knowing you, I suddenly remember now that that guy seems to be very similar to you.”

“Very similar to me?”

Chen Dong was stunned.

Qin Ye nodded seriously, his smile always teasing, “If it wasn’t for the fact that this incident involved that little Zhou family, I would have really forgotten about this interesting incident, if that kid knew that because of you, someone who resembles him, caused their family to be wiped out, I wonder how he would feel?”

Chen Dong said, “Is there a photo?”

He was genuinely curious.

If they were twins from the same father and mother, it would be fine if they looked like each other.

But with very different identities, backgrounds and family backgrounds, and even thousands of miles apart, how could two people look alike?

He had invited Qin Ye before, but it was the first time he had gone to Xishu.

“I’ll look for it.”

Qin Ye took out his phone and flipped up the photos in it.

However, as if he was deliberately avoiding Chen Dong, he turned his body around, not allowing Chen Dong to see the phone photos, not even the afterglow.

“As for being so mysterious?”

Chen Dong deflated his mouth.

Qin Ye flipped through them while saying, “A selfie with a technical exchange.”

“Nima ……,” Chen Dong cursed.

For a long time.

Qin Ye suddenly shouted, “Found it! Luckily, I always had a backup when I changed my phone, and I got all the miscellaneous ones into the new phone.”

As he said that, he handed the phone to Chen Dong.

When Chen Dong took a look, he was stunned.

The photos had obviously been taken at a banquet.

The scene was grand, with lights and lights and people swarming around.

The main character in the photo was a very innocent beauty.

The angle was obviously a stolen shot.

And in the corner of the crowd, Chen Dong saw a face.

A face that didn’t look much different from his!

If not for Qin Ye’s reminder in front of him, he would have even wondered when he had attended such a banquet when he saw this face.

“Isn’t it very similar?”

Qin Ye looked at the photo and then at Chen Dong: “It’s at least a 90% resemblance, do you want to go back and ask your parents if they had a twin back then and kept you and sent this one away?”

“That’s not a funny joke.”

Chen Dong rolled his eyes and digressed, “I didn’t expect a rich young man like you to go and secretly take pictures of this beautiful girl, how lewd, the girl is so innocent looking, if you knew about it, you would definitely be disgusted.”

“Che ……”

Qin Ye smashed his mouth: “Innocent? Hand-held tractor, more ruthless than even Laozi!”

Chen Dong: “……”

This was the end of the conversation.

Chen Dong also did not dwell on this extremely similar looking person.

It was as if he and Qin Ye treated this as a joke and a curiosity.

With a population of several billion, finding two people who resembled each other was not too sensational.

Moreover, the Zhou family had now become the scapegoat, taking on the crime of shaking the heavens.

The subsequent thunderbolts of the Chen family would be something that a mere mole could definitely not afford.

Everything had gone up in smoke, and there was no point in pursuing too much.

“You really don’t intend to pursue this?” Qin Ye suddenly asked, his words somewhat reluctant.

“It’s impossible to find out.” Chen Dong shook his head, “We can only wait for next time.”

The mastermind behind this could sacrifice a Zhou family as a scapegoat, with such energy, unless he wanted to tell you who he was, it would be impossible to find out.


Qin Ye nodded, and suddenly his eyes flickered, “Then how do you plan to treat the two Zhang Chu families?”

“What do you think?”

Chen Dong gave an odd smile.

Qin Ye rubbed his hands together and said with a hopeful face, “How about you give me a chance to save a hero? I’ll have Zhang Yulan at my fingertips, ah.”


Chen Dong laughed and cursed, “I can help you save the beauty by being a hero, but it’s impossible to wipe over the entire cost of the Zhang family.”

That night, Zhang Yulan rushed behind him and Chu Reed and gave them a vicious push, taking the two of them to block the knife was not something that could be wiped out with just a few words from Qin Ye.

It was also in that push.

Chen Dong understood which of the two Zhang Chu families was worth befriending.

The situation at that time, Chu Reed was able to protect him on the top and meet the sword with his back, and Zhang Yulan’s way of doing things was worlds apart.

“I just want Zhang Yulan, feel free to do anything else.” Qin Ye waved his hand.

Chen Dong thought about it, “You help me contact Chu Reed, let her come to the hospital for a while, I have something I want to ask her.”

“No problem, I’ll go directly to the Jade Spring Villa.”

Qin Ye got up with a start and ran off in a huff.

Chen Dong froze for a moment and looked down at the thick gauze wrapped around his upper body.

It seems …… I’m still a F**king wounded person!

Qin Ye the grandson has to stay here to take care of me, right?

“Seeing S*x and forgetting righteousness.”

Chen Dong cursed fiercely.


It was almost evening.

Chu Reed finally pushed open Chen Dong’s ward door.

Chen Dong, who had been waiting for a long time, secretly cursed Qin Ye a hundred times more.

This grandson, definitely did not greet in advance, but only said it to his face when he arrived at the Jade Spring Villa.

He even suspected that the beast had teased Zhang Yulan first and suddenly remembered before saying something to Chu Reed on the spur of the moment.

Otherwise it wouldn’t have been so late.

“Mr. Chen, you’re looking for me?”

Chu Reed was still high and cold, but the look in Chen Dong’s eyes changed somewhat.

“Have a seat.”

Chen Dong pointed to the chair beside the bed.

After Chu Reed settled down, she did not ask any questions.

Chen Dong was also hesitant for a while.

This kind of thing, how on earth should one ask out?

In the sickroom, it was very quiet.

The atmosphere was a little awkward.

After almost ten minutes, Chu Reed spoke up and broke the silence.

“Does Mr. Chen have anything to ask?”

Chen Dong let out an “ah”, somewhat flustered.

His eyes subconsciously looked at Chu Reed’s long and slender legs wrapped in thin stockings.

The same OL black professional dress, the same thin stockings.

Exactly the same as the last memory of that night in his mind.

“Mr. Chen ……”

Seeing Chen Dong staring at his thighs lost in thought, Chu Reed’s willow brows knitted, somewhat displeased.

Chen Dong busily withdrew his eyes, met Chu Reed’s gaze, took a deep breath and asked seriously.

“That, that night, I was drugged, did I do something very excessive to you?”

Chu Reed’s expression was stunned, her pretty face was steeply scarlet, she lowered her head, and her hands were even clenched together.

It was going to be bad!

Chen Dong’s heart stuttered, he wanted to bang his head against the wall.

He hurriedly said, “That, I, I didn’t mean to ask, but I, I do have a vague memory of that night, so I want to confirm it.”

“Good, then I’ll tell you what happened that night when your medicine kicked in.”

Chu Reed suddenly stood up, her pretty face scarlet and her gaze like water, leaning down directly towards Chen Dong.

The sudden scene frightened Chen Dong, his face changing and his heart beating wildly.

“No, no, I, I just want to ask, just say it, no need to operate on the spot!”