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Winner Takes All Chapter 211-212

Chapter 211


Chu Reed clenched her pink fist and punched Chen Dong directly in the face.

Chen Dong’s body lurched, and he let out a miserable cry of “ah”.

In an instant, his brain buzzed and he almost pa*sed out directly.

“That’s it.”

Chu Reed sat back on the chair, “But that night was to knock you out straight away, this time I saved my strength.”

Chen Dong rubbed his swollen and painful face and looked at Chu Reed grudgingly, “You just said it directly, why did you have to give me a punch?”

Chu Reed looked cold: “That night if I hadn’t reacted quickly and knocked you out in time, otherwise you would have really done something.”

“I came to talk business with you, no one has dared to do this to me since I was a kid, now that you’ve recovered a bit, you still won’t allow me to throw a punch for revenge?”

Chen Dong: “……”

D*mn, suddenly he felt some sense ah.

But he also had a new understanding of Chu Reed.

This girl was not only high and cold, she also had a fierce nature in her.

He exhaled heavily.

Although his face was swollen and painful, Chen Dong’s heart was relieved.

Luckily, he hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary.

Otherwise, he really did not know how he would face Gu Qingying.

“You called me here to ask about this?”

Chu Reed asked with raised eyebrows, clasping his hands to his chest.

Chen Dong nodded his head.


Facing Chu Reed’s blank stare, Chen Dong simply ignored it.

The thing he wanted to be sure of the most had already been determined, and it did not matter how Chu Reed looked at him.

After a pause, Chen Dong asked, “By the way, you keep talking about business, what business is it exactly?”

Finally, we were talking about business!

Chu Reed was delighted in her heart.

Chen Dong’s question gave her a feeling of relief.

She had come to Chen Dong on behalf of the Chu Family this time, in fact, her purpose was the same as the Zhang Family’s, wanting to get closer and pull in with Chen Dong’s relationship.

The identity of the Chen Family’s heir was simply too important.

Even if there were a large number of Chen family heirs, the chances of Chen Dong becoming the future head of the family were slim to none.

But for the Zhang and Chu families, it is still worth a shot!

The Zhang and Chu families are not at the top of their game in Kyoto, and they have reached a bottleneck in their development, so it is difficult for them to make the leap on their own.

If they bet on Chen Dong, a single merit from the dragon would be enough to catapult the family to the top of Kyoto in the future.

The difference between the two families in pulling Chen Dong’s strings was simply that Chu Reed was using business as a name, while the Zhang family was using Zhang Yulan’s body as a name.

And now, Chen Dong took the initiative to ask about it.

In Chu Reed’s mind, it was clear that Chen Dong had already made a choice between the two families.

With the business dealings, it was only a matter of time in the future to get closer to Chen Dong.

Chu Reed’s high and cold face revealed a warm smile, “I wonder if Mr. Chen, is interested in entering the entertainment industry?”


Chen Dong nodded his head in response, “How much capital is needed?”

The dry answer gave Chu Reed a shock.

She had originally prepared a lot, but Chen Dong’s dryness made all her preparations go down the drain.

“That, Mr. Chen, don’t you want to hear the specifics?” Chu Reed was a little bewildered.

Chen Dong shook his head and smiled faintly, “You can even block the sword for me, this sentiment alone is worth this cooperation, leave it to you, I am at ease, no need to ask more questions.”

Chen Dong was clear about the purpose of the Zhang and Chu families coming.

Compared to the Zhang family, he felt a little more comfortable with the Chu family’s methods.

But what really made him decide to cooperate was, after all, the night at the Heavenly Pavilion, when Chu Reed had led him to escape and blocked the sword for him.

Since it was clear what the other party was up to, why ask for more details?

It was just a matter of spending a sum of money to reach a business, and deeper than that, it was a matter of using that business to connect the two sides.

Chu Reed’s expression was choked.

It took a few seconds for her to suppress her panic.

Taking a deep breath, Chu Reed said, “One billion is needed, one billion for Mr. Chen and one billion for our Chu family, for me to establish a new entertainment company.”

“Give me the card number.” Chen Dong was incomparably crisp, without the slightest hesitation.

All this was just a minute or two.

Until Chu Reed walked out of the ward, she had an unreal feeling as if she was dreaming.

A billion dollars of business, the formation of a new company.

In a minute or two, a deal had been negotiated?

Before she came, she had even been at home, calculating with several elders for a long time, even planning the company’s operation mode, profit ratio and future blueprint, all properly.

This was also the reason why the Chu family had come a few days later than the Zhang family.

But now, it was all useless!

One billion dollars in hand!

He pinched his face so hard that he froze a red mark.

It hurt!

It was not a dream!

Chu Reed’s heart was racing, and his eyes were glowing with excitement.

It was a moment of excitement and ecstasy.

She did not stop for a moment, quickly returned to the Jade Spring Villa, packed her luggage and returned to Kyoto.

With the funds in hand, the company had to be set up as soon as possible.

And what made her even happier was to have actually made contact with Chen Dong.

She was going to bring this news back to the Chu family.

“Dad and the elders would be surprised if they knew that I had negotiated the deal so smoothly, right?”

This was the thought in Chu Reed’s mind.

The Jade Spring Villa.

“Grandpa, that Sl*tty hoof of Chu Reed has left!”

Zhang Yulan lost her blossom and her pretty face was indignant.


Master Zhang, who was sipping his tea, changed his expression and smashed the teacup in his hand with a bang.

“It’s done! That little girl Chu Reed must have succeeded, that’s why she was able to leave so quickly!”

At this moment, Elder Zhang was so dejected that he seemed to have lost his strength and slumped in his chair.

“Grandpa ……” Zhang Yulan was startled.

“Yu Lan ah, this time our Zhang family, has completely lost!”

Elder Zhang’s voice was tinged with tears, and his eyes were red: “The miscalculation, I have never made a mistake in my planning life, but I never thought that I would lose completely in this matter! If we were talking business, our Zhang family is the oligarch of the entertainment industry and has bigger business to talk to Chen Dong, but old man ……”

At the end of his sentence, Elder Zhang’s speech stalled.

He had run off course from the start, or perhaps he was too confident in Zhang Yulan’s stunning beauty.

Elder Zhang only thought of a young hero loving a beautiful woman, but never expected Chen Dong to not even look at Zhang Yulan at all!

On the contrary, it was serious business that made Chen Dong agree straight away.

“No, grandpa, calm down, the Chu family has only hooked up with Chen Dong, even if we don’t, our Zhang family is still overpowering the Chu family.”

Zhang Yulan hurriedly comforted.

“Yu Lan, you don’t understand!”

Elder Zhang’s body trembled, “In the long run, getting close to Chen Dong, in the future if Chen Dong becomes the head of the Chen family, it will be a feat from the dragon, even if we look at the immediate future, having ties with Chen Dong, the benefits will be immense!”

Faced with Zhang Yulan’s doubts.

The red eyes of Elder Zhang were as stern as a knife: “Chen Dong and Chen Daolin just bombarded the Li family! With this momentum, the Chu family, which has taken advantage of Chen Dong’s line, will have a wider scope of operation in today’s turbulent Kyoto!”

Zhang Yulan’s delicate body trembled: “Grandpa means that …… the Chu family will probably shake our Zhang family’s oligarchy?”

Elder Zhang was resigned in his heart, but still nodded his head forcefully.

He said, almost wailing, “A good hand of cards has been played to death by our grandparents and grandchildren, and not only that, because of the matter of you pushing Chen Dong to block the knife, our Zhang family has failed to steal the chicken this time!”

If it was only because of the knife blocking incident that they paid the price.

Master Zhang would not have felt anything, as the Zhang family could afford the so-called price.

But now that Chu Reed and Chen Dong were working together, this was bad news that was enough to shake the Zhang family’s position as an oligarch in the industry!

One was the price, the other was the foundation!

Such an outcome was unacceptable to Elder Zhang!


Chapter 212

A week later.

Chu Reed’s entertainment company was successfully established and named “First Winter Entertainment”.

After knowing the name, Chen Dong was dumbfounded and laughed.

He smacked his mouth: “First Winter …… Chu Dong?”

Chen Dong did not care, since the two sides have decided to come together, this name should also be Chu Reed to show him good, right.

And in this week’s time.

With the Western Shu Zhou family back.

Soon, the small Zhou family, which was so isolated, disappeared without a trace, like steam.

When the news reached the ears of the many magnate giants, they were all stunned on the spot.

Immediately afterwards, the giants laughed bitterly.

Everyone knew that the Zhou family of Xishu was taking the place of death.

But no one would jump out to refute it, let alone pity the Zhou family.

On the contrary, the establishment of “First Winter Entertainment” has created a huge wave in Kyoto.

In a very short time, the intelligence network of the giants had found out that this was a joint venture between Chen Dong and the Chu family.

It was clear to everyone that this meant that Chen Dong and the Chu family had come together.

And the next moment was feared to be the moment when the hierarchy in the entertainment industry would be turned upside down.

The Li family had been bombed, leaving Kyoto in a state of flux.

And the establishment of “First Winter Entertainment” is clearly another pot of hot oil poured on the hot Kyoto, making the fire burn even brighter.

However, while the giants were shocked, there were also those who laughed at the Chu family for being too hasty and reckless.

It was true that the dragon was enough for the Chu family to rise to the top.

But what if it was not a dragon, but a worm?

The Chen family has countless elites, and the number of successors cannot be counted on one hand.

With the future head of the Chen family at stake, every Chen family heir is mysterious and high up in the mountains.

A “wild” Chen family heir has indeed given many people a sniff of opportunity.

But when you think about it, how competitive is a “wild” Chen family heir among all the heirs of the Chen family?

The probability of Chen Dong becoming the head of the Chen family is, in the eyes of this group of giants, negligible.

And once Chen Dong failed, the Chu Family would be in for a skyfall of bad news.

In the eyes of these giants, the Chu family was putting its future on the line and taking a huge gamble with Chen Dong!

And the odds of winning were extremely low!

Jade Spring Villa.

A week of waiting.

Long ago, Elder Zhang and Zhang Yulan had run out of patience.

The establishment of Early Winter Entertainment and the changing situation in Kyoto had made it difficult for Elder Zhang to sleep through the night, and he felt like he was on pins and needles at all times.

“Grandpa, do we have to keep waiting?”

At noon on this day, Zhang Yulan looked at the sumptuous dishes in front of her, but was at a loss for food.

For a while now, she and her grandfather had been free and well-clothed within the Jade Spring Villa.

But it was not the slightest bit different from house arrest!

Leaving aside everything else, she, Zhang Yulan, had never suffered like this since she was a child!

“We can’t wait, I have to return to Kyoto as soon as possible to plan, otherwise our family’s pillar industry will have to be reshuffled.”

Elder Zhang looked steeply determined, “If we continue to wait like this, the sky in Kyoto will change completely!”

Having been in the business world for decades, he knew the importance of time.

If he could not make good calculations and plans at the beginning of the change in Kyoto.

When the sky changes, even if the Zhang family is the oligarch of the entertainment industry, it will be powerless to fight back.

Under the great trend, resistance would only be a mantis.

Saying that, he got up and walked to the door, “Someone, old man wants to see Zhou Yanqiu!”

Ten minutes later.

Zhou Yanqiu arrived.

During this period, he did not go to the company, but stayed at the Jade Spring Villa.

In order to do so, was to help Chen Dong keep an eye on the Zhang family’s ancestors and grandchildren.

“Elder Zhang, what are your orders?” Zhou Yanqiu asked.

“Old man wants to see Mr. Chen!”

Elder Zhang’s face was sullen and his gaze was firm.

“This ……” Zhou Yanqiu hesitated.

“Old man wants to apologize to Mr. Chen!”

With a single word, it made Zhou Yanqiu nod down his head.

An hour later.

Under Zhou Yanqiu’s leadership, Elder Zhang and Zhang Yulan arrived at the Lijin Hospital.

It was just after noon.

Chen Dong was lying on the bed, comfortably eating an apple peeled by Gu Qingying.

On the sofa to the side, Qin Ye and Elder Long looked at each other.

Qin Ye indignantly picked up an apple and took a hard nibble.

“It’s not washed.” Elder Long said.

Qin Ye chewed as he lumped in response, “Dogs die, no couple is innocent!”


With a single word, it made Chen Dong and Gu Qingying laugh.

Chen Dong laughed, “Don’t bother, I promised you something, we’ll see you perform later.”

Qin Ye was stunned for a moment, and then there was a brilliant flash in his eyes.

He spat the apple in his mouth into the bin and said with surprise, “Coming?”

“Finally, I can’t stay up anymore.” Chen Dong smiled meaningfully, but his gaze was directed towards Elder Long.

Elder Long smiled lightly in response.

In fact, it was Elder Long’s suggestion to let the Zhang family’s ancestors and grandchildren stay at the Jade Spring Villa for a whole week, ignoring them.

If Chen Dong had thundered and questioned the Zhang family, it would have been nothing more than a bout of pain for the Zhang family.

But tormenting for a while, amplifying the Zhang family’s psychological pressure and making them come to the door to ask for their sins themselves, would be enough to make the Zhang family remember the pain.

This is also the way that those in power should behave.

Knock, knock!

A knock sounded at the door.

“Come in.”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and gestured at Qin Ye.

Qin Ye made an OK gesture and leaned back on the sofa, putting on a cynical look.

“Mr. Chen, Master Zhang has come to see you in the hospital.”

Zhou Yanqiu said with immense respect as he entered the door.

Immediately afterwards, Elder Zhang walked in with Zhang Yulan.

Even though Elder Zhang was calm as usual, Zhang Yulan’s fluttering eyes revealed the anxiousness of the two grandfathers and grandsons.

“Mr. Chen, old man has come to ask for your apologies.”

Elder Zhang squeezed out a smile and bowed with a fist.

Chen Dong suddenly smiled.

With eyes like a torch, he looked straight at Elder Zhang: “Elder Zhang is joking, how can your old man be guilty? And how can you talk about taking the blame?”

At those words.

Elder Zhang’s eyes flashed and his brows locked.

Zhang Yulan, however, blushed and hesitated.

As arrogant as she was, she was not used to bowing her head and apologising to people.

But seeing her grandfather bending low because of her reckless act, and thinking about the situation in Kyoto.

She finally managed to tighten her red lips and bowed her head to Chen Dong and said, “Mr. Chen, I’m sorry, my reckless act that night almost caused you harm, please forgive me.”


Chen Dong sneered, “The wound on my back here has not yet healed.”

With a single word, the temperature in the ward instantly plummeted to a freezing point.

Elder Zhang and Zhang Yulan’s hearts pumped at the same time.

Elder Zhang suddenly let out a stern shout, “Yu Lan, kneel down!”

Zhang Yulan’s gaze flickered before he finally bent his knees and knelt on the ground.

“Kowtow to Mr. Chen and admit your mistake!”

While scolding angrily, Elder Zhang turned to look at Chen Dong but with a face full of my pile of smiles, “Mr. Chen, please forgive her for the sake of Yu Lan’s youthful ignorance, our Zhang family is willing to make amends with one billion dollars.”


With a single sentence, Zhang Yulan, who was kowtowing, was struck by lightning.

Just a push, asking for a billion dollars?

Chen Dong did not hastily respond.

Instead, he was silent and his gaze looked askance at Qin Ye.

The brief silence in the ward, however, made Elder Zhang and Zhang Yulan tormented with apprehension.


The cynical Qin Ye stood up and said in a deep voice, “Chen Dong, brothers are brothers, the Zhang family is already sincere, you are a big man, what else can’t you see?”

The look of righteous indignation and the cold, stern voice.

It caused Elder Long and Gu Qingying to look astonished.

Was this the beginning of an act?