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Winner Takes All Chapter 213-214

Chapter 213

Qin Ye’s stern shout.

It caused Elder Zhang and Zhang Yulan to be startled at the same time.

Zhang Yulan raised her head, her beautiful eyes glittering as she looked at Qin Ye with gratitude.

Before, I was still I disgusted that he was the one who killed my father.

But to my surprise, it was now at his help to intercede!

“Sincerity? What is there to see?”

Chen Dong snorted and raised his hand to point at the gauze on his chest and said in a stern voice, “If I wasn’t F**king lucky, I wouldn’t be lying here now, I would be in the grave!”

The voice was cold and harsh.

Elder Zhang and Zhang Yulan simultaneously rose in horror.

“You ……” Qin Ye blushed and was about to speak.

Chen Dong went was to interrupt directly, “Or, do you think that the one life of my titled Chen family heir is only worth one billion?”

Elder Zhang’s face shifted, his heart trembling with apprehension.

One billion was indeed not enough for one life of the Chen Family heir.

This, he knew very well.

The Chen family had all the wealth in the world, so it was no joke!

The Chen Family heir, even if the chances of actually becoming the next family head were low, the identity of the heir was real.

If even the life of the Chen Family’s heir was only worth a billion, wouldn’t the Chen Family be able to buy the life of whichever magnate’s heir they wanted?

The reason why Elder Zhang said one billion.

That was also because he had calculated that the amount of cash the Zhang family could draw out in a short period of time was just this much!

More money was pressed into various projects and could not be taken out!

“Mr. Chen, I know it’s wrong, Yu Lan really knows it’s wrong.”

Zhang Yulan suddenly burst into tears, her delicate body trembling and tears falling like rain.

She knew very well that at this moment, with Qin Ye standing up for their Zhang family, if she still held her ground, she would only be asking for trouble.

The most urgent thing was to beg Chen Dong for forgiveness.

Let her and her grandfather return to Kyoto as soon as possible.

In the hospital room, the sound of crying echoed.

But Chen Dong was indifferent and unconcerned.

“Chen Dong, do you treat me as a brother or not?”

Qin Ye said in a stern voice, “If you still have me as a brother in your heart, then you should just let this matter go, one billion is enough, Zhang Yulan has already kneeled down to you, do you still want her to take her life?”

“Qin Ye, I really didn’t expect that you would actually speak for an outsider!”

Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost as he looked at Qin Ye, full of astonishment.

“I’m not speaking for an outsider, but I D*mn well think that this matter is almost enough!”

With that, Qin Ye turned around and walked in front of Zhang Yulan, smiling gently as he extended his right hand, “Get up, with me here, he wouldn’t dare to do anything to you today.”

“Qin Ye ……”

Zhang Yulan’s gaze flickered as she looked at Qin Ye with teary eyes.

At this moment, warmth surged in her heart.

She even blamed herself for a while, before she had treated Qin Ye but with rumors to turn him away and disgust and despise him.

“From the first moment I saw you, I fell in love with you.”

Qin Ye smiled wickedly and his eyes were firm, “I, Qin Ye, am a brute in the eyes of the world, a man who killed his father, but the love I have decided on, the king of the heavens will not care!”


Zhang Yulan’s delicate body shook as if she had been struck by lightning.

In an instant, she was in a trance, her jade hand resting on Qin Ye’s hand as she slowly got up.

“Yu Lan, you ……” Elder Zhang was instantly anxious.

This was a guilty plea to Chen Dong.

Even if Qin Ye was a member of the Qin family, his status was no better than Chen Dong’s.

For Zhang Yulan to get up at this moment was not making amends, it was clearly a provocation!


Qin Ye smoothly swept Zhang Yulan, who was crying into tears, into his arms and said domineeringly, “She is my woman, I will protect her!”

With a single sentence, it made Zhang Yulan’s heart tremble.

It also rendered Elder Zhang speechless.

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes, his coldness surging.

“Qin Ye, in your eyes, do you have me as a brother or not?”

Inside the ward, it instantly seemed as if the temperature had plummeted to freezing point.

“Chen Dong, of course I have you as a brother, but you don’t F**king treat me as a brother!”

Qin Ye just like a needle point to wheat man stance, sternly shouted: “The Zhang family is sincere in asking for forgiveness, if you can’t see it, then plus I want to protect Zhang Yulan, do you see it?”

He didn’t wait for Chen Dong to speak.

Qin Ye suddenly raised his finger and pointed at the fruit knife on the bedside table.

It was the one that Gu Qingying had put down when she was peeling the fruit just now.

“Or, if you think it’s not enough, then you can take the knife and stab me, one for one!”

“Qin Ye!”

Zhang Yulan was terrified, her beautiful eyes filled with tears and panic.

In a flash.

The ward was silent enough to listen to a needle.

Swords were drawn.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

But compared to Elder Zhang’s confusion, the reason why the three Chen Dong were confused was ……

This is F**king overacting, right?

There was a standoff for a few seconds.

Gu Qingying suddenly spoke in a soft voice, “Chen Dong, why don’t we just forget it, you and Qin Ye are brothers for one game.”

At those words.

Chen Dong’s eyes flashed as he looked at Gu Qingying.

This girl, the acting was too well-timed, right?

Taking a deep breath, Chen Dong lowered his head and said in a helpless tone, “Let’s go.”

One word came out.

Elder Zhang’s body trembled with excitement and ecstasy, as if he had been pardoned.

“Thank you Mr. Chen, thank you Mr. Chen.”

Zhang Yulan’s eyes glittered and tears fell like rain.

“Let’s go.”

Qin Ye’s expression eased as he wrapped his arms around Zhang Yulan and held Elder Zhang with one hand as he walked outside, “Chen Dong, I owe you for this matter, thank you.”

Chen Dong’s gaze was profound as he watched the three leave after.

“Hoo ……”

He leaned back against the bed, exhaled heavily and looked at Gu Qingying with relief, “If you hadn’t helped me catch a sentence just now, beastly words, I really wouldn’t have known how to pick up on it.”

The atmosphere in the ward, steeply relaxed.

“You guys are overacting too.”

Gu Qingying snapped a glance.

Long Lao, who had remained silent, laughed harshly, “If you don’t act realistically, how will the Zhang family’s ancestors and grandchildren believe it?”

Chen Dong nodded and said with a smile, “This has to be noted down, the beast said it himself, he owes us.”

With that, he stretched and moved his hands.

“Elder Long, help me with the discharge procedures, after so many days in the hospital, it’s about time.”

“Young master ……”

“Big fool ……”

Elder Long and Gu Qingying’s faces changed at the same time.

Chen Dong shook his head, “It’s almost done, the rest is slowly recuperating after being discharged from the hospital, I don’t feel comfortable staying in the hospital all the time, and I don’t feel comfortable with the company’s affairs, and if I continue to stay, my mother’s side will probably not be able to hide it.”

Chen Dong’s determination made it impossible for Gu Qingying and Long Lao to persuade him further.

Long Lao quickly helped Chen Dong complete the discharge procedures.

When the three of them returned to the Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Qin Ye happened to send a WeChat to Chen Dong.

Opening it, he took a look.

“I won’t be back for dinner tonight, Elder Zhang has gone back to Kyoto alone, Yu Lan is staying behind for a few days.”

Chen Dong was dumbfounded.

Was it that fast?

He was truly stunned, the beast was truly a master at teasing girls!

Stunned for a moment, Chen Dong replied with a WeChat, “Remember to protect.”

Qin Ye’s WeChat was returned in almost seconds.

“F*ck off! Thanks! Wait for my good news tomorrow, I’ll definitely take it tonight!”


Chapter 214

Ignore Qin Ye.

Chen Dong entered the house.

Li Lan these days, because the whole family helped Chen Dong to cover up, so they did not know about it.

When she saw Chen Dong, she hurried forward and said heartily, “Silly boy, you have been at the company for so many days, you have lost a round of weight, work is important, but your body is even more important.”

“Mom, it’s okay, it’s nothing.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly, acting calm and not abnormal in any way.

“Go get some rest, mum and Fan Lu will call you down when dinner is ready.”

Li Lan only thought that all this while Chen Dong was working overtime at the company, too busy with work that’s why he couldn’t return home.

Now that her son was back, she didn’t want Chen Dong to be tired any more.

Looking at his mother walking into the kitchen, Chen Dong smiled faintly and turned around to walk upstairs.

But just as he reached the stairway, his mother’s voice came from behind him.

“Xiao Ying, don’t get tired either, go up and keep Chen Dong company.”

Chen Dong stumbled and almost fell directly on the stairs.

Wasn’t this a little too direct from his mother?

“Ha? Aunty ……”

Gu Qingying was also startled.

“Just keep him company, don’t think too much!” Li Lan revealed a doting motherly smile.

But Gu Qingying was already blushing.

She followed the same steps and still walked beside Chen Dong.

Chen Dong smiled awkwardly, “A bit direct huh?”

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled, and her already scarlet face was about to bleed.

She pouted, “Aiya, stop it, go up.”

Chen Dong: “……”

Looking at Chen Dong and Gu Qingying who went upstairs.

Elder Long smiled helplessly, “Under the universal sky, all mothers are the same, yo.”

“Long Lao, what are you muttering blindly about, still not coming to help?” Li Lan looked solemn and shouted.

Long Lao smiled and walked over.

Li Lan gave a blank look, “Long Lao, you don’t have to say it even if you know it, Dong’er is so old, and I, as a mother, don’t I also want to hold a grandchild?”

“But madam, you ……” Long Lao felt a bit uncomfortable.

“Less, back then Dao Lin didn’t act like you said.”

Li Lan’s words left Long Lao speechless.

However, on second thought, Chen Dong and Gu Qingying had both proposed and were just about to get married.

It seemed that …… was nothing out of the ordinary, right?

The room.

Chen Dong, with the help of Gu Qingying, slowly lay down on the bed.

Because of the strain on the wound, Chen Dong could not help but suck in a cold breath.

Gu Qingying looked distressed and complained, “I told you to be brave and get out of the hospital, now you have to sleep and get up every day, I’ll see what you do?”

“Don’t I have you?”

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously.

“But it’s not like I’m here every day.” Gu Qingying said.

The moment the words left her mouth.

Chen Dong suddenly reached out and pulled Gu Qingying’s jade hand, giving it a gentle tug.

Gu Qingying let out a startled cry and instantly lost her balance, flopping onto the bed.

In an instant, Chen Dong’s body heat swept through her entire body.

Gu Qingying instinctively wanted to get up.

But Chen Dong was wrapping his arms around her shoulders and holding her tightly with his large hands, “I want you every day.”

Gu Qingying’s eyes flashed, and a tangle appeared on her scarlet face.

Chen Dong’s words made her heart beat faster, as if a deer was crashing.

“Chen Dong ……” Gu Qingying’s voice, suddenly, was as low as a mosquito’s whisper.

“Little silly, I know, I won’t mess around, that’s all, sleep.”

Chen Dong said tenderly, while gently patting Gu Qingying’s back with his hand.

What happened last time had let him know that Gu Qingying wanted to speak about the best moment, to leave it for the day of the wedding, to make that day a perfect day.

Therefore, he respected Gu Qingying and would not mess around.

Mutual respect was the only way to maintain a relationship at its best.

Feeling the gentle caress on his back, Gu Qingying soon had the feeling of sleep.

Like a small cat, she snuggled into Chen Dong’s arms and gradually fell into sleep.

When she woke up from her sleep, it was already dark.

Gu Qingying raised her eyes to look at Chen Dong, only to find that Chen Dong was looking at her.

“You woke up early?” Dumbfounded for a moment, Gu Qingying reacted.

“Mm.” Chen Dong replied gently.

Gu Qingying frowned: “Then why didn’t you wake me up? It would have been uncomfortable if I had been resting on your arm.”

“What are you talking about? I can’t wait to be happy to be able to sleep with my own wife on my arm.”

Chen Dong pretended to scold, and after a pause, added, “After accompanying me in the hospital for so many days, I didn’t get a full night’s sleep, and now that I’ve been discharged from the hospital, of course I have to let you get enough sleep.”

The period of hospitalisation.

Fan Lu had to stay home with his mother while helping to conceal it.

The only ones who accompanied him at the hospital were Gu Qingying and Long Lao, who took turns coming in.

As for Qin Ye, that fellow was so preoccupied with technical exchanges that he came for very little time.

Gu Qingying was concerned about Long Lao’s old age, so most of the time, she was the one in the hospital.

A rich family’s daughter, who had been soaking in the honey pot since she was a child, was able to be in the hospital for so many days to accompany and nurse, Chen Dong was touched in his heart.

“You just want me to rest?”

Gu Qingying’s gaze was deep, and her red lips were tightly obliterated.

But as soon as the words left her mouth, she suddenly smashed her lips, “No, why do I hear this from you, it’s weird?”

As she said this, a blush quickly emerged on Gu Qingying’s fair face.

Chen Dong smiled oddly and asked rhetorically, “So, have you had enough sleep?”

Gu Qingying’s expression was torn, her red lips tightly shut, not knowing how to answer for a while.

She had indeed slept enough.

But the look in Chen Dong’s eyes clearly meant something else.

In the end, Gu Qingying pouted, broke away from Chen Dong’s arms and got up, “Let’s go, let’s go downstairs for dinner.”

Chen Dong laughed and, with Gu Qingying’s help, got up and went downstairs.

In the living room, the sound of the television echoed.

Li Lan, Long Lao and Fan Lu were watching the television.

“Mom, is the meal ready?” Chen Dong asked.

“It’s ready, it’s been done for a long time, just afraid of disturbing your rest, so I didn’t call you guys.” Li Lan said with a smile.

The family sat around the dining table and ate their dinner.

Li Lan suddenly asked, “By the way, where did that boy Kunlun go? How come Dong’er hasn’t come back even when you haven’t been home for a while?”

Chen Dong froze for a moment.

Kunlun and Lone Wolf’s injuries were not much worse than his.

So when he was discharged from the hospital, he gave strict orders to the two of them to nurse their injuries back to health in the hospital before they were discharged.

“Madam, Kunlun has gone back to the Chen family on some business.” Elder Long quickly took up the conversation.

Li Lan nodded and asked no more questions.

Chen Dong gave Elder Long a grateful look and the atmosphere warmed up again.

They were eating.

Suddenly, Chen Dong’s mobile phone rang.

It was Qin Ye calling.

Chen Dong froze for a moment, shouldn’t this beast be busy at this time of the day?

Puzzled, he picked up the phone.

As soon as he picked up.

On the phone, Qin Ye’s roar suddenly rang out.

“Help me, Chen Dong, help me ……”

“What’s wrong?” Chen Dong’s face changed greatly and his voice lifted.

Several people in Li Lan were quiet at the same time.

In the phone, there was a snap.

Qin Ye’s voice became faint with it.

“Help me, they, they’re coming, to, to kill me! I’m at ……”