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Winner Takes All Chapter 215-216

Chapter 215


There was a muffled sound, and with the sound of dense electricity, the communication was abruptly interrupted.

Chen Dong’s face was sullen, his heart depressed.

The “they” that Qin Ye spoke of was obviously someone he knew, but who exactly was it?

“Young master, what’s wrong?” Elder Long asked.

“Someone wants to kill Qin Ye.”

Chen Dong spat out a sentence from between his teeth and got up, “Mom, Xiao Ying, Fan Lu you guys eat first, Elder Long and I will take a trip.”

With a single sentence, it instantly caused the few people at the table to change their faces.

Elder Long instantly got up.

Gu Qingying’s eyes flashed and she was about to open her mouth to speak.

Li Lan, however, lightly pressed on her shoulder and stopped it.

“Be careful!” Li Lan admonished.

Chen Dong glanced at Gu Qingying and nodded at his mother again.

After Chen Dong and Elder Long had left.

Only then did Li Lan gently look at the worried Gu Qingying and softly said, “Aunty knows that you are worried about Dong’er, but you should know that the Chen family’s selection of a family head is originally a matter of survival of the fittest and the winner is the king, no family head can be cultivated in a greenhouse, it is only in the killing and blood bath that a family head will emerge.”

The words were very direct.

This was exactly what happened.

If Chen Dong wanted to be the head of the Chen family, he was bound to have a bumpy and abrasive journey, as was the case with Chen Daolin back then.


The Rolls-Royce car.

Chen Dong sat on the pa*senger side, his face as cold as frost.

After dialing Qin Ye’s phone three times in a row, he was sure that Qin Ye’s phone was broken.

Without contact details, there was no way to know Qin Ye’s exact location.

If he wanted to find Qin Ye, he would have to rely on his own means.

“Long Lao ……,” Chen Dong spoke in a deep voice.

But the words were not finished.

The phone suddenly rang, interrupting Chen Dong’s words.

It was an unfamiliar number.

Chen Dong answered the call.

“Chen, Mr. Chen …… Qin Ye, Qin Ye is in danger!”

Zhang Yulan!

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened.

“Where are you?” The voice was icy cold, like a cold wind.

On the phone, Zhang Yulan was crying, her voice sobbing with fear, but still quickly uttered the name of a place.

Ten minutes later.

Chen Dong finally found Zhang Yulan in the downtown area.

Under the night, Zhang Yulan was sitting alone on the road, curled up and shivering.

There were quite a few people around, and a few people were guarding the area.

Obviously, Zhang Yulan’s call just now was to ask for help from a pa*ser-by.

Seeing Chen Dong, Zhang Yulan could not restrain herself at once and howled.

“Don’t cry!”

Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern as he chided in a deep voice, “Where is Qin Ye?”

A cold expression, a stern voice in his eyes.

It made the onlookers all frown.

A stunning beauty like Zhang Yulan was crying like this, and people on the other side couldn’t even wait to feel sorry for her.

How could a man behave like this?

“Buddy, can you sound better, can’t you see that this young lady is crying?”

Someone couldn’t help but say.

“You come?”

Chen Dong turned his head and stared at the person who had spoken with such a pomp and circumstance that the man shrank his neck and retreated back into the crowd.

“I’m asking you to stop now, tell me what happened and get in the car with me!”

Chen Dong’s body exuded a cold, piercing chill as he turned and walked towards the Rolls Royce.

The people around him looked terrified and stepped back to make way.

After getting into the car.

Zhang Yulan finally cried and cried and spoke up.

“Qin Ye, was taken away by the Qin family.”


Chen Dong was struck by lightning, and Elder Long, who was driving the car, also turned pale.

No wonder Zhang Yulan only knew how to cry incompetently.

If it was the Qin family, I was afraid that if it was routinely reported, no one would care.

“Qin’s family, killing Qin Ye?”

Chen Dong looked at Elder Long in confusion.

Elder Long also glanced at Chen Dong, and both of them had the feeling that they were looking at each other, and the monk in the abyss could not figure it out.

“Where is the person?” Chen Dong asked.

“No, I don’t know, they only said they were going to bury Qin Ye!” Zhang Yulan sat in the back row, lost in thought, her eyes red and tears falling like rain.


Chen Dong frowned as his mind raced with thoughts.

Suddenly, a place came to his mind.

“Elder Long, go to the Nine Dragons Mountain Cemetery.”

“Where is the young master sure?”

“The only place I can think of that is suitable for burying someone is the cemetery there, at least Qin Ye is a member of the Qin family, and since the Qin family wants to bury Qin Ye, for the sake of a bit of face, they wouldn’t be so black-hearted as to find a place to bury him anywhere, right?”

Long Lao hesitated and eventually turned his direction and drove towards the Nine Dragons Mountain Cemetery.

However, for safety’s sake, he still used his mobile phone to contact the relevant parties to investigate the surveillance footage along the way to see if there were any clues.

Inside the car, the dead silence was oppressive.

Zhang Yulan was obviously terrified, and even sitting in the back, her body was slightly curled up.

She was trying to restrain her sobs, but two lines of tears were still flowing from the corners of her eyes.

Chen Dong’s voice suddenly broke the dead silence, “Elder Long, the magnate giants have such a rule that expulsion from the genealogy is to be driven to extinction?”


Elder Long laughed coldly, “No magnate giant would be so careful to such an extent, since they are a magnate giant, their status is not something that any person in the clan can shake, to be expelled from the clan tree, that is bad news for the expelled clan member, to a magnate giant, it is simply insignificant.”

“Every clan member, only by relying on the heritage of the magnificent clan, can they have the chance to make it big, and expulsion from the clan tree is to break the clan member’s wings.”

After a pause, Elder Long added, “What’s more, is there really such a magnificent clan giant with such a small heart, and young master thinks that he can still develop into a magnificent clan giant?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and let out a soft laugh.

Indeed, to become a magnate and stand proudly at the top of the pyramid, one had to rely on means and ability, but the same eyesight and heart was also indispensable.

If you want to kill all those who have been expelled from the clan just because they have been expelled from the clan tree, wouldn’t that drive the clan away from each other?

A mere banishment from the genealogy is a chance to acknowledge one’s ancestry.

What’s more, the gentry love to save face, and this kind of thing, if it gets out, will only make the gentry dislike each other and draw a clear line.

When the road is narrowed, there will slowly be no way out.

“Then Qin Ye, why would he be driven to extinction?”

Chen Dong murmured softly, this was what was most puzzling in his mind right now.

After Qin Ye had killed his father back then, a plate operation had bought his name for the Qin family with a hoard of tens of billions, and even more so, it had established the Qin family’s position as the richest man in Western Shu.

But then, the Qin family “raised” Qin Ye, as if he was an invalid.

After waiting for death, Qin Ye was voluntarily expelled from the family tree.

He should not have been killed, right?

At this point.

A video was sent to Long Lao’s mobile phone on WeChat.

While driving, Elder Long clicked on the video.

He then smiled to himself, “Old, old, old, my brain is indeed not as good as Young Master’s. Just as Young Master guessed, Qin Ye was taken up to the Nine Dragons Mountain Cemetery.”

Chen Dong’s expression was stern and murderous.

Mighty killing intent filled the car.

It made Elder Long and Zhang Yulan, their hearts chilled.

“Into the cemetery and you want to bury my brother? I would like to see tonight, who buried who?”


Inside the Nine Dragons Mountain Cemetery.

Graves were lined up.

The night is as dark as ink.

It was eerie.


A heart-rending wail of pain suddenly broke the eerie dead silence of the cemetery.

A large number of crows flew up from the distant mountains.

There was no shortage of crows, emitting an ear-piercing and eerie wail ……


Chapter 216

Over the night.

Flocks of crows circled, emitting an ear-splitting wail.

As if it were, the death knell.

In the hills near the cemetery.

Lights were flickering at the moment.

Qin Ye was tied to a large tree.

A casual outfit, long since torn and tattered, was drenched in blood, as if he had become a bloody man.

On the trunk of the tree above his head, two sets of iron ropes were nailed on, falling vertically.

The sharp iron hooks, pierced through his shoulder blades, the tips of which were stained with a little flesh and blood, glinted coldly in the light.

The pain was so severe that Qin Ye’s body kept twitching and trembling.

His face was also pale without a trace of blood.

A painful grunt escaped from his mouth, but it was squeezed out from between his teeth.

His eyes, still bright as stars, tumbled with thick hatred.

Click …… click ……

Not far away, the sound of shovels grubbing the earth came.

Vaguely, the twisted figures of shovel wielding figures could still be seen shifting through the forest.


The middle-aged man in front of him swung his knife and tore the muscle on Qin Ye’s shoulder.

The flesh instantly turned outwards and blood poured out like a gush.

Qin Ye’s body shook violently and a grunt escaped from his throat.

“Quite tolerant, an iron hook through your shoulder blade made you scream out, and you actually only muffled a grunt with all thirteen wounds on this body.”

Although the middle-aged man was smiling, he showed his hideous coldness and shook his head, pretending to regret: “It’s a pity, with your heart and ability, if you were born in peace in the Qin family, you would be qualified to compete for the position of family head in the future, even if you muddle through until you die of old age.”

“On the contrary, you have to jump out, this is really a loss to the Qin family.”

Qin Ye slowly raised his head, his blood-stained face resembling a vicious beast that ate people.

His eyes looked at the middle-aged man with resentful, murderous intent.

Qin Ye smiled.

Pain tugged at the corners of his mouth, making his smile as hideous and terrifying as possible.


A mouthful of blood-stained spittle was spat on the middle-aged man’s face.

Qin Ye smiled and said, “Third Uncle, aren’t you afraid that I will kill you too?”

The middle-aged man was none other than Qin Ye’s third uncle, the Qin family, Qin Zheng.

A flash of anger pa*sed through Qin Zheng’s eyes.

He calmly wiped the blood foam off his face and looked at Qin Ye with a fierce smile, “There is no hurry, the pit over there where you are buried, will be ready soon.”

Taking two steps back, Qin Zheng stretched out and stuck the knife in his hand on the tree trunk beside him.

“Ye’er, you are indeed the dragon of the Qin family, but unfortunately, you don’t have the chance to kill Third Uncle even if you want to, you will soon have to lie in the pit.”

“The Qin family treated you well, they didn’t dump you in the wilderness, they buried you in a cemetery, the best cemetery in the city, so they did right by you, of course this is also Third Uncle’s heart, you can’t miss Third Uncle when you’re a ghost!”

Qin Zheng slowly sat down on the stone, lit a cigarette, took a hard drag and exhaled thick smoke.

Smiling to himself, “In fact, Third Uncle kinda admires you, you kid have the guts to actually kill your father, even though your father is my second brother, but Third Uncle still thinks you killed the right thing, just killed too quickly, you should kill you like Third Uncle is killing you now, slowly tortured to death.”

As he said this, fierce violence flashed in Qin Zheng’s eyes.

Turning back abruptly, he looked at Qin Zheng angrily, “But if you kill, you will kill and leave the Qin family, but if you do something like this, then you are forcing the Qin family to kill you, ah Ye’er, you are really confused!”

In his tone, there was a hint of pity.

Qin Ye, however, laughed disdainfully, “Cats cry, rats, fake compa*sion.”

The sharp pain made his words lurch.

“You are not allowed to be so rude! You ten evil disobedient and unfilial son!”

Qin Zheng suddenly got up and pulled out the knife on the trunk of the tree.


Qin Ye’s body trembled and blood splattered as he added another wound to his left arm and bladder.

But, between his teeth, he continued to merely grunt.

The air was filled with a thick smell of blood.

The dirt beneath Qin Ye’s feet was also soaked with blood.

The pain was so severe that he was trembling like a madman, the only thing that did not become was the intense hatred in his eyes that were as brilliant as a river of stars.

“The master of the family has ordered that you be lynched twenty times before you are buried, six more stabs to go!”

Qin Zheng’s voice was cold and stern, his eyes fierce, his right hand clutching the blood-dripping knife, faintly trembling.

As a member of the Qin family, he had come through great storms and waves.

However, when he faced Qin Ye’s eyes at this moment, his heart was still unsettled and fear was thickening.

“I’ve sort of done right by you and didn’t make things difficult for that woman, why do you still hate me so much?”

Qin Zheng gnashed his teeth.

“You, are unable to afford to offend …… the Zhang family!” Qin Ye said disdainfully.

“Shut up!”


The fifteenth slash, swung down brazenly.

If it were a person on the other side, he would have already let out a pig-killing scream, but Qin Ye was gut-wrenchingly resilient.

“You shouldn’t hate me, it’s an order from the family, disobedient and unfilial people deserve to die!” Qin Zheng’s pupils tightened, fear flickering in his eyes every now and then.

It was only a mere eye-to-eye stare.

This third uncle of his, his aura had already lost to the junior Qin Ye.

Qin Ye forced himself to endure the severe pain, exhaled a heavy breath and laughed coldly.

“If I don’t die, the Qin family, will be destroyed by my hand.”

“You are dead!”


The sixteenth slash, swung down.

Fresh blood poured out.

Blood flowed from Qin Ye’s body as he clenched his teeth and kept sucking in cold air from his slits.

But he, still like a fierce beast, stared fiercely at Qin Zheng.

“The D*mned Qin family, the so-called, name of the richest man, is, a beast in clothes.”



The seventeenth slash, swung down.

In the distance, the few Qin family members responsible for digging the pit looked this way.

All of them were pale, frightened and cold.

Immediately afterwards, several people once again sullenly swung their shovels, only that their hands were no longer as strong as they were just now, but a little trembling.

“I was born in the Qin family, Qin Ye, so I should invite the Qin family to die!”

The voice, thick with killing intent, echoed through the mountains and forests.

Over the night, the crows’ pity became more and more piercing and dense.

Qin Zheng’s body trembled even more as he stared at Qin Ye, causing him to feel a chill run from the soles of his feet straight to his heavenly soul.


The eighteenth slash, fell.

Qin Ye suddenly laughed as crimson blood flowed from his mouth and nose.

But he, his eyes remained unchanged.

“By my mother’s life, Qin Ye will be the one to kill his father and destroy his clan!”


Qin Zheng was struck by lightning.

In an instant, his features twisted to the extreme, while his heart was also terrified to the extreme.

“Lunatic, you are a lunatic, the family head is right, you just deserve to die!”


The nineteenth slash, fell.

Accompanied by Qin Zheng’s near-mad laughter, “You, you don’t stand a chance, the pit over there has already been dug, with the last slash, Third Uncle sends you on your way, your oath is all bullSh*t!”


The knife was raised fiercely, flashing cold light.

Qin Ye, however, smiled disdainfully, “I, have a brother.”

“Chen Dong? By the time he finds you, you’ll already be in a long sleep, and do you really think he, a feral Chen family heir, can become the Chen family head? Can take you soaring through the nine heavens?”


The long, cold blade broke the wind and slashed down on his head.

The twentieth slash!


A cold voice, like thunder, exploded.

“He’s right, brother, here it comes!”