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Winner Takes All Chapter 239-240

Chapter 239

In a flash.

Chen Dong was dumbfounded, shaken by Drought’s words for a long time.

The mountainous roar within the prison area’s activity field.

It was as if it had instantly disappeared without a trace.

At this moment, all that remained in Chen Dong’s sight was Drought’s smiling face, which was smug and open.

Sight to sight, he had a sense of panic that Drought had seen through everything.

“You, froze again.”

Suddenly, Drought let out a cold laugh, and the essence in his eyes was wide.


Within the event arena, a mountainous roar from the prisoners instantly filled Chen Dong’s ears.

Chen Dong’s body shook, his jaws splitting.

He did not wait for him to continue to exert himself.

Drought’s arms tensed fiercely, like two giant pythons with gnarled muscles.

“Hunting Heaven Rope!”


With an explosive shout, Drought’s arms fiercely swung outwards.

Chen Dong’s face changed drastically, and he felt his legs being slammed by a huge force, rushing so hard that he was unable to even resist his legs.

Almost instantly.

Chen Dong’s original binding posture was violently broken apart by Drought.

Immediately afterwards, Drought’s arms, like a python possessing him, wrapped around Chen Dong’s waist directly.

Not good!

Chen Dong’s heart jumped wildly.

He felt a fierce tightening around his waist, as if he was being entangled by a giant python.

There was a whirlwind and his vision blurred violently.

Bang Teen!

Chen Dong was caught by Drought’s hands and flung to the ground fiercely.


Inside the event arena, the prisoners gasped in shock.

There was a flash of lightning.

Drought’s attack did not stop, but his lofty and sturdy body pounced on Chen Dong.

In an extremely bizarre gesture, he instantly locked Chen Dong’s neck and all his limbs.

It was like a giant python wrapping itself around its prey.

Chen Dong was instantly suffocated, his face turned red and blue, and he could even feel the breath in his lungs being squeezed out rapidly.

Chen Dong tried to struggle, but his body was firmly imprisoned by the drought and he had no strength at all.

He opened his mouth wide and breathed heavily, but was still unable to resist the air being squeezed out of his lungs.

In his ears, the sound of Drought’s laughter rang out.

“This fighting technique that incorporates Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, didn’t he teach you that?”

Down on the high platform, the prisoners swarmed with excitement.

They cheered and shouted.

Drought turned defeat into victory, instantly igniting the blood of all.

The shouts were deafening.

But Chen Dong continued to hear only Drought’s laughter, like thunder.

All of his fighting techniques were taught by Kunlun.

Drought’s phrase was clearly a recognition of his fighting techniques.

Did it mean that Drought knew Kunlun?

The feeling of suffocation grew stronger and stronger.

In a trance, Chen Dong could hear his waist creaking under the force of Drought’s legs.

“Break my blow!”

Drought’s voice was suddenly stern.

Chen Dong’s face turned red and blue to the extreme.

He tried to struggle with his arms and legs, but it was as if he was imprisoned by iron ropes, unable to move a single inch.

How could this be broken?

Even though he had remembered Kunlun’s lesson of maintaining absolute sanity and calmness at all times, he could not help but panic at this moment.

At this moment, he could not help but panic a little.

“Kill him, Drought, kill him!”

“Kill him! Drought, rip off his head!”

“Worthy of being the leader of the patrol squad, his might is still intact, quickly teach this kid a lesson in blood!”


The prisoners were excited, waving their fists and shouting indiscriminately.


Just when Chen Dong was about to choke past.

He suddenly felt the confining bindings on his body loosen a little.

It was now!

Chen Dong’s eyes shot up with a brilliant aura.

Between life and death, one thought determines life and death!

His hands fiercely strangled Drought’s left wrist and broke it with force.

The drought let out a scream and the legs wrapped around Chen Dong’s body loosened at the same time.

Chen Dong took advantage of the situation and staggered backwards two steps, distancing himself from Drought.

A sudden scene.

The boiling room was abruptly silenced.

All the prisoners were dumbfounded.

Is this …… true?

Drought had even used the Hunting Heavenly Rope move, but it was still unable to decide the winner?

The inmates in the entire Black Prison were not good fighters, and there were many warrior kings and gods of war.

In this section alone, there were only three people who could match Drought!

Even if those three were to be repeatedly used by Drought’s “Hunting Heaven Rope”, they would never be able to do as easily as Chen Dong!

“Hoo ……”

As soon as he was free, Chen Dong breathed heavily, his lungs, which had been squeezed to the extreme, finally regained oxygen.

Chen Dong’s entire body was also much more relaxed.

However, the eyes he looked at Drought were a little softer and grateful.

He knew clearly that Drought had shown mercy just now!

Otherwise, he would definitely not have been able to get out of the trap.

As for Drought losing strength, Chen Dong did not even think about it.

In such a short time, not to mention Drought, even he would not be able to!

“Next, look clearly!”

Drought suddenly bowed his body and a*sumed an attack stance.

Chen Dong’s pupils instantly tightened and his mind buzzed.

Drought’s attack stance was clearly the exact same as his!

“Kunlun ……”

Almost instinctively, he asked offhandedly.


A strong wind pounded in his face, even tearing his face a little.

Drought was as fast as lightning and instantly pounced close to Chen Dong, not even giving him the chance to ask.

With a stern cry, Chen Dong pushed his fists out horizontally and after a palm slowed down the momentum of Drought’s attack, he once again bulled his way up and fought with Drought.

The deadly silent arena was once again abuzz with the muffled sound of fist to fist.

The blood of all the prisoners was ignited and there was a bloodthirsty glint in their eyes.

And at the entrance to the prison block.

A group of squad members looked at each other in disbelief.

“What’s wrong with the captain today? Why is he playing with this new one?”

“I don’t know, but don’t you see? Drought has been looking at him differently ever since this new arrival appeared.”

Bang bang ……

On the high stage, the fists were heady.

There wasn’t the slightest hint of fancy, it was purely a fast and powerful exchange of punches and kicks.

I Chen Dong’s forehead oozed with dense beads of sweat, and the more he fought, the more frightened he became.

Both he and Drought were injured.

But while the fight seemed evenly matched, it was clear to Chen Dong that Drought was in control of the whole fight.

He, on the other hand, was only defending pa*sively within Drought’s pre-planned scope!

No matter how his fighting techniques were executed, Drought could take them at will, and even return with the exact same fighting techniques.

“Is that all you can do, you?”

Drought’s laugh was full of teasing.

In fact, the entire fight was strictly a tease.

The corners of Chen Dong’s eyes jumped furiously as his fists and feet picked up speed once again, pouring down towards Drought like a rainstorm with his explosive shout.

“What exactly is your relationship with him?”

Along with the pent up doubt in his heart, a furious shout came out.


Drought’s figure stopped violently and faced Chen Dong’s fist blade head-on, without dodging.

And Chen Dong’s fist blade, too, stopped abruptly in front of Drought’s face, setting off a strong wind.

“You’ve won!”

Drought laughed easily, shrugged his shoulders, turned around and headed down towards the ring.

The originally rowdy arena of activity was once again dead quiet.

Even Chen Dong, who had been spared, was completely dumbfounded.

Immediately after.

Drought’s voice came out.

“Weren’t you curious about who that person was who walked out of here ten years ago? It was him!”


Chapter 240


Chen Dong was shocked beyond words.

At this moment, it was as if the entire prison area was dead silent.

All the shouts, yells and boos abruptly disappeared.

Chen Dong was dumbstruck and looked at Drought, who had already walked down the high platform, in shock.

Even though he had already guessed from Drought’s fighting skills, he was shocked to receive confirmation from Drought himself.

But after receiving confirmation from Drought himself, he still felt like he was in a dream.

Ten years ago, the person who came out of the Black Prison was Kun Lun?

And what was the relationship between Drought and Kunlun?

Why were Drought’s fighting skills in the same vein as Kunlun’s?

Even more proficient and powerful than the fighting skills he had learned from Kunlun?

Doubts lingered in Chen Dong’s mind as if they were rotten cotton wool.

Until, Drought’s voice rang out again.

“By the way, it’s the 1st today!”


As if a bolt from the blue, Chen Dong was instantly awakened from his doubts and disorientation.

The 1st?!

There were still 14 days until the 15th?

At this moment, he suddenly had a feeling of being suffocated to the point of frenzy.

In 14 days, it would be the day he and Gu Qingying would get married!

And now, he was still in this black prison, and Gu Qingying was surrounded by the Zhou family!

If he couldn’t get back in time for the 15th, then it would be that person who would enter the hall of marriage with Gu Qingying.

From then on, that person would completely replace him!

Chen Dong’s heart tightened into a ball, and an extremely strong depressed qi churned.

No, he had to go back!

Must go back!

But in just 14 days ……

The more he thought about it, the more desperate Chen Dong felt.

At this moment, he felt that the sky was spinning and the voices around him had turned into mosquito chants, and the noise was terrible.

The figures of Gu Qingying, his mother, Kunlun and others kept coming to mind.

“No, I won’t allow this to happen, I will walk into the marriage hall with my woman, I will serve my mother to the end of her life, I, Chen Dong, will never allow anyone to take over!”


Chen Dong violently threw back his head and roared.

The sound was like a wild beast.

It instantly silenced all the voices in the event arena.

All the prisoners all looked at Chen Dong in shock and disbelief.

At this moment, all the prisoners clearly sensed the strong killing intent released from Chen Dong’s body.

Even they felt a chill running down their backs.

Drought slowly turned around and looked at Chen Dong with profound eyes.

At the corners of his mouth, a smile gradually curled up.

“Tell me, how long did it take for Kunlun to leave here?”

Chen Dong’s voice was almost hoarse, like the hiss of a beast.

“A year!”

Drought calmly uttered a time, but it was like a large hand that pressed Chen Dong into the endless abyss.

Kunlun had taken a year.

And his time, only 14 days!

No, excluding the time to rush, it was even shorter.

10 days?

But, thinking of Gu Qingying about to walk into a marriage hall with someone else.

Chen Dong rose up with unprecedented determination, his gaze like a sword, and he was overbearing.

“Good! I will surpa*s Kunlun and walk out of this hellish place!”


Drought snorted a laugh, but turned to leave.

As he walked away, he raised his hand and waved, “There is only one way to leave the Black Prison, it took him a year, you will only be longer!”

Chen Dong was stunned.

Then, he became wildly happy.

Drought’s words were desperate though.

However, he heard a key from them.

There was a way to leave the Black Prison!

This place was not a place where there was no return!

Although, the way might be extremely difficult.

But it was better than despair.

The “sentry” time was soon over.

All the prisoners returned to their cells.

Chen Dong looked indifferent as he walked into his cell and sat down on his bed.

The cold stone platform, the thin bedding.

In this forsaken and extremely cold place, it could only bring a meagre amount of warmth.

Nashville and the rest of the four had been near the cell door, not daring to go near Chen Dong.

The battle between Chen Dong and the drought just now was obvious to anyone with a discerning eye.

But it was undeniable that Chen Dong’s battle prowess was indeed formidable.

At least it was not comparable to the few people in this cell.

Under the weakness of the flesh, when strong enough, man also became an animal and could only bow down.


Chen Dong, who had his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes.

The harsh gaze caused Nashville’s body to tremble and his heart to tremble with fear.

He looked at Chen Dong in alarm, “Chen Sheng, is there, is there something wrong?”

Chen Sheng, short for Mr. Chen, was also the most respectful title.

“Come here.” Chen Dong said.

Panic flashed in Nashville’s eyes, but he still walked towards Chen Dong with the same steps.

It was only because of Chen Dong’s heavy hand that he had not yet recovered from his injuries, and it was a little difficult to take one step at a time, and it involved a painful twitch at the corner of his mouth.

“Chen Sheng.”

Nashville stood respectfully in front of Chen Dong.

Chen Dong asked, “The way out of the Black Prison, what is it?”


Nashville was struck by lightning.

The four prisoners in front of the cell door also changed their faces at the same time.

“Chen Sheng, the only way to leave the Black Prison is to die, no one can do it!”

Nashville hastily reminded, “I advise Chen Sheng to dismiss this idea, there is still a way to live in the Black Prison.”

“I’m asking you for a way out of Black Prison!”

Chen Dong’s voice was cold and stern, like a mango.

Since there was a way, he had to put up a fight.

If Kunlun could get out of this Black Prison, he could too!

For the sake of Gu Qingying, for the sake of his mother, even if it meant a life of nine deaths, he had to fight to the death!

Nashville’s face changed drastically and turned a little white.

In his indecision, he was looked straight at by Chen Dong’s gaze, and in the end, he sighed.

“Chen Sheng, there are a total of 10 prison blocks in Black Prison.”

Gradually, Nashville’s gaze deepened as he slowly said, “Each prison district has a head wolf, they are the strongest in each district, and also the most prestigious, with the most embraced king.”

At this point, Nashville paused.

“Speak on.” Chen Dong opened his voice indifferently.

“If you want to leave the Black Prison, you have to fight the head wolves of each cell block in a life and death match, ten cell blocks, that is ten life and death matches, only if you win all of them and gain the trust and adoration of the ten head wolves, can you step out of the Black Prison!”

Inside the cell, there was dead silence.

After Nashville finished speaking, his gaze was fixed on Chen Dong, observing the change in Chen Dong’s expression.

As for Chen Dong, his cold face finally became incomparably grave as he lowered his head and pondered.

Ten of the strongest people in the prison district, ten battles of life and death.

And he would have to win all ten battles!

No wonder Drought had said that he would only take longer than Kunlun.

In three days and seventeen battles, Chen Dong had a deep understanding of the prisoners’ battle power within the prison district.

Trying to defeat the head wolf in the prison area was undoubtedly a dance on the tip of a sword, and was extremely dangerous.

In every battle, it was impossible not to get wounded!

Kunlun took a year and at least had enough time to recuperate.

He, on the other hand, only had 14 days, no, only 10 days!

In other words, every battle he fought would go on without a gap, and the later he went, the more treacherous it would become as his injuries accumulated.

After all, even if it was one battle a day, that short time between battles would not be enough for the injuries to recover!

Seeing Chen Dong sulking.

Nashville persuaded in a serious tone, “Chen Sheng, this is not a way to leave the Black Prison at all, but a way to kill yourself, every year, there are dozens of unknowing soldier kings and war gods who challenge the head wolves of the ten prison districts, and in the end, they all turn into cold corpses, so ……”

“Good, fight!”

Chen Dong suddenly spoke.

Nashville was horrified and thought he had heard wrong: “Chen Sheng, you, what did you say?”

Chen Dong got up and smiled blatantly, “I said, the ring of life and death, I want to fight!”