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Winner Takes All Chapter 241-242

Chapter 241

The sound of laughter echoed through the cell.

Nashville and the four remaining prisoners, all stunned.

Chen Sheng …… had gone mad?

Nashville was a little frantic.

He thought he had made it clear enough and that Chen Dong would know what to do and back off.

But what he didn’t expect to get was this result!

In the prison area, the status of each cell is actually also related to the strength of the strongest person in the cell.

The higher the ranking of the strongest person within the cell, the more status and resources he or she could share within the cell.

Before Chen Dong, Nashville was the strongest person in the cell, but it was a bit awkward in the whole cell block.

The battle prowess Chen Dong had shown in the past three days, however, had caused the ranking of the cell they were in to soar by a large margin.

If Chen Dong were to be killed, the status of their cell would revert back to what it was before.

Therefore, Nashville once again advised, “Chen Sheng think twice, the head wolves of the ten prison cells, each one of them is as strong as the drought.”

Chen Dong’s eyebrows knitted together.

The battle intent in his eyes, however, grew thicker and stronger.

He was no match for Drought.

With Nashville’s words, it was clear that if he really fought the Ten Head Wolves in a life and death match, the final ending could no longer be described as nine deaths.

But, he was not afraid of death!

Chen Dong suddenly smiled.

The smile was almost maniacal in Nashville’s eyes.

He slowly said, his tone firm and powerful: “Fight for my wife, my mother, my brother!”

Finished speaking.

Chen Dong got up and walked to the cell door.

“I, Chen Dong, will fight in the Ring of Life and Death!”


A calm and firm voice, like rolling thunder, bombarded the entire prison area.

After a short moment of calm.

The entire prison block exploded with earth-shattering sounds.

Cheers, whistles and shouts.

It was as if the lid over the prison block was about to be lifted out.

“My God! Has this kid really gone crazy?”

“Too afraid of death, did I hear wrong, he actually dares to fight in the life and death ring?”

“He wants to challenge the Ten Head Wolves? Where did he get the nerve to do that, or is he already too impatient to live and wants to die?”

“Well done, kid! You simply broke my perception of the newcomers!”


The entrance to the prison block.

The members of the patrol squad heard the shocking incident and instantly reported it to the drought who had returned to the office.

After hearing the news.

The beard on Drought’s face trembled a few times, and his eyes were filled with horror.

“Has he really gone mad? Does he think he’s Kunlun? Simply D*mned!”

“It took Kunlun a year, through life and death, stepping through the Ghost Gate countless times before he walked out of the Black Prison, he can’t even beat me, so why should he fight the Ten Headed Wolves in a life and death match?”


Angry to the core, Drought viciously shattered the cup on the ground.

He had mentioned Chen Dong’s way out of the Black Prison.

It was to give Chen Dong a hope.

A hope for which he could improve his strength and leave the Black Prison in the future.

But now, just before he left the prison, news of Chen Dong’s fight for life and death came at the back.

This was no way to seek death!

“Stop it! Stop it immediately!”

Drought scolded in a stern voice, “A dragon comes out of ten years, does he think he is the true dragon?”

However, the patrol member’s face was torn, “Chief, the Black Prison never forbids life and death matches, the prison area should have already started.”

One word woke up the dreamer.

Drought rose in anger and strode outside.

Inside the Black Prison, life was cheaper than paper.

Every day, corpses are carried out of the Black Prison, either by death or by conspiracy, or even by starvation or disease.

But when a life is lost, it is lost, and this is perfectly normal in the Black Prison.

Where they are abandoned, no one will value life.

Still less will they exercise the so-called punishment for their lives.


Inside the prison area.

Already the thunder shook and the mountains roared.

Two men were standing on a raised platform in the open field of activity.

The time for “sentry duty” had pa*sed.

However, the head wolf of the prison area has a superior status within the prison area, and even the immediate management is afraid of a few things.

With his popularity and prestige, he could start a riot at any time.

Challenging the head wolf in the life and death ring was naturally given special treatment within the prison.

Everyone was cheering, their faces flushed with excitement.

No one had expected that a newcomer would repeatedly set off round after round in the Black Prison!

The silent, deadly Black Prison had come to life in just a few days.

“Kill him, Bear, kill him!”

“Don’t be like Drought, don’t be a P***y, just kill him!”

“Come on, fight fast! I want to see you rip this brat’s human head off and use it as a ball!”


Compared to the roaring shouts in the major cells.

In the ring, at this moment, it was a stern and murderous scene.

Invisible, killing intent surged.

Chen Dong stood proudly on one side of the ring, his expression cold and indifferent, his gaze stern.

Opposite him was a sturdy man, about two metres tall and covered in muscles.

The man was as his name suggested – Exploding Bear!

On his fierce face were spread three scars that snaked and twisted, making the originally fierce face even more hideous.

“Newcomer, for the sake of the drought, I can give you a chance to regret.”

The bursting bear slowly craned his neck, “Your strength is good, but you still have to train for a few more years if you want to challenge my position as the head wolf.”

He was not a person with developed limbs and a simple mind.

In this man-eat-man place in Black Prison, if he was simple-minded, he would not have been able to take the position of Head Wolf, and would have been swallowed with his bones.

As the head wolf of the prison, Burst Bear’s status is exceptional.

However, the sudden arrival of a newcomer, who had not been admitted for a long time, still caught his attention.

He had watched the battle between Chen Dong and Drought very clearly.

With what he knew of Drought’s strength, it was clear that he was putting Chen Dong on the spot the whole time.

A newcomer, yet he was given preferential treatment by Drought, on what basis?

“Fight on, I want to leave the Black Prison!”

Chen Dong’s lips were lightly parted and his voice was cold.


Bursting Bear laughed contemptuously.

As he raised his hands upwards, the beast robe on his body slipped off, revealing a thick, rock-like bronze coloured muscle.

The almost exploded muscles, covered with scars, were hideous and terrifying, giving people an extremely ominous and oppressive feeling.

As the muscles were revealed, a shout went up from the whole crowd.

Even Chen Dong was shocked by the muscles of the exploding bear.

“If you don’t want the chance you were given, then, die!”

Exploding Bear’s killing intent surged, and his almost two-metre tall body came crashing towards Chen Dong like a mountain overturning the sea.

He had given face to the drought, but it did not mean that he, who was the head wolf of the prison district, would show mercy to a newcomer.

To challenge the Head Wolf was to die!

Such was the law, even for wolves in the natural world, and it was always the same!

“Burst Bear, stop!”

Just as Exploding Bear unleashed, the door to the prison block, the Drought’s roar rang out violently.

And yet.

Bursting Bear did not stop, his huge hand, which was like a giant python, clenched his fist and swiped across at Chen Dong brazenly.


Chen Dong’s face changed greatly, feeling the piercing wind in his ears, he brazenly raised his arms and directly blocked it out.

However, with a loud bang, Chen Dong felt like he had been hit by a lorry, his bones in both arms were in severe pain, and his feet directly scraped the ground, moving out sideways.


After moving a few metres sideways and stabilising himself, a mouthful of blood spat out directly from Chen Dong’s mouth.


Chapter 242

The blood was red.

Like plum blossoms dotting the ring, it spilled down.

Chen Dong’s heart set off huge waves.

Was the difference …… this big?

The battle between him and Drought, although it shows that he knows that Drought is putting on water, but the premise of a duel to the death, it is not without a fight.

The strength of the bursting bear, according to Nashville and the others, is not far from Drought.

If they were to fight to the death, they would have a few chances of winning.

But Chen Dong had not expected that the other side would let down so badly in the fight with Drought just now!

Inside the various cells, deafening sounds of wild rejoicing were heard.

It was as if the fight to the death was a long-awaited carnival within the prison.

Bursting Bear stood still and did not take advantage of the situation.

His fierce face was filled with disdain: “How can you fight me in a life and death match if you can’t even take a single punch?”

The powerful strength crushing him brought him unparalleled confidence.

He turned around and looked at the furious drought at the prison block gate.

Shrugging his shoulders, he said with a calm face, “Drought, I have given you face, but next, you will have to give me face!”

Drought’s expression was choked.

Exploding Bear’s words were clearly a warning that he could not interfere in the next life and death ring.

But ……

Drought looked at Chen Dong with a gloomy uncertainty, after just one punch, he was beaten and vomited blood, how could he follow up, how could he still fight?

“Phew ……”

Chen Dong exhaled heavily, spitting out the blood froth in his mouth.

He turned around and looked coldly and sternly at Exploding Bear.

Suddenly, an evil smile appeared.

“Is that the weight of your fist?”


The corners of Bursting Bear’s eyes jumped with veins.

He glared at Chen Dong with raging anger, “You, provoking me?”

“Are you worthy of being provoked by me?”

Chen Dong’s evil smile grew thicker as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, “Fist, it really is too light.”

The muscles on Bursting Bear’s body were like rock piled up, and a sinew trembled like an earthworm.

His eyes were fierce.

He had already spat blood from one punch.

He still said such words, he didn’t know how to live!


Suddenly, the bursting bear roared into the sky.

The sound was as thick as thunder, pressing the prisoners in the cell into a simultaneous silence.

Knock, knock, knock ……

The sound of wild footsteps was like the beating of a drum.

The figure of the bursting bear was like a great mountain collapsing, directly crushing towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s gaze stared, after having a profound knowledge of the Exploding Bear’s power.

He did not dare to fight against it head-on.

The huge difference in stature made the Exploding Bear’s body itself a most terrifying killing weapon.

With his feet stomping hard on the ground, he directly moved sideways, dodging the explosive bear’s charge.

With that.

Chen Dong leapt up in the air and struck a palm slash that landed boldly on the back of the bear’s neck.

There was a muffled thud and the bear’s footsteps gave a lurch.

But with a mere thud, as the bear roared, its boa-like arm recoiled and swiped at Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s expression was cold as he stepped on the ground and drew back directly.

The bear’s hand pa*sed through his waist.

It was as if everything had been precisely calculated.

This scene caused the whole crowd to gasp in shock.

All the prisoners were dumbfounded.

Even the drought and management members at the gate of the prison were stunned.

Only one foot had been punched and spat out blood, but the next foot was already able to dodge?

What kind of fighting quality was this?

No one thought that because of the size of the bear, he was slow.

In fact, because of his huge size, he looked slow to the naked eye, but his true speed was frighteningly fast!

In the initial attack, Chen Dong was suspected of being careless.

But this time, it was a real head-on collision!

Even the Drought, under this backhanded claw of the Exploding Bear, was not very sure that he could do what Chen Dong did with the gazelle!

“Your speed, is it that slow?”

After dodging the blow, Chen Dong quickly flew back and pulled away, a thick disdainful smile appearing on his face.

More so, he unabashedly despised Exploding Bear.

Mocking, undisguised!

Exploding Bear’s expression choked.

Immediately afterwards, a monstrous rage surfaced on his fierce and hideous face.

The swish of his eyes turned red.

At this moment, the blue veins at the corners of his eyes pulsed wildly.

The muscles of his body even made a “clicking” sound under his fury.

As the head wolf of the prison, his strength had not been blown out of proportion, but had been achieved through personal killing!

In terms of physical strength and speed, no one in the entire cell block could match him!

Even the Drought had to be careful when facing him.

Even Drought had to be cautious against him. But a newcomer, who had managed to dodge a blow from him, was making such a big statement?

“You, seek death!”

A roar like a beast’s roar.

Bursting Bear rushed towards Chen Dong like a human-shaped tank, his voice was terrifying.

He pushed his palms together, bringing up streaks of shadow, like a rainstorm of pearls.

“Sumo wrestler?”

Chen Dong was shocked in his heart, but on the surface, he remained calm as water.

He quickly retreated without confronting the explosive bear.

With his “small” body, he was like a slippery loach, quickly moving and dodging around the explosive bear.

This scene caused the prisoners in the cell to boo.

The dodging was incompetent in the eyes of the prisoners.

“The speed is too slow, too slow!”

“Is that all the force of a fist? Is that all there is to it?”

“Big guy, you’re like a beast, you’re not even remotely useful except to scare people a little!”


As Chen Dong moved and dodged the explosive bear’s attacks, a reckless and wild mocking laughter echoed around the ring.

In response, the beast roared and attacked with even more ferocity.

Inside the cell, the booing of the prisoners had turned into a tirade of abuse.

The fight to the death was so tedious in their eyes that they had no desire to watch it.

They were used to fist-to-fist bloodshed.

At the entrance to the prison block, however, Drought’s gaze was profoundly powerful.

No matter how fierce the explosive bear’s attack was in the ring.

His gaze, from beginning to end, was on Chen Dong.

Under the light, he could even make out the fine beads of sweat on Chen Dong’s forehead, and his gaze of concentration.

Clearly, Chen Dong’s response was careful and cautious, not as easy as his taunting words.

And that was exactly what happened.

As he dodged the explosive bear’s attack.

Chen Dong’s heart was beating wildly, trying hard to calm his apprehensive state of mind.

He knew that with the strength and speed of the Exploding Bear, with his physique, but taking a single blow would be enough to injure him.

And he wanted to fight for ten days to win ten straight Raw Death Rings.

The more damage he took in the early stages, the closer to death he would be in the later stages.

“Calm down, calm down …… mind like water, there must be a breakthrough, a breakthrough will definitely be revealed.”

Chen Dong kept warning himself in his heart.

Between life and death, absolute calmness would allow him to grasp more initiative and fight for a greater chance of survival.

And provoking the Exploding Bear was also his way to stretch this initiative and chance of survival, even more!

In the blink of an eye.

Chen Dong was already cornered by the Exploding Bear, unable to retreat.

Behind him was under the high platform.

If he stepped down from the stage, it would mean losing the Ring of Life and Death.


With a beastly roar, his hands were like a huge hammer, and he smashed his head into Chen Dong.

With this blow, he wanted to smash the head of this arrogant and C*cky man in front of him like a watermelon!


At the same time, Chen Dong’s eyes shone brightly.

Facing the deadly strike of the Exploding Bear.

In a flash, Chen Dong made a move that caused the entire crowd to be in an uproar.

He did not retreat, did not dodge.

Rather, like a deadly warrior, he bravely and defiantly pounced directly at the explosive bear ……