Winner Takes All Chapter 251-252

Chapter 251

Inside the cell.

There was a silence.

The few Nashville men all sat quietly to one side, and even when they spoke, it was in whispers.

They were afraid of disturbing the resting Chen Dong.

In just ten days or so, Chen Dong had become unattainable and awe-inspiring in the hearts of Nashville and the others.

In a place where the weak are strong, the strong will be respected.

What’s more, this strong man had defied life and death in order to guard what was in his heart.

After being held in the Black Prison for a long time, people do become.

Just like a dog on the street, after wandering for a long time, one gets used to it, used to giving up many, many things and caring only about life and death.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, did not fit in with them.

It was this incompatibility that made Nashville and the others even more awe-inspiring.

It is easy to give up, but hard to hold on.

Tomorrow’s battle was a matter of Chen Dong’s life and death.

If they disturbed Chen Dong’s rest for one more minute at this point, it would invariably increase the risk of Chen Dong’s death in tomorrow’s life and death ring.

But, such silence.

With the arrival of Exploding Bear, it was completely broken!

“It’s not good, something big has happened, the entire Black Prison is shaking!”

Exploding Bear hurriedly rushed into the cell, his face full of horror and horror.

In the Black Prison, ordinary prisoners would be held in strict confinement, but when the strength was strong enough, the privilege existed.

Chen Dong woke up from his trance-like sleep.

In fact, he hadn’t slept too deeply because of the pain from his injuries.

Looking at the terrified and horrified Burst Bear, Chen Dong’s heart instantly lifted.

Bursting Bear was the former head wolf of the ninth ward and was at the top of the hierarchy, so it was difficult for his mind to make waves on a regular basis.

What’s more, it was such an outburst.

“What’s wrong?”

Chen Dong sat up with a strong hold.

Bursting Bear viciously wiped a handful of cold sweat from his forehead and said with a palpitating heart, “Something has happened in the first prison block!”

“That guy?” Chen Dong came to a sudden realization.

For something to happen in the first prison block to make Burst Bear so hot-headed, in all probability, it was that Black Prison Number One!

Hearing that.

Several people in Nashville were also curious.


Exploding Bear nodded vigorously, “Just now, just when Chen Sheng you and Black Angel were in a life and death match, that First Man, quietly went to a few other prison districts and ……”

Speaking of this, Exploding Bear’s expression was both frightened and excited, making it difficult to describe.

He took a hard, deep breath and said, “The First Man nullified the head wolves of those several prison districts, all of them!”


The words were thunderous.

Even though Exploding Bear had tried his best to suppress his voice, it still made Chen Dong and the others feel like thunderbolts from a clear sky.

“How is this possible?”

Nashville exclaimed offhandedly, his forehead already oozing with dense beads of sweat, his face full of incredulity.

The head wolves of the ten prison wards had always been well-watered, and there was even no shortage of good friendships between three or two of them, such as Exploding Bear and Greedy Wolf and Black Angel.

Although the head wolf of the first prison area is above the rest and has the name of the number one man in Black Prison, he seldom socializes with the head wolves of other prison areas.

But if there is no grudge, it is not so bad that he would waste several big head wolves in one day!

You know, a big tree attracts the wind, and this action is undoubtedly making enemies in the whole Black Prison!

The rest of the wolves would inevitably unite with each other as their lips became cold.

What’s more, the Black Prison had acquiesced to the existence of the First Man, but would not let the First Man really run wild!

After taking a deep breath, Nashville continued, “The ten prison districts have always been united and at each other’s throats, so the First Man’s move will definitely lead to a crackdown from the upper echelons of Black Prison.


The words had just fallen.

Outside the cell, a cry of alarm suddenly rang out.

“Heavyweight! Heavyweight! Heavyweight! The first person to waste four head wolves in a row, Black Prison is shaking!”


Within the ninth cell block, there was an uproar.

All the inmates were stunned, and the chatter was instantly deafening like a mountain of voices.

Nashville’s lips inside the cell were slightly parted and trembled gently, feeling a little choked.

I can’t believe …… it’s true!

Exploding Bear gave Nashville a sidelong glance, “At least I am the former head wolf of the ninth prison district, such big news, would it still be nothing?”

“This, to me, should be good news?”

Chen Dong’s brows were locked as he lowered his head in contemplation.

Even though he was calm on the surface, deep inside his heart, he was already in a big wave.


Exploding Bear nodded and said with a sullen expression, “The First Man striking and scrapping the four head wolves in a row means that Chen Sheng will go to four less Life and Death Rings next, the only one left being the First Man!”

His words were superficial, but the meaning was clear to everyone.

Leaving the Black Prison’s Ring of Life and Death required ten battles and ten victories!

With Chen Dong’s current state, it was simply not enough for ten consecutive victories.

Even, leaving aside the First Man’s life and death ring, the next four life and death rings would kill Chen Dong in the ring at every moment.

But the First Man’s strike was undoubtedly a way to smooth out Chen Dong’s tH**ny road ahead.

All Chen Dong needed to do was to win the life and death match with the First Man, and he would be able to step out of the Black Prison.

“Is this the First Man helping Chen Sheng?” Nashville was horrified.

Chen Dong and Exploding Bear looked at each other, both seeing the doubt in each other’s eyes.

The same doubt was not only on Nashville and Exploding Bear and theirs.

Even Chen Dong would have had the same thought if he hadn’t been certain that he didn’t know the First Man.

But the First Man helping him, was it possible?


Inside the spacious and luxurious office.

At this moment, silence could listen to a needle.

The cloaked man sits quietly on the leather black sofa, quietly wrapping gauze around the wound on his body.

Every movement was slow and casual.

The same wounds, more than a dozen all over his body, some too late to wrap, are now gurgling with blood.

The crimson blood dripped onto the ground, forming a puddle of blood.

It was such a scene that made the atmosphere in the office depressing to the extreme.

On the other side, Drought and the other ten people watched the scene in horror, each with a sullen expression and a frown on their faces.

It was hard to imagine that so many people were gathered together without making a single sound.

The only sound was that of the cloaked man gently wrapping gauze around him.

Only the man in front of him could have done this, could he not?

Such a feat was enough to set a new record in the history of the Black Prison!


A hoarse voice came from a silver-haired old man in a suit.

“Why what?”

The cloaked man asked softly as he focused on wrapping the gauze around him.

An angry look appeared on the silver-haired old man’s face, “You, who broke the rules of the Black Prison!”

He rose indignantly and pointed at the cloaked man and cursed, “Chen Dong from the ninth prison district is challenging the ten head wolves of the ten prison districts to get out of the Black Prison, just like that one did ten years ago, but there is no way he will succeed!”

“Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next life and death match, he will die in the ring, but you are doing this now ……”


The cloaked man interrupted the silver-haired old man by slamming the remaining gauze into the pool of blood on the floor.

He rose to his feet.

The simple action instantly drew Drought and the remaining nine men to close in on the silver haired old man as if they were enemies.

“A bunch of rubbish, a waste of time.”

The cloaked man’s voice was thick with disdain, “If you’re not satisfied, I’ll beat him to death in the ring tomorrow!”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

One person had even scrapped the four head wolves and swept away Chen Dong’s thorns out of prison, just because he didn’t want to waste time and beat Chen Dong to death in the ring?

This ……

The cloaked man who had already reached the doorway once again paused in his steps.

“Alice, come to my cell later.”

The S*xy Alice looked choked and said with some concern, “Dao-kun, the state you’re in ……”

“I want it!”


Chapter 252

The silver-haired old man called everyone away.

He looked sullen and sat in silence.

The veins on the back of his right hand stood out and throbbed.

Desperately trying to suppress his anger!

He was the supreme administrator of the Black Prison and had supreme power in the Black Prison.

On the contrary, there was nothing that could be done about the number one man in Black Prison.

For he knew that if the man had not volunteered, Black Prison would not have been able to keep him.

More crucially, Black Prison needed that man to keep it in check, to keep the ten prison districts at each other’s throats and to maintain a state of “balance”.

However, what that man had just done had almost broken this “balance”.

After taking a deep breath, the silver-haired old man picked up the communication phone.

When the call came through, he only spat out two words in a deep voice.

“Don’t you dare!”


Hanging up the phone, the silver-haired old man’s eyes were deep and thoughtful.

The matter of the number one man in the Black Prison, who had even deposed the head wolves of the four prison districts.

Almost at the speed of a thunderstorm, it swept through the entire Black Prison.

The entire Black Prison was shocked.

All the prisoners were confused by the operation of the First Man.

It was important to know that although the head wolves of the ten prison districts had gaps and disagreements, there was usually a lot of friction.

But this kind of friction was all within control.

Even if there was a deadly battle between the head wolves, it would be limited to the head wolves of the two prison districts.

But this time, the head wolf of the first prison district had even defeated the head wolves of the four prison districts.

This was the first time in the history of Black Prison!

No one knew exactly what the first one was thinking.

But some were speculating that it might have something to do with Chen Dong, who wanted to get out of Black Prison.

And in such a wave of public opinion, it pushed Chen Dong’s identity to a mysterious and unpredictable point.

It was as if the word “Chen Dong” had been deeply engraved into the hearts of every prisoner.

At the same time, the head wolves in the remaining wards were also moving in response to the wind, and the undercurrents were raging.

This made the dark prison, which was already almost dark, even more depressing and embarra*sing.

“Is he …… really helping me?”

Chen Dong lay on the stone bed, his brow tightly wrinkled into a Chuan character.

It was already considered evening, but the extreme daylight of the sky made little sleepiness.

Chen Dong ignored the fact that he had long since become the centre of public opinion among the prisoners of the Black Prison.

All his doubts were on the one in the first prison block.


The likelihood of that was simply too low!

It seemed to have cleared the thorns in the road ahead, giving him the capital to fight one last time.

But ……

Chen Dong’s brow stretched out and he smiled bitterly: “Or maybe this is how arrogant people act? Sweep the four major prison wolves in front of me, let me fight against them as soon as possible, and then …… kill me?”

Rubbing his nose, Chen Dong’s smile grew more and more bitter: “Thinking like this, a lot of places become clear and obvious.”

Saying that, he took out the two painkillers in his pocket.

This was the only capital he had.

The pain from the injuries on his body still existed, the broken ribs had not been repaired, and the severe pain from the bone fractures everywhere made it even harder for him to sleep.

If it wasn’t for the First Man’s tumultuous operation, he wouldn’t even have these two painkillers in his hands that Burst Bear had gotten for him, and they wouldn’t have been enough to sustain him for the rest of the battle.

Fortunately, these two painkillers now gave him a chance to fight the First Man one last time!

As long as he defeated the First Man of the Black Prison, he …… would be able to get out!

After taking a deep breath, Chen Dong treasured the two painkillers and stuffed them into his pocket, a strange look in his eyes.

“Little Shadow …… will personally drape you in a wedding dress when I return!”


The next day.

Chen Dong, who had been tossing and turning all night, slowly opened his eyes.

Seeing Chen Dong take out painkillers.

Bursting Bear reminded, “Chen Sheng, one pill is enough.”

Chen Dong smiled blandly, put two painkillers into his mouth and swallowed them, saying, “This is a desperate fight to the death, still afraid of dying from this painkiller overdose?”

Bursting Bear was stunned, and then said respectfully, “All the best to Chen Sheng.”

“Does he have a weakness?” Chen Dong inquired.

Before every life and death match, Exploding Bear would always tell his opponent’s weaknesses.

But this time, Exploding Bear did not say so.

Bursting Bear shook his head with a bitter smile, “An old man wolf of twenty years, an existence that can crush a prison across the board, has no weaknesses.”

Chen Dong was dumbfounded and lost his smile.

This time, it really was a fight to the death!

However, he also expected that if a weakness existed, with the status and strength of the prisoners in the Black Prison, it would be impossible for them to manage to crush a prison across the board.

It was just that while helplessly, Chen Dong was somewhat curious.

If it was really such an existence, how did Kunlun fight it out back then?

He was clear about Kunlun’s strength, and compared to the head wolves like Exploding Bear, he was indeed a great deal stronger.

However, if Kunlun was still in the Black Prison, he would not be able to do it to crush a prison across the board.

What’s more, that was still ten years ago, and ten years ago Kunlun was certainly not as strong as he was now.

That man, on the other hand, had already been the head wolf of the prison twenty years ago.

With a gap of more than ten years in between, a phrase like “the fist fears the young and the strong” was not enough.

When Chen Dong walked to the first cell block.

The entire cell block was silent to the extreme.

The air seemed to be frozen.

On top of the high platform, the cloaked man stood tall.

And in the various cells, all the prisoners had their eyes burningly focused on Chen Dong.

Some of the prisoners’ eyes even looked as if they were looking at a dead man.

It was event time, yet all the prisoners were in their cells, and there was not the slightest dissatisfaction yet.

From this, it was clear that the man on the high platform was really able to suppress a prison, and in the first prison block, he had supreme influence.

Chen Dong took a deep breath and slowly walked up to the high platform.

Gazing at the cloaked man opposite, he still could not see the man’s face from his perspective.

But Chen Dong still smiled slightly, “Thank you.”

“Thanks for what?” The voice was indifferent.

Chen Dong smiled, “For helping me to smooth out the thorns on the road ahead.”

The corners of the cloaked man’s mouth turned up, revealing a disdainful smile.

“Actually, I just want to kill you as soon as possible, for twenty years, I have not seen such an arrogant and cross breed like you.”

Chen Dong, who had expected this, did not show too much surprise.

This was the only result that could explain the cloaked man sweeping the four prison districts’ head wolves.


The monitoring room.

The silver-haired old man and Drought and the others stood in silence, their expressions solemn and grave.

From this position, they could take in the entire battle.

Moreover, at the Silver-haired Old Man’s behest, the battle was projected to all the major prison districts.

Ten years ago, when Kunlun experienced the final battle and walked out of the Black Prison, it was the same.

It was a tradition and a rule in the Black Prison.

“It’s a pity that such a fresh little meat will die at the hands of Daoist monarch before I can taste a fresh one.”

Alice’s face was full of despondency and melancholy.

The silver-haired old man and Drought and the others gave her a look, but didn’t say much.

Alice scratched her head and sighed, “I guess it’s a quick battle again, last night the Daoist Monarch expressed his extreme displeasure with this Chen Dong, in this battle, this Chen Dong should not even be qualified to make the Daoist Monarch take off his cloak.”

At these words.

The crowd of spectators revealed their approval.

The cloak was the exclusive symbol of the First Man.

To be able to make the First Man take off his cloak meant that the First Man was truly treating his opponent as an opponent and intended to have a serious battle.

The most recent time was that battle ten years ago!

And this time, Chen Dong’s strength was obvious to all eyes, and it was obviously not enough to make the First Man take off his cloak.

Just at that moment.


The silver-haired old man standing at the forefront suddenly let out a startled eek.

Immediately afterwards, he said in a deep voice.

“Dao Jun, take it off!”