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Winner Takes All Chapter 253-254

Chapter 253

Inside the surveillance room, there was an uproar.

Everyone looked at the surveillance video in horror.

Chen Dong …… was qualified to make the Daoist monarch take off his cloak?

In shock.

No one noticed that the expressions of the silver-haired old man and Drought, however, became incomparably complicated after the shock.

The same shocked outcry echoed through the remaining nine prison areas at this time.

All the prisoners were watching the battle and knew what the first man’s cloak meant.

Only in the first cell block was there dead silence.

But the faces of all the prisoners were horrified and shocked.

In the ring.

Chen Dong frowned at the man who had taken off his cloak to reveal his face.

It was a slightly thin, but extremely resolute face.

A sword brow and starry eyes were enough to describe it.

However, the aura of perseverance emanating from his body made Chen Dong’s heart tremble.

It was as if it was a sword with a hidden sheath, its sharpness not showing, but the part hidden in the sheath was enough to scare the heavens.

“I, haven’t I seen you somewhere before?”

Chen Dong asked offhandedly, doubtful consternation surfacing on his face.

Facing this man, he had a feeling of déjà vu.

But as soon as the words left his mouth, Chen Dong was amused by himself.

How could he know a man who had been imprisoned in the Black Prison for over twenty years?

By extrapolation, when this man in front of him was imprisoned in the Black Prison, he might have just been born!

“Are you ready?”

Dao Jun slowly moved his shoulders, the muscles in his shoulders graving with the activity, “Remember my name, Dao Jun!”

Chen Dong was slightly stunned, the name …… was so strange.


Just at the moment of consternation, a wild wind whistled steeply in his ears.

Chen Dong then felt a darkness before his eyes, but the steely face of the Daoist monarch was close at hand.

How fast!

The sudden scene caused Chen Dong’s heart to be terrified.

There was simply no time to react in any way.


There was a loud bang.

The Daoist Monarch’s fist directly bombarded Chen Dong’s abdomen.

In an instant, Chen Dong let out a miserable scream, his five senses twisted, and it felt like his internal organs were tossing and turning, and his body could not help but bow up.

After the punch, the Taoist monarch, however, pressed his left hand directly onto Chen Dong’s shoulder and pressed hard.

This was followed by a stormy knee strike!


Why was it so fast?

Chen Dong was terrified, and as he saw Daoguang’s knee strike coming, he put his arms in front of his body to defend against it.

With such a powerful knee strike, he was not sure that he would be able to stand up again if he received even one blow.

Even so, Chen Dong still felt that his arms were about to be broken.

A bone-crushing pain swept through his entire body.

He had no chance to even escape and dodge, except to defend himself to death under the powerful crushing pressure of the Daoist Monarch.

A battle that began instantly and was instantly suppressed.

Such a situation was not something Chen Dong had expected at all.

The gap between the two sides was like a heavenly rift, making Chen Dong’s chances desperate.

With a knee strike, Chen Dong could even feel the broken ribs in his chest slowly deforming, the kind of intense pain that even if he had taken twice the amount of painkillers in advance, he still could not suppress it.


Chen Dong suddenly spat out a large mouthful of fresh blood, his face pale to the extreme.

Could it be that …… had just ended?

At this moment, his consciousness was in a bit of a trance.

The figures of Gu Qingying, his mother and others could not help but appear in his mind.


To live!

They …… are still waiting for me to come home!


Chen Dong let out a roar like a wild beast as he fiercely brought his hands together and fought to collide once with the oncoming knee slam.

There was a thud!

The Daoist monarch’s attack gave an abrupt lurch.

Chen Dong took advantage of the momentum and landed both fists directly onto Daoist Monarch’s abdomen with a forceful thrust, the two separated and Chen Dong staggered backwards.


Astonishment flickered in the Daoist Monarch’s eyes.

Looking at Chen Dong, who was staggering backwards in a mess, his face full of pain, he smiled smugly, “Not bad, carrying my 23 knee strikes.”

Chen Dong’s face turned pale and the corners of his eyes jumped wildly with veins.

23 knee strikes!

If he had not been slacking off, always following Kunlun’s devil training every day to strengthen his physique.

Just one blow would have been enough to break his arm bones!

Even so, at this moment, both his arms were almost deflated, and the pain was as severe as if his arm bones had exploded.

The injuries he had sustained earlier had also become excruciatingly painful under the storm that had just hit him.

The painkillers were completely ineffective.

The sharp pain that swept through his entire body caused Chen Dong to gasp incessantly.

The look in his eyes at the Daoist Monarch was filled with fear.

Facing the Daoist Monarch, he didn’t even have the guts to put up a fight.

It was a fear that was as if his bloodline’s natural enemy was suppressing him like never before.

The entire first prison block was deadly quiet.

All the prisoners were in silence, their blood spurting out from the scene they had just witnessed.

But no one dared to open their mouths to shout, for all knew that Dao Monarchs hated noise and clamour the most when they fought.

In the remaining nine prison blocks, a chorus of voices were heard at this time, sucking in cold air.

Through the videos put up by Black Prison, they could still feel the terror of the Daoist monarch even through the screen.

The monitoring room.

The crowd looked at each other with blank faces.

“How did the Daoist Monarch stay his hand?”

“With an attack that powerful, with the strength of the Daoist Monarch, there’s no way he could have been toppled by that kid and disengaged from the attack with a single punch.”

“A 23-foot knee strike! The Daoist monarch’s knee strike is capable of shattering the green stone slab directly, this kid can withstand 23 kicks, that’s impressive too!”


There was a lot of chatter and faces full of dismay.

The silver-haired old man’s face was stoic, staring at the video consistently.

Drought was beside him, clenching his fists, his forehead covered in beads of sweat, secretly cheering for Chen Dong in his heart.

In the ring.

Chen Dong was sweating like rain and panting like an ox.

His eyes looked at Daogun with fear.

The Daoist monarch, on the other hand, did not rush to attack and looked at Chen Dong with a look of disdain all the time.

The Daoist monarch suddenly laughed: “Just like you, you still want to leave the Black Prison? Give up, I can refrain from killing you, with this level of strength, you deserve to have your woman robbed and replaced!”

In the past few days, Chen Dong had gained fame in the Black Prison.

The reason why he desperately wanted to leave Black Prison had also long been slowly spread throughout Black Prison.

Chen Dong’s body shook, and a “boom” sounded in his head.

The Daoist Monarch’s snicker was like a red-hot sharp knife that instantly plunged into his heart.

This feeling was even more painful than the excruciating pain all over his body!

“I …… want to get out!”

Chen Dong spat out the words from his teeth.

With a deep breath, the fearful eyes gradually calmed down and became ancient and deep as if they were two black holes.

The smile on the Daoist monarch’s face froze, and a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.

“My woman, my parents, my brothers, they are all mine and no one can replace them!”

Chen Dong slowly bowed his body, a*suming a fighting stance.


The Daoist Monarch laughed disdainfully, but like an arrow off the string, he charged directly at Chen Dong: “The weak, will only be replaced!”

“I, then, will become stronger!”

Chen Dong did not dodge, let alone think about defending, but instead, he directly charged at the Daoist Monarch.


There was not the slightest fancy.

Both of them threw their fists at the same time and blasted together.

In an instant, Chen Dong’s eyebrows twisted and the corners of his eyes jumped wildly.

It felt like a punch had struck steel, and his finger bones were in severe pain.

Almost simultaneously, he let out a roar and swung his fist again, directly counter-attacking the Daoist Monarch.


The Daoist Monarch snickered, but swung his fist repeatedly to resist.

This scene caused the entire Black Prison to look confused.

What was Dao Jun …… doing?


Chapter 254

The entire Black Prison was dumbfounded.

An existence that could crush a prison in a horizontal manner was actually being defended pa*sively?

What kind of joke is this!

Bang Bang Bang ……

In the ring, the wind of the fist was so strong that the sound of the wind exploded in his ears.

Chen Dong’s double fist swings brought up residual shadows as he attacked frantically.

Even he himself had not expected that the Daoist monarch would choose to pa*sively defend.

“That’s all the speed you have?”

Suddenly, the Daoist Monarch laughed softly.


Chen Dong’s heart gave a jerk.

In an instant, he saw the Daoist Monarch’s right fist draw directly across.


With a muffled sound, Chen Dong staggered sideways, his left arm trembling violently as if it was about to explode.

“Here it comes!”

Not waiting for him to stand firm, the voice of the Daoist Monarch suddenly exploded.

The speed was as fast as lightning.

Almost simultaneously, he appeared in front of Chen Dong.

With a kick in the air, it directly landed on Chen Dong’s chest.


A mouthful of blood, as Chen Dong leaned back and flew out backwards, cutting a parabola in the air.

Upon landing, Chen Dong’s chest was already dented, and the ribs that were originally broken were directly dented by the Daoist Monarch’s kick, breaking two more ribs along with it.

“You are no match for me, concede defeat and live, if you don’t, die.”

The Daoist Monarch slowly walked up to Chen Dong, towering over him as if he was overlooking an ant.

“I choose to die!”

Chen Dong’s eyes glowed red, and with a furious roar that gritted his teeth, his right hand violently pressed into the depression, gouging the three broken ribs and pulling them outwards with force.


The bones shifted, crisp and piercing.


The entire Black Prison, at the same time, resounded with a sound of sucking in cold air.

This guy, was he still human?

To himself, could he be this ruthless?

Even the Daoist Monarch was slightly stunned, and the smirk on his face grew even stronger.

“Come again!”

Chen Dong braced himself to get up and stared at the Daoist Monarch with red eyes.


Almost simultaneously, the Daoist Monarch’s body swayed, and he reappeared in front of Chen Dong.


With a punch, it directly sent Chen Dong flying backwards, and another mouthful of blood spurted out.

The blood stained Chen Dong’s chest red.

The blood that was scattered on his face by the stars made his expression even more hideous.

“If Kunlun can do it, so can I.”

When he stubbornly got up again, Daogun was already in front of him.


With another punch, Chen Dong fell down once again.

Again and again he was knocked down, again and again he stood up again, again and again he spurted blood.

Chen Dong had long since become a bloody man, yet he still stood up again strongly.

The Ring of Life and Death had turned into a one-sided crush.

The Daoist monarch had the upper hand, while Chen Dong had become a “sandbag”.

The whole Black Prison was silenced by this scene.

The eyes of all those who gazed at the bloodstained figure gradually turned into horror.

Even if they were all bloodthirsty, there was no shortage of heroes like the Warrior King and War God.

But they asked themselves, they could not do what Chen Dong did, being beaten down again and again, and rising up again and again without fear of death.

The monitoring room.

The silver-haired old man and the others had long been dumbfounded.

It wasn’t that they were shocked at Chen Dong’s bravery in getting up again and again.

Rather, they were stunned by the Daoist monarch’s strike.

“Daogun, what the hell is he up to? He could have easily killed Chen Dong, why did he have to tease like that?” Alice was stunned, “He’s not a character that likes to tease and abuse others.”

As a private object of Daogun, Alice knew Daogun far better than everyone else, she asked herself.

It was because of this understanding that she was even more shocked.

In the ring.

The atmosphere was tragic.


Daogun’s punch caused Chen Dong to fall down once again.

“A weakling, is a weakling!”

The Daoist Monarch snorted disdainfully, looking at Chen Dong with a look of intense contempt.

“Little Shadow, I, I want to marry you, to marry you!”

Chen Dong’s gaze was lax as he revealed a gentle smile.

With that, he got up!


A snort of laughter, while issuing from the Daoist Monarch’s mouth, a fist with a residual shadow, once again came blasting towards Chen Dong.

In a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong’s lax eyes abruptly froze.

Not good!

The disdain on the Daoist Monarch’s face abruptly disappeared.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong’s body swayed violently and his hands were like snakes, wrapping around the Daoist Monarch’s right fist in a smooth manner.

In a flash of lightning.

He leaned down, charged forward and shoulder-bumped.

Bang Teen!

There was a muffled sound.

The Daoist monarch staggered back seven or eight steps straight away.

Before he could stabilise himself, the Daoist Monarch’s face changed and a mouthful of fresh blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.


The Black Prison resounded with a mountainous cry of shock.

All the prisoners were stunned.

Resisting the Daoist Monarch’s fist over and over again, just for this one attack?

And the Daoist Monarch, literally spitting blood!

“Kunlun is right, extreme calmness will allow me to find a breakthrough.”

Chen Dong looked at the Daoist Monarch who had vomited blood, and the smile on the corner of his mouth turned fierce.

“I, underestimated you.”

The Daoist Monarch raised his hand to wipe off the blood from the corner of his mouth, and his expression fell cold and stern.

The next second.

Both of them moved at the same time.

Bang Bang Bang ……

Fists and kicks clashed like firecrackers, echoing through the prison area.

Fists and kicks with residual shadows waved in the ring with the sound of the wind.

Everyone watched with bated breath, while their hearts were secretly shocked.

What was different from just now when they were overwhelmed by one side.

At this moment, Chen Dong and Daogun were actually fighting back and forth!

There was no more juggling, but a realistic back-and-forth!

The monitoring room.

There was an uproar.

Everyone could hardly contain the shock in their hearts, revealing a look of horror.

“Good, so fast! This Chen Dong …… his fighting instincts are so terrifying!”

“Just how strong of a gene does it take to create such strong combat instincts? Strong when it meets strong?”

“My God! He’s simply the Wonder Boy! To think that he can keep up with the Daoist monarch so quickly!”


Exclaims of astonishment rose and fell.

The silver-haired old man and Drought also had flashes of surprise in their eyes.

The strength of the Daoist Monarch was clear to the entire Black Prison.

An existence that could crush a prison with its own strength, the fighting skills had reached the top of the creation.

After Chen Dong had been knocked down and spat out blood time and time again, he was still able to keep up with Daogun’s rhythm.

Reversing the overwhelming advantage into a temporary even match.

Such fighting instincts, even they had never seen before!

“It shouldn’t last long, right?”

Drought slowly spat out a sentence.

A very light sentence, yet it caused the crowd in the monitoring room to fall silent at the same time.

Indeed, even if they were evenly matched for a short while, the gap was ultimately where it was, and even the most terrifying instincts could not instantly bridge the gap.

It was only a matter of time before Chen Dong was defeated, or even dead.

And that was exactly what happened!

The successive injuries he had sustained just now had almost brought Chen Dong to the end of his strength.

At this moment, he was relying on the persistence in his heart to hold on.

The fierce battle had even caused his consciousness to recede rapidly.

Blood began to gush out from the corners of his mouth, and even blood began to flow out of his nasal cavity.

“Go home, wait for me …… me, I’m coming back soon.”

“Little Shadow, I’m going back to marry you, I’m going to give you a lifetime of happiness.”

“Mom, I also want to take you back to the Chen family and return to you the glory that originally belonged to you.”


Gradually, Chen Dong’s consciousness became increasingly blurred.

This caused his speed in swinging his fists and kicks to slow down and his force to decay.

A thick despair swept through his body, and Chen Dong had the feeling that he was slowly falling into an endless abyss of darkness.


Chen Dong roared furiously, blood flying as he blasted his fist directly at the Daoist Monarch in front of him.

This was …… his last punch!


A laugh suddenly echoed in Chen Dong’s ears.

“Your Holiness, are you well?”