Winner Takes All Chapter 273-274

Chapter 273

In the Qin family’s front hall, there was dead silence.

A trail of frightened eyes gazed at the departing figures.

No one dared to stop them!

It was clear to everyone that today the Qin family had completely fallen.

Simply and brutally, they had fallen headlong into the mud.

If word of today’s scene were to get out, it would definitely cause Western Shu to shake.

Even the guests who were present and witnessed it had the unreal feeling that they were dreaming.

Had the Qin family ever been crushed to such an extent?

The faces of the Qin family members were embarra*sed, their teeth clenched and their gazes hostile, as if they were beasts of burdened rage.

On the ground, Qin Shuang’s miserable screams were incomparably ear-splitting.

Master Qin looked as gloomy as water, gritting his teeth, his eyes almost red.

The hands hidden beneath his sleeved robes were clenched into fists, veins protruding.

His body was trembling vaguely.

Even Qin Henian did not dare to let out a big breath at this moment.

Everyone knew that Elder Qin was already in a state of rage at this moment.


Master Qin staggered back a step, his throat moved and a muffled grunt escaped from his mouth.

With that, crimson blood slowly trickled down the corners of his mouth.



The crowd of Qin family members instantly panicked and the crowd was in chaos.

The guests in the audience were even more shocked and full of horror.

“He-nian help the old man back to the back hall, the rest of the Qin family, greet the guests, the banquet will continue as usual.”

Master Qin barked orders in a deep voice.

Qin Henian hurriedly a*sisted Master Qin towards the back hall.

On the way, all the guests retreated in fear.

On top of the birthday banquet, the grandfather of the Qin family had spat blood from his mouth in a fit of rage.

This scene, which killed the magnates and giants present, was not expected to be witnessed.

Is the sky …… of Xishu about to change?

For a while, those with active minds could not help but be floating in their minds.

Qin Henian helped the old man Qin back to the back hall.

At this time, the old man Qin’s face has been pale, the whole person seems to be instantly decrepit and aged by more than ten years.

However, the anger on his face was even more fierce and obvious.

Obviously, he was already trying extremely hard to suppress it just now.

After taking his seat, Master Qin’s hands clenched so tightly that the sound of his teeth clacking could be heard faintly.

“Dad, I think it’s better to inform Old Madam Chen and let her take care of it from the side.”

Qin Henian’s face was sullen, although he was not capable, he was not dumb: “Chen Dong said clearly that he came here for his mother’s revenge, and his sword is against my Qin family, this is a joint effort between the Qin family and Old Lady Chen, of course Old Lady Chen has to do her part.”

“Oh, this son is clever.”

Master Qin laughed coldly and harshly, “He knows that he cannot offend Old Madam Chen, so he uses my Qin family to start the fight.

“If we don’t kill Chen Dong, my Qin family will no longer have any prestige and face in Western Shu, I am afraid that any cat or dog will dare to shout at my Qin family.” Qin Henian gnashed his teeth.

“Little Chen Dong, a mere B*****d, holding himself to be Chen Daoling’s own son, and he wants to be lawless?”

Elder Qin’s face was full of disdain and his eyes were sinister, “If not for my concern for the greater good, I would have let him die in my home just now, a little gnat, even trying to shake the two mountains of the Qin family and Old Lady Chen, simply out of his depth!”

With a deep breath.

Master Qin’s face gradually regained its redness and his breath became much calmer.

Just now, when the crowd was present, he held back his anger, not because he was afraid of Chen Dong, with Chen Dong’s current strength, the Qin family was an unshakeable mountain compared to it.

Elder Qin was trying not to cause a greater impact.

After all, the Qin family had killed Chen Daoling’s son in public, and this alone would be enough for Chen Daoling to completely overthrow the Qin family.

If the means were used in secret, whether it was the Qin family or Old Lady Chen, it would be enough to crush this manic mole.

With a deep breath, Elder Qin smiled fiercely, “You’re right, He-Nian, this matter should let Old Lady Chen step in, with a rebellious son in the family, if she, the old lady, turns a blind eye, then won’t it be too easy to cooperate with the Qin family.”

“I’ll contact Old Madam Chen.” Qin Henian smiled morosely.

“Chen Dong, you don’t know how high the sky is and damage the face of my Qin family? Then I will let you know just how terrifying the power under the Dome of Heaven overturning is to you!”

Elder Qin gritted his teeth with murderous intent, “If Old Master and Old Lady Chen want to kill you, even your father, Chen Daoling, will have to watch!”

As soon as the words were spoken, the room surged with coldness, like an ice cellar.


Leaving the Qin family.

Chen Dong and his group then returned to the city.

“Brother Dong, I really didn’t expect you to be so rigid.”

Qin Ye said with some excitement, “I thought you would grind your lips with the Qin family for a while, catching me off guard.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “The elegy has been sent out, how much did you think the Qin family would grind their lips?”

Qin Ye’s eyes twinkled and he smiled spontaneously, “I guess the old undead had the heart to bite you to death at that time.”

“But ……”

A timid voice suddenly rang out.

It was Qin Xiao Qian.

Ever since she left the Qin family, Qin Xiao Qian had been in a dazed and confused state.

She hadn’t expected things to change suddenly like this.

The scene of the melee at that time had even frightened her so much that she had lost her face and was at a loss for words.

Even now, when she had calmed down, she was still a bit at a loss.

Chen Dong, Qin Ye and Kun Lun looked at Qin Xiao Qian.

Qin Xiao Qian was a little nervous, swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said, “But didn’t Grandpa pour wine for Brother Dong just now?”

One word came out.

Chen Dong suddenly laughed.

Qin Ye and Kunlun could not help but laugh as well.

The three of them laughed, causing Qin Xiao Qian to become even more confused.

Qin Ye spoke, “Xiao Qian, you are ultimately less minded, capable enough, but not sophisticated enough, did you really think that the old undead was trying to treat us with courtesy just now?”

Qin Xiao Qian nodded in disbelief.

“How could the old undead be that kind, he just saw that there were too many powerful people present and threw in the towel.”

Qin Ye explained, “If there weren’t so many outsiders present, the old undead would have closed the door and killed someone immediately.

Qin Xiao Qian’s eyes flickered as she pondered.

Immediately after, Qin Ye let out another sigh and patted Qin Xiao Qian’s head heartily.

“You little girl, you founded the company at the age of 18 and stumbled to grow it, but in the end your experience is still too little, the Qin family says two good words, do you really think they are all good people? Their schemes and tricks, not to mention you, when I was as old as you, I couldn’t see through them either.”

Qin Xiao Qian raised her eyebrows and looked at Qin Ye in dismay, “Brother Ye, do you mean something else by that?”

Rao Chen Dong and Kun Lun also looked at Qin Xiao Qian in confusion.

Qin Ye was stunned for a moment, then he laughed, “No, where is it?”

Seeing that Qin Xiao Qian was still staring at himself, Qin Ye hurriedly changed the subject, “From now on, you will follow me and Brother Dong, anyway, I have knocked a penny off Brother Dong and set up a financial company, from now on you will follow me!”

Qin Xiao Qian did not immediately agree, but smiled a little and looked down in thought.

This scene caused Qin Ye’s smile to stiffen for a moment.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, swept a deep gaze at the two siblings and smiled meaningfully.

Qin Ye, indeed, had something to hide from Qin Xiao Qian.


Chapter 274

Chen Dong knows Qin Ye.

Beneath his cynical exterior, he always had a heart of gold.

He and Qin Ye had come to the Qin family to seek revenge.

And Qin Xiao Qian was only there to congratulate him on his birthday.

Although it was too harsh and cold to condescend to Qin Xiao Qian when the gift arrived and the person left.

But Qin Ye would not yet be reckless enough to pull Qin Xiao Qian into the vortex of their blood feud with the Qin family because of this matter.

Now, once he took Qin Xiaochen away, he was pulling Qin Xiaochen into their ranks.

If they returned to the Qin family again, what awaited Qin Xiao Qian would not be harsh and cold.

If there were no hidden secrets, Qin Ye would not be able to do such a stupid thing.

But Chen Dong didn’t ask, at least not in front of Qin Xiaochen.

The Rolls-Royce drove through the city and into the countryside, eventually driving into a mountain resort covered by mountains and forests with a gurgling river.

“Young master, this Shu Mountain Villa is the headquarters of our Chen Family’s Western Shu office.”

Chen Tong, who was driving, spoke as he drove, “In Xishu, every city has our Chen Family office, and they all listen to the orders of the Xishu office headquarters, and the office headquarters of each realm, in turn, goes straight to the Chen Family.”

“It’s been a hard day for you.”

Chen Dong said calmly, but his gaze was interested in looking at the beautiful scenery outside the car.

This Shushan Mountain Villa was a bit like the Four Seals Club.

However, in terms of horticultural mood, it was even better.

It was built on the mountain and the water, perfectly relying on the advantages of the landscape and carefully carved.

“You have managed to keep the garden scenery within this mountain villa in good order.” Chen Dong could not help but praise it.

Chen Tong smiled, “Young master is joking, the Chen family’s Xishu office is mainly engaged in art, and this Shu Mountain Villa, said to be a mountain villa, is actually an art gallery, within Xishu I, most of the truly top-notch art exhibitions will choose to be held within the villa.”

Following closely, Chen Tong added.

“But don’t worry young master, the security system within the Shu Mountain Villa is perfect, young master doesn’t have to worry about the safety of his life in the slightest when he stays at the Villa.”

Chen Dong smiled dumbly.

It was true that he had never worried about security.

This was because, this time when he had come to Xishu, he had not cared about himself in order to avenge his mother’s death.

The rooms were arranged to be the top suites in the Shu Mountain Villa.

There were four in total, built on the mountain, and each suite existed alone.

Chen Dong let Qin Ye take Qin Xiao Qian to check in, and then he and Kun Lun each went back to their rooms to pack their luggage.

When they were almost packed.

A knock sounded on the door.

“Come in, it’s unlocked.”

Chen Dong smiled and sat down in front of the balcony, a location with an open view, almost able to look out along to the big river beyond the lodge, with a stunning view and even more seclusion and elegance.

The door opened and Qin Ye walked in.

After taking out a bottle of cold beer from the fridge, he sat himself down by the balcony.

After filling half of the bottle in one gulp, Qin Ye burped contentedly, “This weather, a cold one, it’s so D*mn refreshing.”

“It’s the fire in your heart that’s being suppressed, isn’t it?”

Chen Dong smiled at Qin Ye.

“I just came to talk to you about this, but you have to keep it a secret from Xiao Qian for me, that kid, my heart hurts.”

Qin Ye shrugged his shoulders and said seriously.

Chen Dong leaned back in his chair and rested his hands behind his head, “Actually, I’m quite curious as to why you are the only one in the entire Qin family that is extra close to Qin Xiao Qian.”

Qin Ye laughed oddly and spread his hands.

“It’s not much, it’s just that I grew up playing with Xiao Qian, her father died early, her mother brought her up in a very low status in the Qin family, when she was young this little girl followed me around with snotty nose bubbles calling out one bite of brother Ye.”

“After I grew up, I guess, my family had that kind of incident, when the Qin family was in full fury and punished me heavily in front of everyone in the clan, only that silly girl Xiao Qian stood up and jumped to my side to plead for me, because of this, the girl was even severely beaten.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “And then what? I mean you concealed the matter of Xiao Qian.”

Qin Ye smiled bitterly and tilted his head to drink the wine in the bottle in one go.

“You are unaware of how cold-blooded the Qin family really is, a bunch of fly-by-night, hypocrites who can do anything to save face, a pseudo-prime family.”

Resentment washed over him, gnashing his teeth.

Following closely, Qin Ye turned around, his eyes a little red.

“Xiao Qian’s husband, not because he could not stand the aggravation of joining the family and divorced Xiao Qian, because at that time, Xiao Qian has been a small career success, the two happy days lived a taste, to the Qin family times, but also on New Year’s Day or the elders birthday banquet only, really aggravated aggravation, a few times a year?”

Chen Dong frowned, pondering.

Suddenly, a light flashed in his eyes and he came to a clear understanding.

Sure enough.

Qin Ye said indignantly, “It’s those old B*****ds from the Qin family, hearing outside that the Qin family members had married off, they felt that they had lost face, so they threatened behind their backs to force Xiao Qian’s husband and Xiao Qian to divorce!”


Qin Ye slapped his face, “Do you think this face is important? When you can’t listen to gossip, you beat the lovebirds with a stick, moreover, afterwards …… the Qin family also secretly plotted against Xiao Qian’s husband’s life, do you think it’s horrible?”

Chen Dong’s heart pumped hard.

Even he had a feeling of hair on his back.

With just a word of face, he had gone out of his way to club a man and commit a human life?

“At that time, I had already left the Chen family, but after the divorce, Xiao Qian was sullen and depressed, and I, as a brother, could not bear to look at it, so I secretly investigated it, and the results I got, I never dared to tell that stupid girl in my F**king life.” Qin Ye clenched his teeth.

“Divorced, people are still alive, can’t be with each other better to forget each other in the river lake, so it’s good.”

Chen Dong understood Qin Ye’s intention, “But if one dies, that’s all the thoughts gone, and it might even invalidate Qin Xiao Qian.”


Qin Ye’s gaze flickered, “Before it was because I had no way, now I have a way, there is no way I will let this silly girl, Xiao Qian, stay in the bloodthirsty and cannibalistic Qin family, this silly girl thinks that everyone in the Qin family is good.”

“But she doesn’t know that in the Qin family, it is possible to treat human lives like gra*s for the sake of face.”

“Hoo ……”

Chen Dong exhaled a breath and smiled faintly, “Alright, let Xiao Qian help you in the company from now on, she is also my sister.”

“Thanks.” Qin Ye clasped his fist.


Inside the Qin Mansion.

A birthday banquet was tarnished by the appearance of Chen Dong.

This led to the birthday banquet quickly ending in a haphazard manner.

Over the Qin Mansion, dark clouds loomed.

Throughout the residence, the air seemed to be laced with the smell of gunpowder.

In the room.

Master Qin’s face was deadly sullen, and there was a faint flame of anger rolling in his eyes.

Qin Henian walked up to him again and said with trepidation, “Dad, still can’t get in touch.”


Master Qin slapped his palm on the arm of the tai shi chair, “Fight, keep fighting, even if it’s a hundred times, a thousand times, contact Old Madam Chen for me!”


Qin Henian was startled and hurriedly turned around to continue to contact.

Master Qin gritted his teeth, as if he was a raging lion, his body trembling.

Although he did not fear Chen Dong, he feared the Chen family.

It was true that the Qin family alone could easily crush Chen Dong, but what would follow was the Chen family’s fierce anger.

Only by bringing Old Lady Chen into the picture and supporting her could the Qin family deal with Chen Dong without any worries.

But at this very moment, Mrs. Chen has lost contact with her!