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Winner Takes All Chapter 275-276

Chapter 275

Two days in a row.

Over the Qin family, there were dark clouds.

Everyone in the residence of the richest man in Western Shu was in fear and trepidation.

It looked like a storm was about to come.

Up and down the mansion, everyone could hear the increasingly intense sounds of rage and fury in the family head’s room.

It was clear to everyone that the family head was not having a comfortable time at this birthday feast.

In the darkened room.

Master Qin’s eyes were red as the blue veins pulsed wildly at the corners of his eyes.

“Can’t get in touch? Why can’t you still get in touch?”

Qin Henian was chilled and frightened, kneeling on the floor, scared out of his wits.

“Dad, you must calm down, you must calm down at this juncture.”

“Calm? How do you want me to be calm?”

Master Qin blatantly smashed the antique purple sand pot in his hand onto the ground, “Since you are persuading old man to calm down, then tell old man what to do?”

Qin Henian’s expression stiffened and he was speechless.

Chen Dong was backed by the Chen family and had come with great power, if he could not get through to Old Madam Chen, he really did not know what to do.

A mere Chen Dong was not something that anyone in the Qin family would take seriously.

However, no one in the Qin family would dare to scorn the Chen family’s great power behind it.

The Li family in Kyoto was a lesson from the past.

Chen Daolin is a fierce man who dares to mobilise warplanes to bomb at the drop of a hat.

Even if the Li family is in decline, the Qin family is in the ascendant.

The gap between them was huge, but when faced with the Chen family, the gap between the Li and Qin families was not necessarily that big.

“Keep fighting, keep fighting for the old man!”

Elder Qin gritted his teeth fiercely, his face red with rage.

Qin Henian hurriedly got up and continued to contact Old Madam Chen.

“D*mn it! Simply D*mn it! Old Madam Chen, are you throwing away this powerful ally of the Qin family?”

Old Master Qin sat down on the tai shi chair, his breath panting like an ox, his neck thick, his thoughts turning fast: “Impossible, you wouldn’t be that stupid, and you’re not stupid enough to be senile, losing my Qin family’s help, you’re no match for Chen Daoling.”

It was because of his thorough thinking that his inability to contact Old Lady Chen for two days drove Elder Qin even more mad.

Suddenly, Elder Qin raised his head, and a ruthless light surged in his bloodshot eyes.

He gritted his teeth and squeezed out a sentence from between them, “Tomorrow is the deadline given by Chen Dong, if we can’t get in touch again, then we can’t blame my Qin family and take desperate measures.”

“Dad, still can’t get in touch.”

Qin Henian’s voice was trembling with fear, his face dishevelled with despair.

He knew that his father was now on the verge of breaking down and bursting into flames, but the outcome was finally going to be spoken.


To Qin Henian’s surprise, Elder Qin waved his hand and sighed.

Turning to him, he asked, “Frosty, how is it going?”

What’s the situation?

Qin Henian was horrified and hurriedly responded, “The arm has been reattached, nothing serious, but this matter has caused Frost’s son to hold a deep grudge.”

“Alas, is there really no one in the third generation of my Qin family’s direct lineage who can carry the Qin family?”

Elder Qin was full of resentment, “Unfortunately, this time Qin Ye took away Xiao Qian, otherwise I would have wanted Xiao Qian to return to the Qin family, with her ability, she would have been able to carry the Qin family, and it would have been easier for Frost’s and their descendants to seize power in the future.”

“Dad ……” Qin Henian’s face was a little embarra*sed.

He knew very well that the successor of a powerful family shoulders the family’s prosperity and must be carefully considered, but to let the concubine side line carry the Qin family, not to mention the third generation of Frosty and the others, even they, the second generation, were definitely not willing to do so.

“I know what you brothers mean, letting the concubine line carry the family is only the next best thing.”

Elder Qin waved his hand, interrupting Qin Henian’s words, and with a twinkle in his eye, he said profoundly, “You immediately go and inform Frosty and the rest of the third generation of their direct lineage to immediately pack their bags and leave Xishu, preferably within the boundaries, without telling us where they are, and wait until this matter is over before returning to the Xishu Qin family.”

“Dad, this …… doesn’t need to be like this, does it?”

Qin Henian suddenly realized that his father was already preparing for the worst.

“There’s no need?”

Elder Qin raised his eyebrows and gave Qin Henian an angry look, “How did you have the courage to say this? Such an order, do you believe that if Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian were to receive it, they would immediately comply and leave the Qin family without a sound?”

Obviously, it was saying that Qin Henian was inferior to Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian.

Qin Henian’s face was ugly, his father comparing him to his juniors was in itself an insult to him.

After a pause, Elder Qin slowly said, “We are not facing Chen Dong, but Chen Daoling behind Chen Dong, make complete plans, and we won’t have our hands tied when the real sword is around our necks.”

“Understood.” Qin Henian nodded his head and turned to leave.

In the darkened room, only Elder Qin was left.

The atmosphere was frozen to the point of silence and eerie.

Half a day.

Elder Qin sighed quietly, “I hope it’s not so ……”

With Qin Frost and the others leaving the Qin family, even though the Qin family had hidden the whereabouts of the few of them as much as possible.

However, the realm of Western Shu was full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers, with powerful families and powerful magnates, there was no telling how many eyes were on the Qin family.

What’s more, the birthday banquet of Master Qin had already attracted the attention of all the powerful families.

Now, the news that Qin Shant and his family had quietly left the Qin family was immediately put on the table of the heads of the major powerful families in Western Shu.

When everyone learned of this news, they could not help but be dumbfounded, and then they all drew in a breath of cold air.

Was the Qin family …… already planning for the worst?

Is Western Sichuan …… really about to change?

There were those who sighed and sighed, those who gloated, and those who were looking forward to it with their fists in the air.

The Qin family is the richest in Western Shu, once the sky changes, this means that the situation in Western Shu is changing, the position of the richest may be the time to change hands!

If they seize this moment, the forces that are normally under the Qin family will be able to rise to the occasion and seize the position of the richest man.

And that was exactly what happened.

That evening.

A mysterious guest was then welcomed to Shu Mountain Villa.

“Young master, Zhuge Qing from the Zhuge family of Western Shu requests an audience.” Chen Tong respectfully reported.

“The Zhuge Family?”

Chen Dong glanced at Chen Tong and Qin Ye in confusion.

Qin Ye shrugged his shoulders and said, “The oldest of the powerful families in Western Shu, with roots in Western Shu, they are considered to be local worldly families and sects, and all of them are extremely strong in strength and heritage.”

“An old-established family clan?”

Chen Dong came to his feet, rubbing his nose and snickering, “It wouldn’t be the descendants of Zhuge Kongming, would it?”

The former was a family of great wealth, while the latter was a family of time.

The wealth of those who can be called a family may not be the greatest, but they must have been in the position of a powerful family for long enough.

And yet.

Chen Tong smiled awkwardly, “According to the rumours in the community and the investigation of the Chen family’s intelligence, it seems to be true.”

Chen Dong: “o?o.”

After a moment of hesitation, Chen Dong nodded, “Let’s meet.”

And at the Qin family.

Master Qin’s room was littered with wreckage.

Master Qin was propped up with his hands in front of the bookcase, his breath panting like a bull and his eyes red.

“The Zhuge family, the Zhuge family is now going after Chen Dong, do they really think that this Western Shu is about to change and want to get rid of my Qin family before they do?”

Qin Henian had long since fallen to his knees in fear, trembling.

With a pale face, he was remorseful, having known that his father would be so furious, he should not have told him.


Chapter 276

Chen Dong looked at Zhuge Qing in front of him.

A strong suspicion arose in his mind.

Was this …… man, or was it a woman?

The Zhuge Qing in front of him had a slim figure, skin as white as snow, handsome features, beautiful eyebrows, and even a childish look on his face.

With a small suit and slanted bangs, the whole thing had a neutral and evil aura.

On the contrary, because of the angle, Chen Dong could not yet see whether there was a throat knot on Zhuge Qing’s neck.

However, it was obviously inhumane and impolite to ask someone’s gender straight away.

“Mr. Chen, have you seen enough?”

Suddenly, a smoky voice with a magnetic tone rang out.

A male!

Chen Dong was enlightened.

But then he smacked his lips a little, with his evil aura and a slight smoky voice, this Zhuge Qing should be a teenage girl killer, right?

“Ahem ……”

Chen Dong smiled awkwardly and asked, “The Zhuge Family has come to see me, is there something going on?”


Zhuge Qing spoke straightforwardly, his brilliant star-like eyes staring straight at Chen Dong, “The Zhuge Family is willing to help you take down the Qin Family, and in return, my Zhuge Family will sit as the richest man in Western Shu afterwards.”

There were no unnecessary words.

He was so open and honest that Chen Dong was a little surprised.

I had never seen such a straightforward person.

However, Chen Dong gave an odd smile, “Actually, I do not intend to finish off the Qin family, but cooperation, we can proceed.”

Zhuge Qing’s willow eyebrows twisted, somewhat puzzled, “You and the Qin Family are already at loggerheads, if you don’t want to take out the Qin Family, how can the cooperation between us proceed?”

“Since you are here, then it is considered cooperation.”

Chen Dong gave a meaningful smile and waved his hand, “You go back and tell this to the Zhuge Family Master, and if the Zhuge Family really needs to make a move, I will be straightforward about it.”

Zhuge Qing’s gaze flickered as he thought about it.

But still, he nodded and got up, giving Chen Dong a fist bump.

“In order to show my sincerity and to do my best as a landlord for the Zhuge Family, I would also like to ask Mr. Chen to enjoy his time and move to the Heavenly Bathing Villa.”

The words had just fallen.

Qin Ye’s eyes at the side suddenly lit up with a brilliant aura, looking at Chen Dong with an expectant expression.

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, shook his head and refused, and then gestured for Chen Tong to send the guest away.

When Zhuge Qing had left.

Qin Ye said in an impatient voice, “Why didn’t you agree to go? That day bathing cottage is good fun, yo.”

“Your eyes are on fire, I don’t know what’s there? I’m a family man, Xiao Ying is waiting for me at home.”

Chen Dong rolled his eyes and got up to take a look at Kunlun.

He added, “But if you really want to go, you can ask Kunlun to accompany you.”

Kun Lun raised an eyebrow, got up and left, “I’m the one with Xiao Lu, single dogs only engage in this.”

A word that made Qin Ye blush and freeze in place.

Chen Dong also snorted out a laugh.

Looking back at Zhuge Qing who had left, he gave a deep gaze and a faint smile.

“After driving the tiger to swallow the wolf, the Qin family, eventually someone will have to take the position of the richest man in Western Shu, the Zhuge family’s heritage is nine times out of ten even if I don’t help them, so it’s not a loss to cooperate and make friends with them.

What’s more, with the Zhuge family’s visit tonight, I’m afraid the Qin family’s side is already covered in dark clouds and trembling with fear, right?”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind.

It was with this level of calculation that made the meeting with Zhuge Qing so short just now.

There were no words overnight.

The next day dawned and several more giants from the giants of Western Shu came to visit one after another.

Chen Dong had already greeted Chen Tong and turned all the visitors away.

The cooperation of the Zhuge family was enough for this revenge.

Meeting with too many giants would be chaotic and unrefined, and lead to suspicion from the Zhuge family.

As the deadline drew nearer and nearer.

The Qin family residence was also filled with dark clouds and sadness.

All the clansmen, terrified and trembling, were at their wits’ end.

From early in the morning, there was a constant roar of scolding and anger from the family head’s room.

Even the youngest children, who did not know what was going on, knew that something serious was going to happen to the Qin family!

The head of the family was the pillar of the entire Qin family, and now the pillar was trembling.

The elders were even more disillusioned and in a state of fear.

The scene on the day of the birthday banquet was like a nightmare that haunted their minds.

Everyone knew that Chen Dong’s sword was already at the throat of the family head.

And now the family head’s reaction made everyone despair even more.

In the darkened room.

Master Qin’s face was full of fatigue, he had barely slept in the past three days.

There had never been a birthday feast that had left him in such a sorry state.

He had even lost track of how many times he had asked Qin Henian to contact Old Lady Chen.

But each time, the result pushed him step by step into the abyss of despair.

Without Old Madam Chen’s instigation, if the Qin family wanted to move Chen Dong, they had to be prepared to meet Chen Daolin’s monstrous anger.

Having agreed to cooperate, now at a critical moment, Old Lady Chen was out of touch.

This made it difficult for Master Qin to ride the tiger, and he had the painful feeling of being roasted on a fire.

“Dad, it’s been contacted over a thousand times, how about …… giving up?” Qin Henian’s heart was helpless, for three days, he had done almost nothing but contact Old Lady Chen one after another.

“Give up?”

Elder Qin’s eyes were full of bloodshot, as if he was a raging tiger, and he looked at Qin He-nian angrily, “Are you asking me to give up the Qin family? Or are you prepared to let the Qin family either die or be crippled?”

Qin Henian shrank in fear and gritted his teeth, not daring to retort.

Although he was not capable, as the son of the Qin family, there were still some things that he had learned from the mouth of Elder Qin.

The Qin family was the richest in Western Shu, but compared to the Chen family ……

It is also this that has led to such a fearful moment for the father at this time.

Ever since he was a child, this was the first time his father had been unable to control himself in front of him.

“Keep contacting!”

Elder Qin was still undeterred.

The Qin family was the one he had worked so hard to build up and become the richest, and he was unwilling to see the Qin family either die or be crippled just because of a little Chen Dong.

Time pa*sed.

Soon, the sun was thinning.

Night had fallen.

And the eyes of the giants and giants throughout Western Shu were all focused on the Qin family of Western Shu.

Under the star-filled darkness of the night.

The brightly lit Qin family is not as vibrant as it used to be.

The large mansion was dead.

All the clansmen waited in fear.

The family head’s final decision concerned everyone in the family!

“Dad, Lian, the connection is made!”

Master Qin, who had almost given up in despair, suddenly heard Qin Henian’s words and suddenly it was as if he had grabbed the last straw to save his life.

He was so excited that he couldn’t control it, but his late old body stood up from his chair in a near-jumping stance, then stumbled and lunged to the table, picking up the phone.

“Old Mrs. Chen, I’ve finally gotten in touch with you!”

With one sentence, he poured out all the suppression and panic that Master Qin had felt for the past three days.

Without the slightest pause, he got right to the point and said, “Chen Dong has descended on Xishu and is pointing his sword at my Qin family, a matter I have been wanting to ask you to decide, if there is something you ……”


The words were not finished.

Elder Qin’s face changed abruptly, instantly becoming pale and bloodless.

Because, over the phone, a man’s voice rang out.

“My mother, is chanting.”