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Winner Takes All Chapter 29-30

Chapter 29

In the sales centre, there was a silence to listen to the needle.

Everyone’s mind went blank.

One hundred and twenty million dollars! Without hesitation, dryly like …… buying groceries?

“Okay, I’ll help you with that.” Li Dabao was instantly overjoyed.

This was his first order as a salesman, and it was the top of the line villa.

The Tianmen Mountain villa area had been on fire since the beginning of the sale.

The top villas on the mid-levels, although they showed status and identity, were priced to make countless wealthy people sigh in disbelief.

Zhang Youyou felt like she was going to die at this moment.

All the strength in her body had been drained, her pretty face was white and her eyes were dull.

A hundred and twenty million dollar bill was easily sold by Li Dabao because she had lost her eyes?

At this moment, she didn’t have the slightest bit of resentment towards Li Dabao’s slap.

She even wanted to slap herself a few more times fiercely.

With such a big order, her commission alone would be a huge sum of money.

Moreover, it was enough for her to complete this month’s performance!

The sales salary at the Tianmen Mountain Villa Sales Centre was indeed high, attracting countless peers who coveted it and wanted to come and sell Tianmen Mountain villas.

Therefore, the sales at Tianmen Mountain Villa Sales Centre are all subject to end-of-the-line elimination.

And her performance, this month, happened to be at the bottom, otherwise she wouldn’t have gone to Li Dabao just now.

In other words, there were still a few days left in the month, and if she couldn’t deliver her performance in the latter days, she would have to be eliminated at the end and lose her job!

Zhang Youyou squatted on the floor and covered her face as she cried, her strong remorse surging out.

The sales manager and her colleagues looked at her sympathetically, but no one came forward to comfort her.

The procedures for purchasing the villa were complicated, but with Li Dabao running around, it was actually quite simple.

After signing a long contract, Chen Dong took the keys and from now on, the house was his.

When he left the sales centre, Chen Dong saw Zhang Youyou standing outside and being told something by the sales manager, and he vaguely heard the sales manager say the word “dismissal”.

Chen Dong smiled, this was purely Zhang Youyou’s own fault and it was out of his hands.

Back at Dingtai.

Xiao Ma entered the office with great enthusiasm and reported to Chen Dong, “Brother Dong, you’re really something! I was in charge of that area, and it was solved this morning, in less than a day.”

“It’s good that it’s settled, go and get busy, your area is a top priority, you can’t let anything go wrong.” Chen Dong smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, Brother Dong.” Xiao Ma patted his chest and a*sured.


Lijin Hospital.

Li Lan had already woken up, but her body was still very weak.

The body that had recovered from the previous convalescence had also been knocked back into shape after entering the icu.

Li Lan was lying on the bed with a pale face, holding a piece of apple peeled by Fan Lu in her hand and eating it little by little.

Looking at Fan Lu, who looked tired and had thick black circles under her eyes, Li Lan felt a pang of pain: “Xiao Lu, I’m sorry, I made you work too hard.”

Fan Lu was shocked: “Auntie, I’m not working hard, I’m not working hard at all, what am I doing wrong? Auntie, don’t sack me.”

She was receiving Chen Dong’s 10,000 monthly salary and had been accompanying and caring for Li Lan 24 hours a day for the past two days, it was indeed hard work, but it was much easier than screwing steel bars at the construction site.

However, Li Lan’s words made her think that she was going to be sacked.

She didn’t know that Li Lan was used to hard times and had been pulling Chen Dong up from morning to night, so she knew how hard it was.

When Li Lan said this, she really took Fan Lu’s hard work in her eyes and felt hard from the bottom of her heart.

However, Fan Lu’s reaction made Li Lan smile suddenly, “Xiao Lu, you misunderstood, auntie really feels that you are working hard, not that she wants to dismiss you, auntie is also used to hard times, you are about the same age as my son, and it hurts to see you so tired.”

She was afraid that Fan Lu would still think too much and explained, “You are doing well everywhere, Auntie can’t wait to like you, how could she fire you, but just one thing is not doing well, not knowing how to rest!”

Fan Lu’s eyes turned red and she sobbed as she flopped down on the side of the bed, “Auntie you scared me to death, I thought you really didn’t want it anymore, this job is very important to me.”

Li Lan smiled amiably and looked at Fan Lu with a deep gaze, raising her hand to pat Fan Lu’s shoulder and said softly, “Good girl, Auntie won’t want you, why don’t you call my son, I’ll ask him to come and stay with me for the night while you go home and get a good night’s sleep.”

Fan Lu shuddered, looked up to wipe away her tears and said, “Auntie, Dong is very busy, I’m the one he hired to look after you, how can I call him over, I’ll go back to bed.”

“Okay, but you have to listen to auntie, try to sleep as much as you can at night, don’t wake up immediately when I make a move.”

Li Lan said, seeing Fan Lu trying to retort, she looked solemn: “A good girl, but she has become panda eyes, how can she marry someone in the future? You need to be kinder to yourself.”

Fan Lu froze, her eyes red and filled with tears.

Li Lan’s words were like a warm winter breeze blowing into her heart.

She, for a long time, had not heard such care.

The next second.

Fan Lu fell into Li Lan’s arms and said with tears streaming down her face, “Thank you, thank you aunty.”

Another ward.

Zhang Xiuzhi was lying on the hospital bed, her face pale, staring at the ceiling, with tear tracks dripping from the corners of her eyes.

At the engagement party, she had been so angry that she had suffered a heart attack. Luckily, she had been rescued in time and had recovered her life.

Wang De was quietly beside her, peeling an apple and handing a piece to Zhang Xiuzhi: “Have some?”

Zhang Xiuzhi shook her head and continued to shed tears.

She was very good at saving face, which was why Wang Hao and Lin Xue’er’s engagement party was so grandly arranged.

But that scene at the engagement party made her face fall to the ground and shatter in front of all her friends and family.

It left her with a feeling worse than death.

“Ugh.” Knowing Zhang Xiuzhi’s character, Wang De sighed and stopped advising.

And from beginning to end, Wang Hao sat on a chair to the side, concentrating on playing King’s Glory, paying no attention to Wang De and Zhang Xiuzhi, and even stirring a few words every now and then.

“Open the group, open the group!” Wang Hao suddenly exclaimed.

Wang De frowned and chided, “Wang Hao, keep your voice down, this is a hospital! You said you were here to take care of your mother, what kind of care is this?”

“Got it got it.” Wang Hao said impatiently, his eyes staring straight at the phone, “I’m not coming to the hospital to take care of my mother, can’t I just play games at home?”

Wang De was so angry that he almost pa*sed out with a breath.

It was close to noon.

Wang Nan Nan carried the thermos bucket and pushed open the door of the ward.

Looking at Wang Hao, who was still playing games, her face sank, “Wang Hao, instead of taking care of mum, you just know how to play games, how old are you?”

Wang Hao lowered his head and was about to open his mouth to respond.

Zhang Xiuzhi, who had been in tears on the hospital bed, suddenly exploded.

She pointed at Wang Nan Nan’s and scolded, “What face do you have to talk about your brother? His engagement party was ruined like this by you, you have disgraced our Wang family, you can do such a thing, how old are you?”

Chapter 30

Wang Nan Nan’s expression was choked.

She looked at Zhang Xiuzhi in dismay.

“Mom, about the engagement party, I really have already talked to Lin Xue’er about it!” Wang Nan Nan was aggrieved to the extreme.

The engagement party had disgraced the Wang family, and she had even explained countless times in the past two days in the face of Zhang Xiuzhi’s reproach.

“You’re still lying!”

Zhang Xiuzhi gasped and said angrily, “Xue’er is so well-born, you mean she deliberately faked it to make a scene at the engagement party?”

“Sister, what do you mean?” Wang Hao was also anxious and stood up with a start, “I know best what kind of person Xue’er is, there is absolutely no way she would do such a thing.”

Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body trembled, so aggrieved that tears were welling up in her eyes.

With a sobbing voice, she said, “Why do you guys just not believe me? Mum, who is your real daughter anyway?”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s face turned red and she raised her hand to cover her chest, “I’m not right about things, you’re my daughter and Xue’er is my soon-to-be daughter-in-law, do you still want to contradict me?”

“I ……” Wang Nan Nan was about to speak up.

Wang De stomped his foot and said, “Enough Wang Nan Nan, do you still want to be angry enough to give your mother a heart attack?”

With one word, Wang Nan Nan gave up arguing.

“Mom, you get some rest, I’m going to work.” Wang Nan Nan put down the thermos bucket, turned around and covered her eyes as she ran out the door.

“Go to work, what’s enough for that fart of a salary you earn? I’m your own mother, and now that I’m in hospital, you don’t even care?”

Behind them, came Zhang Xiuzhi’s angry scolding.

Hearing this, Wang Nan Nan completely broke down, she turned across the corridor and ran into the stairwell, unable to contain herself any longer, she let out a painful cry.

“Why is it all my fault? What have I done wrong? Why am I left to carry it all alone?”

A series of self-questions, accompanied by painful sobs, released all the repression in her heart over the past two days.

During the two days when her mother was sick and in hospital, she had been under immense pressure of being falsely accused, and she had been busy, not only delivering meals to her parents and brother, but also going to work.

But all she got was her mother’s relentless questioning and lack of understanding.

She wanted to ask Lin Xue’er why she had done that at the engagement party.

But she held back.

Because she knew that Lin Xue’er could not possibly tell the truth, not to mention that the whole family was now favouring Lin Xue’er and she was at a loss for words.

In a trance, Wang Nan Nan looked ahead with a dull gaze and murmured, “Chen Dong ……”

Married for three years, such aggravation, she suffered the same.

But every time, Chen Dong was there to comfort and help her out.

While murmuring, Wang Nan Nan took out her mobile phone and sent a WeChat to Chen Dong.

“Chen Dong, I’m so tired.”

Waiting for a long time, there was no reply.

Wang Nan Nan buried her head and cried bitterly, her voice incomparably desperate.

In the sick room.

Wang De looked at Zhang Xiuzhi helplessly, “You take care of your body, it’s been two days, seeing your daughter and getting so angry, don’t you want your body?”

“You blame me?”

Zhang Xiuzhi raised her eyebrows and glared at Wang De: “It’s obvious that she swore that she was going to take care of Xue’er, but what about the engagement party, with 30 tables of friends and family, I’ve lost my face!”

Wang De’s lips were stuttering and he was about to argue when Zhang Xiuzhi continued to rant, “Our old Wang family has lost all its face! If Xue’er is wronged and she breaks up with Xiao Hao, how can we expect the old Wang family to carry on the family line? You’re dreaming!”

Upon hearing these words, Wang De’s temper instantly wilted.

He knew that his son’s waste, to meet a girl with a high education, good background and good job like Lin Xue’er, was really smoke from his ancestral grave.

If Lin Xue’er really wanted to break up with Wang Hao, Wang Hao would want to find another girl who was the same, and others would not be able to see Wang Hao.

Zhang Xiuzhi suddenly thought of something and looked at Wang Hao: “Right son, Xue’er suffered so much at the engagement party, did you, did you find her to explain?”

“Mom, Xue’er simply ignored me these two days, I went to pick her up from work under her house in the morning, she wouldn’t even take my car and didn’t even say a word to me.” Wang Hao’s face was red with anger and full of urgency.

“Oh my god ……”

Zhang Xiuzhi looked at the ceiling and sighed, “If that dead girl Wang Nan Nan hadn’t messed up, we would have scraped together another 100,000, how would we be in this situation now?”

Wang Hao was filled with Lin Xue’er in his mind by Zhang Xiuzhi’s question.

He suddenly remembered that Lin Xue’er had yelled at him on the phone before, saying that Chen Dong had money and that he should go and ask Chen Dong for it.

Then he forced Wang Nan Nan to die, and Wang Nan Nan didn’t go to Chen Dong? How come she went to Lin Xue’er instead?

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became, Wang Hao stomped his foot fiercely, “Mom and Dad, is Chen Dong’s mother in hospital at Lijin Hospital?”

Wang De and Zhang Xiuzhi froze at the same time.

Then Wang De nodded, “Listen, I’ve heard your sister mention it, it seems, it’s at Lijin Hospital.”

He wasn’t sure, since Chen Dong’s mother had been seriously ill and hospitalised, they had only taken advantage of the sentiment and visited the hospital once, they really weren’t impressed.

“I’ll go look for it.”

Wang Hao turned and ran out of the ward.

He wanted to make sure that Chen Dong had money or not.

He believed in Lin Xue’er’s words.

If Chen Dong had money, then his mother’s condition must have been alleviated.

Then …… Chen Dong and his sister’s purpose for divorcing ……

With a fierce clench of his teeth, a fierce light flashed in Wang Hao’s eyes.

In the sick room.

Fan Lu was helping Li Lan scrub her body, very careful and meticulous, afraid of hurting Li Lan.

Li Lan suddenly smiled, “Xiao Lu, the calluses on your hands ……”

“Sorry, it hurts auntie.” Fan Lu was startled and hastily apologized.

“No, no, no, Xiao Lu you misunderstood me.” Li Lan was busy explaining, “Auntie is surprised that you are a little girl, why do you have so many calluses on your hands, how much suffering must this be?”

Fan Lu was stunned, squeezed out a small smile, bowed her head and said, “It’s okay auntie, I don’t care.”

Looking at Fan Lu’s appearance, Li Lan sighed helplessly and smiled, “Silly girl.”


The door to the ward was kicked open.

Li Lan and Fan Lu were all startled and looked over in confusion.

Wang Hao rushed into the ward, and when he saw Li Lan sitting on the hospital bed, he said pointedly, “Didn’t Chen Dong say that you were all set to die?”

Li Lan was stunned.

She had a vague impression of Wang Hao, but with her current condition, barging in and opening her mouth with these words was undoubtedly a curse!

Fan Lu even looked cold and scolded, “Please go out!”

“Why should I go out?” Wang Hao was furious, “I am Chen Dong’s brother-in-law, why should I be let out?”

Li Lan was clearly in better shape than before, which proved that he must have been treated.

Chen Dong had actually divorced his sister on purpose in order to cure his deadbeat old mother!

If the two of them hadn’t divorced, then his sister would have taken some more money from Chen Dong, and he would have been able to get engaged to Lin Xue’er without any problems and prepare for the wedding banquet, so how could all these things happen now?

Li Lan’s body trembled and she instantly burst into tears.

Seeing Li Lan crying, Fan Lu instantly panicked.

When Chen Dong had recruited her, he had specifically instructed that Li Lan couldn’t take the slightest bit of excitement right now!

“Get out of here, you are not allowed to stimulate Auntie!”

Fan Lu immediately rushed up.

Wang Hao met her with a fierce face and swung his fist at Fan Lu: “Get out of here, what kind of dog are you?”