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Winner Takes All Chapter 31-33

Chapter 31

Facing Wang Hao’s swinging fist.

Fan Lu had no intention of dodging at all, she was once a municipal level sparring athlete.

She really wasn’t afraid of close combat.

What’s more, there wasn’t too much difference between her and Wang Hao’s stature.

With a dodge, avoiding Wang Hao’s fist, Fan Lu bowed and swung her fist.


The fist smashed into Wang Hao’s stomach.

Wang Hao let out a miserable scream, covered his stomach and took three steps backwards, crouching on the ground.

From start to finish, Fan Lu’s actions were crisp and clean.

Standing up, Fan Lu stroked her ponytail and laughed disdainfully, “I used to kill ten people like you a day!”

“You F**king ……” Wang Hao covered his stomach and still wanted to scream, but his stomach’s five internal organs felt like they were stirred together, and it hurt so much that he couldn’t speak.

The sudden scene left Li Lan dumbfounded.

She didn’t expect Fan Lu, a girl, to be able to knock down a man with one punch.

“Now, get the hell out of here!”

Fan Lu raised her hand and grabbed Wang Hao’s collar, as if she was carrying a chicken, and pushed him out of the ward, “Don’t come and disturb Auntie, or don’t blame me for crippling you.”

“Let go of me!”

Wang Hao shook off Fan Lu’s hand and scolded with a painful face, “What kind of dog are you? I’m the brother-in-law of that wimp Chen Dong!”


Fan Lu was stunned for a moment, she had never heard Chen Dong mention this before.

Still, she replied, “I’m the one Mr. Chen hired to take care of my aunt.”

“Oh yo? There’s still money to hire a nanny, huh?”

Wang Hao raised his eyebrows, even more certain of what he thought in his mind, pulling out his voice and shouting, “At first, he said bitterly that he only had 200,000 yuan, he had to make a fuss about divorcing my sister, now it’s good, it turns out that he has evil intentions, deliberately pretending to be poor, giving my sister 200,000 yuan to get rid of my sister, this is much less money than a direct divorce, ah, once you turn around, you suddenly become generous? ”

Fan Lu was a bit frightened and confused.

It was Li Lan who suddenly cried and roared, “Shut up, my son is not what you say, you are wronging him!”

Although she did not know why her son had suddenly become rich after her ghostly encounter.

But when she was sober before, she knew better than anyone what her son’s situation was.

There was no mother who didn’t love her child, but before she was seriously ill and could only watch her son suffer.

“Wronged? How have I wronged him? My sister is the one who has wronged him!”

Wang Hao did not relent, gritting his teeth and shouting, “Back then, Chen Dong, the phoenix man, had smoke on his ancestral grave, my sister did not care that he was a rural man, so she married him, but now, he has a few stinking dollars and divorces my sister.

“Shut up, you shut up, I forbid you to talk about my son like that!” Li Lan shuddered and hissed.

Looking at the agitated Li Lan, Fan Lu also became anxious.


Fan Lu slapped Wang Hao’s face, “Get out of my face!”

“I ……” Wang Hao still had to argue.


Fan Lu slapped Wang Hao’s face again, “I told you to get lost!”

Half of Wang Hao’s face was swollen up, but he really didn’t dare to let him fight with Fan Lu.

If Chen Dong hadn’t pretended to be poor and divorced his sister, he would have been engaged to Lin Xue’er and ready to get married by now.

Wang Hao opened his mouth and was about to yell again.


Fan Lu slapped down again.

Wang Hao was completely dumbfounded, and the three consecutive slaps made his brain buzz.

This B*tch, tiger than?

The noise caused many good people to gather around the corridor.

Hearing Wang Hao’s shouts, everyone began to frown in disgust, directed of course at Chen Dong and Li Lan in the ward.

And Fan Lu’s fierce action made everyone’s heart chill.

“Get lost! I told you to get lost!”

Fan Lu shoved a palm on Wang Hao’s chest.

Li Lan couldn’t stand the stimulation, if she let Wang Hao go on like this, the consequences would be serious.

Looking back at Li Lan who was crying and shaking, Fan Lu hurriedly comforted, “Auntie, it’s okay, I’m here, it’ll be fine!”

“You’re here? You little nanny can’t turn over the sky?”

Wang Hao shouted angrily, he was used to being arrogant at home, and now that he had “seen through” Chen Dong’s bad behavior, he couldn’t swallow his anger if he didn’t pursue the matter to the end today.

“Stop it, Auntie can’t stand the excitement right now, you’ll hurt her.” Fan Lu half pleaded.

“Harm her? It’s none of my business if she dies!”

Wang Hao waved a big hand, “Mother and son, two rural people, climbing high into our Wang family, all these years that beast Chen Dong has nearly emptied his home to save this dead woman, has he ever felt any guilt towards my sister?”

“That’s enough!”

Fan Lu shouted at the top of her lungs, her right hand clenching her fist and wanting to strike again.

But she knew that even if she could fight, she couldn’t really beat Wang Hao to death.

“Xiao Lu, let him go, let him go ……” Li Lan bit her lip until blood was seeping out, “Our family never owed them anything, my son has suffered for that Wang Nan Nan, he is slandering my son. ”

“Auntie, I’ll let him go now, you must hold back.” Fan Lu also had red eyes.

The way Li Lan treated her, she saw it in her eyes.

To be able to treat a nanny with such heartache, would it be as bad as the man in front of her said?

At that very moment.

Dr. Zhang, led by the nurse, hurried over.

Pushing through the crowd and seeing this scene, Dr. Zhang’s scalp went numb with fear.

Last time, Leland was so irritated that she had a fit and almost couldn’t be resuscitated.

And this time?

Seeing how much Wang Hao was shouting, Dr. Zhang hurriedly stepped forward and scolded, “This is a hospital, do you think this is your home?”

Wang Hao froze at the yell.

Dr. Zhang turned his head to look at Fan Lu, “You’re the nanny Mr. Chen hired, right? Didn’t we all say that Ms. Li should not be stimulated in any way?”

Fan Lu was aggrieved, “I… I stopped him, but he just wouldn’t leave.”

“Who am I to leave? You’re a little nanny who was hired by that phoenix man rural man to take care of his dead ghost old mother, and you can still stop me from screaming for my sister?” Wang Hao yelled.

“That’s enough!”

Dr. Zhang shouted in anger, “One mouthful of rural people, rural people don’t carry this pot! With such quality as yours, you have the face to say these words?”

Wang Hao’s face turned red and he was about to retort.

But Dr. Zhang didn’t bother to say anything, and waved his hand, “Call the security guards immediately, and kick them out!”

“You, who are you to do this?” Wang Hao was startled.

Dr. Zhang said angrily, “Just because I’m the authoritative doctor in this hospital! Even if the dean came, he wouldn’t be able to stop me!”

Wang Hao’s anger gave a pause.

But Dr. Zhang didn’t relent and yelled, “It’s really bad luck for Mr. Chen to meet your family! I was his attending doctor for so long, and I saw everything, but when did Mr. Chen not come to take care of Ms. Li himself? How many times did your sister and your family come?”

“Your mother came to me at the hospital and asked when her in-laws’ mother was going to break, your sister took the money Mr. Chen gave his mother to save her life and gave it to your family, and now you shamelessly come here to make a fuss over Ms. Li.”

“Your family, shame on you?”

Chapter 32

Dr. Zhang’s words left everyone stunned.

No one expected that the family of Wang Hao, who was screaming for justice, would actually be like this.

In an instant, all kinds of pointing fingers and strange gazes fell on Wang Hao.

Wang Hao’s face turned red and he was speechless.

In the end, he gave Fan Lu a fierce glare and turned to walk away.

Fan Lu hurriedly walked into the ward and gave Li Lan a light pat on the back while advising, “Auntie, you must take care of yourself, I’ll inform Brother Dong.”

Li Lan stopped Fan Lu while taking a deep breath, “No, don’t inform him, I, I’m fine.”

“But ……” Fan Lu hesitated for a while.

Li Lan shook her head, “Dong’er, too tired, don’t alarm him about this.”

At this time, Dr. Zhang also walked in.

He frowned and gave Li Lan a worried glance and said, “Auntie Li, let me take you for a few tests to make sure you’re okay before I don’t inform Mr. Chen.”

Wang Hao walked sullenly and hurriedly towards the ward.

He originally wanted to go and make a fuss to recover some of his losses.

Chen Dong had deliberately set up a scam to cheat his sister out of a divorce for a mere two hundred thousand dollars, which was simply too heartless.

But the appearance of Dr. Zhang made him a target for stealing the chicken.

At this moment, Wang Nan Nan in the stairwell finally calmed down and came out.

She ran right into a hard-faced Wang Hao head-on.

“Xiao Hao, what’s wrong?”


When Wang Hao saw Wang Nan Nan, he was instantly furious: “Do you know that Chen Dong really still has money? The F**king operation is all done!”

Although he had just made a big fuss, when he was leaving, he still found out from the nurse that Li Lan had just received a liver transplant not long ago.

This made him furious, how much money would a liver transplant cost before and after?

Chen Dong had not only operated on his deadbeat mother, he had also hired a nanny to look after her, did this look like someone who didn’t have money?


Wang Nan Nan’s face changed greatly and she hurriedly covered Wang Hao’s mouth, “What if mum hears it and irritates her?”

Wang Hao’s temper gave a beat.

Wang Nan Nan hurriedly dragged Wang Hao into the stairwell.

“Sister, you know?” Wang Hao asked in surprise, the way Wang Nan Nan reacted, it was obvious that she already knew.

Wang Nan Nan nodded and sighed, “You asked me to find Chen Dong last time, I came to find Li Lan’s, but …… you shouldn’t have come to her.”

Last time she made a big fuss and P*ssed off Li Lan to the ICU resuscitation, and now it’s all over her mind.

If Wang Hao P*ssed Li Lan off again, it would be murder!

“Why shouldn’t I go after her? Her son actually abandoned you for her cheap life and used such nasty tricks to deceive you, and Chen Dong, that phoenix man, bullied you so much, I can’t stand it as a brother!”

Wang Hao’s face was red with anger and his gaze was fierce.

Wang Nan Nan gave Wang Hao a surprised look, her younger brother suddenly understood things?

This sentence made warmth flow through her heart.

However, she still shook her head and said resignedly, “Let him go in the past, I’ll carry it all by myself, it’s fine.”

“BullSh*t! If you hadn’t taken a fancy to Chen Dong in the first place, how could their family have climbed high into our Wang family? Both mother and daughter are stinking peasants with bad hearts!”

Wang Hao’s face was full of anger and he gritted his teeth, “He has so much money, all of it went to his deadbeat mother, he wants to get rid of sister for 200,000, no way!”

If Chen Dong hadn’t set up the divorce on purpose to deceive Wang Nan Nan, he and Lin Xueer would have been preparing for their marriage by now.

What’s more, they wouldn’t have caused their family to lose face.

As long as he got Chen Dong to ask for the damages, then the bride price he gave Lin Xue’er would be enough!

“That’s enough Xiao Hao!”

Wang Nan Nan clenched her red lips with her shell teeth and said aggressively, “Sister knows that you want to get married as soon as possible, I will take care of this Chen Dong matter, you can take care of mum at ease, and you can’t tell her and dad about this matter, lest you stimulate her.”

After saying that, she turned around and left.

Wang Hao looked furious: “Handle it? If you could handle it, why would you go and lie to my Xue’er and make our family in such a mess?”

However, Wang Nan Nan, who had already left, did not hear him say this.

Dingtai Company.

Chen Dong was busy at work, the renovation project of the shantytown in the west of the city was his focus now.

Although the matter of the sky-high contract had been settled, there was still a lot to follow.

The new building had to be erected and put up for sale as soon as possible!

The arrival of Yike is just a trigger, and his real achievement is in the sale of the property.

Only when real money came in would the whole project be considered secure, and he would be able to deliver to that father he had never met.


There was a new message on WeChat.

Chen Dong picked it up and once again lost his concentration.

The WeChat message from Gu Qingying was simple: Chen Dong, I’m going back to China on the 1st, I’ve brought a lot of gifts, can you come and pick me up?

The 1st?

Chen Dong pondered for a moment, there were not many days left.

Three years ago, at his and Wang Nan Nan’s wedding, Gu Qingying was a bridesmaid and had also helped a lot during the wedding process.

Now that Gu Qingying had returned to China, it was time for him, an old friend, to go and pick him up.


After replying to a message, Chen Dong went back to work.

But, soon, there was another WeChat message alert.

He picked it up and took a look, and there was some coldness on his face.

The one who sent the message was Lin Xue’er.

This woman, was she really going to pounce on him?

The content was simple: Mr. Chen, are you free tonight? I would like to invite you to my home, to cook and eat for you (cute)

With such a hint, how could Chen Dong not understand?

However, he replied directly with a message: No, I like to eat my own cooking.

In the bank.

Lin Xueer looked at her mobile phone WeChat annoyingly, her eyes were full of sultry.

Did Chen Dong …… do this on purpose?

She had received five million from Chen Dong, which was not enough to make her happy for long.

Because in Lin Xue’er’s heart, it was as if Chen Dong had opened an opening to him, and since she could get five million, she would be able to get more.

And, she was very willing, too, to pay something for it.

She had already given everything to make amends to Chen Dong that night anyway.

But Chen Dong’s reaction to her was so inscrutable to her.

Having been in this city for so long, Lin Xue’er was able to eat the bank manager, sit steadily behind the bank counter and have this glamorous job, and she really knew a lot about men!

What kind of men, she had seen them all.

But as long as she wanted to, she could easily eat them up.

But Chen Dong, it was like a hard stone, even if she tried a thousand ways, she could not cover it up.

The cold response, if it was in the past, Lin Xue’er would have given up long ago.

But when she thought of the five million dollars lying in her bank card, she couldn’t bear to give up on Chen Dong, so she gritted her teeth and continued to insist.

Secretly annoyed, Lin Xue’er gritted her teeth and murmured, “I blame that wimp Wang Hao, if only he had brought me to his family earlier, I would have been able to meet Mr. Chen very early, Mr. Chen is so outstanding, and I don’t know where the Wang family got the cheek to treat Mr. Chen with disdain.”

If she could meet Chen Dong in advance, she would be able to leave a good impression on Chen Dong, not always with Chen Dong is with the original bank to withdraw money, the night she went to make amends so bad impression.

Chen Dong’s reaction made Lin Xue’er blame it on the Wang family and feel resentment towards them.

Chapter 33

After a quick examination, fortunately Leland was not seriously injured.

But it still made Fan Lu and Dr. Zhang nervous.

When Chen Dong arrived at the hospital in the evening, Li Lan and Fan Lu did not mention this.

A mother’s heart aches for her son.

She did not want to burden Chen Dong more because of her own affairs.

On the contrary, Fan Lu, who had looked at Chen Dong several times, wanted to say something, but eventually thought of Li Lan’s explanation and held back.

“Dong’er, you seem to be very tired lately.”

Li Lan looked at Chen Dong heartily, her eyes a little red.

Her illness and surgery, Chen Dong and Wang Nan Nan’s divorce, all happened in this short period of less than a month.

Any one of them would be too much for a normal person to bear.

Instead, Chen Dong was carrying it alone and was still busy working to earn money to keep up with her high medical expenses.

“Mum, it’s alright.”

Chen Dong smiled, his mother was getting better day by day, making the pressure in his heart gradually diminish.

As for being tired, it was true that he was tired these days, apart from the stress, there was also the heavy workload of Din Tai Company.

However, he felt it was all worth it.

It took everything he had to get what he wanted to get.

“Ugh …… It’s also mum’s fault for dragging you down, otherwise you wouldn’t be working so hard.” Li Lan lowered her head and said guiltily.

Chen Dong shook his head, “Mom, you are not allowed to say such things, you taught me to grow up, I accompanied you to grow old, for so many years, you have never said a word about hard work, how come you are hurting for me instead, I am much easier than when you used to work for someone and work through the night.”

Ever since she was a child, her mother had worked her a*s off to raise her, and this was how she had gotten through this illness.

Compared to his mother’s work, he did have it much easier.

To his mother, he had never had anything but gratitude.

Hatred was for the negative man who had abandoned his family.

“You silly boy.” Li Lan chided Chen Dong.

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Mom, you rest well, when you are discharged from the hospital, I want to give you a surprise.”

After saying that, he got up to leave.

However, he saw that Fan Lu was looking at both mother and son, her eyes slightly red.

Chen Dong did not say much, said hello, and left the hospital.

Just as he walked out of the inpatient building, Chen Dong saw a Rolls Royce Phantom parked in the car park, with the familiar 9-5 license plate, making him walk straight over.

Sitting in the car, Chen Dong smiled and said, “Old man Long, what brings you to the hospital all of a sudden?”

“Old slave wanted to come and see your mother, but young master hasn’t even told your mother the original story yet, so it’s not convenient for old slave to go up there.” Elder Long said.

Chen Dong smashed his mouth for a moment and looked at Elder Long profoundly, “Is that all?”

Elder Long’s expression became grave: “Actually, there is a matter at home, and old slave wanted to inform young master, guessing that young master would be at the hospital with mother at this hour, so he came straight here.”

“What is it?”

Chen Dong asked indifferently, to make Elder Long not talk over the phone but in person, it must be something very important.

Elder Long sighed and said gruffly, “Someone from home has come over to look for you.”

“Looking for me?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows.

Elder Long said, “Because of the last announcement of Yike’s entry, someone from home has noticed you and has rushed over, and the visitor is not good.”

“That dad of mine is really something, controlling the entire family and coming to me with his heart and soul to make a deal, but he actually can’t control the family members coming to trouble me.” Chen Dong snorted a laugh.

“Young master, things within the family are not as simple as you think.”

Elder Long patiently explained, “The master wants you to go home and take control of the family, likewise, there are people in the family who want their own people to take control of the family, the family holds the world’s wealth, and everyone has eyes for it. The family is in charge of the world’s wealth and everyone is jealous.

“Can they still kill me?” Chen Dong smiled playfully.

Elder Long did not reply, but nodded his head.

Chen Dong curbed his smile, he suddenly felt that the question he had just asked was hilarious.

People died for money and birds died for food.

Not to mention this mysterious family of his, or the wealth of thousands, killing a person was really not a big deal to those red-eyed dogs.


Elder Dragon suddenly shouted.

“Yes Elder Long.”

A rugged burly man in the driver’s seat of the Rolls Royce turned around and answered.

Chen Dong frowned, this was not the person who had driven for Elder Long before.

This man in front of him had a Chinese face, thick eyebrows and round eyes, his hair was like steel needles standing upside down, and he exuded a fierce and rigid aura all over his body, which was extremely intimidating.

“Young master, Kunlun was specially instructed by the master to arrange for the old slave to protect you.”

Elder Long looked incomparably serious, without a hint of relief, “Kunlun is the leader of a mercenary force on one of the battlefields overseas, back then when the master was out, he took a fancy to Kunlun and recruited him under his command, he is proficient in fighting, firearms, reconnaissance and so on.”


Listening to Elder Long’s introduction, Chen Dong was secretly shocked.

People like mercenaries, he had only seen them in movies before, and in his mind, they were out of reach.

But now it appeared in front of him, especially to protect him.

It couldn’t help but make him nervous.

A sigh from Elder Long rang in his ears.

Chen Dong looked at Elder Long in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

“Young master’s first battle, a great victory, but let young master you become a target, too much sharpness to attract the attention of those at home, at this time is the master and old slave never expected, old slave is ashamed.”

Long Lao blamed himself and said, “It’s just that it’s too late, please be careful in all things, young master.”

“They, are they really as powerful as you say?” Chen Dong was unsure.

Again, those people in the so-called family were really fierce enough for Elder Long to send mercenaries to protect him?

“Young master’s ability to rule the family, old slave does not doubt it, but young master should know that it takes more than just ability to rule the family.” Elder Long lamented a little, “Young Master has been away for years, living in hardship with your mother, and has ultimately missed out on the elite training in the family, and is still lacking in some aspects from those at home.”

Elite education?

Chen Dong smiled, Long Lao’s words had relaxed him.

“It’s alright, I will do better and be stronger than them!”

“This wild child of mine who grew up being scolded, if I win against those elite educated people, do you think he will lose his old face?”

Although he was laughing, Chen Dong’s eyes were incomparably fiery and determined, as if burning with battle intent.

He was not a weak and deceivable character, things had come to this point, life and death were indifferent and he would do it if he didn’t.

With a fierce man like Kunlun around, he wasn’t too worried.

“Alas ……” Long Lao knew the mocking meaning of Chen Dong’s words and could only sigh helplessly.

Chen Dong turned to ask, “When will that person arrive over here?”

The person who answered him was not Elder Long, but Kun Lun who was driving.

Kun Lun’s voice was thick, “Young Master, their movements are hidden and cannot be tracked, but projecting the time, they should have arrived long ago.”