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Winner Takes All Chapter 307-308

Chapter 307

The airport waiting hall on the outskirts of the city.

Gu Qingying sat sleepily on a chair, her willow brows slightly knitted in thought.

Beside her, Fan Lu also yawned from time to time, listlessly.

It was too early and too sudden, being woken up while still asleep to go across the ocean.

Glancing at Gu Qingying, Fan Lu asked, “Xiao Ying, why do I feel like you’re preoccupied?”

Gu Qingying looked back and said, “Sister Xiao Lu, do you feel that Chen Dong is not right?”


Fan Lu shook her head, “To say something is wrong, I think Brother Kunlun is the one who is wrong, when he called me up this morning, his face fell like the scene of a demolition, and he didn’t provoke him.”

“I feel like Chen Dong is hiding something from me.”

Gu Qingying pondered, she believed the oath Chen Dong had taken.

But after four years at university, spending time with Chen Dong and waiting bitterly for him to return again after three years, she had put more thought into Chen Dong than she had put into herself.

Because of her focus, she understood him better.

Because of the understanding, she felt that something was wrong with Chen Dong.

“Xiao Ying don’t think about it, isn’t Mr. Chen fine?” Fan Lu comforted, “He loves you so much, if something is really wrong, how could he hide it from you?”

Gu Qingying’s willow brows furrowed deeper as she murmured, “I can’t say, but I’m his wife, maybe it’s a woman’s sixth sense.”

Fan Lu said helplessly, “You just feel uncomfortable when Mr. Chen suddenly calls you back to your mother’s house, don’t you? In fact, Mr. Chen is right to consider that with all the things that have happened since you two got married, you couldn’t even be bothered to go back to your maiden home. Isn’t it traditional etiquette for a couple to go back to their maiden home after getting married?”

“But how can any bride go back to her maiden home alone?”

Gu Qingying asked, leaving Fan Lu unsure of how to answer.

At that moment, a boarding alert came from the airport lobby.

“Let’s go, it’s time to board the plane.”

Fan Lu picked up her traveling gift and said with a smile, “Don’t think nonsense.”

Gu Qingying’s willow eyebrows furrowed into a Sichuan frown, not knowing why that feeling was getting stronger and stronger.

She looked back at the outside of the airport, listening to the boarding reminders in the waiting hall, and finally sighed and turned to follow Fan Lu.

Outside the airport.

Chen Dong sat alone in his Porsche 911, preoccupied.


The car door opened and Kunlun sat in with a sweaty head.

“Is it gone?” Chen Dong asked.

“I watched the young lady and Xiao Lu enter the boarding corridor.” Kunlun said.

Chen Dong smiled as if relieved and started the car.

Gu Qingying had left, and a big stone had fallen from his heart.

The hunt order from the Darknet Hidden Kill had put him deep in a life and death crisis of a ten-sided ambush.

There was no way he could let Gu Qingying stay with him and face danger together.

Women were for love, not for facing fierce dangers.

As a husband, Chen Dong felt that he should shoulder the responsibility of a husband.

At this time, cheating Gu Qingying away would be the best protection for his wife.

The road was windy.

Chen Dong’s mood was depressing.

Darknet, Hidden Kill, was like a monstrous haze that hung over his head.

He was scared and apprehensive, but at the same time, he could do nothing about it.

What he had to face next was perhaps even more cruel than what he had experienced in the Black Prison.

“Young Master, Elder Long just called and said that Master has mobilised the entire security team around him, a total of a hundred people.”

Kunlun said in a buoyant spirit, “This security team has been in charge of Master’s security since he became the head of the family, before that I was in charge, now that Master has sent them over, I can do as I please, I believe it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.”

Sent them all over?

The corners of Chen Dong’s eyes danced for a moment, his mind suddenly becoming a little complicated.

He remembered that Kun Lun was his father’s previous close bodyguard, and one of his father’s most trusted people.

When Kunlun had been sent over, it was to protect him.

And that decision had elevated his father’s danger by more than a few times.

Now, even this security team has been sent over for Kunlun to deploy and protect him ……

What about father?

A security team that could protect his father for over twenty years, Chen Dong had no doubt that this team was absolutely top notch.

But with Kunlun coming and the team coming over, how terrifying should the danger of life and death that his father had to face be elevated to?

“He doesn’t even care about himself in order to protect me?” Chen Dong spat out the words in a complicated manner.

Kun Lun’s expression froze and he smiled bitterly, “The old master has never put his own safety after the young master’s.”

“He is the head of the Chen family and stands tall, but a big tree attracts the wind, and the dangers he has to face every day are perhaps no less than me being chased by Darknet Hidden Kill, right?”

Kunlun was silent.

As Chen Daoling’s close bodyguard, he knew best how much danger Chen Daoling faced every moment.

Sending him and the security team all to Chen Dong’s side would be like unloading a real dragon to an existence like Chen Daoling!

At this moment.

Chen Dong took out his mobile phone and dialled Chen Daoling’s number.

When the call was answered, Chen Dong spoke calmly, “Can you change a professional security team for me?”

“No!” Chen Daolin’s words were incomparably resolute, “I know what you’re thinking, this is also a decision I made after serious consideration, the most important thing is to protect your safety, I have my own plans for my safety, this matter, you have to listen to me!”

“On what grounds?”

Chen Dong was a bit intolerant, his father took care of his safety, how could he not take care of his father’s safety?

At one time, he had a great deal of resentment towards Chen Daolin.

But as he learned step by step what had happened back then, his resentment was gradually dissipating.

Father and son.

His father had not grown up with him, but he had become a man of the world.

What kind of man is a son if he does not put his parents first and act filially and responsibly?

“By virtue of me being your old man! If I want to protect you, you, as a son, will do as I do!”

Chen Daolin suddenly cursed.

The sudden scolding was what made Chen Dong’s complicated mind become even more embarra*sed.

His eyes swished red, Chen Dong said in a deep voice, “Thank you dad.”

“On the Darknet Hidden Kill side, I am still trying to figure out a way, if we don’t get to the root of this a*sa*sination mission, this matter will never end.”

Chen Daolin’s voice lowered with a bit of helplessness, “On the contrary, even if I were to completely crush the Li family with the power of the Chen family, I would not be able to make Darknet withdraw the mission, this is too troublesome and I need time.”

“Sending all the security team to your place under Kunlun’s command is also to try to buy this time.”

At the end of the sentence, Chen Daolin’s voice suddenly became stern.

“Chen Dong, I know your character, but in this matter, you must listen to me, remember! If there is real danger, you must not be impulsive, Kunlun, Elder Long, Qin Ye, and even that Lone Wolf by your side, can all die, but you must do whatever it takes to stay alive!”

Chen Dong’s expression sank, somewhat offended by the meaning his father conveyed in these words.

Brothers, elders, these were all things that he could not possibly give up.

Instinctively, Chen Dong looked towards Kun Lun, only to find that Kun Lun had a calm face, indifferent as usual.

“Young master, what the master said is right!”

Kun Lun looked straight ahead and suddenly smiled, when suddenly, his eyes glared and he said in shock, “Young Master, be careful!”


Chapter 308

A sudden shout.

Chen Dong was startled.

Panicked, he looked ahead and instinctively slammed on the brakes at the same time.


A loud bang.

A human figure flew out in front of the car.

It had hit someone!

Chen Dong’s heart sank.

Talking to his father on the phone just now had distracted him briefly, and coupled with looking towards Kunlun, he hadn’t even noticed the person on the side of the road.

The suburban airport was supposed to be on the outskirts of the city, and it was simply not too normal to have nearby villagers crossing the roadside.

“It seems to be an old man, not a big problem, young master you stay in the car, I’ll go down and take a look.”

Kunlun immediately unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car.

At this point in Chen Dong’s situation, with Kunlun’s professionalism, he had to be careful at all times to eliminate any possible danger from any sudden accidents.

Chen Dong exhaled heavily and vaguely saw a trail of blood still flowing from the ground.

The old man on the ground was wearing plain cloth clothes and was lying motionless on the ground.

Just now, although he had applied the emergency brake, the car was not fast, but finally hit, not only an old man, but also bleeding.

Is this really not a big problem ……?

“The old man!”

Outside Kunlun squatted beside the old man and shouted.

But the old man who was lying on the ground remained motionless and did not even respond.

Chen Dong frowned, had he pa*sed out?

In his vision, Kun Lun fiddled with the old man’s body and turned him over, then hurriedly got up and walked to the car.

“Young master, the person seems to have fainted, I will call an ambulance immediately.”

Chen Dong secretly breathed a sigh of relief, since he had already fainted, there was no danger of any accident, right?

On the phone, Chen Daolin inquired, “Dong’er, what happened?”

“I was distracted by driving and hit an old man, I’ll hang up first dad.”

Hanging up the phone, Chen Dong unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car, guiltily walking towards the old man.

Because of his own distraction, this was why he had hit the old man.

He was the one involved, so he should have checked the old man’s condition anyways.

“Young master!”

Kunlun, who had finished making the emergency call, turned around expansively and instantly his pupils shrank, seeing Chen Dong walking up to the old man and hurriedly shouting out.

“What?” Chen Dong turned back and asked.

Almost simultaneously.

“Young master be careful!”

Kun Lun’s face changed drastically as he steeply rushed towards Chen Dong’s side.


Chen Dong’s mind was frozen, and a coldness ran straight to the sky at his back.

Instinctively, he turned around, but he saw the old man on the ground had already stood up, holding a fruit knife in his hand and lunging towards him with a fierce smile.

In his eyes, the old man’s face was full of folds and wrinkles, and his eyes were dark and fierce.

A murderous intent emanated from his body.

The old man’s tattered body burst out with a speed very different from his age.

It was so fast that it made Chen Dong’s scalp tingle.


The fruit knife flashed with cold light and stabbed directly towards Chen Dong’s heart.

Completely instinctively, Chen Dong twisted his body violently.


A sharp pain came out, causing Chen Dong’s eyebrows to twist.

Almost at the same time, his right hand bent and slammed directly into the old man’s chest with an elbow strike.

Bang Teeny!

With a miserable cry, the old man directly flew backwards and fell heavily to the ground, a mouthful of blood directly spurting out.

This elbow strike had directly broken one of his ribs!

“Young master!”

Kunlun rushed to Chen Dong in a panic, taking a glance at Chen Dong’s injuries he instantly breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s alright, I’m glad I dodged quickly, or else this knife would have been stuck directly into the heart.”

Chen Dong looked at the wound on his shoulder with a cold and stern expression, blood flowing down his arm.

With that, his pupils, which had tightened to the extreme, slowly locked onto the old man not far away.

He truly did not expect it.

An old man of such an age was actually capable of generating such strong mischief!

The old man was actually not strong, not only was he old and decrepit, but even from the instantaneous exchange of blows just now, Chen Dong had judged that the other party was an ordinary person who did not even know basic punches and kicks.

Yet, the other party had the guts to do so!

Relying on his “advantage” of being old and frail, he played the role of the weaker party and deliberately caused the accident to draw him closer.

He had been careless after all!

Chen Dong’s face was sunken, and when he came to his senses, he could not help but feel a strong sense of fear.

If Kunlun hadn’t been on guard at all times, if the old man hadn’t impatiently got up and struck when he turned back.

If it were true that he had crouched down in front of the old man and he then attacked suddenly, he would not have been able to react in such a short distance.

The fruit knife, too, would have penetrated his heart with precision!

One stab would be enough to kill him!

“You’re just an ordinary old man, why do you have such guts to calculate so much and kill me?” Chen Dong slowly spat out a sentence.

The old man on the ground had a sunken piece of his chest cavity, which was the ribs broken by Chen Dong’s elbow strike.

His face was full of pain, but the eyes he looked at Chen Dong were full of fire.

It was as if a regular person had seen a vault of gold kind.

He grimaced and said, “Kill you, there’s money, I’ve been a loser all my life, I have to get some money to spend at the end, I’m almost in the ground anyway, it’s not a loss to kill you.”

And so it was!

Everyone can be a devil when driven by money.

“Young master, what’s the disposition?” Kunlun stared at the old man with a sullen face, gazing at him with monstrous killing intent.

Obviously, as soon as Chen Dong gave the order.

He would rush over without hesitation and wring the old man’s neck with one hand.

“Call an ambulance for him.” Chen Dong said with a frown.


Kunlun looked at Chen Dong in shock, “Young Master, this ……”

“Call an ambulance!” Chen Dong said in a cold voice and turned around to get into the car.

Kun Lun’s face was written with shock and disbelief.

But in the end, he did not make a move against the old man and turned to get into the car.

The Porsche 911 whistled and left in the dust.

On the way, the car was quiet to the extreme.

Chen Dong drove calmly, while Kun Lun’s expression kept changing.

Kunlun really couldn’t understand why Chen Dong was making such a decision.

The bad guy had grown old and wanted to kill the young master, but the young master actually let it go so easily?

Chen Dong suddenly spoke, “You and I have both been poor, haven’t we? In this world that laughs at the poor, the poor who have been suppressed all their lives, when the opportunity to get rich suddenly arises, anyone will be taken over by desire and madness, and immediately transform into a devil!”

Kunlun gave Chen Dong a profound look.

Was this the reason?

However, he did not ask and nodded his head as a response.

Chen Dong did not choose to return to his company, but instead returned directly to the Tianmen Mountain Villa with Kunlun.

The a*sa*sination of the old man had made him aware of the seriousness of the matter.

More so, he recognised how rampant this a*sa*sination was coming from!

Last night the Darknet Hidden Kill issued a mission, and this morning they were able to meet the a*sa*sin on the road, it had come too quickly.

Perhaps there are already countless a*sa*sins lurking in the city.

A billion dollar bounty!

Enough to drive people crazy!

With a heavy heart, he returned to the villa and parked his car.

Kunlun took the lead and got out of the car, making sure there was nothing strange around before asking Chen Dong to get out.

The two of them walked towards the villa, Chen Dong’s head lowered and his mind unsettled.

The old man’s a*sa*sination, although not causing much damage, was like a thunderbolt from the sky, giving Chen Dong a bolt from the blue.

What else would …… encounter next?

“Young master, stop!”

Suddenly, Kun Lun raised his hand and tugged at Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s heart fluttered and he looked at Kun Lun in confusion.

Kun Lun, however, had a morose frown and his pupils were staring tightly in the direction of the villa’s main entrance.

There, there was nothing.

However, Kun Lun’s reaction made Chen Dong understand that there could not be nothing there.