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Winner Takes All Chapter 309-310

Chapter 309

The air, all of a sudden, seemed to freeze.

There was silence all around.

The sun is shining high.

The breeze was gentle, but the only sound was the rustling of the leaves.


Kunlun suddenly lifted his right foot and kicked loose the stones set in the ground dotted with stones.

Then, under Chen Dong’s dismayed gaze.

Kunlun leaned down and picked up the stone block, throwing it vigorously towards the entrance of the villa.

Under the tremendous force, the stone even emitted a wind-breaking whistle.

This surprised Chen Dong.

However, just as the stone was about to reach the villa’s door.

There was a sudden change.


A whistling sound that stung his eardrums suddenly resounded in the air.

The whistle was so chaotic that it was difficult to distinguish the direction.

But in this instant, the stone in the air, directly broke into two and fell to the ground.

“What is this?”

Chen Dong’s face changed greatly and he could not help but exclaim in shock.

After the words left his mouth, his heartbeat banged faster, as if it was about to jump out of his chest.

Even with his determination, he could hardly restrain himself at this moment.

If Kunlun hadn’t called out to him, he would have just walked over like that.

And judging by the height of the stone being shattered, it happened to be right at his neck.

In other words, if he had just walked past, his neck would have been broken like the stone, and his head would have flown off!

After all, his neck was not as hard as a stone!

He had only encountered the old man’s a*sa*sination on the road in the first place.

Now he was back home, and even the door of his house had become like this.

Every step was murderous!

Chen Dong’s heart was chilled.

He had expected it to be fierce, but he did not expect it to be like this.

Kunlun exhaled heavily, his face sunken and his gaze deep as he slowly walked towards the door.

Chen Dong followed closely.

He watched as Kun Lun stopped in front of the door, his hands gently touching something in the air in vain.

This scene looked a little funny.

However, right now, Chen Dong could not laugh at all.

“Found it!”

Suddenly, Kun Lun raised his eyebrows.


Chen Dong frowned at Kun Lun’s right hand, as if he was twirling something, but he could not see it clearly.

Kunlun smiled faintly and twisted his right thumb and forefinger gently.

Under the sunlight, a cold light immediately flashed in the air out of thin air.

Chen Dong’s heart gave a vicious twitch as he saw that it was an extremely thin thread!

“Young master, this is called a fish scale thread.”

Kunlun slowly narrated, “As thin as a hair, but extremely tough, sharp as fish scales, capable of breaking gold and cracking stone, it is the usual killing move used by killers to set up their organs, this fish scale thread is hard to detect, it is not too much to say that it can kill people invisibly.”

“Then you ……”

Chen Dong looked at Kunlun with astonishment and uncertainty.

Without waiting for the words to come out, Kun Lun was pointing to a small leg thick tree inside the villa not far away and smiled oddly, “When the Darknet Hidden Killers issued the mission, I had already made marks all over my home, and even made some outside the villa.”

“That small tree was smeared with a layer of lime by me, young master, take a closer look, the lime on the top of the trunk, is there some gaps?”

Chen Dong looked deeply over, the lime was spread evenly on the tree trunk, and a little gap could indeed be vaguely seen, probably just the thickness of a small finger.

If he hadn’t deliberately observed it, he wouldn’t have been able to notice it at all.

“The organ is just above the tree.”

Kunlun walked towards the small tree with a clear mind, then stored up his strength, and like a reckless beast, he directly hit the trunk of the small tree with a mountain lean.

With a powerful and muffled sound, the leaves of the small tree rustled down.

At the same time.

There was a clang.

A metal box, about the size of a fist, fell to the ground.

Kunlun picked up the metal box and handed it to Chen Dong, “This is the thing.”

Saying that, he pointed to another tree not far away, “There is another one over there.”

Chen Dong surveyed the metal box in his hand, this thing was a large circle smaller than his fist, deflated, just like a small disc, if I had to describe it, it was a bit like the box of a big bubble roll when he was a child.

And in the little hole in the side was a fish-scale wire attached, except that the box had been knocked out of the tree by Kunlun, and instead of being taut, the wire was now hanging down to the ground.

At this point, Kunlun removed the other metal box as well.

Walking in front of Chen Dong, he said, “Young master, give me the metal box.”

After taking the metal box in Chen Dong’s hand, Kun Lun took three steps back, then took out a military spike from his waist, and after placing the two metal boxes on the ground, he used the spike to poke violently in front of the small hole of one of the metal boxes.


With a snapping sound, the air was abruptly set off with a breaking wind whistling.

All the fish scale threads recoiled back into the other metal box.

Kun Lun picked up the metal box and handed it to Chen Dong, “Young Master, this is hard to get, I have followed Master for many years and I have never thought of getting these things, but now that it has been delivered to my door, Young Master keep it safe, this can be a piece of defence.”

Chen Dong nodded his head.

He scrupulously swept around, “The killer has set up this mechanism here, people should be around too, right?”


Kunlun smiled proudly, “A killer who knows to use fish scale thread to set up a mechanism is definitely a qualified killer, a true killer will not think of putting himself in danger, before each a*sa*sination, he will definitely think of a back way, even if the a*sa*sination fails, he will still be able to save his whole body and retreat.”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly.

This point alone made this a*sa*sin a thousand times more brilliant than that old man on the road!

Taking a deep breath, he tried to keep himself calm.

“Let’s go, go home.”

Chen Dong said, and turned around to walk in the direction of home.

However, for safety’s sake, Kunlun also walked quickly ahead of Chen Dong, scanning around all the way and keeping a vigilant eye on the surroundings.

Following behind Kunlun, Chen Dong’s face was calm, but the metal box he was holding in his hand had long since been fiercely squeezed in his right hand, the veins on the back of his hand protruding and trembling vaguely.

He had never imagined that one day he would have to go back to his own home with such trepidation!

This humiliating feeling of being oppressed made Chen Dong very angry and resentful.

The onslaught was fierce, and every step was murderous!

Within this short period of time, it was two a*sa*sinations, one more dangerous than the other.

What about after that?

On the contrary, he could only pa*sively defend himself and did not even have the chance to resist.

After entering the villa, it took two hours for Kun Lun to check everything in the house.

After making sure there was no danger, Chen Dong went back to his bedroom alone.

Kunlun, on the other hand, had also chosen to move next door to Chen Dong’s bedroom.

Lying on his bed, Chen Dong had a feeling of uncertainty and unease.

He was not afraid of danger, and even when he was in the Black Prison, he dared to fight, knowing that it was a desperate situation.

But what he was afraid of was this feeling of facing unknowable danger and being incapable of doing so.

And this, all brought about by the Li family!

Thinking of this, Chen Dong frowned, took out his mobile phone and searched through his communication records.

Finally, he found a phone number in the communication records that was not saved.

Then, he dialed it.

But after just one ring, the opposite party simply hung up.

Chen Dong did not stop and continued to dial.

Once,; twice, three times ……

It was a cycle of dialing, and a cycle of being hung up.

Even Chen Dong himself was not sure how many times he had dialed.

Anyway, it was just idle, so it was a good way to pa*s the time.

Once again, he dialed the number.

After one ring, the other side finally picked up.


Chapter 310

“B*****d, you still have a face?”

As soon as the connection was made, angry curses rang out from the other side.

Hearing Li Deshan’s curses.

Chen Dong did not think anything of it, as the entire Li family thought that he had killed Elder Li, so it was normal for them to react in this way.

Compared to the hunt order from the Darknet Hidden Killers, this anger was just a mere drizzle.

Chen Dong spoke calmly, “His death has nothing to do with me.”

“Huh, nothing to do with it? Are you deliberately here to be funny?”

Li Deshan’s voice was filled with raging anger: “I know exactly what you said at the gate of Tianmen Mountain Villa that night! Do you really think you can make my father rest in peace after a single irrelevant sentence? Tsk, that’s not right, aren’t you very domineering? Aren’t you arrogant and domineering? Why are you saying such things now?”

In his words, he suddenly became high-minded and disdainful.

Li Deshan continued, “Oh, I see, you beast knows about the Darknet Hidden Killers’ hunting order, right? You know you’re scared? Do you know what you’re up to now? Too late! From the moment you disobeyed the law and killed your grandfather with your own hands, the Li family will bury you with my father, even if our family is ruined and our money is exhausted!”

A series of rhetorical questions manifested Li Deshan’s loftiness at this moment.

The arrogance of being a member of the Li family in Kyoto was now finally returning when facing Chen Dong.

“Stupid B*****d!”

Chen Dong cursed and hung up the phone.

Rubbing his hair in annoyance, Chen Dong was chagrined at how he had suddenly come up with such a method to pa*s the boring time.

He did want to make the Li family wake up a little.

But he had overlooked a very important thing after all.

The entire Li family was full of idiots!

Otherwise, in the Li family, which valued men over women, how could Old Master Li be so ruthless as to find him, a foreigner, to be the head of the Li family when he was on his deathbed?

I guess Elder Li had also seen what kind of goods everyone in the Li family really was, so he had sought him out to save the Li family from an emergency, planning to use him as a bridge to save the Li family for a generation, right?

Taking a deep breath, Chen Dong was so bored that he played with his mobile phone.

The company’s affairs could only be done by remote control. When he and Kunlun sent Gu Qingying Fan Lu to the airport this morning, he had already made arrangements for Dingtai.

The financial company had Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian by remote control.

The entertainment company side was also handled by Chu Reed and the Zhang family.

On the contrary, he himself had become the one with the least to do.

Knock, knock!

A knock sounded at the door.

“Young master, it’s time to eat lunch.”

“Come right away.”

Chen Dong got up and went downstairs for lunch with Kun Lun.

What surprised Chen Dong was that in such a short time, he did not know where Kun Lun had gotten an instrument from and placed it next to the dining room.

“Young master this is a testing instrument, from now on your three meals a day and even water will have to be tested and confirmed by this instrument before you can use it.”

Kunlun reminded, “I just had someone from the Chen family office send this to me, in extraordinary times, all caution is best.”

Wasn’t this how the emperor used to be treated?

Chen Dong smiled to himself, no, it should be even harsher than the emperor, after all, the emperor was still only using silver needles when he tried the dishes.

After taking their seats, Chen Dong and Kun Lun ate.

There were only the two of them at the large dining table, and the meal was just a simple three dishes and a soup, placed on the corner of the table in front of them.

Compared to the old days, the home nowadays was a little more cold and empty.

But Chen Dong knew clearly that only such a cold and empty silence could avoid danger as much as possible.

Until the dust settled, everything had to be held back.

“Young master, the security team is expected to arrive in the evening, at which time I will arrange for them to set up the entire villa inside and out.”

Kunlun spoke calmly, “When the arrangements are complete, the villa will be considered an iron barrel, so young master doesn’t have to worry and can rest easy.”

“What about going out?” Chen Dong asked.

Kunlun revealed a helpless look, “We’ll just have to rely on the cooperation between the team.”

He was clear that the fact that he could rest easy at home was only one aspect after all.

No matter who it was, it was impossible to keep oneself at home all the time.

But whenever you go out, that uncontrollable and unpredictable risk is increasing in the extreme.

“I’ll try to go out as little as possible.” Chen Dong felt somewhat unappetizing.

After taking two bites of his meal in a bland manner, he put down his bowl and chopsticks.

“Young master, is my cooking not good?” Kunlun asked.

“No salt was put in.”

Kunlun: “……”

He really didn’t know how to cook, but now it was just him and Chen Dong at home, so he couldn’t ask the young master to cook for him, right?

“It’s fine, thinking about the a*sa*sination anyway, I don’t have much of an appetite.”

Chen Dong leaned back in his chair and rested his hands behind his head, “Kunlun, I actually have something I have been thinking about since I was on my way back just now, and it is just the right time to talk to you about it.”

“Young Master, please speak.”

Kunlun chatted as he ate.

Chen Dong rubbed the bridge of his somewhat swollen nose and said, “The Darknet is not something that ordinary people can enter, how come that old man we bumped into just now, poor as he was, could also enter the Darknet and see the a*sa*sination mission posted by the Hidden Murder Organisation to kill me?”

A calm sentence, but it caused a beam of essence to erupt in Kunlun’s eyes.

The meal that had reached his mouth was also spat back into the bowl.

Putting down his bowl and chopsticks, Kun Lun frowned, revealing a puzzled and thoughtful expression.


There were very few people who knew about the hidden secrets of the Darknet.

Even someone like Chen Dong, who was already in a position of status, did not know about it.

How did an old farmer in a field know about it?

Moreover, he had even gone in and seen the a*sa*sination mission issued by the Hidden Kill Organisation.

What was more crucial was that accessing the dark web required some special cyber-skills, not to say hacker level, but at least someone who knew some computer skills.

That old man, obviously, had no intercourse with the computer side of things.

“Looking at your expression, it should be.”

Chen Dong looked at Kun Lun who was frowning in thought and said with a grave expression, “I suspect that this a*sa*sination mission is no longer confined to within the Darknet.”

An old man who could not possibly have intercourse with the Darknet.

Yet he learned about the a*sa*sination mission from it and became the first person to a*sa*sinate him.

There were too many hidden secrets!

If someone hadn’t deliberately guided him, it would have been really hard for Chen Dong to connect the two events together.

“Someone has guided the a*sa*sination mission to leave the dark net and spread to the internet.” Kun Lun sucked in a cold breath, “Who exactly is guiding it?”

The Darknet Hidden Killers were already terrifying enough.

If more ordinary people were involved, it would be enough of a headache just to deal with these ordinary people when the time came, not to mention having to be constantly on guard against the real killers hiding in the shadows.

“It’s not the Li family, with the way those idiots in the Li family handle things, there’s no way they would post a mission on the dark net and then make a big deal out of it and publicise it all over the place.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and raised an eyebrow with a smile, “Could it be Old Lady Chen?”


Kun Lun was struck by lightning and his face changed drastically.

His lips mouthed, wanting to say something, but he could not.

Because, indeed, there was this possibility!

If there was anyone who hated Chen Dong, excluding the Li family, who had a “life-debt” with the young master, then Old Lady Chen would definitely be the first!

“But I’m not sure, at least in terms of guidance, Old Lady Chen should be the biggest suspect.”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly, after he figured out the key point, the apprehension and nervousness did not lessen, but became more intense.

Because, he was not facing the Li family, but the Li family and another power, even if it was not Old Lady Chen, there was definitely a third party involved.

And that third party, most likely, was the real murderer of Old Master Li!