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Winner Takes All Chapter 311-312

Chapter 311

A lunch that was tasteless.

The a*sa*sination of the old man heralded the start of this a*sa*sination, and also meant that the a*sa*sination mission issued by the Darknet Hidden Kill Organisation had become even more complicated.

Chen Dong could even imagine a picture of a city besieged by zombies.

One billion US dollars!

Under the huge temptation of money, it was really hard to guarantee how many people could abide by their hearts and not become demons on the ground.

It was late afternoon.

The 100-strong security team finally arrived.

A dozen helicopters roared and flew into the Tianmen Mountain villa area in great numbers.

The sound was enormous.

This scene caused quite a commotion in the villa area.

Luckily, Kunlun had greeted Zhou Yanqiu in advance, and the villa property maintained order on the scene in an orderly manner.

Pieces of security apparatus were carried down from the helicopter.

Looking at the mountains of security apparatus and the hordes of security personnel, Chen Dong had the feeling that they were going to completely transform the villa.

But this was good, a complicated procedure that also brought about a greater sense of security.

Kunlun first had the security personnel set up Chen Dong’s bedroom, and then he led the men to set up the rest of the place.

This was also conducive to allowing Chen Dong to rest.

When Chen Dong re-entered the bedroom, his eyes looked around and could not help but reveal his doubts.

As far as the eye could see, all the furnishings were arranged in the same way as before.

Seemingly, nothing had been moved.

The only thing that had changed was that there were a few more working instruments in the open space by the window.

“Young master, a lot of places have been altered, but they have all been specially hidden.”

Kun Lun followed him in and seemed to know what Chen Dong had in mind, so he took the lead and walked to the window, tapping his knuckles on the gla*s and smiling, “This gla*s, for example, is one-way gla*s, so the young master can see the outside, but the outside cannot see the inside.”

With that, Kunlun pointed to the instruments again.

“There are also these, which contain means to disrupt infrared detection, disrupt electromagnetic waves, and so on, which even a killer with high-tech long-range sniping cannot do, as well as the surrounding walls, which have all been reinforced with special alloy materials.”

Chen Dong could not help but be secretly shocked.

Such a level of security, I’m afraid it has already caught up with those super giants with heavy authority, right?

Kunlun’s introduction was brief and should only be a part of it.

Chen Dong also believed that there were more security means in this bedroom, otherwise the 100-member security team had gone all out with the alterations, and it would not have been possible to get it done until the sun went down at this point.

His eyes slowly swept over the seemingly unchanged bedroom.

Chen Dong could not smile, the high intensity and density of the security measures meant that the a*sa*sination was extremely dangerous.

His heart was even heavier after knowing that so many methods had been set up in a small bedroom.


Kun Lun sighed and said with a solemn expression, “Let’s hope it can be prevented.”

Chen Dong’s heart thudded and he gave Kun Lun a wrong look.

He had thought that only he, the target of the a*sa*sination, felt this way.

But he did not expect Kun Lun to react in this way too!

“Is it possible to defend against so many tactics?” Chen Dong asked.

“Back then, that Rothschild, Rothschild even built a special fortress out for him in order to protect him.”

Kun Lun spread his hands, his smile somewhat complicated, “Young master, the killing power that a true killer can explode out is far beyond anyone’s imagination.”

The low, gruff voice instantly filled the room with a stern and murderous smell.

Chen Dong was frozen in place, his lips twitching at this moment, but he could not speak.

His throat felt so tight, as if an invisible hand was strangling his throat, that even breathing became difficult, not to mention speaking.

This time, was it really a certain death?

Kunlun was one of the three a*sa*sins who had succeeded in a*sa*sinating Rothschild, and there must not be any water in his words.

It was like, if the King of Hell let a person die on the third night, no one could stay until the fifth night.

“Young master, take a rest, don’t be too nervous, just do whatever you need to do in your room, just as usual.”

Kunlun patted Chen Dong’s shoulder and softly comforted him, only for his words to turn heavy again at the end, “For the rest, just leave it to me and the group of old fellows outside.”

“It’s hard work for you guys.”

Chen Dong nodded and waited for the room door to close before slowly walking to the window.

At this time, the sun was setting in the west and the streetlights outside were lit up.

A quick glance revealed a rare hint of silence and coldness in the Tianmen Mountain villa area.

At this point in time, there was really nothing he could do except trust Kunlun and the others.

“This feeling, it’s really annoying to see it appear again.”

Chen Dong was full of depression and muttered to himself.

He had fought hard just to want to not be helpless under the great tide, but in the end, he still could not get rid of the great tide surging.

The death of his mother had changed his heart.

But such a ruthless, murderous change of character, and now he is still powerless, and even has to coax his wife to travel across the ocean in order to save himself.

It was a laughable thing to think about.

The more he thought about it, the more depressed Chen Dong felt.

He opened the window by a thumb-thick gap, wanting to breathe in the outside air.


Just as he opened the window, his mobile phone slipped out of his trouser pocket and fell to the ground.

Chen Dong bent down to pick up the phone and was about to get up.


A gunshot sounded.

Almost simultaneously, Chen Dong felt a hot wind sweep across the back of his head.

Bang Teen!

Hanging on the wall directly opposite the window was the wedding photo of him and Gu Qingying.

And at that moment, a bullet should have pierced through the photo of Chen Dong on the wedding photo, and didn’t enter into the wall.


Chen Dong’s face turned white with fear and he hurriedly leaned down and crouched in the corner of the wall.

In his line of sight, the bullet pierced right through his head in the photo.

The shot was so close!


Chen Dong shouted.

Almost simultaneously, the sound of dense footsteps rang out from the corridor outside.


The door to the room opened.

Kun Lun rushed in with a dozen security personnel.

At the same time he roared, ”D*mn it! Charge out for me, get the B*****d who discharged the gun out for me and shoot him straight!”

In the midst of his roar, Kun Lun bent down and touched Chen Dong directly in front of him, holding the gun in his right hand while his left hand wrapped around Chen Dong’s shoulder, “Young master, come with me.”

Chen Dong’s face was white and his eyes even fluttered a little.

Driven by pure instinctive desire to survive, he crouched on the floor and followed Kunlun out of the bedroom.

It was also just as the two of them were walking down the corridor under the cover of a dozen security personnel.

In the distance there was a heavy burst of gunfire.

It wasn’t too loud and should still be some distance away from the villa.

But as the gunshots rang out.

Kunlun’s footsteps gave an abrupt lurch.

“Slot! Not one?”

Chen Dong’s body jolted.

Almost simultaneously, a voice came from the walkie-talkie on Kunlun’s shoulder.

“Chief! Request for backup, the other side’s number is unknown, hidden in the dense forest, we’ve already fallen three brothers!”

Kunlun’s jaw dropped.

In the corridor, the temperature plummeted to the freezing point.

Chen Dong’s body even tingled.

If he didn’t have a shred of sanity left, he would even want to get up and run straight out.

But if he ran out now, he would be dead!

He was not waiting for Kunlun to respond.

The intercom suddenly rang with a shriek.

“Chief! I see it, it’s the Deadpool mercenaries!”

Deadman mercenaries?

Chen Dong’s eyebrows tightened, and almost at the same time, he obviously felt Kun Lun’s big hand on his shoulder tremble a little.

Out of the corner of his eye, he looked askance at Kun Lun, only to find that Kun Lun’s face had all gone white for a rare moment.

Immediately after, Kun Lun said in a deep voice, “Retreat immediately and take a defensive stance, D*mn it, how could this infamous wild dog team in the desert also be involved in the Hidden Kill Organisation’s mission?”


Chapter 312

Although Kunlun was cursing.

But the tone of voice, the command, and even the look on his face, all spoke of the terror of this mercenary force.

Chen Dong took a deep breath, trying to keep himself calm.

But D*mn it, how could he remain calm?

An a*sa*sination mission had froze a team of mercenaries out, how could this still be defended against?

The sound of gunfire came thick and fast in the distance.

The dozen or so security personnel in the corridor also turned around and retreated with their cover.

This was no longer an a*sa*sination or defence in the ordinary sense.

Rather, it was a real battle with hot weapons on a scale.

Kunlun’s face was sullen, his gaze flickering as if he was pondering something.

Chen Dong sat on his buttocks on the corridor floor, a gunshot sound constantly provoking his nerves.

But he was clear that in a battle like this, he could only choose to trust Kunlun and the team all together.

Too much involvement from him at this point would instead make the situation even more unbearable.

“Chief, they’re pulling back!”

A shout came from one of the rooms.

Chen Dong subconsciously glanced at that room, which happened to be facing the direction of the gate of Tianmen Mountain Villa area, which was the direction where the gunshots came from.

Rubbing his nose, Chen Dong’s heart kept sinking down.

Such a big scene, in the villa area now, it was probably already in chaos, right?

In normal days, even if such a situation would occur for the magnates, they would by and large have scruples and try their best to hide it all in the darkness, not to be known by the bystanders.

But now it’s different, it’s a team of mercenaries out there.

Mercenaries who lick blood from the mouth of a sword don’t care if it’s hidden or not, if it’s known.

“Bring me my gun!”

Kunlun suddenly had a fierce glint in his eyes.

At this moment, he unleashed a fearful killing intent that even Chen Dong felt chilled.

Like a fierce beast of the ages, his fangs were revealed in this instant.

Was this the true state of the King of Soldiers and God of Killers?

Chen Dong’s heart was terrified as he looked at Kun Lun’s back, his pupils tightening to the extreme.

Normally, Kun Lun gave people a feeling of calmness and heaviness.

Even the kind of killing intent he had displayed in order to protect Fan Lu back then was very different from his current state.

At this moment, Kunlun gave Chen Dong a feeling as if he was plucking a mountain from the ground, instantly rising to the level of a high mountain.

Soon, a security officer took out a long gun that was well wrapped in green tarpaulin.


As the tarpaulin fell, a sniper rifle with a glint of oozing cold light was revealed.


Chen Dong was horrified, he was not proficient in firearms, but he still knew this god sniper.

The entire sniper rifle was green in colour, like a viper stalking and searching for its target.

“Chief, how many years has this gun been unopened?”

The security officer who handed it over had a glow in his eyes.

“Three years.”

Kunlun stroked the lance slowly, as if he were stroking his beloved.

He turned around and took the gun and walked towards the room towards the main entrance of the villa area.

From the beginning to the end, Chen Dong sat on the floor.

The change in Kunlun had alarmed him.

That was until a few whispers from the security officers rang out beside him.

“You guys say, how many can the chief kill this time?”

“How many? Anything less than ten, I’m sorry the chief opened the gun up.”

“This is good, the chief has brought out all his watchwords, the Deadman mercenaries will probably have to cry.”


Listening to the whispers, Chen Dong’s heart raised a huge wave.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that the few whispering security personnel were no longer as tense as they were just now, and their expressions were all much more relaxed.

They even said these few words with a flavor of casual conversation and joking.

Bang Teen!

Suddenly, a deafening sound came from the room.


Without the slightest pause, there was another deafening sound of gunshots being fired.

The sudden sound of gunfire shook Chen Dong’s eardrums to the point of severe pain.

Immediately afterwards, he saw two fingers poking out of the room.

Apparently, they were reporting to the few security personnel around him.

“One shot for one, worthy of the chief!”

Several security personnel were ecstatic and excited.

Chen Dong also breathed a sigh of relief along with them.

He had only known before that Kunlun’s fighting skills were formidable.

But when he thought about it carefully, the King of Soldiers who could traverse the sands, wouldn’t it be child’s play if he could traverse the sands just by his fighting skills?

Guns, perhaps, are what Kunlun is really best at!

In the distance, with two sniper shots ringing out, the dense sound of gunfire also gave a sudden lurch.

But Kunlun didn’t give his opponent the slightest chance.


Bang Teen!

Bang Teen!


The sniping rounds were like a barrage of shots, with extremely short intervals between each other.

However, Chen Dong clearly saw that the hand that was stretched out from the room kept raising its bent fingers, and after five fingers were raised, they were bent again one by one.

One shot at a time!

No bullets!

At that moment, the sound of intensive footsteps was also heard from downstairs in the villa, while outside in the courtyard, gunshots rang out as well.

The security personnel who had just gone out to search for the killer had all retreated to the house.

Kunlun, with one man and one gun, had froze and covered the entire team’s retreat!

This scene caused sweat stains to form on Chen Dong’s back and his scalp tingled.

Such an ability, how many people under the sky had it?

“It should be retreating, right?” Chen Dong relaxed.

Just as the thought started, the sound of foreign language shouts came from the distance.

Chen Dong could hear it clearly.

It was hastily.

“Kunlun! I am the chief vampire of the Dead Servants, I can’t believe that after so many years of not seeing you, you are still as good as a gun!”

Kunlun started with a foreign language national curse, and then angrily rebuked.

“Vampires? A bunch of wild dogs and scumbags, the people here are the ones I want to protect, if you don’t want to die, then withdraw them all!”


The words had just fallen.

“Stand back!”

In the room, a furious roar from Kun Lun suddenly rang out.

Without waiting for Chen Dong to react, he saw Kun Lun and the few security personnel in the room all rushing out in panic.

Vaguely, Chen Dong saw a blaze of fire and smoke flying in the distance with an ear-piercing roar.

“Young master, run!”

In a flash of lightning, Kunlun rushed to Chen Dong’s side and yanked him up with one hand.

The two of them took big strides and rushed straight towards the stairs.

But they had just run a few steps.


There was a sudden loud bang behind them, sending bricks and stones flying about.

The terrifying shockwave even cracked the wall inch by inch.

Chen Dong felt a fierce push on his back and flew straight forward.

After landing, he looked back in panic and his scalp exploded.

The room that Kunlun and the others had been in a moment ago was now long in ruins, filled with smoke and fire and dust.

“Slot, RPGs are being used, these mongrels, are they going to take to the skies?”

Quinlan spat out an indignant mouthful of dusty spit.

“They wouldn’t have cared.”

Chen Dong’s pale face was filled with gravity, and his deep eyes showed a rare look of intense fear.

“This is a group of madmen, lawless madmen, relying on you alone, you cannot suppress them.”

With one sentence, Kunlun was unable to refute.

The world of mercenaries was clearer to him, the mercenary king, than to anyone else.

Money was greater than life.

Under the temptation of a billion US dollars, those deadbeat mongrels outside would definitely go forward and fight for their lives.

“But we have nowhere else to go.” Kunlun said heavily.

Chen Dong suddenly raised his eyebrows, “There’s one place they should be afraid of!”