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Winner Takes All Chapter 313-314

Chapter 313

“Chief, they’re attacking, close to fifty men by visual estimation, carrying heavy weapons!”

Downstairs, came the report of a security officer.

Chen Dong and Kun Lun’s hearts and minds fluttered at the same time.

Just now, Kunlun’s bullet-less attack had caused a lot of wear and tear on the Deadman mercenaries, and now, with only fifty people left, the security team could still have a numerical advantage even if there was a discrepancy between the top and bottom.

It was the “heavy weapons” that really turned the two men’s heads!

It was an a*sa*sination attempt for a reward!

No one could have predicted that it would turn into a mercenary a*sault across the border.

Even for Kunlun, the initial arrangement was to call in a large number of defensive and detective instruments, but as for weapons, there were light weapons, but no heavy weapons!

If it was an ordinary a*sa*sination, even if the best a*sa*sins came, the number of people, equipment and a bunch of light weapons would be enough to deal with it.

But when faced with mercenaries carrying heavy weapons, the only thing that could be dealt with was heavy weapons!

“Gotta back off!”

Kunlun made a split-second decision, “Young Master, where is that place you mentioned?”

“The Four Seals Clubhouse!”

Chen Dong spat out four words.

Kun Lun’s eyes instantly lit up, “Why didn’t I think of that at first, if we set up defences there, how could there be anything left for the Deadman mercenaries and their mongrels?”

What it meant behind the Four Seals Clubhouse, Kun Lun knew clearly.

Because of this, that was why he was excited when he heard Chen Dong bring it up at this moment.

If they could enter the Four Seals Clubhouse, then the so-called Deadman Mercenaries were nothing more than a bunch of flies and dogs!

“All of you get ready, prepare to retreat immediately, and escort Young Master to the Four Seals Clubhouse regardless of the cost!”

Kunlun barked out an order.


Nearly a hundred security personnel answered at the same time.

Having followed Kunlun for many years, the security team had long formed an unparalleled tacit understanding with each other.

As soon as Kunlun gave the order, all of them immediately took action.

A dozen of them took the lead and rushed straight into the courtyard, firing at the deadly mercenaries coming through the fence to suppress them.

The rest of the men, however, covered Chen Dong and ran in a ma*sive wave towards the helicopters parked outside.

There were over a dozen helicopters, as long as they could get Chen Dong to board one and successfully take to the air.

Then this battle would be a success!

Dense gunfire exploded into the night sky.

It was as if the entire Tianmen Mountain villa area was in the middle of a battlefield.

In the distance, there was still a corpse, the property security guards who had just arrived at the scene to maintain order.

In the other villa areas, people could also be seen surging and screaming.

Some people even fled in their cars in panic.

This scene made Chen Dong look dumbfounded.

He had never been to a battlefield before.

But he had never imagined that he would be in the middle of a battlefield tonight.

Guns and bullets.

Bloody and cruel.

As he ran forward with the team.

Every now and then, a security officer would fall.

A bullet, as if it were a scythe of death, was reaping human lives.


Not far away, a security officer’s chest was pierced by a bullet, and blood burst out all over Chen Dong’s face.

The rich blood smell instantly rushed into his nostrils.

Chen Dong’s tiger body shook and his eyes were covered with horror.

It was not that he had never seen a bloody scene before.

After a long period of training, his mind had long exceeded that of ordinary people.

But now this scene still made his body tingle.

“Young master, hold on, we’re almost there!”

Kunlun’s face was sullen, he could feel that Chen Dong was not lightly shocked by this scene.

In fact, no one was born a killing machine.

Even a soldier king, when he first went to battle, he would need some time to adapt to the bloody cruelty of the battlefield before he grew step by step.

The bloodshed on the battlefield is far from what can be compared to a street fight.

Throughout the sands, Kunlun had even seen many veteran mercenaries who had experienced a gruesome battle and suffered from war stress syndrome.

“I… I’m fine.”

Chen Dong struggled to take a deep breath.

In his line of sight, the helicopter was getting closer and closer.


In a flash, a cluster of fire wrapped in smoke came flying across the night sky.

“Lie down!”

Kunlun shouted as he vigorously pushed Chen Dong to the ground.


The helicopter in front of him exploded into a raging cloud of flames as the mushroom cloud shot up into the sky.

“D*mn it, retreat back!”

Kunlun broke into curses and took the lead to get up, a*sisting Chen Dong to stand up.

But it was this action that caused him to get up faster than everyone else.


There was an explosion in Chen Dong’s ears, shaking his eardrums with severe pain.

His half-bowed body shook violently, and his eyes were instantly blurred by blood.

However, he clearly sensed Kun Lun beside him, whose body trembled violently, and then abruptly stopped.

Chen Dong’s mind exploded with a loud bang, and he looked up slowly with round eyes.

At this moment, time seemed to be slowed down.

Everything had slowed to a crawl.

In his vision, Kunlun was still standing in the same place, but his chest was stained with blood, and he could even see a small stream of blood gurgling out.

From beginning to end, the large hand that Kun Lun had wrapped around Chen Dong’s shoulders had never let go.

“Young master ……”

Kun Lun looked at Chen Dong with a drifting gaze, smiled bitterly, and then ordered in an angry voice, “Take the young master away!”

At once, the surrounding security personnel swarmed up and ran towards another plane in the distance with Chen Dong on their feet.

“Let go of me, let go of me!”

At this moment, Chen Dong seemed to have gone mad, his red eyes struggling desperately, “Take Kunlun with you, he’s your leader, take him with you!”

Tears filled his eyes, unable to stop dripping down.

The heart was like a knife!

“Young master, everything is for your safety!”

A security officer by his side loudly discouraged.


Chen Dong cursed angrily and growled through gritted teeth, “He’s my brother, he’s as important as me, let go of me, I want to take him away, I want to take him away ……”

But no matter how much he struggled, the security officers around him did not have the slightest intention of letting go.

And in the distance, Kunlun’s eyes gradually regained focus.

He said angrily, “Young master, don’t forget what the master has told you!”

As he roared, Kunlun turned around violently, while holding the AWM-P on his body in his hand.


A shot was fired, and tongues of fire tore through the night sky.

But then.


The breaking wind whistled loudly.


Another bullet pierced through Kunlun’s right leg and blood flew.

Kun Lun fell directly to one knee, but the sniper rifle in his hand, however, was still firing.

“With me, Kun Lun, I will not allow you to hurt my young master, ah!”

Kun Lun roared in anger, looking death in the eye.

This scene, however, fell on Chen Dong’s eyes, as if it was going to tear his eyeballs apart.

He stared deadly at the desperate Kun Lun, crying tears and shaking his head desperately.

“No, it can’t be like this, you have to go, you have to go with me ……”

The struggle, at this moment, seemed disheveled and feeble.

And just at that moment.



Breaking wind whistled, a bullet pierced through Kunlun’s left leg.

At the same time, it made a buzzing sound in Chen Dong’s head.

Looking at Kunlun slowly falling to his knees, Chen Dong roared furiously.

“Cut me loose, I’m taking him away!”

“F**k the dinging, twenty years of ignoring it and now you want me to listen to him?”

“On what grounds? On what grounds? I’d rather be disobedient and unfilial, but I’ll take you with me!”

In a frenzied struggle.

Chen Dong suddenly lashed out with both arms, pulling the two security officers on his left and right close to him with a stiff grip.

In a flash of lightning, he took the lead, his hands like snakes, instantly climbing onto the right hand of a security officer holding a gun, instantly grabbing it!

Then, under the shocked gaze of the crowd.

Chen Dong placed the gun directly on his temple and said decisively.

“Take Kunlun away, or I will die with him!”


Chapter 314

“Young Master!”

The security personnel around him instantly turned pale with fear.

Guns raining down.

The wind was breaking and whistling.

Yet at this moment, the scene seemed to freeze.

Kun Lun crumpled to his knees, he could feel the blood flowing.

He even knew that he was going to die here today.

But he did not care, this life was saved by the master, now for the young master, what was the point of going out of your way?

“Fortunately, fortunately, it is good to kneel down, should …… still be able to delay a little.”

Kunlun smiled sadly, the hands that held the gun had begun to tremble, and even pulling the trigger had become slow.

This was a sign of too much blood loss.

But, even if he still had his last breath, he had to lead his men and stop the deadly mercenaries.

His Lordship had said so!

Anyone can die.

Young master, cannot die!

Just at that moment.

An angry shout came steeply from behind him.

“Cover me!”

The voice, it was Chen Dong’s.

Kunlun’s body shook and his blurred consciousness abruptly cleared up a few moments.

He turned around expansively, and saw Chen Dong charging out of the security protection circle with a gun, and was rushing towards him with a cold expression.

“Young master, go!”

Kunlun’s brain buzzed and he shouted in anxiety.

However, Chen Dong did not pause in the slightest.

He rushed straight forward against the rain of bullets in the sky.

At the same time.

The security personnel also reacted quickly and took up positions, partly suppressing fire in place, while partly following Chen Dong directly towards Kunlun.

“Go, don’t save me, you have to live ……”

Kunlun shouted decisively, using all his strength to move hard on his knees and face Chen Dong: “Young master, you have to go!”

“What will you do if I leave?”

Chen Dong let out a roar that made Kun Lun’s jaw drop.

Just at that moment.


Kun Lun then heard a strong wind whistling in his ears.

At the same time, he felt a strong burning sensation.

“Young master beware!” He roared loudly as his jealousy flared.


The bullet instantly pa*sed through Chen Dong’s left arm, bringing up a cluster of fresh blood.

Sharp pain instantly swept through his body, causing Chen Dong’s speed to lurch abruptly.

After stabilising himself, Chen Dong continued to run wildly.

His red eyes were filled with determination.

His blood-stained face was endlessly hideous.

The person he wanted to save!

Even if he had to die, he had to save them!

In his dictionary, there was no such word as giving up, let alone giving up on his brother.

Kunlun’s body trembled, his eyes swished red, and at this moment, his nose was sore and swollen, and tears were swirling in his eyes.

“Young master, please, go!”

The shout with a crying voice exploded in the night sky.

But Chen Dong, however, turned a deaf ear to them.

Just then, Kunlun felt the sound of a strong wind once again resounding behind him.

Out of pure instinct.

He instantly used his sniper rifle to pillar the ground, and his injured legs lashed out, his entire body lunged directly towards Chen Dong.


The bullet hit Kunlun in the back.

“Kun Lun!”

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened and his features steeply grimaced.

If it wasn’t for Kun Lun, the bullet would have landed on his body.

Looking at Kunlun, he fell towards the ground.

Chen Dong made a flying lunge and stopped in front of Kunlun.


Kunlun was stained with blood, just like a bloody man, still pleading in his teary eyes.

“Brother, I’ll take you away!”

Chen Dong wiped a handful of blood from his face and turned around to carry Kun Lun on his back.

Then resolutely ran in the direction of the helicopter.

“Cover the young master and the chief to leave!”

The security personnel roared.

The battle between light weapons and heavy weapons was not at all on the same level, this was clear to even ordinary people.

The only confrontation was to take life on top!

Smoke and fire filled the air.

The flames lit up the villa area like daylight.

Chen Dong carried Kun Lun on his back, weaving through the rain of bullets, running fast and furiously.

“It can take you away, hold on, it will definitely take you away.”

In his mind, there was only one belief left.

Chen Dong’s eyes were always focused on the helicopter in the distance.

And at this moment, the helicopter already had security personnel sitting in it, starting it up, the propellers roaring and turning, kicking up a fierce wind.


The ear-piercing whine overhead.

Smoke rolled in, carrying flames.


An RPG shell bombarded the helicopter.

With a loud bang, the helicopter instantly shot up into the sky as a mushroom cloud of flames and various parts flew all over the place.

“D*mn it!”

Chen Dong cursed angrily.

Looking at the helicopter further away, his eyebrows knitted together to the extreme.

It would take time for the helicopter to launch, and in the meantime, it would undoubtedly be a live target for the Deadman mercenaries.

A flash of lightning.

With a fierce grit of his teeth, Chen Dong turned around with Kunlun on his back and rushed straight into the villa.

Bullets flew across the room.

People kept falling down.

Finally, Chen Dong rushed to the front of the garage with Kunlun on his back.

The Porsche 911, which still had signs of a collision on the front, was parked inside.

Chen Dong shoved Kunlun into the pa*senger seat and then quickly got into the driver’s seat.


With the engine started, a kick on the accelerator.

A beastly roar erupted from the Porsche 911.

In a flash, like a tiger out of its cage, it rushed straight out of the garage.

The wheels scraped the ground, sending out a roll of smoke.

With a tail-drift and blue flames spewing from the exhaust, the car sped straight up in speed and charged towards the gates of the Tianmen Mountain villa area.

Nightfall, gunfire.

The white Porsche is like a white lightning bolt, bursting with extreme speed.

And in front of it, there was a silhouette of people, those were all Deadman mercenaries!

Chen Dong looked cold and stern to the extreme, his eyes focused with madness.

Both hands gripped the steering wheel tightly, the sharp pain coming from his left arm made Chen Dong’s body tremble a little, but his right foot still pushed the throttle to the bottom.

If he didn’t fight, he would die.

If he fought, he would live!

Bang, bang, bang ……

The deadly mercenaries on the other side kept firing towards the car, and the bullets instantly pierced through the gla*s, knocking the front windshield into bloom like a flower.

Even though Chen Dong tried his best to control the car to dodge, the shattered front windshield still blurred his vision.

“Stop them! That’s one billion US dollars!”

Someone among the mercenaries shouted.

Three or two mercenaries instantly seemed to go crazy, rushing straight up the road and meeting the Porsche head-on.

Guns rained down.


Chen Dong closed his eyes and roared as he slammed the accelerator to death.

Bang, bang, bang!

There were three loud bangs and a burst of resistance came from the car.

But soon, the resistance was gone.

And at the same time, Chen Dong felt a piece of gla*s dregs pounding in his face, not to the extent of hurting him, but hitting his body painfully.

He snapped open his eyes, only to find that the front windscreen of the car had completely disappeared, and the few mercenaries in front of him had also disappeared.

“Escaped! Kunlun, we’ve escaped!”

Chen Dong was ecstatic, but when he turned his eyes, he saw Kunlun’s face was pale and his breath was as thin as a whisper.

He froze for a moment and said slowly, “Brother, it’s going to be okay, I’m here!”

The Porsche 911 whistled as it sped down the Pan Mountain Highway.

As for the security personnel in the villa area, Chen Dong had no way to care.

With the scene just now, the only way to leave by helicopter was to die, even if he didn’t turn around to save Kunlun, he wouldn’t be able to run away.

Now that he had driven through the mercenaries’ encirclement, with him pulling the strings at the back.

The mercenaries would definitely be distracted from chasing him, a billion-dollar American.

And the remaining security personnel would just take advantage of the gap to launch a tactical counterattack.

This was the best outcome Chen Dong could envisage.

Gradually, the sound of gunfire behind him faded.

The night breeze pounded on his face, cold and biting.

With a determined gaze, Chen Dong drove his car towards the Lijin Hospital.

“Young master, there’s no need to save me.” A breathless voice rang out.

“Shut the hell up, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Chen Dong cursed in a deep voice and added, “I already don’t have a mother, how can I be without a brother again?”