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Winner Takes All Chapter 327-328

Chapter 327


The strong bow and arrow did not hesitate.

As if to claim his life, it flew off the string as Fan Lu spoke.

The hostility in Donbon’s eyes surged.

He turned around and his katana flashed coldly in his hand, slashing down with a whistling sound.


Sparks flew everywhere.

This blade had actually split Fan Lu’s arrow into two halves.

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened as he watched, his heart trembling with fear.

A mere 2 places on the Death Ranking was such a huge difference?

Fan Lu’s archery skills were at the peak, he had experienced it first hand.

On that initial night of the flying arrows, if Fan Lu really wanted to kill him, there was absolutely no way he would be able to withstand a second arrow.

But now, Fan Lu’s arrows had stiffened Doomoto Shingo!


After splitting the arrow, Donbon Makoto instantly had a body like a ghost, a smoke bomb thumping up smoke, but holding a katana, he directly charged towards Fan Lu with ferocity.

“Fan Lu be careful!”

Chen Dong’s face changed and he subconsciously tried to get up to help, but the pain in his body caused him to let out a muffled grunt and fall to the ground again.

In the bamboo forest at night.

Bamboo leaves were falling from the sky.

But Fan Lu’s expression was cold and unperturbed.

Faced with the fierce Dōbon Makoto, he quickly retreated while quickly opening his bow and firing his arrows.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Three arrows in a row ravaged the air.

However, as if he could anticipate the arrows, he waved his katana in his hand and blocked them all.

Such a gap made Chen Dong’s heart sink to the bottom.

Once he was close to him, the bow and arrows in Fan Lu’s hand would be useless.

The close-quarters fighting techniques of Dang Ben Zhen Wu were ghost-like and ruthless.

It is even more poisonous and unpredictable than Kunlun’s fighting techniques.

Close combat is a disaster for Fan Lu!

Dōmoto Shingo was so fast that he rushed towards Fan Lu at breakneck speed against the bamboo leaves in the sky.

A majestic killing intent was unleashed on his body.

He was like a murderous ninja in a movie.

A cold laugh emanated from beneath his mask: “Meng, when I get close, it will be time for your reincarnation!”

In the blink of an eye.

The katana in his hand flashed with a cold light and whistled, slicing directly at Fan Lu’s abdomen.

Fan Lu’s face changed greatly, and in a panic, he pushed out his strong bow to resist.


There was a loud clang.

The terrifying force instantly caused Fan Lu to stagger backwards.

Without giving Fan Lu the slightest chance, Dōbon Makoto swung out his sword and once again bullying him.

The katana in his hand was like a ghost, whistling and bringing up streaks of shadow as it fell towards Fan Lu.

And it was just as Chen Dong had expected.

Fan Lu’s melee fighting skills were not on the same level as Donomoto’s.

In his haste, he waved his strong bow repeatedly to resist, but he was defenceless and kept retreating, even though he might not be able to resist at any moment.

Even though Fan Lu still maintained an incomparably cold state of mind, there was still fear and scorn in his eyes.

Defeat was just a moment away.

In the face of Dōmoto Shingo’s slash, once defeated, death awaited!


The samurai sword struck hard on top of the strong bow.

The terrifying force of the blow caused the bow to tremble so much that it almost broke away from Fan Lu’s hands.

At the same time, Fan Lu let out a miserable cry and staggered.

It was this instant.


The samurai sword buzzed and slashed towards Fan Lu’s neck.

It was over!

Fan Lu’s beautiful eyes were rounded and her face turned pale.

As the cold katana swept through her vision, she clearly saw the cold smile in Doomoto Shingo’s eyes.


It was a close call.

A sound of breaking wind.

The katana that was about to land on Fan Lu’s neck froze in the air.

The sudden scene made Fan Lu and Donbon Makoto startled at the same time.

Both of them looked up at the same time, but they saw that the katana was wrapped with thin fish scale threads.

“Scatter your hands!”

Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern as he let out an explosive shout.

His right hand swung brazenly.


Feeling the tremendous dragging force coming from the katana, Donomoto Shingo’s eyes were fierce as he let out a furious cry.

However, he did not let go of the katana under this drag, but held it tightly and backed away quickly.

“Sister Xiao Lu!”

Chen Dong’s face sank, and as he saw Donomoto Shingo approaching quickly with his back turned, he hurriedly shouted.

This was Dangben Shingo’s way of landing the slash that he had slashed Fan Lu with on him!

Fan Lu’s pretty face changed drastically and murderous intent surged in her eyes.

In an instant, she bent her bow and drew an arrow, aiming at Donomoto Shingo, and an arrow flew out.

The arrow swept past with an ear-piercing buzzing sound.

It was about to hit him.

Instead, he pulled out a slightly shorter katana from his waist and quickly pulled it out in front of him.

As if forming a curtain of swords, he stiffly blocked the arrow.

“Spill your hand!”

Chen Dong saw the opportunity and gave a violent tug with his right hand.

The katana wrapped in fish scale thread finally flew out of Donomoto Shingo’s hand.


Almost at the same time, Donbon Makoto turned around, his eyes fierce as a bloodthirsty beast, and charged directly towards Chen Dong.

D*mn it!

A mad dog?

From the beginning to the end, Donomoto Shingo had shown not only the ninja’s patience and venom, but also a fierce and fierce strength that bordered on madness and fear of death.

This made his head spin.

Chen Dong struggled to stand up, but he failed twice.

He was already at his limit when he was able to wrap the fish scale thread around Shingo’s katana in a flash of lightning.

Even though the sword had fallen into his hands, he still did not have the strength to do so.

Chen Dong knew very well that the difference between him and Donomoto Shingo was not just a tiny bit.

A mere long katana would not be able to bridge the gap between them.

Even if he held a long katana in his hand, he still might not be able to block even a single slash!

“Mr. Chen!”

Not far away, Fan Lu’s face turned pale.

In her haste, she reached for the arrow pouch at her waist, but grabbed an empty one.

A roar went through her head at once, and her beautiful eyes instantly flooded with tears.

D*mn it, why did they suddenly run out of arrows at this time?

“Mr. Chen was trying to save me just now!”

This was the only thought that crossed Fan Lu’s mind, and when she saw Doomoto Shingo pouncing on Chen Dong, she fiercely gritted her teeth and waved her longbow, rushing directly towards Chen Dong and Doomoto Shingo.

“Please, Your Excellency, go to your death!”

When Donbon Makoto lunged in front of Chen Dong, Chen Dong even felt that time had become incomparably slow.

The roar of Donbon Makoto’s murderous intent echoed in his ears.

In his vision, the short katana fell straight down as if it were a life sentence.

It was a fight!

Chen Dong had never been used to waiting for death, so even though he knew he would die, he still had to fight with all his might!


The long katana straddled his head and clashed with the short katana of Shingo Domoto, sending sparks flying.

With the roar of Shingo Domoto, the short katana crushed the long katana and fell towards Chen Dong’s body.


There was a sound of a sharp blade entering flesh.

Chen Dong’s body shook violently and he let out a muffled grunt, and a large amount of blood erupted from his left shoulder, splattering him all over his face.

If he hadn’t deflected his head quickly, this blade would have landed directly on his head instead of his left shoulder!


Donmoto Shingo looked mad as he gripped his katana with both hands and pressed down fiercely.

Chen Dong couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath, the sharp pain coming from his left shoulder even surpa*sed the sharp pain from the fish scale thread cutting through his body before.

In a trance, he even heard a “creaking” sound coming from his left shoulder, the sound of a sharp knife slowly cutting into flesh.


Chapter 328

The pain was so severe that Chen Dong’s body trembled uncontrollably.

The sound of a sharp knife sinking into flesh and the roar of Domoto Shingo’s anger echoed in his ears.

Gritting his teeth, Chen Dong’s entire right arm was bruised and sinewy as he tried with all his might to resist the downward pressure of Donomoto Shingo.

But with one arm, he was unable to resist him!

Blood flowed down his left shoulder, staining half of Chen Dong’s body red.

The ma*sive loss of blood caused Chen Dong’s consciousness to fade as well.

“Let go of Mr. Chen for me!”

Suddenly, a cold, angry rebuke exploded.

Chen Dong’s mind was lifted.

He saw that Fan Lu had already rushed behind Tang Ben Zhen Wu.

With a blatant swing of her longbow, she smashed the back of Donbon’s head with a thud.

Immediately afterwards, Fan Lu violently flipped the longbow and strangled Donbon Makoto’s neck with the bowstring, dragging him backwards with all his might.


The tremendous dragging force caused the short sword in Donbon’s hand to viciously rip through the flesh of Chen Dong’s left shoulder, bringing up a large amount of blood.

The intense suffocation made him instinctively reach out to rip the bowstring around his neck, but the bowstring was sharp and the harder he tried, the more it cut him with blood.

Was he finally going to die?

As he looked at the near-deadly struggling man, Chen Dong couldn’t help but let out a long breath.

He had felt death coming to him several times due to the fierceness of Donomoto Shingo.

Such a fierce man was like a killing machine that made people tremble and shiver.


As soon as the thought started, the opposite side of Dōbon Makoto let out an abrupt cry.

With his neck tightly strangled by the bowstring, he turned his head in an almost suicidal manner and sliced out his katana.

Panic flashed across Fan Lu’s cold face.

She threw away her bow with both hands and drew back almost simultaneously.



The samurai sword sliced through Fan Lu’s abdomen with unerring accuracy.

Fan Lu stopped abruptly in her place.

Chen Dong’s body shook and a “boom” exploded in his head.

At this moment, it was as if time had stood still.

Chen Dong looked at Fan Lu in disbelief, his eyes round and wide, his jealousy wanting to split.

In his vision, fresh blood could be seen rolling out from Fan Lu’s abdomen.

Like drops of water, it dripped profusely to the ground.

And Fan Lu was full of horror, her hands covering her abdomen as she slowly fell to the ground.

“Meng Po, go to your death!”

With a furious roar from Doomoto Shingo, time seemed to return to normal in an instant.

He brazenly raised his short sword and mercilessly fell towards Fan Lu.

“Doomoto Shingo, come at me!”

Chen Dong’s eyes swished red, his anger rising to the surface, his blood boiling all over his body.

At this moment, he even forgot about the severe pain in his body and stood up brazenly.

Fan Lu was Kunlun’s woman, his brother’s woman!

If Fan Lu had not saved him, he would have died under the sword of Dangben Shingo.

He would never allow himself to watch Fan Lu die under the sword of Doomoto Shingo!

“Too late!”

Doomoto Shingo smiled fiercely, but the short sword in his hand did not pause in the slightest: “Those who stand in my way, die!”


A shot rang out.

The frantic Donomoto Shingo’s body shook violently and stopped abruptly in its place.


His body shook and a mouthful of blood gushed out.

He slowly lowered his head and looked incredulously at his chest.

There, a piercing hole was smoking black smoke and blood was flowing out.

The sudden scene caused Chen Dong to be startled.

Immediately afterwards, the sound of dense footsteps came from the darkness not far away.

They were coming!

Chen Dong was instantly overjoyed.

Turning his head, he saw that Elder Long and Lone Wolf were hurriedly coming with a large number of security personnel.

And in the middle of the crowd, there was also a silhouette.

The moment he saw the silhouette, Chen Dong instantly lost his concentration.

Gu Qingying’s beautiful eyes were red and filled with tears.

The moment she saw Chen Dong, she almost felt like she was dreaming.

A blood-stained body, a familiar face lost in thought.

It was as if sharp needles were stabbed viciously into Gu Qingying’s heart.

Gu Qingying could no longer suppress her tears, and ran towards Chen Dong with a sobbing voice.

As she ran, she roared heartily, “Liar! Chen Dong, you big liar!”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly and did not retort.

And to the side.

When Elder Long and Lone Wolf saw Chen Dong’s injuries, their faces instantly changed.

Upon seeing Fan Lu lying on the ground again, a fierce killing intent steeply surfaced on the two men’s faces.

“Kill him!”

Long Lao barked out an order and raised the pistol in his hand at the same time.

The shot just now was fired by him!

As Elder Long raised his gun, the security personnel behind him also raised their guns one after another.

It was all over.

It was finally over!

Chen Dong was relieved that he had finally lasted until Elder Long and the others arrived!

With so many people here, even if he had wings, he would not be able to fly out today!


Bang, bang, bang ……

Not waiting for the crowd to shoot.

But instead, Doomoto Makoto suddenly pulled out a smoke bomb from his pocket, exploding the scene with thick smoke, instantly engulfing his figure.

Not good!

Chen Dong’s heart gave a vicious twitch.


He ordered in a direct and furious voice.

Almost simultaneously, Elder Dragon and Lone Wolf also shouted to fire.

Bang, bang, bang ……

The dense sound of gunshots exploded through the bamboo forest.


As the gunshots exploded.

However, Chen Dong clearly saw a black figure, like a fierce beast, rushing out of the smoke and charging directly towards him.


As he rushed out of the smoke with his body stained with blood, Donbon Shingo grabbed a cloth bag with both hands and flung it at Chen Dong’s side.

Whoosh whoosh ……

In an instant, the sky was covered with bitterless shuriken, raining down like a rainstorm and shooting towards Chen Dong.

“Little Shadow!”

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened to the extreme as he saw Gu Qingying, who was running in tears.

Without thinking, his scarred body exploded with lightning speed.

Before the arrival of the bitterless darts, he dived and swept Gu Qingying into his arms.

Under the impact, Chen Dong held Gu Qingying with one hand and spun in place.

The sky of bitterness instantly poured down.

Even though Chen Dong tried his best to dodge it, he was still hit several times.

Without waiting for him to feel the sharp pain, the Gu Qingying in his arms shook her body and let out a roar of pain.

At this moment.

Chen Dong’s mind went blank.

Staring round-eyed at Gu Qingying in his arms, on her shoulder, a bitterless shuriken, sunk deep into it!

“Little Shadow!”

Chen Dong instantly froze, his eyes as blood-stained.

“Liar ……” Gu Qingying slowly raised her head, her eyes hazy with tears, looking at Chen Dong in pain.

The word “liar” was like a bolt from the blue, hitting Chen Dong hard.

“Young master, be careful!”

“Mr. Chen, be careful!”

Suddenly, the shouts of Elder Long and Lone Wolf rang out in his ears.

Chen Dong’s mind froze and his consciousness instantly returned.

Instinctively, he turned around.

Doomoto Shingo was already standing in front of him.


The short katana, brazenly pierced into Chen Dong’s shoulder blade, and a cluster of blood sprayed out.

Chen Dong’s body shook, and his five senses twisted in pain.

However, with a fierce look in his eyes, as if he was fighting a trapped beast, he gripped the short katana with both hands and pushed hard.


Chen Dong felt the short katana pierce through the position of his shoulder blade.

Immediately afterwards, Gu Qingying behind him let out another miserable cry.

At this moment, he felt like his heart was about to split open.

Mighty anger, like a monstrous wave, surged up.


Just as Donomoto Shingo was about to twist the blade, Chen Dong lifted his left hand despite his injury and grabbed the blade.

Fresh blood instantly flowed down the blade.

But Chen Dong was unaware of it.

As if he was a ferocious beast, his body was majestic with killing intent and his aura changed dramatically.

He raised his head abruptly and looked angrily at Dangben Zhenwu.

“Hurt my wife, you deserve to die!”