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Winner Takes All Chapter 329-330

Chapter 329

A cold, stern voice echoed through the bamboo forest.

In an instant, the temperature within the bamboo forest plummeted to freezing point.

Killing intent surged.

The sudden scene caused Elder Long and the others to panic.

However, Chen Dong’s reaction and his cold words sent chills down everyone’s backs, causing them to fall into an ice cave.

They had never seen such a Chen Dong before!

Even Dangben Shingo, who was angrily stared at by Chen Dong, could not help but feel his heart and soul tremble.

In a trance, a word came to Dangben Shingo’s mind.


At this moment, Chen Dong gave him the feeling that he was like the God of Death descending.

Donomoto Shingo was a killer, a top killer ranked 20th on the God of Death list!

This feeling had never been brought to him by him, but not by others!

Even when he had just been shot at by a random gun, he could still calmly think of a death-defying counterattack.

But now, he actually felt a strange twinge of fear.

Subconsciously, Shingo wanted to pull out the katana that was stuck in Chen Dong’s shoulder blade.

But to his horror, Chen Dong’s left hand was like an iron grip on the katana, and no matter how hard he tried, he could not shake it.

How determined was this …… man to die?

The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of it.

The fear in the heart of Donamoto Shingo increased.

“My wife, you, also dare to move?”

Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost as he clenched his teeth and squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth.

At this moment, even Dangben Shingo had goosebumps.

His heartbeat was banging, and it felt like it was jumping out of his chest.

Even in his wildest dreams, he had never thought that the nine-death battle just now had not inspired such a majestic killing intent from Chen Dong.

Now just the bitterless stabbing the woman behind Chen Dong, as well as the katana piercing through Chen Dong’s shoulder blade and the tip of the blade stabbing the woman, had actually caused Chen Dong to explode with a monstrous killing intent?


Fear, which made Donoto Shingo feel shame, turned into monstrous anger.

With a roar, he lifted a kick towards Chen Dong, attempting to use the force of the kick to draw his katana!


Almost simultaneously, Chen Dong looked steeply fierce.

With his katana in his hand, he slashed down towards Donomoto Shingo.

In his fear, he hurriedly let go of his katana and drew back.

But what he didn’t expect was this.

Like a maggot in his tarsus, Chen Dong pulled out the short katana on his shoulder blade and charged directly towards him with his twin swords in hand.


A sword fell.

Donbon Makoto screamed out in pain.

He staggered backwards after receiving a slash on his left arm.

However, Chen Dong did not have the slightest intention of stopping.

He waved his twin swords into streaks of shadow, and with a monstrous killing intent, he pushed straight at Donbon Manabu.

“Baka, Baka ……”

Full of panic, facing Chen Dong’s onrushing attack, Tang Ben Zhen Wu actually did not even have the courage to resist, turning around and trying to run.

“Hurt my wife, give me death!”

Chen Dong waved his long sword and slashed down angrily.


A slash tore through the back of Donomoto Shingo, blood gushing out.

Donomoto Shingo screamed miserably and staggered forward a few steps.

In his panic, he turned around and saw Chen Dong as if he was a god of killing before him.

His twin swords were like ghosts, whistling down in a frenzy.

With a roar of rage, he pulled out his two bitterless shuriken and tried desperately to resist.

Clang clang clang ……

Sparks erupted as if they were fireworks.

The more he resisted, the more fear swept through his body like a weed.

With each impact, the force transmitted through the bitterness shook his tiger mouth with a sharp pain and even a feeling of paralysis.

Such a feeling had not been felt at all when he had fought Chen Dong before.

But now, the feeling was incomparably strong!

This fellow, had he gone mad?

Why would he suddenly burst out with such strong fighting instincts and power?

The entirety of Donbon Makoto was terrified and confused, and the speed of the Bitterblade in his hand could not help but slow down by a minute.


The short blade sliced across the chest of Donbon Mamoru, causing him to scream in agony and retreat again.

Slash after slash, blood splattered.

A bloody scene was staged in an almost lynching manner.

It was not only Donbon Makoto who was thrown into fear.

Even Long Lao Lone Wolf and the others were watching with their hearts pounding with fear.

“Long, Long Lao …… Young Master, shouldn’t be this strong, right?”

Lone Wolf’s eyes were rounded and his voice trembled terribly.

He had fought Chen Dong, and even if Chen Dong had improved by leaps and bounds after following Kunlun’s devil training for such a long time, he shouldn’t have grown to such a terrifying level.

Just now, over at the bamboo courtyard, Lone Wolf had also seen with his own eyes the strength of Dang Ben Zhen Wu.

A scene that should not have occurred was now unfolding before his eyes.

Elder Long’s eyes were deep as he slowly looked towards Gu Qingying who was not far away, “The heart has love, so it stands on the ground to become a god of killing.”

“Standing on the ground to become a God of Killing?”

Lone Wolf’s pupils tightened as he gazed at Chen Dong who was wielding his twin swords to slash at Dang Ben Zhen Wu.

That’s right!

If he was not a God of Killing, why would he use such a tactic as lynching?

In Lone Wolf’s view, at this moment, the two sides’ auras had changed so much that if Chen Dong really wanted to kill Donbon Makoto, he would be able to do so with a single slash!

Subconsciously, he also followed Elder Long’s gaze and looked at Gu Qingying who was not far away.

A woman that made Chen Dong change so drastically, how deep was this …… love?

“Ah, ah, ah ……”

Tang Ben Zhen Wu was completely scared, having been hit with a dozen stabs all over his body, he had long since become a bloody man.

The severe pain made him go crazy.

Chen Dong’s ferocity made him even more torn between madness and collapse.

With only his sanity left, he gripped the bitterless in his hand and lunged at Chen Dong with fear of death.

Even if he died, he had to take one of them with him!

This scene.

The crowd’s faces changed greatly.

Without waiting for Elder Long and Lone Wolf to remind them.

Chen Dong then fiercely bowed his body, one blade in front and one behind.

In the next instant.

Chen Dong then catapulted out like a cannonball.

Two streaks of cold light stirred the long air.

Donoto Shingo, who intended to strike to his death, stood abruptly in place.

Everything seemed to have returned to peace.

“If you hurt my wife, even the king of heaven will have to die for me!”

Chen Dong indifferently dropped a sentence and let go of his katana with both hands.

As the two katanas fell to the ground with a sound.

The body of Donomoto Shingo shook violently.

His eyes, filled with horror, quickly lost their sparkle.

As Chen Dong turned around.

Blood gushed out from Donomoto Shingo’s belly and his head slowly slid down from his neck.


The crowd present, at the same time, sucked in a breath of cold air.

A gaze of horror and awe instantly locked onto Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s feet stumbled, each step seeming to use the strength of a thousand pounds, but his feet were still clinging to the ground, dragging forward, leaving two bloody marks.

Looking at Gu Qingying, he took one step at a time, heavy beyond measure.

Finally, he reached Gu Qingying’s side.

There was a poof!

Chen Dong fell to his knees.

“Chen, Chen Dong!”

Gu Qingying was not badly injured, and when she saw Chen Dong, who was bathed in blood, she immediately turned pale with fright and hastily hugged Chen Dong.

“You little fool, why don’t you go?”

Chen Dong laughed weakly.

Gu Qingying was already pearly and full of sorrow: “Liar, you big liar, why did you lie to me? And just now, you big fool, why did you block so much for me, do you know that you will die like this?”

The cries echoed through the bamboo forest.

Chen Dong, however, slowly closed his eyes, a gentle smile hanging at the corner of his mouth.

“I promised you, if you don’t leave, I will live and die by ……”


Chapter 330

Tick tock …… tick tock ……

The sound echoed in his ears.

Chen Dong was no stranger to this sound, having spent years in the hospital caring for his mother when she was seriously ill.

It was the sound of a heartbeat monitor.

He slowly opened his eyes.

He found that he was still lying in his bedroom in the small bamboo courtyard.

It was just that what met his eyes was very different from before he was injured and unconscious.

The liquid pole was up and the bottle of liquid hanging from it.

There was also …… a strong smell of disinfectant water.

Chen Dong could not help but lose his mind and smile, it seems that as long as the medical aspect is involved, the smell of sterile water is always inseparable.

The bed was filled with all kinds of instruments, all kinds of things.

Glancing down at his body, Chen Dong smiled helplessly.

His body was wrapped in white gauze, giving him the appearance of a mummy.

When he moved a little, the pain swept through his body, causing Chen Dong to grimace and suck in cold air.

In the room, there was no one else in sight.

Chen Dong lay helplessly, his mind silently recalling the moments from the battle in the bamboo forest that night.

Gu Qingying’s injury had caused him to completely give up on life and death.

At that time, he had only one thought, even if he died, he would take away Tang Ben Zhen Wu.

He could even be said to have entered a state of near madness, completely ignoring the numerical advantage brought about by the presence of Long Lao and the Lone Wolf around him.

He simply thought, “One for one!

Luckily, at the time, Donbon Makoto was scared and disorganised.

That was why he had used the least amount of injuries to finish off Dōbon Makoto.

Thinking about how injured Gu Qingying was that night, Chen Dong couldn’t help but feel a great deal of heartache.

He had already tried to keep Gu Qingying away from the whirlpool of right and wrong, and had even gone so far as to coax Gu Qingying to leave the frontier and head across the ocean.

But he had not expected that Gu Qingying would not leave.

Moreover, Fan Lu, who had been working as a nanny at home, was actually the 20th top a*sa*sin on the Hidden Killers’ Death Ranking!

From the very beginning, Fan Lu had appeared as Meng, and had never even thought of killing him, but …… protecting him!

Such a change of identity made Chen Dong feel a bit like a dream.

All kinds of incomprehension were intertwined as if they were rotten cotton wool.


The door opened.

Gu Qingying carried a hot water basin and walked in.

Seeing Chen Dong, whose eyes were open on the bed, Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled and she fell into a stunned state.

Boom, boom, boom.

The water basin in her hand fell out of her hand and hit the floor, making a sound.

Chen Dong, who was thinking, came back to his senses, saw Gu Qingying and smiled gently, “Wife.”

Gu Qingying returned to her senses and glanced at the knocked over water basin on the ground, somewhat at a loss for words.

She turned around and walked out of the room, “Wait a minute, I’ll get another basin of water to wipe your body.”

Wipe your body?

Chen Dong was stunned, no wonder his body did not feel half uncomfortable.

Was it because Gu Qingying had been taking good care of him during the period of unconsciousness?

Looking at Gu Qingying who had turned to leave, Chen Dong felt terribly guilty.

With Gu Qingying’s background, she didn’t need to take care of anyone.

She was a thousand-year-old lady, a top-notch white rich beauty, and since she was young, it was always others who took care of her.

To be able to take such good care of him while he was in a coma should be considered an extremely difficult challenge for Gu Qingying.

“Come back.”

Chen Dong called out to Gu Qingying.

Gu Qingying abruptly stopped in her tracks.

Above her pretty face, it was filled with sorrow and heartache, and her beautiful eyes instantly flushed red and filled with tears.

She turned around abruptly and ran to Chen Dong’s bedside.

She fell directly on top of Chen Dong, her delicate body trembling and faintly emitting a crying voice.

Because of this action, she pressed on Chen Dong’s wound, causing him to wrinkle his brow in pain, but gritted his teeth and did not let out a cry.

He looked at the sobbing Gu Qingying and could not help but say, “Cry out if you want to.”


Gu Qingying got up in anger and slapped Chen Dong on the chest.


Chen Dong couldn’t hold back this time and screamed out.

“Yes, I’m sorry husband.”

Gu Qingying was so frightened that she lost her face and hurriedly raised her hand to rub gently on Chen Dong’s chest.

“You’re angry, but it’s not so bad as to murder your own husband, right?” Chen Dong pretended to be in pain and joked.

“It wasn’t you who cheated me?”

Gu Qingying’s pretty face sulked, “You’ve been like this all your life, you never carry anything on your own, you used to and you still do, do you consider me your wife or not?”

“You are definitely my wife!” Chen Dong said seriously.

“Then why do you have to carry it by yourself? I am your wife, I am willing to carry it with you!” Gu Qingying said earnestly.

Chen Dong was lost in thought for a while and smiled bitterly, “Just because you are my wife, that’s why I have to carry everything, that’s why I have to keep you away from right and wrong grudges.”

“So lie to me? Lying to me and Sister Lu to get to my parents? And then get all cut up over here yourself?”

A series of questions were fired, causing the anger on Gu Qingying’s face to grow thicker and thicker.

She said “big liar” fiercely and raised her jade hand to pinch Chen Dong, but when she looked at Chen Dong’s gauze covered body, she felt like she had nowhere to go.

Finally, she dropped her hand in despair and said in an exasperated voice, “Aren’t you afraid of being struck by lightning if you do this?”

“Not afraid!” Chen Dong said indifferently, “As long as you are well, what if heaven strikes me by thunder?”

Gu Qingying froze for a moment, and then, with eyes full of tears, she fell onto Chen Dong’s chest and said in a soft voice.

“Big fool, promise me that you can’t lie to me again! I’m your wife, I can carry it with you, I don’t want to see you working so hard, and I don’t want you to face the danger alone!”

Chen Dong looked complicated, looking at Gu Qingying on his chest, wanting to say something but stopping.

In the end, he smiled spontaneously, “Alright, just promise you, go and get me some water to wipe my body, it’s very uncomfortable.”

Gu Qingying got up, wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and walked out.

Looking at Gu Qingying’s back, Chen Dong smiled gently, “Silly girl, so deceitful.”


After scrubbing his body, Chen Dong also felt a lot more comfortable.

At the same time, Chen Dong also learned from Gu Qingying’s mouth that he had been in this coma for a whole week!

This shocked Chen Dong, a week was a lot of variables!

He hurriedly asked Gu Qingying to call for Elder Long, Fan Lu and Lone Wolf.

But when the three arrived, to Chen Dong’s astonishment, Kun Lun was also there!

Only the current Kun Lun was still in a wheelchair and had been pushed in by Fan Lu.

“Young Master!”

Kun Lun looked at Chen Dong and smiled faintly, “You are finally awake.”

“We two are really difficult brothers.”

Chen Dong laughed to himself, causing Kun Lun to smile helplessly as well.

Following which, Chen Dong gazed towards Fan Lu, “Sister Xiao Lu ……”

Not waiting for the question to finish.

Fan Lu then said apologetically, “I’m sorry Mr. Chen, for hiding it from you for so long.”

“It’s not a problem, if it wasn’t for you this time, I would have died under Doomoto Shingo’s katana!” Chen Dong said from the bottom of his heart.

Although Fan Lu had been concealing his true identity, in the end, Fan Lu had really helped in the battle in the Bamboo Forest that night!

Moreover, she was injured!

Subconsciously, Chen Dong glanced at Fan Lu’s abdomen.

Fan Lu was busy saying, “It’s no longer a big deal, thanks to dodging quickly that night, it only hurt the epidermis, it’s not a big deal.”

At this moment.

Long Lao took a step forward and took out his mobile phone and handed it to Chen Dong.

“Young master, it’s better to wait for a moment about Xiao Lu and the others, you should check the Darknet Hidden Killers first, there have been new changes this week.”

The tone of his voice was low and gloomy, with an air of seeming desperation.