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Winner Takes All Chapter 331-332

Chapter 331

In the room, there was silence.

Chen Dong slowly moved his gaze to look at the phone handed to him by Elder Long.

On the dark side of the page, the a*sa*sination mission of the Hidden Kill Organisation.

Three more death scythes had been added to the top.

In just a week’s time, three more top killers on the Death Scythe list had paid attention to this a*sa*sination mission!

Compared to the previous scruples and fears.

Today, Chen Dong was strangely calm.

He looked at Elder Long, “Have you found out the details of these top killers on the Death List?”

Everyone was stunned.

Chen Dong’s calmness was beyond everyone’s expectation.

“Find out, find out.” Elder Long’s gaze was complicated, and while he was stunned, he was also busy saying, “Two of them are not ranked high on the Death God List, the only one ……”

When he said this, Elder Long deliberately paused.

Taking a deep breath, he only said, “This one is the existence ranked tenth on the Death God Ranking! Nicknamed, The Underworld!”

“Spectre? The tenth? A bit interesting.”

Chen Dong rubbed his chin and gave an odd smile.

This scene left the likes of Elder Long and Gu Qingying dumbfounded.

What kind of reaction was this?

The tenth top a*sa*sin on the Death Ranking was a full eight places higher than Dangben Shingo a week ago!

How could he still be so calm?

“Young master, are you alright?” Kunlun asked tentatively.

He and Fan Lu were both top killers on the Death Ranking, and knew the rankings on the Death Ranking very well.

The higher up the list, the more terrifying the strength.

The eighteenth place, Tang Ben Zhen Wu, had Chen Dong and Fan Lu hovering in front of the ghost gate.

The tenth ranked …… was a real death god descending!

But Chen Dong’s reaction was just unbelievable!

“It’s fine.”

Chen Dong shook his head and explained, “I’m also in debt now, and lice don’t itch.”

At these words.

The crowd had a gloomy look on their faces.

The Hidden Kill Organisation’s a*sa*sination mission had been released for so long, and there was simply no effective defence method other than pa*sive defence.

This made everyone feel humiliated and angry at the same time as they were helpless.

They had to know that behind Chen Dong was the magnificent Chen family!

The Chen family had never been forced into such a helpless position before!

Gu Qingying stepped forward and gently patted Chen Dong’s chest, saying comfortingly, “It’s alright, I’m here, we’re all here, I’ve asked my parents to help.”

Something that even the Chen family was helpless to do anything about.

What could Gu Guohua and his wife do?

Chen Dong’s heart was bitter, but he knew that Gu Qingying was comforting him, and smiled spontaneously, “I understand, it’s just that the situation is not under our control now, so any more worries would be futile.”

As he said that, he swept his gaze towards the crowd present.

Kun Lun was still sitting in his wheelchair.

Fan Lu was also still carrying injuries.

Both of them could be top killers on the Death List, one 23 and the other 20, if they were in full strength, he would be able to rest easy.

But now that the two were in their current state, their combat power had long since been greatly reduced.

As for the Lone Wolf and the security team, Chen Dong did not dare to hope, a single Dangben Shingo had already stirred up a life and death battle, let alone the 10th on the Death List, the Phantom!

However, Chen Dong knew very well in his heart that he was the backbone, if he gave up early when everyone else hadn’t, then this time it would really be the end!

Looking at the sad and gloomy crowd, Chen Dong digressed.

“Right, Little Shadow, Sister Lu, why didn’t you guys leave? Kunlun was watching you guys enter the boarding pa*sage at that time.”

Hearing that.

Kunlun also revealed a puzzled look and looked at Fan Lu as if inquiring.

Fan Lu sighed, “It was Little Shadow, she always felt that you had something to hide from her, and finally gave up when it was time to board the plane and took me out of the airport.”

“Little Shadow was afraid that you would worry, and didn’t contact you after leaving the airport, so she took me to check in at the Taishan Hotel.”

“When I had nothing to do, I logged onto the dark net and ended up seeing the mission where you were commissioned to be a*sa*sinated by the Hidden Murder Organisation, Mr Chen.”

Speaking of this, Fan Lu looked meaningfully at Gu Qingying and gave a teasing smile.

“Xiaoying, I really believe in your sixth sense now, your sixth sense about your husband is really too accurate!”

“Sister Xiao Lu, don’t make fun of me.” Gu Qingying lowered her head shyly, her pretty face flushed red.

Sixth sense?!

Chen Dong was stunned for a moment and glanced deeply at Gu Qingying, warm currents surging in his heart.

He did not expect that a good coaxing would end up in an almost “absurd” way.

However, the sixth sense is a nebulous thing.

I guess the reason why my wife is suspicious is that she has been spending time together and observing me so well that she knows me too well, right?

At that moment.

A low voice suddenly echoed in the room.

“Xiao Lu, you never told me that you killed Meng, the 20th on the God List, by stealth, were you deceiving from start to finish?”

With a single sentence, the atmosphere in the room instantly froze.

Chen Dong and the others looked towards Kun Lun.

At this moment, Kun Lun was sitting in his wheelchair, his head lowered, but he could not see his face.

But everyone could hear the suppressed fire in Kunlun’s emotions when he said this.

“Brother Kunlun ……”

Fan Lu’s expression changed and her red lips mumbled to explain.

But Long Lao spoke up and interrupted, “Alright Xiao Lu, push Kun Lun out and explain properly.”

Fan Lu nodded and took Kunlun away.

When the two had left, Chen Dong was puzzled, “Elder Long, why don’t you let Sister Xiao Lu talk here?”

“What does it have to do with us?”

Elder Long shrugged and smiled oddly, “Xiao Lu has her own reasons for hiding her identity, so why pursue it too much, besides, she has always been loyal to Young Master, and she even saved his life this time.”

“She doesn’t need to explain herself to us, the only thing she owes Kunlun is an explanation, Xiao Lu is very different to Kunlun than she is to us.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly as realization dawned on him.

Subconsciously, he glanced at Gu Qingying.

Indeed, it was indeed different.


The distant land of the far north.

The icy sky and snowy ground, the cold wind was bitterly cold.

Goose feather snow raged in the long sky with the cold wind.

Endless silence and coldness dominate the tone of this forsaken land.

In the midst of the snow and wind, the lofty Black Prison, standing between the glaciers, is like a beast of the wilderness quietly hibernating, enduring the dead silence and coldness of the world.


Today, the whole Black Prison was abuzz.

A roar of cheers echoed through the Black Prison.

From the inmates down to the administrators, everyone was in a state of excitement, like a carnival.

In front of the gates of the Black Prison.

A row of military jeeps lined up, thirty of them.

There was a sea of people, but no one made a sound, it was eerily quiet.

Such a scene created a great oppression.

The administrators of the entire Black Prison were all standing here.

“Really want to go out?”

The silver-haired old man looked profoundly at Chen Daojun, “You could have gone out without having to.”

“After twenty years, it’s time to go out for a walk.”

Chen Daojun pulled out an old yellowing photo from his pocket, on which two children with childish smiles could be vaguely seen.

“Otherwise there would be no more legends of my Daogun in the jianghu!”

Zhengly taking the photo back into his arms, Chen Daojun daintily said to the silver-haired old man, “Let’s go!”

As Chen Daojun got into the car, thirty military jeeps started up at the same time, and sped off in a mighty rush towards the distant icy sky and snow.

Rumble ……

Over Black Hell, ten helicopters rose into the air at the same time.

Whistling and roaring, they followed the convoy escort.

“Greetings to the Daoist monarch!”

“Congratulations to the Daoist monarch!”


In front of the Black Prison, all the administrators simultaneously clenched their right fists against their hearts, knelt down on one knee, and shouted in unison.

At the same time.

“Greetings to the Taoist Monarch!”

Inside the Black Prison, all the prisoners did the same, kneeling down on one knee and shouting in unison.

The sound shook the heavens and the earth, seemingly causing the wind and snow in this forsaken land to lurch.


Chapter 332

A small bamboo courtyard.

A quiet and elegant place.

Chen Dong could already barely sit up.

With Gu Qingying’s a*sistance, he got into his wheelchair and went to the hall.

Gu Qingying had brewed a pot of fine dragon well and lit a sandalwood incense.

Kunlun and Elder Long were also at the side, waiting quietly.

The tea rhymed languidly.

The atmosphere was peaceful.

“It’s almost time to come back, isn’t it?”

Chen Dong obliterated a mouthful of tea and asked indifferently.

“Been there for half an hour, should be back.” Elder Long nodded his head.

Chen Dong smiled faintly and put down his tea cup, “I didn’t expect that it had only been three days and the Death Scythe had come, who is it this time?”

“Young Master, it’s the 72nd place on the Death Scythe list.” Elder Long said.

Chen Dong smiled disdainfully, “I wonder if he will be scared out of his wits when he sees Sister Xiao Lu?”

Fan Lu’s injuries were not serious, and although her battle power was weakened, she still had the strength to fight.

Lone Wolf was ultimately too inexperienced to deal with such a situation, and it was hard to convince people.

The security team is large and works well with each other, but in the end there is a leader missing, unable to bring their abilities to the limit in times of crisis.

The last a*sa*sination night attack by Shingo Doomoto was the best example of this.

Now, Fan Lu is the most suitable leader for the entire security team.

Whether it was in terms of ability or for Kunlun’s sake, the security team didn’t dare to make a fuss.

The words had just fallen.

The sound of footsteps came from outside the courtyard.

Fan Lu and Lone Wolf walked in with the wind and dust.

“Mr Chen, it has been settled.” Fan Lu reported coldly, “During the counter-kill, I found that there seemed to be another person in the shadows, it should be the one on the Death List, but after the counter-kill was successful, that person should have simply vanished far away.”

“With Sister Xiao Lu around, that person was probably scared half to death.”

Chen Dong smiled blandly, not the least bit surprised.

Although Fan Lu’s identity as a “Mona” was well hidden, the kung fu in her hands had been revealed in earnest.

When two top killers at the bottom of the Death Rankings joined forces to kill each other, it was only normal to see Fan Lu kill one of the top killers and then have the other run away in fear.

“Mr. Chen is joking.”

Fan Lu was unperturbed, with a cold, heroic look between her brows.

It was hard to imagine that the Fan Lu in front of him was the same Sister Xiao Lu who was usually full of sunny smiles and busy with household chores.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “Then the only top a*sa*sin we know of now is the Spectre on the Death List.”

At those words.

The faces of the crowd sank.

The two Death List a*sa*sins from earlier were not on anyone’s mind.

With the strength of the Chen family’s security team, only the top a*sa*sins that were truly at the top of the Death List could truly threaten Chen Dong’s life.

No one would dare to underestimate the Underworld ……!

The God of Killers who can be ranked tenth on the God of Death list, when he strikes, is definitely a devastating one-two punch, even more ferocious than the previous Donoto Shingo.

What was even more discouraging and desperate was that the only ones who could arm-wrestle with the Underworld, Kunlun and Fan Lu, one was still in a wheelchair and the other was still weakened in battle.

As for the security team.

Whether it was Chen Dong, or Elder Long, or even Gu Qingying, they all understood.

When the real experts descended, the so-called modern high technology and heat weapons would all become chicken ribs.

It was just like the appearance of Dang Ben Zhen Wu.

“Elder Long, has there been a response from my father’s side?” Chen Dong asked with narrowed eyes.

Elder Long hesitated for a moment, but still spoke up, “Young Master, just as the old slave had expected at first, there is not the slightest shadow of the old lady’s hand in guiding the a*sa*sination matter.”

“If not her, then who else could it be?” Chen Dong rubbed his nose and lowered his head in contemplation.

At this very moment.

An unfamiliar number suddenly called.

Chen Dong picked up the phone.

A slightly hoarse, incomparably magnetic voice came from the other side: “Come out for a chat!”

Chen Dong’s body shook and he froze on the spot.

This voice …… Chen Daojun?

In an instant, a huge wave turned up in Chen Dong’s heart.

He asked incredulously, “You came out from inside? That place ……”

“I can leave if I want to, I can stay if I want to, the sky is big, who dares to lock me up Chen Daojun?”

A statement that showed all the domineering arrogance.

But Chen Dong knew clearly that this man, who had crushed a prison with his own power, had the strength to say such words!

Taking a deep breath, Chen Dong’s mind floated, and he was even vaguely excited and ecstatic.

He busily asked, “Where is it?”

“In front of your mother’s grave!”


The phone hung up.

Chen Dong revealed a relaxed smile, “Elder Long, help me prepare the car, I’m going to pay my respects to my mother.”


A thunderous statement.

Everyone in the room was dumbfounded.

Had they gone mad?

Now that the gra*s is full and countless killers are secretly watching, how dare he go out?

Wouldn’t this be treating himself as a target, nakedly exposing himself to the eyes of all those with a boiling heart to kill?

“Chen Dong, you can’t go out!” Gu Qingying was the first to speak up.

On the side, Elder Long and Kunlun and the others, also echoed.

Elder Long even advised bitterly, “Young Master, think twice! Nowadays, all the gra*s and trees are at war, and there is a darkness like a hanging sword that may appear at any time, staying in the Four Seals Clubhouse is not even safe enough, so if young master goes to pay respect to the old lady at this time, it is simply ……”

The last two words “seeking death”, Long Lao did not say.

Because he was a slave, Chen Dong was the master, saying such words was not in line with his status.

“Looking for death?” Chen Dong laughed playfully, sweeping his gaze across the crowd one by one, and finally landed on Gu Qingying, smiling brightly as he said, “What if I said that I could not only come back alive from this trip, but also sweep away the decadent situation where life and death are not guaranteed now?”


The crowd was once again stunned.

Not waiting for the crowd to speak.

Chen Dong smiled and said, “I’ve found who can deal with the Underworld!”


Ten minutes later.

The Rolls-Royce, which had been carefully modified and thickened, slowly drove out of the Four Seals Clubhouse.

After the Rolls-Royce, there were even twenty BMW bulletproof cars following closely behind.

The caravan was vast and imposing.

Chen Dong looked at the convoy behind him through the rear-view mirror and said helplessly, “Elder Long, with this arrangement, isn’t it telling everyone that I, Chen Dong, have walked out of the Four Seals Clubhouse? Is it to protect me, or is it to attract people to kill me?”

The old face of the co-driver, Long Lao, blushed and said with a bitter smile, “Old slave also has no choice, although he knows that this is not a good move, but this is the best way to ensure the young master’s safety.”

Chen Dong was speechless for a while.

He glanced at Fan Lu, who looked cold beside him, and Lone Wolf, who kept alerting the surroundings as he drove.

This was indeed a bit of a straw man situation!

But now it was also a good time to be careful.

“Young master, who exactly are you going to see on this trip in the name of paying homage to the old lady?” Elder Long suddenly asked.

Lone Wolf and Fan Lu also revealed a curious look at the same time.

They were both clear about Chen Dong’s nature of mind.

The situation at this time was so urgent, the person who could make Chen Dong risk his life and death to meet must not be simple!

“Elder Long should know him.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled as he looked out of the window, his words revealing a relaxed and casualness that was rare these days, “My Uncle Dao Jun is back.”

The relaxed and casual words, however, caused Elder Long on the pa*senger side to be struck by lightning, his body instantly tensing up and his pupils dilating.