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Winner Takes All Chapter 333-334

Chapter 333

Lone Wolf and Fan Lu had a puzzled look on their faces.

Long Lao on the pa*senger side, however, had long since exploded in shock.



Long Lao racked his brain, and only a looming figure corresponded to these two points in his mind.

He …… had really come back?

In a trance, Long Lao’s face was a little pale.

Taking a deep breath, he said with a sense of relief, “Perhaps, this time, the mission to shelter the young master is secure!”

Lone Wolf and Fan Lu’s faces changed greatly at the same time.

Kunlun and Fan Lu’s protection, plus Chen Daoling’s security team and the security team of the Four Seals Clubhouse, could not be rea*sured.

A single person could make Elder Long say such words?

Invariably, the atmosphere inside the car suddenly became odd.

The vast convoy of cars drove towards Chen Dong’s mother’s grave.

Along the way, it naturally attracted everyone’s astonished glances, and many people even took pictures of it and uploaded it onto the internet.

Chen Dong didn’t bother to pay attention to this.

For the sake of his life, he had to be high-profile.

As Chen Dong left the Four Seals Clubhouse with his motorcade.

A wave of shock swept through the major giants.

Kyoto, Li family.

Li Deshan looked at the computer screen in front of him in shock and horror.

In the computer, there was a video of Chen Dong leaving the Four Seals Clubhouse with his motorcade.

“Is he crazy? Is he not afraid of death? What is he going to do now?”

A series of questions surfaced in Li Deshan’s mind, causing his body to tremble incessantly.

He couldn’t wait for Chen Dong to die, ever since the mission to a*sa*sinate him was posted on the Darknet, the entire Li family had been looking forward to the good news of Chen Dong’s death all day long.

To Li Deshan, while he was looking forward to Chen Dong’s death, he enjoyed the process of Chen Dong cowering in fear and trembling every day.

It gave him a sense of anger!

When his father was alive, he had dragged the entire Li family to bow down in front of Chen Dong in order to let him take charge of the Li family.

Neither the Li family nor he, Li Deshan, had ever suffered this kind of humiliation.

Now that his father had pa*sed away and Li Deshan was in charge of the Li family, he vowed to put Chen Dong, the murderer, to death.

He loved the feeling of being on high, looking down on Chen Dong as he slowly approached death.

Even if the price for this was the entire Li family, Li Deshan did not feel any pain.

But now, Chen Dong had changed his usual style of cowering out of the Four Seals Clubhouse, and actually dared to pull out the convoy in a big way and leave with great pomp and circumstance?

This made the pleasure that Li Deshan had managed to build up disappear with a bang.

“He shouldn’t be like this! He should have been hiding in fear in the Four Seals Clubhouse, protected by those men, and then waiting in fear for those killers to come and kill him!”

Li Deshan’s eyes were red and he gritted his teeth.


He said angrily as he smashed an antique vase from the Qianlong period next to him, “Or, if you seek your own death, those killers who have been eyeing you for a long time will definitely make you whole! As long as you die, I will have avenged my father’s death!”

Kyoto, Zhang Chu’s family.

As Chen Dong led his men out of the Four Seals Clubhouse.

The two family heads and the pillars of their families immediately converged together.

“Reed, what is going on here? Mr. Chen, why did he suddenly leave the Four Seals Clubhouse?”

The Chu family’s elder was filled with shock and anger as he scolded Chu Reed in a stern voice.

And Elder Zhang’s face was also gloomy to the extreme.

The two families were like water and fire before, but because of Chen Dong, they had come together, and now both families were tied together on a rope.

At the other end of the rope was Chen Dong!

Once Chen Dong becomes the head of the Chen family, the two families will be able to benefit from Chen Dong’s efforts.

But once Chen Dong dies, it means that all the plans the two families have made will be in vain.

The a*sa*sination mission of the Hidden Killers has made the two families feel fearful.

Now, the most important thing was to keep Chen Dong alive!

As long as Chen Dong was alive, the hope of the two families was alive, but if Chen Dong died, the two families would be in danger.

If Chen Dong left the Four Seals Club now, he would be seeking his own death.

How could the two families not be anxious?

Chu Reed’s pretty face was cold as she bowed her head and said, “I don’t know either, no one has given me any news!”

The elders of the two Zhang Chu families looked at Zhang Yulan at the same time.

“Yu Lan, what did Qin Ye’s side say?” Elder Zhang asked in a deep voice.

Zhang Yulan said helplessly, “Grandpa, when it happened, I immediately contacted Qin Ye, but he didn’t know the situation either.”

“This ……”

The two old masters simultaneously looked choked, their brains buzzing.

The Qin family in Xishu.

There was a calm at this time.

When Elder Qin died in front of Chen Dong with his three-foot green blade, the former Qin family, the richest in Xishu, collapsed with it.

Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian had taken control of half of the Qin family, and relying on Chen Dong, they had just become the top person in charge of the Qin family.

Even if Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian were not in Xishu, they would still be able to suppress the entire Qin family.

In the dimly lit room.

Qin Henian put down the bottle of wine and looked at the video on his phone, revealing a smug sneer.

“You want to seek death yourself? It’s good that you died, when you die, that’s when I will save the day and kill both Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian, after that the Qin Family will remain the Qin Family!”

As he said this, Qin Henian’s eyes flooded with tears as he raised the bottle and poured the wine onto the ground, “Father, you can rest in peace now!”

The Zhuge Family.

The Zhuge family head roared into his mobile phone.

“Zhuge Qing! I don’t care what the hell Chen Sheng left the Four Seals Club for! I want you to follow and protect at any cost, and if anything unexpected happens to Chen Sheng on this trip, you will meet me with your head on your head!”

The same scene was played out among the gentry who were in the know.

There were waves of fear and panic.

Everyone could not understand why Chen Dong, who was already at the centre of the whirlpool, would bravely leave the Four Seals Club without fear of death?

This was clearly a death wish!

The caravan marched on with great pomp and circumstance.

It caused the onlookers to shout in amazement.

However, the original convoy of twenty vehicles had, at some point, become more and more crowded, pulling the entire convoy like a long dragon.

The momentum did not let up in the slightest.

The momentum was immense.

It was intimidating.

“Brother Dong, are you crazy? Go back quickly! Go back to the Four Seals Clubhouse immediately!”

Listening to Qin Ye’s almost frantic voice coming from his mobile phone, Chen Dong calmly said, “You can either follow with your men or get lost immediately.”


The phone hung up.

Chen Dong was speechless for a while, it was just one trip.

He thought that his convoy was already high profile enough, who knew that Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian would follow with a security team in a convoy, huh?

With this kind of a show, even a*sa*sins who weren’t on the Death List of the Hidden Killers Organisation would have to turn tail and run in fear at first glance, right?

As he was speechless, Elder Long on the pa*senger side suddenly said.

“Young Master, it seems that Zhuge Qing’s convoy is coming over there!”


Chen Dong was startled: “How did you know that?”

Long Lao pointed in a direction, “That Zhuge Qing kid is sitting on top of the car, looking as if he is going to die!”

Chen Dong hurriedly followed the direction pointed by Elder Long and looked.

From afar, a vast caravan was converging from another street towards the intersection.

He could not count the exact number of cars.

But Zhuge Qing, who was sitting on the roof of the head car, he could see it clearly!

And just as Long Lao had said, Zhuge Qing’s evil and handsome face was gloomy and determined to the extreme.

It was like a death-defying aura ……


Chapter 334

Chen Dong’s head got big.

One by one, he rubbed his swollen temples.

This trip was so loud and powerful that it was beyond his imagination.

“I’m really just going to meet an uncle.”

Chen Dong lamented in his heart, looking at Zhuge Qing, who had converged from another street, he instantly became a little enraged.

He gritted his teeth, “Elder Long, call that B*tch Zhuge Qing and tell him to get his a*s in the car!”

“Young master calm down, he’s a man.”

Long Lao gave a kind reminder, then dialed Zhuge Qing’s number.

After pa*sing down the order.

Soon, Chen Dong saw Zhuge Qing slipping back into the car through the sunroof of the car as if he was catatonic.

“Elder Long, should we let them disperse?” Chen Dong suggested.

Elder Long looked solemn: “It is a matter of the young master’s safety and security, old slave is not enough.”

Chen Dong: “……”

Being too rich was actually quite painful at times.

The caravan finally drove to the suburbs.

Compared to the crowded urban areas, the suburbs were much cooler.

With most of the onlookers gone, Chen Dong was also secretly relieved.

Looking back at the vast caravan, Chen Dong was filled with helplessness. I guess the hanging car …… was still in the city and hadn’t come out, right?

But the sensation was much less, and he relaxed.

Thinking that he was about to meet Chen Daogun, Chen Dong’s heart couldn’t help but beat faster again, unable to contain himself with excitement.

He did not know why Chen Daogun had suddenly left the Black Prison.

But he knew of Chen Daogun’s strength, a terrifying existence that could crush a prison by itself.

If he could persuade Chen Daojun to shelter him for a while, he would be able to truly rest easy.

The Death List a*sa*sins of the Hidden Killers were indeed terrifying!

But how did it compare to the Black Prison?

The people held in the Black Prison included the best of the best from all over the world, and there were not a few soldier kings and war gods among them, which was like a group of demons.

While the Black Prison held demons, Chen Daojun had suppressed the entire Black Prison with his own strength.

With such strength, which was higher or lower than the Death List killers?

Chen Dong could think clearly with his buttocks!

Not to mention the tenth ranked God of Death, even if the number one on the God of Death list were to take on the task himself.

Even if the No. 1 on the Death List were to take on Chen Daojun himself, it was still unclear whether he would be able to fight him twice!

In fact, Elder Long, who knew the truth of the matter, also thought the same as Chen Dong.

Otherwise, the old and serious Elder Long would never have agreed to Chen Dong’s “death-defying” move.

The surrounding area became more and more desolate, and the trees began to grow in number.

They were lush and green.

When they reached the foot of the mountain, Chen Dong ordered the caravan to stop.

Then he led the group towards the hill where his mother’s bones were buried.

As they slowly walked forward.

Behind Chen Dong, Elder Long, Fan Lu and Lone Wolf followed closely.

Further behind, there were Qin Ye, Zhuge Qing and an endless number of security personnel, following in a vast manner.

It was no less shocking than the previous convoy had given off!

It was like a torrent, surging against the tide towards the mountain.

When Chen Dong arrived at the place where his mother was buried.

From afar, he saw a man sitting in front of his mother’s grave.

The joss sticks were dancing with flames.

The incense rose up into a curl of smoke.

There were even tributes laid out in front of the grave.

The seated person threw a piece of paper money into the fire, and as the wind blew, it raised ashes in the sky.

That person was none other than Chen Daojun!

Looking at Chen Daojun, Chen Dong was a little lost in thought.

The old man beside him, Long Lao, had a look of fear, and the old man, who had always taken things in stride, was tensed up at this moment and was on guard.

He had always followed Chen Daolin, so naturally he knew exactly what the man sitting in front of the grave meant!

Lone Wolf, Fan Lu and the others were also all watching Chen Daogun.

Even though he was surrounded by a thousand people behind him, Chen Daogun remained calm and collected as he burned the paper money.

This aura alone made Fan Lu and the others scared.

“Uncle, I am here.”

Chen Dong finally spoke.


A calm voice rang out.

Chen Daogun slowly turned his head and looked out at the vast tide of people behind Chen Dong.

He smiled teasingly, “Uncle’s poker face is so big that it made you bring so many people to greet him?”

Chen Dong smiled awkwardly, “Recently, I encountered something tricky, and these people are here to protect me.”


Chen Daojun’s expression was cold as his eyes narrowed.

In an instant, the entire mountain forest was silent.

The air temperature seemed to have plummeted to freezing.

It was this look that fell in the eyes of Fan Lu’s lone wolf, but it was like a thunderbolt blasting in his eyes, creating fear in his invisible heart and sending chills down his spine.

“Has anyone from the Chen family ever been such a coward?”

Chen Daojun’s expression was cold and stern, as if he were an elder lecturing his junior on his lack of stamina.

He heavily slapped the paper money in his hand on the ground, “You, come here! Pay respects to your late mother, I want to see who dares to harm you!”


Chen Dong exhaled a breath, a smile spreading across his face.

He turned back to Elder Long and said, “Elder Long, take them down the mountain.”

“Young master, this ……”

Elder Long’s expression changed greatly, as Chen Dong’s life was at stake, if all these people behind him withdrew, in case of an accident, who would protect Chen Dong?

“No hindrance!”

Chen Dong’s expression was solemn.

Long Lao sighed helplessly and led Fan Lu Lone Wolf and the others to retreat.

However, they did not go straight down the mountain, but kept a distance and watched the surroundings.

Chen Dong slowly walked up to Chen Daogun.

Just like in the Black Prison, Chen Daogun was still as cold and stern as ever.

The only difference, perhaps, was that he hid the monstrous killing intent in his body.

But this was only a hidden edge. When the edge appeared, the gods and ghosts were frightened.

It was just like the fear caused to Fan Lu and the others when Chen Daogun’s expression was cold just now.

“Kneel down!”

Chen Daojun said indifferently, “Has the Chen family ever been forced to such a pitiful state? Even to pay respects to your mother’s grave, you still have to bring thousands of people to protect you? Are you ashamed of yourself?”

“Shame on you!”

Chen Dong knelt down in front of his mother’s grave, picked up the paper money on the ground and threw it into the fire one by one.

With the release of the a*sa*sination mission by the Hidden Kill Organisation, he had been living his life with fear and trepidation.

So much so that when he wanted to pay tribute to his mother, he was hesitant.

“Chen Dong in the Black Prison, where did she go?”

Chen Daojun picked up the graveside wine and drank it.

“It has always been there, but one has to bow down under the roof.”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly, “The Li family in Kyoto mistakenly thought that I had killed the old man of the Li family, and went out of their way to issue a mission to a*sa*sinate me in the Darknet Hidden Killers Organisation, and someone deliberately and secretly led the way, leading to countless a*sa*sins vying to kill me, so I couldn’t help but submit.”

“Convince? You have never convinced anyone in the Black Prison!”

Chen Daojun smiled bitterly, “In the Black Prison you spared your life and fought even ten battles to get out of the Black Prison, then you were not afraid of death, you dared to fight, your blood was hot, but what about now?”

“I ……” Chen Dong’s words stalled.

The aura on Chen Daojun’s body seemed to level the ground and pull up mountains.

In an instant.

It became majestic and domineering, like a great mountain, suffocating Chen Dong.

“A man of the Chen family has to be domineering, he has to be brave and not afraid of death! If you do so, then you are a wimp!”

Chen Daogun’s voice was cold and stern, his killing intent overwhelming, “A mere Darknet Hidden Kill has robbed you of your grace in the Black Prison? You’re not enough of a loser? Kill all those people and dogs! Those who have bullied you, framed you, and tried to kill you, kill them all and eliminate the root of the problem.


Before the words left his mouth.

Chen Daojun suddenly threw out the wine bottle in his hand.

The bottle broke the wind and whistled like a cannonball into the air, blasting directly into a cluster of bushes not far away.


Along with a miserable scream, a cloud of blood suddenly burst out from the bush.

This scene shocked everyone’s face.

Chen Daojun smiled coldly, “You see, killing is that simple!”