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Winner Takes All Chapter 335-336

Chapter 335

A sudden scene.

Chen Dong was horrified.

Not far away, Elder Long and the others were even more on the edge of their seats.

Fan Lu immediately led the security personnel to rush towards the bushes.

A few security personnel quickly dragged out a corpse from the bushes.


A sound of sucking in cold air resounded throughout the room.

A trail of horrified gazes looked towards Chen Daojun.

Thousands of people were escorted, and nothing happened along the way.

Instead, around this graveyard, there had already been hidden killing machines.

If Chen Daojun hadn’t bravely stepped in, the consequences would have been unthinkable!

Fan Lu took a deep look at Chen Daogun, the depths of his eyes were full of fear.

How terrifying should this be in terms of perception?

“Uncle ……”

Chen Dong returned to his senses and looked at Chen Daogun gratefully.

Only before he could finish his words, Chen Daogun gave a dismissive laugh, “Since you call me uncle, you have to be like me, come, uncle will teach you how to kill!”


Chen Dong’s expression stared.

Was there still a killer?

Before he could react, his right hand was grabbed by Chen Daogun, as thick and strong as an iron vice.

Chen Daogun took Chen Dong by the hand and slowly walked in a direction.

“Young Master!”

Long Lao’s face changed drastically and he hurriedly called out.

“Shut up!”

Chen Daogun turned around and glared with an overwhelming killing intent, scaring Long Lao’s face white and lowering his head, not daring to meet his eyes.

Hesitating for a moment, Elder Long hurriedly gave a wink to Fan Lu and Lone Wolf.

Fan Lu and Lone Wolf immediately followed Chen Dong and Chen Daojun.

And Qin Ye and Zhuge Qing, who were in the crowd, also immediately followed.

Chen Daogun’s words clearly meant that there were killers around the graveyard!

And now, what Chen Daogun was doing was taking Chen Dong to face the killers up close, wouldn’t this be sending a sheep into a tiger’s mouth?

No one doubted Chen Daogun’s strength.

But no one dared to let Chen Dong take the risk alone.

“Ten steps ahead, there is a killer, go and kill him for uncle.”

Chen Daojun stopped and released Chen Dong’s hand, looking at Chen Dong with a murderous smile.

The words and actions exuded a majestic oppression.

It made Chen Dong’s heart and soul tremble.

“Uncle, I ……” Chen Dong hesitated.

“Killing people, it’s easy!”

Chen Daojun sighed and leaned down to pick up a stone.


The breaking wind exploded.

The stone swept through the air and flew towards a bush not far away.


There was a muffled sound.

Accompanied by a miserable scream.

Immediately, under Chen Dong’s shocked gaze, a masked man fell out of the bush.

And on that man’s forehead, there was a stone set into it, blood gushing out like a fountain.


Almost simultaneously, a shout of horror suddenly came from a distant tree top.

Everyone in the room was startled and looked at the sound, a human figure suddenly jumped down from the top of the tree and fled in a flash towards the mountain.

“Those who come, die!”

Chen Daojun kicked his feet, sending a stone into the air.

In an instant, his right hand grabbed the stone and threw it with a shake of his hand.


The breaking wind whistled.

The strong wind even made Chen Dong feel like it was going to tear his skin.


The fleeing killer from afar let out a miserable cry and fell to the ground with a sound!

This scene made Chen Dong’s heart tremble with fear.

He looked at the Chen Daogun in front of him in shock, this was the real God of Killers!

The scene in front of him made it even clearer to Chen Dong how powerful Chen Daogun had been when he had let loose during the battle with him back in Black Prison.

By using stone as a weapon, he was able to achieve the terrifying killing power of a hot weapon.

To put it bluntly, if Chen Daojun had had the slightest thought of killing him in the Black Prison ring, he would have become a corpse.

In the mountain forest, there was silence.

The temperature plummeted to freezing point.

Chen Daojun’s majestic killing intent was everywhere.

Even Fan Lu and the others were frightened, not daring to meet Chen Daojun’s gaze.

Because, at this moment, Chen Daogun’s eyes could kill a god!

“Those who covet my Chen family’s bloodline, all die!”

Chen Daogun bellowed.

Leaning down, he grabbed a handful of stones and threw one out as if he was playing with them.

The ordinary stones, as they came out of Chen Daogun’s hands, immediately exploded with terrifying speed, like bullets, breaking through the air.

Screams of misery then exploded in the mountains and forests.

Bleeding corpses were revealed from a hidden place.

All of them, killed in one blow!

Even Chen Dong’s scalp was tingling and his heart was filled with infinite fear.

Was this …… really a level that humans could reach?

All along, Chen Dong had never slackened in his refinement of himself, because he was clear that if he wanted to inherit the Chen family’s headship, not only did he need to deliver a perfect shopping mall answer sheet, but he also needed a strong body and fighting skills.

A truly powerful family has never required the all-round development of its clan members!

Otherwise, the Chen family would not have educated the best of the younger generation, the elite.

But the more he hammered, the more profoundly Chen Dong perceived the limits of humanity itself.

But Chen Daojun’s performance was beyond his perception!

In the blink of an eye, a dozen of stones were thrown by Chen Daogun at will.

And the result was that a dozen killer corpses fell to the ground in response to the sound.

In the mountain forest, dead silence returned.

Dreadful gazes raked over Chen Daogun’s body from time to time.

No one dared to rest their eyes on Chen Daogun for too long.

They were afraid of being noticed by this God of Death.

Even Fan Lu, the 20th on the Death List, did not dare!

Chen Dong was the only one who stared at Chen Daogun from start to finish.

Not only did Chen Daogun’s body exude a majestic killing intent, it also exuded a wildly domineering aura that was out of my league and looked down on all beings.

The more he gazed, the more Chen Dong was puzzled.

Such an existence, back then, why couldn’t he compete with his father?

“There is one more person!”

Chen Daogun suddenly spoke, his brow frowning slightly as his harsh gaze seemed like a hawk’s falcon, looking in one direction, “You, who had plenty of time to escape, why didn’t you run?”

Chen Dong followed the sound and looked in that direction, it was a mound, no, a masterless deserted tomb to be exact.

clatter ……

Just as he looked over, the earth on the mound of the barren grave rustled and slid downwards.

A hand, with a thud, reached out from the mound!

This scene, in broad daylight, froze the back of Chen Dong’s head.

Everyone in the room simultaneously drew in a breath of cold air.

When the grave was completely lifted, a man wrapped in a cloth band, revealing only a pair of shadowy eyes, came out of the grave.

After a glance with Chen Daojun, the man with the cloth belt nodded and let out a thick, manly voice: “Let’s go now.”

After saying this, he actually turned around and left in full view of everyone.

This, treating everyone as if they didn’t exist?

Chen Dong’s eyes were full of dismay and disbelief.

Just now, Chen Daojun had killed a dozen people in a row, so ordinary killers would have been scared out of their wits.

This killer was hiding in a grave, and at this moment, facing Chen Daojun, he could still be so calm?


Just as Chen Dong was horrified.

Chen Daojun beside him suddenly threw a stone.

The terrifyingly strong wind grazed Chen Dong’s face.

A stinging pain immediately caused Chen Dong’s eyebrows to wrinkle, and when he raised his hand to feel it, the strong wind from the stone had actually torn a thin gash on his left face!

The force of this blow was greater than anything he had just seen!



Just as the stone was about to hit the man with the cloth belt.

Without looking back, the man with the cloth belt suddenly flung out his right hand, and the cloth belt wrapped around his hand flew out with a bang, jerking the stones to pieces and scattering them in all directions.

Chen Daojun’s eyes lit up and he said with a big smile, “Good, you can go!”


Chapter 336

Who is he?

Chen Dong looked profoundly at the man with the cloth belt who had left.

To be able to block Chen Daojun’s full force strike and still make Chen Daojun smile and let him leave was clearly not an ordinary person.

Could it be ……

Suddenly, a thought popped up in Chen Dong’s mind.

After glancing at Chen Daojun, he did not ask more questions and turned to say, “Uncle, let’s go home.”


Chen Daogun nodded and glanced at Li Lan’s grave, “Go and kowtow three times to your mother, a tribute should be like a tribute.”

The road back to the Four Seals Villa was still vast.

But it was different from when they came.

Chen Dong didn’t have the slightest care whether it would cause a big sensation or not.

At this moment, his mind was full of that man with the cloth belt just now.

Amongst the many killers, I was afraid that there was only one person who could get out of Uncle’s presence alive, right?

The Phantom!

After thinking about this, Chen Dong could not help but feel a chill envelop his body.

This God of Killers, the tenth on the Death List, had come so quickly after all!

If Chen Daogun had not suddenly descended, it was estimated that even if he hid in the Four Seals Club, he would have met up with the Underworld very soon.

That would be the real nightmare then.

“Mr. Chen, that should be the Phantom just now.”

Fan Lu suddenly spoke up, breaking the silence in the car.

Chen Dong nodded and looked towards Chen Daogun, “Uncle, if you and the one just now really fought, who would be stronger and who would be weaker?”

Just now was just a single blow.

It was really hard to tell the strength and weakness.

“You guess?”

Chen Daogun smiled noncommittally.

Chen Dong was speechless.

Hesitating for a moment, his lips mumbled.

In the end, he held back the words he wanted to ask in his heart.

Back at the Four Seals Clubhouse.

Chen Dong let Qin Ye and Zhuge Qing all leave, as they were still needed to wrap up the matter around his mother’s grave.

Then, he led Chen Daojun towards the small bamboo courtyard.

The small courtyard was quiet and elegant.

Gu Qingying was pacing back and forth in the courtyard, her face full of anxiety and worry.

Kunlun sat in the shade of a tree with a dark look on his face, looking at the pacing Gu Qingying with guilt in his heart.

If he hadn’t been injured, he would have been there to protect the young master by now.

Creak ……

The courtyard door of the small courtyard was suddenly pushed open.

Gu Qingying and Kunlun looked at the same time.

Seeing Chen Dong, Gu Qingying hurriedly ran over, “You finally came back, you scared me to death!”

Chen Dong smiled gently, “Let me introduce to you, this is Uncle Daojun.”

“Hello uncle.” Gu Qingying froze for a moment, and then greeted with a smile.

“Uncle, this is my wife, Gu Qingying.” Chen Dong said to Chen Daogun.

Chen Daogun raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Is this the reason why you fought for your life to get out of the Black Prison in the first place?”

Chen Dong was stunned, and then smiled without saying anything.

It was obvious that he had come down by default.

Chen Daogun swept a glance at Gu Qingying, but it scared Gu Qingying into quietly leaning on Chen Dong’s other side.

It had to be said that Chen Daojun raised his hands and feet, and even a glance carried the power to make ordinary people’s hearts fear.

“Good, the girl child is good! You will definitely be able to have a son in the future!”

Chen Daojun laughed and fished out a small walnut-sized ruby from his bosom, “Little Ying, uncle and you are meeting for the first time, so there is nothing to give you, so this gem will be a gift.”

When they saw the small walnut-sized ruby, everyone was shocked.

Rubies were already scarce, let alone one this big!

Even with Gu Qingying’s family history, he had never seen one before.

“Uncle, this, this is too valuable, I can’t take it.” Gu Qingying hastily refused.

This ruby was considered a priceless treasure!

Chen Dong was also busy saying, “Uncle, this is too valuable.”

“What’s so precious? I am a member of the Chen family, could it be that a meet and greet gift would still be shabby for Little Shadow?”

Chen Daojun shoved the ruby into Gu Qingying’s hand, “This gem was still the one I clasped from the Egyptian Pharaoh’s crown back then.”

A shocking statement.

Chen Dong and the others all sat on the spot.

No wonder they couldn’t be found on the market now.


Chen Dong and Gu Qingying were startled at the same time.

After a glance at each other, Gu Qingying’s pretty face turned white and her eyes were torn.

The Pharaoh’s crown had been clasped off, wouldn’t it have been brought out of the pyramid?

For a moment, Gu Qingying did not know whether to be excited or scared.

Chen Daojun did not care and walked towards Kunlun, who was sitting in a wheelchair, on his own.

The moment Kunlun saw Chen Daojun, he lost his concentration and froze.

When Chen Daogun came closer, he finally came back to his senses.


Chen Daogun looked at Kun Lun calmly, and after a few seconds, he suddenly cursed disdainfully, “It’s been ten years, and you still haven’t improved at all, you punk.”

Kun Lun gave a sarcastic laugh, a little embarra*sed, but did not retort.

He would not agree when others called him a waste.

This was his pride as a mercenary king who had traversed the sands.

But the words came from Chen Daojun’s mouth, and he was in no position to refute them.

After thinking about it, Kunlun added, “How did senior suddenly come out of the Black Prison?”

There was no surprise as to why Chen Daojun was able to come out of the Black Prison.

Because Kunlun knew that no one could keep Chen Daojun in the Black Prison.

“It’s been twenty years, coming to see the jianghu.”

Chen Daojun smiled spontaneously.

“Jianghu?” Kunlun frowned thoughtfully.

Chen Daojun smiled spontaneously, “The jianghu …… has changed, ah.”

The chat between the two ended with these words.

Chen Dong took in the brief conversation and listened to it, always feeling that Chen Daojun meant something.

What’s more, Chen Daogun rushing out of Black Prison at this juncture did have a different meaning.

After taking a deep breath, Chen Dong walked up to Chen Daogun and finally said the words that he had just suppressed in his heart.

“Uncle, on this trip out, can you stay with my nephew for a few days?”

Chen Daogun’s strength had just been displayed to the fullest.

With him around, Chen Dong would be able to rest easy.

What’s more, now that Psi had arrived in the city, if Chen Daogun left immediately, Psi would be a hanging sword to Chen Dong.

“Three days!”

Chen Daojun held up three fingers, “Just stay for three days, after three days, I will leave, it’s not easy to come out for a trip, I can’t keep spending time with you.”

After saying that, he did not care about Chen Dong and turned his head to Old Man Long and said.

“Old man Long, bring a message to that scum Chen Daolin, tell him to deal with it quickly, as the head of the Chen family can’t even solve this kind of matter, isn’t this occupying a thatched pit without Sh*tting?”

The commanding words were overbearing.

The words did not conceal his disrespect for Chen Daolin.

If word got out, it was bound to shock all the heads of the magnificent families to the point where their jaws fell to the ground.

Elder Long smiled sarcastically, “Old slave knows.”


As Chen Dong and Chen Daojun returned to the Four Seals Clubhouse.

The news soon spread back to the ears of the major magnate family lords who were concerned about the matter.

Upon learning that the person Chen Dong was going to meet, even though he was not afraid of life or death, was Chen Daojun.

Some were terrified, some were shocked, and some who did not know Chen Daojun felt bewildered and confused ……

One of the bewildered and confused family heads was Li Deshan.

Li Deshan sat in a trance in his chair.

“What does Chen Daojun …… count as?”

If Elder Li was still alive, he would have to break his legs when he heard this statement from him.

But now the Li family was already in Li Deshan’s grasp.

As Chen Daojun himself said, the legend of him had not been circulated in the jianghu for more than twenty years.

It seemed perfectly normal for Li Deshan not to recognise him.