Winner Takes All Chapter 339-340

Chapter 339

“The Hidden Killers Organisation, the top a*sa*sin on the Death List, the Underworld!”

Elder Long’s eyes were full of doubt as he spat out the words in a deep voice.


Chen Dong’s tiger body shook, and in an instant, he revealed an expression as if he had seen a ghost.

How could this be possible?

“No, the Spectre came to me a week ago, the man who was covered in cloth bands!”

Chen Dong’s voice was trembling a little, with his mind, he simply could not contain the shock in his heart at this point: “Elder Long, you have all seen it, and it was Uncle Daojun who scared him back after you were charmed by the Phantom at that time, how could he turn around to a*sa*sinate my father?”

Doubt, as if weeds, instantly filled Chen Dong’s mind.

The mission issued by the Kyoto Li family in the Darknet Hidden Kill Group was aimed at him.

After failing to a*sa*sinate him, the Phantom turned around and went to a*sa*sinate his father?

Isn’t that bullSh*t!

Even if the Cloak and Dagger organization was brain-dead, they couldn’t have issued such a brain-dead “supplementary mission” to the a*sa*sination mission, right?

“Young master, when I learned of this, I was shocked too, but now the family is still tracing it, so the exact reason is still unknown.”

Long Lao looked at Chen Dong in confusion and shock.

Since the Hidden Kill Organisation had issued the mission to a*sa*sinate Chen Dong, the entire a*sa*sination had reeked of secrecy.

An invisible third party force had deliberately guided the a*sa*sination mission away from the dark network, leading ordinary people to become demons on the ground, driven by money.

Now the Phantom, who had already given up on the a*sa*sination, turned around to a*sa*sinate the Chen family head.

Even though Elder Long had been through a hundred battles and had seen all the sorrows of the human world, he felt a fog shrouded in front of him at this time.

Chen Dong’s gaze flickered, and the veins at the corners of his eyes continued to throb.

He could not understand what he was thinking.

Suddenly, he raised his head and asked, “Who killed the Phantom? Father has already sent the most elite security team around me, the remaining security team, there is no way they could have killed the Phantom!”

The terror of the Phantom was something he had seen with his own eyes that day.

The most elite security team, still led by Kun Lun and Fan Lu who were also ranked 23rd and 20th on the Death Ranking, were still all silently charmed.

Such a terrifying god of killing.

There was no way an ordinary security team could have stopped it!

Not even if Father had recruited a top security team after pulling all the security teams away and paying heavily for them!

What’s more, the result now was that Father was only injured while the Spectre was killed.

Such a near-total victory result, Chen Dong could guarantee that there was no security team in the world that could do it!

“I don’t know.”

Elder Long shook his head, a frightened look could not be hidden deep in his eyes as he exhaled a ragged breath and slowly said, “Originally, Master only told Old Slave about this matter and instructed to carefully protect you, Young Master, but Old Slave felt that this matter was too confusing and it was necessary for Young Master to follow Old Slave back to the Chen Clan to find out what was going on.”

“Back to the Chen family?”

Chen Dong’s brows knitted.

“I don’t agree!”

Gu Qingying suddenly said in a stern voice.

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying looked at Gu Qingying in surprise at the same time.

Gu Qingying’s absolutely beautiful face was filled with solemnity, “Big fool, it is too dangerous for you to return to the Chen family now! The Chen family already sees you as a thorn in their side, going back now will only cause everyone to turn their fronts on you, leaving you with enemies on your back.”

Chen Dong did not refute, Gu Qingying’s fears did exist.

No, it might even be more serious than what Gu Qingying had said.

Now that his father was injured and temporarily unable to completely control the Chen family, then Old Lady Chen would rightfully control the Chen family, choosing to go to the Chen family at this time would undoubtedly be sending a sheep into a tiger’s mouth.

“Young Master, this matter has to be decided by you personally.” Long Lao said slowly.

If Gu Qingying could see the danger of going back to the Chen family, how could Elder Long not see it?

In the courtyard, it suddenly became silent and depressing.

Chen Dong stood in place, his fists gradually clenching.

On one side was his wife’s opposition, on the other side was his injured father and the bewildering a*sa*sination.

How should I choose?

“Husband, calm down.” Gu Qingying took Chen Dong’s arm, “What’s more, now that the Hidden Murder Organisation’s a*sa*sination mission against you is still on, you will not only have to face the Chen family when you go, but also the risk of being a*sa*sinated at any time.”

Chen Dong’s tiger torso shook, the hesitation in his eyes suddenly disappeared, flashing out a firm and refined aura.


Exhaling a foul breath, Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, “Wife, I have to go!”


Gu Qingying was first stunned, and then her pretty face sulked.

She had tried so hard to discourage him, how could Chen Dong instead be more determined to go to the Chen family?

“What Uncle Daojun said, there are some things that one should go ahead with!”

Chen Dong gently smiled as he explained, but the light in his eyes was becoming more and more determined, “Just avoiding things will not solve things at all, now that the Chen family has undergone a huge change and my father has been injured, in private I have to visit Fa Qing, in public I have to go and find out what is going on, only after I figure it all out will it be possible for the a*sa*sination mission of the Hidden Murder Organization, to take a turn for the better.”

At one time, he didn’t know what had happened, but he thought of his father as an ungrateful man who had abandoned his family and was full of resentment and hatred.

But as he gradually learnt about what happened back then, his feelings towards Chen Daolin were slowly changing.

There is no greater tragedy in this world than a son wanting to raise his family but his parents not being there.

The death of his mother was a shocking piece of news to Chen Dong.

Now, with only his father left, if he did not even care about this matter, what face would he have as a human son?

Looking at Chen Dong’s determined gaze, Gu Qingying was lost in thought for a moment.

In the end, she smiled bitterly, “That’s how your character is, you never know to turn back on what you’ve decided, since you’ve decided, then go ahead.”

“Thank you.” Chen Dong said gratefully.

“But you have to come back unharmed!” Gu Qingying said solemnly, “You have to remember that now you don’t just have a father, you also have a wife.”

“Got it!”

Chen Dong smiled, “Not only do you have a wife, but you will also have a son and daughter in the future.”

Gu Qingying’s pretty face flushed scarlet and she scolded, “No proper behavior.”

“Old slave will go and make the arrangements.” Seeing that the decision was made, Elder Long turned around and left.

It was three o’clock in the afternoon.

At the airport on the outskirts of the city, a connecting plane, after calling off all the planes at the airport, took off peacefully.

Sitting on the plane, looking out of the window at the sea of clouds, Chen Dong could not help but feel apprehensive inside.

Although he had made a decision, the thought that this trip was to the Chen family always made it difficult to calm his mind.

This was his first time going to the Chen family!

To the family that he had fought and fought so hard for!

The Chen Family, the topmost existence of the pyramid of the gentry, was high up in the clouds, overlooking all life.

In the eyes of the Chen family, all the gentry were mere ants.

Even a giant like Gu Guohua, who had worked hard for several years, had knelt at the Chen family’s door and bowed in vain.

And this time, for the first time, in the true sense of the word, he was going to step through the doors of the Chen family!

“Young master, are you nervous?” Elder Long asked.

On this trip, Chen Dong had only brought along Elder Long, Kunlun and Fan Lu.

Such a configuration was sufficient!

In this business, people were expensive, not too many, and having more people would in turn invite the mouths of the Chen family and give Old Madam Chen and the others the opportunity to lash out.

Besides, if the Chen family was really determined to make things difficult, would it be useful to bring more people?


Chen Dong replied unabashedly, rubbing his nose.

“Young master doesn’t need to worry much, with me and Elder Long around, everything should be fine.” Kun Lun advised in a low voice.

Chen Dong, however, did not care.

He smiled blandly, “I was wondering, when entering the Chen family’s gate, should I step on my left foot first, or my right foot?”

With a single sentence, it left Elder Long, Kun Lun and Fan Lu speechless at the same time.


Chapter 340

North of Kyoto.

It is a vast mountain range.

Since ancient times, these mountains have been a barrier to the nomads of the north.

Time has pa*sed.

The so-called “rift valley” has gradually lost its effect.

The mountains are quiet and secluded, and the lush, primeval jungle gives them a mysterious appearance.

In the mornings and evenings, the fog is thick.

Few people know that deep in the mountains there is a vast plain.

It seems to be an isolated paradise.

But this is where all the gentry want to be.

Every day, planes break the silence of the mountains by flying through the high clouds and across the mountains to land on this plain.

The 10,000 mu estate that stands on the plain is a place of pilgrimage for all the giants and magnates.

The manor covers an area of 10,000 mu, but in this isolated paradise, it still shines like a star and moon on a dark night, shining with its own light and arrogance.

In front of the main gate of the manor house, a plaque stands.

Two big words, painted in iron and silver, show the grandeur and magnificence of the manor – Chen Mansion!

Outside the manor, there are three runways and an open space for helicopter landings and take-offs, just like a small airport.

The plane landed, taxied and came to a stop.

“Young master, the Chen family has arrived.”

It was only then that Chen Dong was woken up from his sleep by Elder Long.

Chen Dong slowly opened his eyes and did not immediately get up, but looked out through the window.

The scene in front of him was incomparably shocking.

It caused Chen Dong to fall into a brief moment of disorientation.

Similarly, Fan Lu was also dumbfounded by the shock.

Manors, ancient castles, were not uncommon.

The ancient fortress of the Li family in Kyoto had shocked Chen Dong at first.

But the 10,000-mu manor in front of him was really a big witch compared to the Li family’s fortress.

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, who would have imagined that a family could flourish to such an extent?

There was silence for almost a minute.

Only then did Chen Dong come back to his senses, rubbed his nose and said solemnly and solemnly, “Let’s go.”

He got off the plane.

A car was already waiting at the edge of the runway.

Elder Long and Kunlun were the first to walk up.

The young man driving the car was incomparably respectful.

Just when Chen Dong and Fan Lu came close, the youth was surprised and glanced at Chen Dong, his expression becoming somewhat complicated.

Elder Long’s expression was sullen: “Little family slave, don’t you even know how to call young master?”

The youth was startled and hurriedly bowed and bent over, “Greetings, Young Master.”

Chen Dong calmly answered, then he and Long Lao got into the car.

Although Long Lao was a household slave, he would not even a*sume a flattering attitude when facing Chen Tiansheng and the others, and it was simply more than normal for him to rebuke a small household slave.

Along the way, Chen Dong could see a pa*sing car going to and from the airport and the Chen Mansion estate every now and then.

The difference was that the people on the cars going to the Chen Mansion were all full of excitement and expectation.

On the other hand, the cars leaving the Chen Mansion were filled with people who were excited and ecstatic, and those who were disillusioned.

“Young master, at first your father-in-law was just like these people.”

Long Lao smiled and pointed to one of the pa*sing cars, his eyes full of pride: “This is determined by the status of the Chen family, and something that all Chen family members are proud of, but the difference lies in the fact that perhaps one of these people was sent away by an ordinary slave before even entering the gates of the Chen manor, or perhaps he was sent away by a higher status slave once he entered the Chen manor. ”

“Or perhaps those who succeeded were received by the younger or elite generation of the family and promised what they asked for.”

“According to you, it is already rare to meet those in power in the Chen family, and even more rare to meet my father?” Chen Dong asked.

“Probably so.”

Elder Long smiled proudly and turned to say, “However, your father-in-law was initially received by an old slave, which was already considered extremely high specification treatment in the Chen Family, even exceeding the specifications of the junior and elite generation of the clan in treating guests.”

His father-in-law was originally at the helm of a large international conglomerate, and even Zhou Yanqiu, the magnate of the shopping malls in one corner of the world, was a tiny mole in front of him.

To be received by Elder Long was actually considered normal.

Chen Dong was not surprised, but rather marvelled at the strict hierarchy of the Chen family.

Even the reception of foreign guests was strictly limited to the level of reception, which was unprecedented in other powerful families, even the Li and Qin families, the richest families in a land.

Looking at the faces of the people on a pa*sing car, Chen Dong felt a little emotional.

This was probably a testament to the saying, “Some things are either born with or never have in their lifetime”, right?

These people were racking their brains to knock on the door of the Chen family, while I was able to enter the Chen family directly without informing anyone.

Birth is something that can really crush people!

And yet.

When the pa*sage car arrived below the Chen House pagoda, it was stopped by a group of Chen family guards.

“Unbridled, who dares to stop the old man’s carriage?”

Elder Long’s voice was stern and he was furious.

Kun Lun also rose indignantly, “A bunch of dog lackeys, still not letting me get out of the way?”

One was a close family slave of the family head, and the other was a close bodyguard of the family head and a master of the elite generation.

Both were far above the family slaves in status.

He even had the strength to call out to the elite generation.

But at this moment, they were stopped by a few house slaves who were guarding the family!

The few young house slaves showed their faces in shock.

One of them, who was in the lead, mustered up the courage to say, “Elder Long and Mr Kunlun can enter, but these two unknown outsiders are not allowed to enter.”

Chen Dong’s face sank down, suddenly feeling a little amused.

Unidentified outsiders, not allowed to enter?

Such a statement was too far-fetched?

“How dare you! Are the people of the Old Master and the Kunlun Belt not unidentified outsiders?”

Elder Long looked furious, his eyes shining brightly, “Even if we want to question them, it would be the Chen family who would do so, so how can you stop them? Who are you instructed by?”

He was overbearing.

His words were straight to the heart of the matter.

If the Chen family, which had strict rules about how they treated their guests, had not been instructed by someone, how could a few mere house slaves have dared to do such a reckless thing?

The faces of the young slaves changed greatly at the same time, and they were chilled by Elder Long’s rebuke.

The young man leading the group’s gaze flickered, and after a few seconds of silence, he suddenly met Elder Long’s gaze.

“Elder Long forgives me, it’s really because recently the family head was a*sa*sinated and the Chen family’s security level was raised to the top level, so we had to check strictly to the death.”


Elder Long slapped the young family slave directly on the face.

“BullSh*t! A dog scumbag who was sent by someone, do you really think that old man is so good at stonewalling?”

The angry rebuke caused the young slaves to sweat on their foreheads and look terrified.

They even made those who came to visit look shocked.

No one had ever dared to act so recklessly in front of the Chen residence!

The atmosphere seemed to freeze.

Chen Dong sat silently in the car, letting Elder Long and Kunlun do what they wanted, but his face was a little cold.

With Elder Long and Kunlun leading the way, the few house slaves were in no position to stop them.

It was obvious that someone had given the order in secret early on.

“This has just arrived at the Chen Clan, and they have released a few watchdogs to bite me?”

Chen Dong thought darkly in his heart, when suddenly his gaze froze.

In his line of sight, a figure was walking towards the side of the Chen House pagoda.

“Chen Tianyang!”

A cold frost instantly covered Chen Dong’s pan-cold face.

It was also at this moment.

A disdainful smile appeared on Chen Tianyang’s evil face.

“Isn’t it a disgrace to the Chen Family to shout in front of the Chen Family? Long Lao, as a Chen family slave, don’t you know the rule that wild seeds are not allowed to enter the Chen family?”