Winner Takes All Chapter 341-342

Chapter 341

Wild seeds?

Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost and his heart was depressed.

Both hands quietly clenched into fists, the bruises on the back of his hands protruding.

Fan Lu, who was at the side, clearly sensed a chill and could not help but glance at Chen Dong in fear.

Long Lao and Kun Lun, moreover, had gloomy faces to the extreme.

This was in front of the Chen Mansion’s main gate and there were many people coming and going.

Calling Chen Dong a “wild child” was a humiliation and a ruthless trampling on Chen Dong.

It was even a disgrace to the Chen family!

“Young Master Tian Yang.”

Several young household slaves were relieved and shouted in a fawning manner.

And in the surroundings, there was no shortage of people coming and going, knocking on the door and asking for an audience.

Chen Tianyang’s appearance caused these people to look sideways in surprise, their eyes filled with fire.

But with Chen Tianyang’s words, all of them were shocked and shocked, and interrupted their thoughts of climbing forward and stopping to watch.

“Tian Yang, you are one of the elite generation of the Chen family, one of the heirs, and such words are not too uncultured?”

Long Lao’s face was grim as he squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth.

When facing his family slave, he could be overbearing.

But when facing Chen Tianyang, who held the title of successor, he had to hold back his anger after all.


Chen Tianyang laughed disdainfully and spread both hands out, “No, Elder Long, upbringing is not for wild sons!”

One word came out.

The anger in Elder Long’s eyes steeply tumbled up.

Kunlun even jumped forward on the car, but was secretly tugged by Elder Long’s hand.

Chen Tianyang’s expression suddenly snapped and he said in a stern voice, “No wild animals are allowed inside, this is the rule of the Chen family! Those who dare not follow them are provoking the Chen Family!”

With cold eyes and a sneer, he said playfully to Elder Long and Kunlun, “Elder Long and Kunlun, are you two trying to eat your way out of the house and provoke the Chen Family?”

The air instantly turned cold and harsh in front of the restored gate pagoda.

The group of onlookers were all jaw-dropped and chilled, whispering to each other in horror.

“Oh my God! I’ve knocked on the Chen family’s door a dozen times, and this is the first time I’ve encountered this!”

“Wild seeds? That man on the pa*sing car is the Chen family’s …… feral seed?”

“My God, even if we people knock in vain and are turned away by these house slaves, we are not humiliated and intimidated to such an extent, right?”


Elder Long and Kunlun were even more furious.

On the contrary, Chen Tianyang’s latter statement was simply bullying.

Any time Elder Long and Kunlun dared to take these words over, they would definitely be branded as provoking the Chen family.

None of the magnates and giants dared to provoke the Chen Family.

They, or someone from the Chen family, the consequences of this provocation ……

“Provoking the Chen Family?”

Suddenly, a cold laugh rang out, breaking the dead silence around them.

Daoist gazes instantly locked onto the owner of the voice.

Either they were surprised, appalled or disbelieving.

Chen Dong stood up, his expression cold and stern, a wild arrogance between his brows, “I have provoked the Chen Family, what can you do to me?”

Rampant, out of sight.

Brutal, domineering.

With a single sentence, the crowd of onlookers were struck by lightning and were terrified.

My God!

Is this guy crazy?

How dare he say that?

Elder Long and Kun Lun were even more terrified.

Chen Dong’s words were undoubtedly right in the middle of Chen Tianyang’s heart!

Sure enough.

Chen Tianyang laughed coldly, “How dare you speak so loudly even if you are a feral? Fight me out!”

“Stop it!”

Elder Long and Kun Lun shouted sternly at the same time.

Kun Lun even directly jumped down from the pa*sage car and stopped in front of it.

Fan Lu, on the other hand, also hurriedly got up and protected Chen Dong’s side.

The smell of gunpowder became incomparably strong in an instant.

After the onlookers were shocked, their eyes even quietly blossomed with light, and there was an eerie and inexplicable hint of excitement.

Perhaps it was because they had been repressed by the high and mighty Chen family for so long.

Perhaps it was the pent-up resentment from countless unsuccessful knocks on the door.

The fact that these onlookers saw someone provoking the Chen family at this time actually gave them a sense of pleasure to raise their eyebrows.

Anyway,……, it is not too much to ask.

“Give me a fight out!”

Chen Tianyang shouted angrily at the several household slaves who were frozen.

A few of the household slaves hesitated and instantly surrounded towards the pa*sage car.

“Kunlun, stop!”

Chen Dong spoke in a cold voice.

Under the full glare of the crowd, he calmly stepped down from the pa*sage cart.

His expression was cold and stern, with a domineering aura of looking down upon everything between his brows.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s entire aura changed drastically, like a mountain range looming over him, like the majesty of the sea.

His eyes, moreover, became incomparably stern.

With his hands in his trouser pockets, he walked idly towards the few young household slaves, his stern gaze as if he could kill a god.

“I would like to see who dares to touch me!”

The arrogant tone of his voice shocked everyone.

The few young household slaves, moreover, fell into a complete daze, not even daring to look Chen Dong in the eye, let alone go forward to make a move.

Even Kun Lun, Elder Long and Fan Lu had not expected Chen Dong to suddenly be like this.

Daoist gazes gazed at Chen Dong.

At this moment, even the heads of the magnificent families present could not help but feel a sense of insignificance towards Chen Dong as they looked up to him.

“How about making a move? You are all slaves of my Chen family, are you all dead now?”

Chen Tianyang’s heart was beating wildly, and when he saw Chen Dong approaching, he angrily scolded his family slaves.

However, several of the young family slaves seemed to be frozen in place.

“Your leg, is it still not completely broken?”

Chen Dong walked towards Chen Tianyang step by step, smiling coldly in a blazing manner.

He had not wanted to get involved in the tangle just now.

When he first arrived at the Chen family, he would just listen to Elder Long and Kunlun’s arrangements.

However, since Chen Tianyang had already had the intention of letting his dog bite him, he was not even allowed to enter the Chen family’s front door, so he said, “Get out, you B*****d!

Why should he put up with this kind of shame?

Chen Dong was not a weak and bullying character.

He would repay all those who had insulted him tenfold!

Chen Tianyang’s tiger body shook, and a fierce and vicious look suddenly appeared on his evil face.

It was as if Chen Dong’s words had stung his nerves, causing him to instantly feel a sense of explosion.

“Last time, you had Kunlun to help you, this time in front of the Chen Family’s gates, Kunlun won’t dare to move!”

Chen Tianyang laughed fiercely, and in an instant, like a descending tiger, he charged directly towards Chen Dong.

A sudden scene.

It caused the scene to burst into a cry of shock.

Elder Long and Kun Lun and Fan Lu even changed their faces.


In the face of Chen Tianyang, who was rushing towards him brazenly.

Chen Dong, however, stopped where he was, shaking his head and smiling bitterly, “Uncle is right, the heirs of the Magnificent Family are nothing but evil spirits in human skin with a crown, only the brazen ones are more evil than you.”

Chen Tianyang’s pupils tightened, and Chen Dong’s bland, bitter smile gave him a feeling of panic.

But as he rushed closer, without the slightest hesitation, he threw a powerful, all-out punch directly towards Chen Dong.


It even brought forth an ear-splitting buzzing sound.

It was at this moment.

Chen Dong moved.

His body swayed, facing Chen Tianyang’s punch, but he did not dodge, like a ferocious beast pouncing on its food, and directly met it.

In a flash of lightning, he easily dodged Chen Tianyao’s punch.


Chen Tianyao’s face changed greatly and his heart was shocked.

Not waiting for him to continue his attack.

He then felt a large hand grabbing his neck in a deadly grip.

Then, a huge force exploded brazenly.

BANG Teeny!!!

Chen Dong grabbed Chen Tianyang’s neck and blatantly slammed his head into the stone pillar of the pagoda.

With a loud bang and Chen Tianyang’s miserable scream, a large handful of blood splashed onto the stone pillar, like a blossoming plum blossom, crimson and blinding.


Chapter 342

Bang Teen!

The sound of his face hitting the stone pillar was like a big thunderclap.

Everyone present shivered at the same time.

Ruthless and decisive in killing.

At this moment, Chen Dong sent a chill down everyone’s back, as if they had fallen into an ice cave.

Even the giants and magnates who were on the sidelines, who were used to seeing great storms and waves, were shocked by Chen Dong to the point of trembling.

This …… was also too ruthless and wild, right?

To be so rude to the Chen family heir in front of the Chen family’s manor?

“Dirt chicken and dog.”

Chen Dong’s right hand let go of Chen Tianyang’s neck.

Having lost the drag, Chen Tianyang’s body fell to the ground like a limp shrimp.

The wickedly handsome face was covered in blood, and the bridge of his nose was collapsed, obviously broken by the impact.

Incredibly miserable and wretched.

At this moment, Chen Tianyao’s eyes were hollow and dull, completely stunned.

Was this really the same Chen Dong from back then?

The wimp who had to rely on Kunlun for help back then!

With the excruciating pain stimulating his face, Chen Tianyang finally came back to his senses.


In front of the Chen family pagoda, a miserable and piercing scream was deafening.

It came from Chen Tianyang!

It was filled with unwillingness, anger and endless resentment.

“Chen Dong, how dare you!”

Chen Tianyang lay on the ground, furious to the extreme, his body trembling, “I am the heir of the Chen Family, you, you are running roughshod over the Chen House like this, wait for the family rules to sanction you!”

At those words.

Elder Long and Kun Lun’s faces changed greatly at the same time.

When Chen Tianyang had initially schemed against Chen Dong and coveted Gu Qingying, it was because he was afraid of the family rules that Chen Dong had finally only allowed Kunlun to smash Chen Tianyang’s leg.

Even so, in order to avoid the family rules, Chen Dong had racked his brains.

But now, Chen Dong was in the Chen family and had directly beaten Chen Tianyang like this, undoubtedly he had directly run into the muzzle of the family rules.


Chen Dong suddenly laughed, his smile causing the crowd to look at him with a huge shock, “I’m already running roughshod over the family, and I still scorn the family rules?”


The words had not yet fallen.

Chen Dong brazenly lifted his right foot and, like a heavy hammer, viciously kicked Chen Tianyao’s right calf.


A crisp sound of bones breaking caused everyone to suck in a breath of cold air.

In full view of everyone, as Chen Tianyang screamed like a pig, his right calf bent strangely in an arc visible to the naked eye, and the ghastly white bones pierced through the flesh, stained with blood and exposed to the air.

At this moment, the air seemed to stand still.

Fearful eyes, like those of an evil spirit, fell on Chen Dong.

But Chen Dong, however, did not seem to be aware of it.

He looked askance at Chen Tianyang, who was like a dead dog on the ground.

Out of the corner of his eye, he was rampant and domineering.

“Remember the saying! Just because you are a punk who doesn’t know how to grow up doesn’t mean that I, Chen Dong, am too!”

Chen Tianyang was completely dumbfounded.

At this moment, facing Chen Dong, he actually had a rare fear of fear.

This was a madman!

Just a lawless, arrogant, ferocious madman!

Chen Dong, however, no longer paid any attention to Chen Tianyang and turned to look at the few young household slaves who had already been scared and dumbfounded.

“Your master is like this, shouldn’t you show it?”


Several young household slaves looked terrified at once, turning their direction at the same time and running wildly towards the Chen family manor garden.

“Someone’s been beaten up! Young Master Tian Yang has been beaten up!”

The sound was piercing, echoing around the pagoda and pa*sing towards the manor.

Chen Dong smiled coldly.

Elder Long took the lead and walked up, “Young Master, let’s go.”


Chen Dong looked at Elder Long.

Elder Long’s face was hard to see, his gaze obscure.

Kunlun suppressed his voice and said, “Young Master has blatantly broken the family rules, the Chen family will not be able to enter this time, it would be good to, to save your life.”

Fan Lu didn’t say anything, but Elder Long and Kun Lun’s reactions let her know that something big was going on!

“Since you’re here, why are you leaving?”

Chen Dong smiled back in anger, “He Chen Tianyang insulted me as a wild child, wouldn’t let me into the Chen House, and bullied me like that, so I shouldn’t resist? If he won’t let me into the Chen family, then I will fight my way into the Chen family’s gates!”

Saying this, Chen Dong turned around blatantly and walked towards the Chen Family’s Zhuang Yuan in an overbearing manner.

Long Lao and Kun Lun glanced at each other and followed at the same time.

Fan Lu glanced around and was about to follow him when she suddenly caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of her eye, and her pretty face suddenly changed dramatically.

“I have come here to visit my father, for filial piety! Secondly, to find out the truth, for my own sake. Even if his Chen family is the sky, I will make a hole in it and drive straight in!”

Chen Dong’s majestic aura was like a mountain being pulled up from the ground, making people’s hearts jump.

One step at a time, not too fast, not too slow, not a single step, no panic.

Long Lao and Kun Lun followed closely, unaware that beads of sweat had already seeped out of their foreheads, and their backs were leaping with a burst of cold air.

Chen Dong’s change had left them terrified and confused.

Both of them wanted Chen Dong to have such a change, because they knew clearly that this was what it would be like to truly fight for the position of family head, and it should be the aura of the Chen family head.

On the contrary, this kind of aura had fallen on the Chen family!

“Mr. Chen!”

Suddenly, Fan Lu’s startled voice came from behind him.

Chen Dong stopped in his tracks, turned back and asked, “What is it?”

Fan Lu’s pretty face turned white as she pointed to the pagoda above her head.

When Chen Dong looked up, his pupils tightened and the corners of his eyes became green.

The majestic and magnificent pagoda was above.

There was …… a human head hanging above it!

Under the warm sunlight, a human head was suspended high above the pagoda, a head stained with blood and wrapped in a cloth band, with only the eyes showing.

Only now, the blood-stained eyes, too, were tightly closed.

“The Underworld?!”

Chen Dong could not help but exclaim in a low voice.

Just now, he had only swept a glance at the Chen Mansion pagoda and had not looked closely, and the tiny human head was indeed inconspicuous compared to the lofty pagoda.

But at this moment, being reminded by Fan Lu, and then seeing it, could not help but also make Chen Dong feel a little uneasy in his heart.

“Is this a warning? As expected of the Chen family, it is unparalleled in its domineering ways!”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, clarity flashed in his eyes, and with a faint smile, he turned around and continued walking towards the Chen family.

The magnificent Chen family, the head of the family had been attacked, and the murderer’s head was hung high, both to deter the world and to inform those potential a*sa*sins of the price of a*sa*sinating the Chen family!

The Chen family was the only one of the magnificent giants who dared to do this!


As a few young household slaves rushed into the manor, shouting and screaming.

As if a comet had struck the earth, the Chen Family exploded!

Everyone was stunned.

Young Master Tian Yang had been beaten up?

And at the door?

My God!

Who the hell had the nerve to seek death like that?

When did the Chen family …… become so weak and bullyable?

At once, the side clansmen of the manor immediately rushed towards the manor pagoda with their family slaves.

And somewhere in the manor house.

A piece of the courtyard.

The fragrance of sandalwood was long and ancient.

The sound of Buddhist scriptures echoed, showing peace and tranquillity.

Old Lady Chen sat on her knees in the Buddhist hall, facing the golden statue of Buddha, her face calm and benevolent, twirling the Buddhist beads in time with the chanting of the sutras.


The door of the courtyard was pushed open.

The old lady in the Buddha Hall twisted her eyebrows, and her hands trembled as she couldn’t help but exert more force.

Immediately afterwards, the agate Buddha beads in her hands broke their threads and scattered to the ground with a clatter.

“Grandma, it’s not good, that wild B*****d Chen Dong has come to the Chen family, and has even crippled Tian Yang!”

Suddenly, Old Lady Chen’s eyes opened in anger, killing intent tossed about in a fury.

“That B*****d, didn’t he think that the Chen family was easy to bully? Did he think he had nine lives?”