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Winner Takes All Chapter 357-358

Chapter 357

A “boom” exploded in Chen Dong’s mind.

In an instant, he was lost in thought.

Little Chen Dong ……

The heart suddenly became surging with excitement, the eyes swished red, the nasal cavity was sore and swollen.

This scene scared Gu Qingying and held Chen Dong’s face: “Honey, what’s wrong with you?”

“Say it again!”

Chen Dong mumbled.

“Husband, what’s wrong with you?” Gu Qingying repeated in confusion.

“No, it’s the last sentence!” Chen Dong shook his head vigorously.

Gu Qingying said, “Hubby, we have little Chen Dong now.”

“Hahahaha ……”

Chen Dong laughed out loud, all his emotions were instantly released like a river breaking its banks after a moment’s delay: “I have a child, I, Chen Dong, have a child!”

Looking at Chen Dong’s happy face, Gu Qingying also followed suit and laughed sweetly.

In his excitement and ecstasy, Chen Dong simply jumped off the bed, turned around and picked up Gu Qingying in a princess hug, kissed her heavily on the forehead, and hugged her with a big smile and spun her around.

Gu Qingying was instantly frightened and lost her face: “Aiya, put me down quickly, I, I have a baby in my stomach.”

“Yes, yes, there’s a baby, there’s a baby.”

Chen Dong’s face changed drastically and he hurriedly put Gu Qingying back on the bed in a panic, laughing while blaming himself, “Wife it’s all my fault, I got carried away, it’s my fault.”

Pah pah pah!

While blaming himself, he also slapped himself three times.

But the corners of his mouth, still couldn’t restrain from turning upwards.

This scene made Gu Qingying laugh out loud.

“Wife, can I listen to the child?” Chen Dong asked.

“Big fool, it’s only been a while, how can I hear it?” Gu Qingying gave a scornful glance.

“It’s always alright if I feel it, right?”

Without any further ado, Chen Dong pressed the side of his face against Gu Qingying’s belly.

The fragrance was familiar and warm.

Even though he could not hear the movement of the baby in his belly, this action still made him willing.

Chen Dong slowly turned his head and gently kissed Gu Qingying’s belly.

This scene, as if frozen, lasted for a long time.

Gu Qingying gently stroked Chen Dong’s head and said gently, “From now on, we are a family of three, and you are the father.”

Chen Dong’s gaze was firm, and at this moment, the last trace of hesitation in his heart because of the “one-year deadline” also disappeared.

All that remained was a forward-looking aura.

“I will make you and your child the happiest people in the world.”

A whisper, gentle and deep, but like a vow.

“To make us all happy.” Gu Qingying said softly and lovingly.

The couple looked at each other and smiled, then embraced each other.

Knock, knock, knock!

A sudden knock on the door interrupted the sweetness of the two.

“Young master, what’s wrong?”

Outside the door, Long Lao’s voice rang out.

It was so untimely!

Chen Dong frowned slightly, forcibly suppressing the ecstasy in his heart and said, “No, nothing, Little Shadow is pregnant …… hey, hey …… hahaha ……”

Even though he tried his best to suppress it, but in the end, Chen Dong still couldn’t control it and threw back his head and laughed out loud.

“Pregnant? There’s no need to shout so loudly even if you’re pregnant, right?”

Outside the door, Long Lao’s relieved voice rang out.

The next second.


Outside the door, a scream sounded suddenly as if Long Lao had been strangled: “Young master is pregnant? Ah no, no, the young lady is pregnant? Good news, great news! I’m going to report it to the Master right now!”

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying were dumbfounded and laughed.

Chen Dong snickered, “Elder Long didn’t react at first, but now that he has, why is he shouting louder than me?”

“Of course I’m happy.” Gu Qingying raised an eyebrow and smiled.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, his gaze deep and soft as he looked at Gu Qingying, “Thank you, for bringing the little angel to earth.”


Just as the bamboo forest courtyard was in the midst of a “frenzy”.

In a dimly lit hotel room.


A dim flame curled up.

The cigar is lit and the smoke rises.

The cigar butt then glows brightly.

After taking a deep puff and allowing the smoke to fully roam his mouth, Chen Daojun then exhaled the smoke with satisfaction.

He looked at the computer turned on in front of him.

In the entire room, only the computer screen was emitting light.

It was just that the picture on the screen was somewhat muted.

It was a dark web page.

“It’s been a long time since I logged into this account.” Chen Daojun took another deep puff of his cigar, and as the smoke escaped from the corner of his mouth, he looked at the dark webpage, lost in thought.

A good long time.

The cigar was already half smoked by Chen Daojun, before he slowly raised his hands with the cigar smoke in his mouth, landing on the keyboard and typing in an account number.

When he hit the enter key, a rare smug smile appeared on Chen Daogun’s face: “Chen Daoling, I didn’t think you would owe me a favour in your lifetime, did you? This time, you owe me two more, I saved both your father and son’s lives!”

As he logged in, the page jumped to the Hidden Murder Organization.

The moment the account was logged in, an uproar swept through the world.

Across the ocean, it was daytime.

In a high-rise building near the Pentagon.

The office, which had been somewhat noisy, suddenly fell into dead silence.

Everyone in front of the computer stared at the screen with round eyes, gradually revealing a look of horror.

“That man, he’s back!”

In the northwest desert, in a castle constructed of yellow sand.

A cry of shock rose to the sky, as if to lift the heavens.

“It’s back!”

“The man has returned!”

“I can’t believe it, he, he actually came back!”


A medieval castle in the Great Northern Road.

An old man in a suit, unblemished by dust, his sky-blue eyes suddenly exploded with essence.

“God, I can’t believe it, that man is actually back!”

On an island somewhere in the southern hemisphere, a helicopter fighter jet, roared past.

And at that moment, the whole island, except for the roaring fighter planes, was strangely dead silent.

“The man is back!”

The same scene was playing out all over the world.

The same images, the same shrieks of horror.

Anyone who had access to the dark web, who could log into the Hidden Killers, was staring at the computer screen in horror and horror.

That man was the myth of the entire Cloak and Dagger organisation, no, the entire Dark Web!

He had been missing for so many years, but stories about him were still circulating on the Darknet, and they would never die.

No one expected that the man who had disappeared would return at this moment, in a way that was silent, yet loud enough to blow up the entire internet.

Just one login to his account.

It instantly set the dark web ablaze.

And on the page of the Hidden Kill Organisation.

As he logged in, the entire page turned blood red, like a sea of blood.

A huge scythe of death appeared on top of the bloody page.

This was the highest treatment for the Hidden Kill Organisation.

A supreme glory that had been dominated by someone for over twenty years!

The number one on the God of Death list, with the title of the true “God of Death”, had never been easy to master, even after twenty years!


Chapter 358

The rules of the Hidden Killers.

The number one ranking on the God of Death list is the title of “God of Death”.

It should have been a competitive title, but with the emergence of that man, it seemed to have become his exclusive title.

It was twenty years in the making!

Even though there were countless waves of successors and successors, the “God of Death” was never shaken.

He is the myth of the Hidden Kill.

He was also the myth of the entire Darknet.

His sudden disappearance more than twenty years ago shocked everyone.

And when he emerged twenty years later, he terrified everyone.

It was a huge storm, a monstrous wave.

A mere account login, a bloody scythe, shocked the dark web.

A storm of news, like a storm, sprang up from all over the world.

There were even more people, frantically exploring the ID of the account login.

There must be a reason for the return of the myth.

More organisations, of course, wanted to take this myth into their arms.

But then came a message from the Hidden Killers that silenced the entire dark web.

[In the name of the God of Death, withdraw the mission to a*sa*sinate Chen Dong, violators, death will come!

In the blood-red page of the Hidden Kill Organisation, under the Death Scythe, this short line appeared.

This was a privilege granted to the “God of Death” by the Hidden Murder Organisation.

He could skip the organisation and publish his will on the organisation’s page.

It was just after this message was posted.

The blood-red page and the Death Scythe quickly dispersed.

All those who were paying attention, were all horrified.

The mission to a*sa*sinate Chen Dong released by the Hidden Kill Organisation had created a huge stir in the dark web for a while now.

There was no other reason than Chen Dong’s status as the heir to the Chen family and the fact that a number of Death Ranking powerhouses were concerned and had sunk.

The will of the “God of Death” was released, once again pushing the wave to its peak.

The God of Death, who has disappeared for more than 20 years, has come back to the Darknet Hidden Killers to issue this will to cancel the a*sa*sination mission of Chen Dong?

What was the connection between the two?

After the shock, the message released by the God of Death was like a needle in the sea.

The tidal wave that had been slow to abate was crushed to the point where everyone was in a state of shock and panic, and there were even some people who were tempted to make a move and immediately gave up their thoughts.

Death to those who disobey!

No one would dare to bear such a great horror.

No one dares to face the “God of Death” in today’s Darknet covert killing organisation, otherwise the name “God of Death” would not have belonged to only one person for more than 20 years.

When those who were ready to explore the ID had not yet found anything, they were disappointed.

For the account had been withdrawn!

It was untraceable!

This confirmed that the “God of Death” was here for Chen Dong.

He had abandoned his 20 years of anonymity and had returned to the dark web to protect Chen Dong.

When the God of Death withdrew, the Darknet Cloak and Dagger page returned to normal.

The shadows that lingered in the hearts of people around the world did not dissipate, but slowly surged with horror and fear into a great terror!

It was only five minutes after the “death” came.

There were no more a*sa*sination missions for Chen Dong in the Hidden Network!

Not only were the a*sa*sins scared, but the Hidden Killers were also forced to cancel their a*sa*sination missions due to the terror of the “God of Death”.

This was unprecedented in the history of the Hidden Killers!

This night was not destined to be a peaceful one for the entire Darknet.

The short log-in had made everyone feel the great fear brought about by the myth of twenty years.

The dimly lit room.

Chen Daojun slowly exhaled cigar smoke from his mouth, and his eyes looked deep into the computer screen.

As if in retrospect, he murmured a bitter laugh.

“Twenty years have pa*sed, I didn’t expect these people, still so unimproved, shouldn’t I have grabbed this God of Death name back then? This snatching, froze the hidden killing stop for twenty years yet.”

Looking at the remaining third of the cigar in his hand, Chen Daojun crushed it out in the ashtray.

Stretching out, he laughed, “Dong’er, this is one of the few things uncle can do to help you, the rest of the way is up to you, the Chen family is not as simple as you think, even your father probably struggles sometimes?”

Rubbing his face, Chen Daojun’s face regained its usual coldness, “It’s almost time to go back to Black Prison, otherwise those little brats, they should make trouble again.”

The ease of speech, word for word, reveals a powerful confidence that makes people look over their shoulders.


The following morning.

The sun shone on the earth, bringing new life.

Everything was business as usual.

Light and darkness do not co-exist, but that does not mean that the huge waves in the dark web will not reach the light.

The Li family in Kyoto.

Li Deshan woke up as usual, wrapped up in his robe and standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, taking in the entire Li family castle.

This was once his father’s bedroom.

It also symbolised the status and identity of the Li family’s head of family.

Only the head of the Li family was qualified to live in this bedroom.

Ever since his father pa*sed away and he became the head of the Li family, every morning he would stand here and look out over the Li family fortress.

The feeling of complacency was overwhelming.

It was as if he was an ancient king, travelling through the rivers and mountains.

“If my father hadn’t been killed by that beast, would I be able to sit in this position today?”

The corners of Li Deshan’s mouth curled upwards with a hint of coldness, “Chen Dong ah Chen Dong, you deserve to die after all, my father treated you that way, you went to the butcher’s knife and wasted my Li family’s family business, I will also take revenge for my father!”

“Of course, a mere one billion dollars is nothing to the Li family.”

The more he said, the happier Li Deshan became.

In his mind, it was an indisputable fact that Chen Dong had killed Old Master Li.

As a son, after inheriting the position of family head, he should have taken revenge for his father.

At a cost of one billion dollars, he could keep Chen Dong awake at night and make the gra*s fall to pieces. Just thinking about it made Li Deshan feel incomparably comfortable.

Compared to the beautiful dreams he had been having night after night for a while, this soothing feeling was even more intense.

“The moment you Chen Dong dies, I, as your relative’s elder, must attend in full costume!”

The words had just fallen.

Knock, knock, knock!

A sharp and reckless knock sounded on the door.

In an instant, Li Deshan’s mind turned furious and violent.

He turned around abruptly and angrily rebuked, “A bunch of unruly dogs, so reckless when the fire burns your a*s?”

“Family, family head, something big is wrong!”

Outside the door, an eager and frightened voice rang out.

“Your family’s ancestral grave has been dug up?” Li Deshan blurted out in a frenzy of rage.

There was a two-second silence outside the door, and he said angrily, “I am your third brother!”

Li Deshan: “……”

He took a deep breath to calm his raging mind.

In a deep voice, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“The Darknet Hidden Killers, withdrew the mission to a*sa*sinate Chen Dong last night!”

The words from outside the door were like a bolt from the blue.

Li Deshan’s tiger body shook, and in a flash, his face was grim and his features were twisted.

His blood was so hot that he immediately felt the sky spinning and stumbled, and sat down on a chair to the side.

“What’s going on? Why is this happening?”

At this moment, all the good emotions of a moment ago completely collapsed and disappeared, there was disbelief, shock and horror: “What hidden killing organisation? BullSh*t, it’s just bullSh*t, their rules, they don’t revoke the mission at all unless the target dies or we take the initiative to revoke it?”