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Winner Takes All Chapter 367-368

Chapter 367

After checking into the hotel.

Qin Ye then excused himself to go out.

Chen Dong did not care and only responded with a smile.

Qin Ye’s mind had already been made clear.

It was just that Qin Ye had always been tongue-tied, so there was no need for him to break it down.

After putting away the rituals.

Elder Long and Kunlun also rushed over.

After learning of Qin Ye’s departure, Elder Long smiled playfully, “Kid Qin’s mouth says no, but his body is still honest.”

Chen Dong and Kun Lun simultaneously looked askance at Elder Long.

“Elder Long, what kind of car are you driving?” Kunlun said suspiciously.

Long Lao reacted and coughed twice with a red face, busily digressing from the topic.

“Young Master, what are you going to do about the Film Industry Exchange Conference tonight?”

Chen Dong smiled noncommittally.

Slowly, he spat out the words, “Thunder and rain are all gentleman’s favours, let’s see how the Li family chooses.”

“Because of the a*sa*sination mission of the Hidden Killers, the Li family’s bounty of one billion US dollars was swallowed up by the Hidden Killers, without this liquid money, the Li family, which was already in decline, is already on the rocks.”

The old man shook his head and sighed, “Even if they don’t mess with the young master, they will soon be eaten up by the giants of Kyoto, and if they do this now, they are just fighting like a trapped beast, thinking that even if they die, they will splatter the young master with blood.”

“The Li family, apart from the old master, is really a family of fools.” Chen Dong did not hide the contempt in his heart, and his voice was as cold and harsh as a sword.



Inside the Li family’s ancient fortress.

Today’s Li Family Ancient Fort was no longer as prosperous as it was in the past.

It seems that the kidnapping of Li Lan and the bombing by Chen Dong and Chen Daolin’s warplanes was the turning point for the Li family.

Since then, the Li family has been in an avalanche of decline.

The a*sa*sination became the last straw that broke the Li family’s camel’s back.

The entire Li family fortress had an air of death.

There were no more guests at the door.

Everyone in Kyoto knows that the Li family’s days are numbered.

The former guests were probably already sharpening their knives in secret.

Thunder and lightning.

Pouring rain.

A haze of intertwined heaven and earth.

Li Deshan sat indifferently in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, looking out at the pouring rain.

“It’s raining, it’s pouring.”

Li Deshan suddenly murmured, his voice as despondent and tired as it could be, “Everything is good in Kyoto, except that the sky becomes too fast; the sun is shining brightly one foot, and maybe it’s a thunderstorm the next.”

Knock, knock, knock!

There was a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

Li Deshan’s tiredness was swept away, replaced by a stern and cold look.

The door opened.

The middle-aged man walked in.

Looking at Li Deshan in front of the window, “Family head, do you really want to go?”

“Do you have peace of mind if you don’t take revenge for this?” Li Deshan asked coldly, “Dad could have just died not long ago, do you want him to rest in peace?”

“But our Li family has …… already died,” the middle-aged man said with a sad expression.

Li Deshan slowly got up and laughed coldly and sternly, “It is because of this that the barefooted are not afraid of those who wear shoes, have you prepared the people I asked you to?”

The middle-aged man faced Li Deshan with a flash of fear in his eyes.

The family head had changed too much in these few days!

Ever since that day when his anger attacked his heart and he vomited blood and fainted, he woke up again as if he was a different person.

Crazy and violent.

The cold killing intent that came out from time to time made everyone feel their hearts palpitate.

“It’s ready.” The middle-aged man nodded, “But are we playing too big by doing this?”

“Big?!” Li Deshan shrugged, “I was afraid it wouldn’t be big enough, an exchange led by the Zhang and Chu families, even if it’s small, it’s still a top exchange in the entertainment industry, since we, the Li family, are going, the Zhang and Chu families will naturally know what it means and will definitely invite him here.”

“At that time, it will be our moment to take revenge for our father!”

The middle-aged man had a complicated expression, his eyes rolled, but he still gritted his teeth and said, “But by doing so, big brother is not letting the Li family die in peace, but directly pushing the Li family into hell, Chen Dong and our father’s murderous grudge is indeed unbreakable, but if we do it at the exchange meeting, our Li family will never be able to turn back.”

A personal vendetta was thrust into the limelight.

The repercussions brought about were too great for the middle-aged man to even think about.


Li Deshan kicked over the chair beside him and roared with murderous fury, “No one is going to stop me! Tonight, I’m going to make Chen Dong die on the spot, so that he can go to the Yellow Spring and accompany his father!”

Boom click!

Behind him, a thunderous lightning bolt blatantly tore through the long sky.

The shocking thunder and lightning invariably added to Li Deshan’s aura.

It frightened the middle-aged man, causing his body to tremble.

Gritting his teeth, the middle-aged man answered in agreement and turned to leave.

Li Deshan turned back and looked out of the window again, his eyes already red as he gritted his teeth and said, “Even if you die, you will take Chen Dong’s back, father you begged Chen Dong so much when you were alive, but in the end it was that beast that killed you, and now, it is still the wimp you are talking about that will take revenge for you?”

With that, Li Deshan laughed.

The laughter was grim, getting louder and louder, echoing in the empty bedroom.

Night, gradually, fell.

The rain did not abate in the slightest, but on the contrary, it became heavier and heavier.

Thunder and lightning roared, and the rain poured down.

The whole of Kyoto lacked much of its vitality.

In the brightly lit city, people were running fast to escape the torrential rain.

Even the traffic on the road was moving a lot faster.

The Rolls-Royce car.

Chen Dong looked out of the window quietly, with no waves in his ancient well.

Kunlun sat on the pa*senger side, while Elder Long sat beside Chen Dong.

“Young master, it should be a bit late to go at this time.” Elder Long said.

“Chu Reed invited me to the town hall, but I wasn’t told to arrive earlier.” Chen Dong returned, somewhat helplessly deflating his mouth.

Of course he knew about punctuality, dealing in shopping malls, punctuality was a minimum basic courtesy.

It was just that he had been waiting for Qin Ye to join him, and when he saw that it was already too late, Qin Ye came over with a phone call saying that he had already arrived at the place with Zhang Yulan.

If he hadn’t been pitted by a beast, how could he be late?

“That kid Qin Ye is also, a guy with a bad mouth and a straight face.”

Long Lao was also clear as to why he was late and could not help but grumble, turning to smile, “But it’s good, it’s just as well to let that brat go and help the young master step on the mines first.”

Chen Dong was dumbfounded and lost his smile.

After casually responding, he changed to a comfortable position and closed his eyes to fake sleep.

Half an hour later.

“Young Master, it’s time!”

Elder Long gently woke up Chen Dong.

“Get off.”

Chen Dong got up and got out of the car.

He looked up at the hotel in front of him.

Amidst the night and rain, the lofty hotel building was brilliantly lit and completely imposing.

And at the front entrance of the hotel, a red carpet had already been laid.

A five-star hotel of this kind should, by definition, have no shortage of guests in a place like Kyoto where dragons and tigers are hidden, but tonight there were very few cars in the car park.

“Young master, this is one of the Zhang family’s properties, and it’s packed for tonight.” Elder Long introduced.

Chen Dong dawned on him.

Taking a step towards the hotel.

Kunlun opened his umbrella and followed closely behind, shielding Chen Dong from the torrential rain.

Elder Long followed with his umbrella.

His footsteps were slow, tripping over the rainwater flowing on the ground.

Chen Dong’s face, however, gradually sank as he snickered and murmured, “The Li family …… really hope you are not stupid all the way home.”


Chapter 368

The expansive ballroom.

Crystal lights, glorious.

On the huge projection screen, a film is playing.

Men and women in suits and fancy dresses walk back and forth, holding gla*ses of champagne and raising their gla*ses frequently.

Every one of the upper echelons was as polished as they could be.

Even when they raised their hands, they showed their nobility and elegance.

With a black evening dress and a champagne gla*s in her hand, Chu Reed smiled and chatted warmly with her peers around her.

Such a scene, with her ability, she can handle it smoothly.

And in a corner of the ballroom.

It was relatively more secluded.

Qin Ye was sitting on a chair with a steak in his hand, feasting on it.

Next to him was Zhang Yulan, dressed in a white dress, slightly powdered and floating like a fairy.

It had to be said that her looks and figure were the best of the best, and she was head and shoulders above even Chu Reed.

Only, at this moment, Zhang Yulan’s eyebrows were slightly knitted as she looked at Qin Ye helplessly.

“Will you come out with me? There are so many people present.”

Qin Ye shook his head, “No, you are so good looking, I don’t want those people to say that the flowers are stuck in cow dung.”

“Qin Ye!”

Zhang Yulan stomped her foot in anger, her pretty face sulking, “What the hell are you thinking? Is it fun to make such a scene?”

“It’s fun, let’s play.”

Qin Ye raised his eyebrows and smiled cynically, “Aiya, you leave me alone, do what you need to do.”

“You ……”

Zhang Yulan’s pretty face turned red with anger, stomping her foot indignantly as she turned to leave.

Looking at Zhang Yulan who returned to the crowd and attracted the attention of the surrounding.

Qin Ye threw the steak in his hand onto his plate and leaned back in his chair with a hangdog smile, shaking his head and smiling bitterly, “How can I be worthy of you?”

“Mr. Chen, arrive!”

Just then, at the entrance of the banquet hall, a shout rang out.

The originally noisy and lively banquet hall suddenly fell silent.

Daoist gazes looked towards the door.

Qin Ye also collected the bitterness on his face and got up to welcome him.

As the doors opened.

Chen Dong slowly walked into the banquet hall.

Elder Long and Kunlun followed behind him.

Because of the Zhang and Chu families, Chen Dong’s name was not an unfamiliar name in the entertainment world, not to mention that tonight Chu Reed and Zhang Yulan had invited company bigwigs who were close to them in the same industry.

But when the crowd saw Chen Dong, they couldn’t help but ring out in amazement.

Isn’t this …… a bit young?

According to the ears of these bigwigs, Chu Reed’s current entertainment company is a joint venture with Chen Dong.

What is even more sensational is that because of Chen Dong, the two oligarchic giants of the entertainment industry, Zhang Chu, have made a rare joint injection of capital into Chu Reed’s company.

In their minds, the man who can simultaneously manoeuvre between Zhang and Chu to reach a partnership must be a man of great insight and experience.

At least he must have reached middle age.

But now that they had seen Chen Dong with their own eyes, they were all astonished.

This young man could get the Zhang and Chu families to cooperate?

Whispers rang out.

“My god, isn’t this too young, it’s not even close to what I imagined.”

“What do you know, this guy is huge, not to mention that he made the Zhang and Chu families work together, and just to give you a heads up, do you know why the richest Li family is not working anymore?”

“No, it can’t be? Is, is he?”


For a while, there were people of great standing and well-informed, who immediately sold the news in the crowd.

This caused those who were still shocked at Chen Dong’s age to be struck by thunder and stunned to the point of being dumbfounded.

Chen Dong looked at the crowd full of upper cla*s people and could not help but smile.

These were by and large just the upper cla*s of the entertainment industry in Kyoto, and were still a cut short of the real Kyoto upper cla*s.

After all, the two Zhang Chu families were just like oligarchs in the entertainment world, but among the magnate giants, they were only slightly better.

On the contrary, his name shook the real giants of Kyoto’s gentry.

And few people at the level of those in front of him can touch the sensation he has created in Kyoto.

It made sense that they didn’t know about him.

“Brother Dong!”

Qin Ye greeted Chen Dong with a smile.

Zhang Yulan, who happened to be walking with Chu Reed, saw this scene and instantly bit her red lips in anger, this B*****d, wasn’t he unwilling to come out just now?

Am I still no better than a man?

“Mr. Chen, it’s a great honor for us to have you here.”

Chu Reed said with a smile, without being condescending, but her words were complimentary to Chen Dong.

Zhang Yulan, on the other hand, directly swept past Chen Dong and went to Qin Ye’s side, her secret jade hand fiercely pinching the tender flesh of Qin Ye’s waist.

Chen Dong directly ignored this scene.

Smiling at Chu Reed, he said, “What’s the point of being polite, you asked me to come over to calm the scene, can I not come?”

“The Li family hasn’t arrived yet, so I will first show Mr. Chen to meet everyone here.” Chu Reed smiled and took up Chen Dong’s arm.

Chen Dong froze for a moment and moved a step out sideways, pulling his arm out of Chu Reed’s embrace.

“Sorry, I have a wife, don’t let my wife get the wrong idea.”

Chu Reed dumbly laughed, “Sorry Mr. Chen, I was ill-considered, this way please.”

Chen Dong accepted the red wine handed to him by Chu Reed and followed Chu Reed as he familiarly weaved his way through the crowd, greeting everyone present.

He was not repelled by this matter.

This is a cooperation with Chu Reed, this kind of entertainment, a little appearance, there is no excuse.

Because of the “popularisation” of some well-informed people just now, Chen Dong was also praised and praised by the crowd, and there were even many people who wanted to take the opportunity to make friends.

The atmosphere was overwhelming.


Outside the hotel.

The thunderstorm was still intense.


A Toyota Koster bus, rushed up to the front door of the hotel.

With a violent sound of brakes.

A full ten buses, straddled the front of the hotel building.

This scene startled the hotel staff, their faces changed and they were stunned and frightened.

They did not wait to react.

The doors of the ten Kost buses opened at the same time and a huge crowd of people descended like a tidal wave.

A hundred people!

In one of the cars.

Li Deshan, with the help of a middle-aged man, stepped out of the car trembling.

Since he had fainted from anger that day, Li Deshan’s body had become much, much weaker.

He swept his cold eyes across the hotel building in front of him and instructed the middle-aged man, “Do as planned, I’ll go to the banquet first.”

Saying this, he, dressed in a suit, then slowly stepped forward and walked into the hotel with a flourish.

The hundred or so people who got down from the car also took advantage of this time to take control of the hotel personnel in a lightning-like manner, and there were even people who set up professional equipment to directly block the signal.

This also left the crowd in the ballroom, unaware.

They were still immersed in a warm atmosphere.

They were talking and laughing with each other and exchanging gla*ses.

Squeak ……

No one noticed that the door of the banquet hall was slowly pushed open.

Li Deshan, alone, slowly walked into the banquet hall.

His expression was shadowy and cold, his eyes glowing with a harsh killing intent, and his body gave off an endlessly chilling look.

Only the corners of his mouth, however, were outlined with a faint smile ……