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Winner Takes All Chapter 369-370

Chapter 369

“Li Deshan is here!”

In the midst of the lively atmosphere, a low cry suddenly rang out.

The atmosphere was immediately lifted, and all eyes looked towards the entrance of the banquet hall at the same time.

“Why is he here? Today is an exchange meeting within our industry, the Li family doesn’t have an entertainment industry, right?”

“Rarely, the Li family is the richest person in Kyoto, but they can also melt into our circle.”

“Cut …… that is all in the past, the current Li family, what is considered the richest?”


There were whispers of surprise, but more of ridicule and mockery.

Once the Li family, the richest in Kyoto, was the true upper cla*s of the Kyoto land, standing proudly at the top of the pyramid.

Even the Zhang and Chu families could only look up to the Li family when they faced them, not to mention the bigwigs in the entertainment industry present.

But now, with the changes in Kyoto, it is no secret that the Li family is on the wane.

The walls are falling down and people are pushing.

Although the people present were not qualified to sharpen their swords against the Li family, they still had the heart to sneer and ridicule.

Chen Dong stood in the middle of the crowd, as if he was surrounded by stars.

“Has he come? He’s changed, a bit.”

Chen Dong looked at Li Deshan calmly, his gaze deep.

When he first met Li Deshan, even with the presence of Elder Li, Li Deshan still gave off an air of unruliness.

Now, on the other hand, there was more than a little bit of almost perverted-like rampage.

“Young master, be careful!”

Elder Long and Kun Lun stood to Chen Dong’s left and right at the same time, with a wary face.

Chu Reed, however, stood beside Chen Dong, with a stance of being the only one to follow Chen Dong’s lead.

She had deliberately invited Chen Dong over because she had already known about this and had asked him to come over to calm the scene.

Although the Li family was on the verge of collapse, if they really got up in arms, the two Zhang and Chu families would be a bit tricky to deal with.

Qin Ye, too, subconsciously pulled Zhang Yulan behind him.

Originally, Zhang Yulan was still a little angry with Qin Ye, but she was moved by this action and gave Qin Ye a misty-eyed look.

Being watched by all eyes.

Li Deshan stopped at the entrance of the banquet hall and felt the contemptuous and disdainful gazes that were like a man’s back.

If it were in the past, he would have thundered and huffed.

To him, these people were nothing more than ants with bigger heads in front of the Li family, and they dared to despise and disdain the Li family?

This was a desecration of the Li family!

But now, he looked calm and unperturbed.


Pulling out a cigar cigarette from his pocket, he calmly lit it.

Exhaling a puff of smoke, Li Deshan then smiled and asked, “What? The presence of the Li family has flattered you so much that you can’t even speak?”

The look of arrogance was overwhelming.

Only when it fell on the ears of the crowd, it was like a pinprick.

“I cut …… How rude what? Who still doesn’t know what’s going on with your Li family?”

“The previous Li family, we really can’t climb high, but the current Li family …… still advise the Li family master, the circles are different, why should we forcefully blend?”

“I really don’t know where you, Li Deshan, still have the courage to say such things now? After the Li family is really eaten away by those giants, you are afraid that you are even worse than us!”


A stream of sneering words rose and fell.

Slap ……

Instead of being angry, Li Deshan applauded.

This caused the crowd to be stunned, and the sounds of ridicule and contempt, diminished.

“Well said, the circles are different, indeed they will not be strongly integrated.”

Li Deshan held a cigar in his mouth, his face full of cross colour: “I’m not here to integrate into your bullSh*t circle today either, but …… to take revenge!”


A thunderstorm of words.

The crowd in the room simultaneously let out a cry of shock, their faces filled with horror.

“Chen Dong, the revenge of killing your father is unforgivable, today, I want you to die here!”

Li Deshan steeped in ferocity and roared out.

In an instant.

All the frightened eyes fell on Chen Dong.

Of all the people present, the only ones who had access to the affairs of the Li family were the Zhang and Chu families.

To the others, Li Deshan’s words were undoubtedly a bolt from the blue, a thunderbolt from the sky.

With a roar of anger.

The corridor outside the banquet hall was filled with the sound of footsteps.

Inside the banquet hall, however, the crowd slowly dispersed to the left and right, leaving Chen Dong and the others in the middle.

Chen Dong looked calm, without the slightest hint of surprise or anger.

Instead, he looked at Chu Reed indifferently, “Did you invite me to calm the scene and make such a big deal out of it?”

Chu Reed’s delicate body trembled, her face full of shock.

Hearing the sound of footsteps outside, she was terrified and disoriented.

“No, it’s not like that, Mr. Chen, I ……”

Chu Reed hurriedly explained, she had already calculated everything, the reason why she had chosen the venue of the exchange meeting at the Zhang family’s hotel was because she had considered Li Deshan gathering a crowd to cause trouble.

She anticipated, in fact, only invited Chen Dong to come and suppress Li Deshan alone in person.

It was not at all expected that the scene would now get so big!

“Something’s wrong!”

Zhang Yulan’s pretty face turned white, “The hotel is already all security guards on duty today!”

With a single word, it caused Chu Reed to fall even further into the abyss.

Things, were already heading in the direction of getting out of control.

“Mr. Chen, I’m sorry!” Chu Reed apologized in fear.

Chen Dong said indifferently, “You and Zhang Yulan stand back!”

A cold voice, devoid of sorrow or anger.

He had only thought that he was here to suppress Li Deshan alone, but he had not expected the scene to get out of hand to such an extent.

There was no reason for Chu Reed to be a “pig teammate”, let alone helping Li Deshan to invite the king into the jar.

The only one to blame was Li Deshan, a fool who had become desperate and desperate!

“Yu Lan, back off!”

Qin Ye had a cold face.

“I won’t!”

Zhang Yulan panicked and shook her head.

“Laozi is your man! Listen to me!”

Qin Ye turned his head suddenly and looked at Zhang Yulan angrily, frightening Zhang Yulan into a daze.

Chu Reed hurriedly pulled Zhang Yulan back towards the crowd.

And above the clearing, there were only four people left, Chen Dong, Elder Long, Kunlun and Qin Ye.

All this was in just a few seconds.

When Chu Reed and Zhang Yulan had just retreated into the crowd.

At the entrance of the banquet hall, along with the sound of dense footsteps, an overwhelming crowd instantly surged out.

In the blink of an eye, all of them stood behind Li Deshan, densely packed, and there were even people in the corridor.


The sound of shock was like a tidal wave.

Everyone’s faces changed dramatically, their expressions terrified.

“Li family head, what are you trying to do? This is in Kyoto!”

“Family Master Li, this has nothing to do with us, can we leave first?”

“The sky is turning, does the Li family want to completely disappear from Kyoto? Li Deshan, are you crazy?”


Li Deshan was shadowy like a poisonous snake, looking at Chen Dong with a gaze full of hatred and killing intent.

“Today, I will let you die here!”

With a single word, everyone was chilled to the bone.

The cacophony of voices fell abruptly dead silent.

“There should be hundreds of people, right?”

Chen Dong suddenly laughed, his laughter reckless.

It caused everyone present to freeze.

Li Deshan also laughed with him, “Well, well, not bad for a cross breed, you can still laugh when you’re dying?”

He had already thrown in the towel, the Li family was on shaky ground.

If he couldn’t kill Chen Dong to avenge his death, he wouldn’t rest in peace even if he died.

In Li Deshan’s heart, everything in the Li family was Chen Dong’s creation.

The revenge of killing his father and destroying his family would be paid in blood!


Chen Dong was calm and composed as he looked to his left and right.

“There are only four of us.”

As he said this, he pulled his tie loose, his expression gradually turning cold and stern.

Qin Ye, on the other hand, turned around, picked up a wine bottle and smashed it in the corner of the table with a snap, tugging at his tie as he asked aggressively, “What should we do?”

Chen Dong smiled faintly.

Turning his head to look at Li Deshan, he smiled proudly, “F*ck him!”


Chapter 370

In a flash.

The four of them, Chen Dong, actually took the lead and rushed towards Li Deshan.

The momentum was rampant and there was no hesitation.

In the banquet hall, the shrieks and screams were deafening.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Was this madness?

How dare they charge upwards even though they were outnumbered?

Four men against over a hundred, what were the chances of winning?

Even Li Deshan’s pupils tightened and his heart was appalled.

The next second.

“Don’t know how to live or die.”

The corners of Li Deshan’s mouth curled up into a hideous, bloodthirsty sneer, holding a cigar smoke in his mouth as he calmly took a step backwards.

Almost simultaneously.

The hundreds of men standing behind him surged towards Chen Dong like a tidal wave.

A fierce battle broke out immediately.

The scene instantly became chaotic.

Chen Dong’s four men were in a horns formation and were instantly swamped by the tide of people.

Screams and sounds of fear rang out continuously.

Some people even ran towards the outside of the banquet hall, clutching their heads in fear, despite the chaos.

Chen Dong kicked the man in front of him, and in a flash of lightning, he moved out like a ghost, dodging the steel pipe in the hand of a fighter.

Relying on his size, Kun Lun was like a human bulldozer, opening wide and unstoppable.

Even Long Lao and Qin Ye, relying on each other, were able to weave through the crowd at ease.

With just four people, they were hard pressed to hold their ground against hundreds of people.

The fighters Li Deshan had found were just fighters in the eyes of Chen Dong’s four men.

They were not even on the same level as the Death List killers.

Not to mention comparing it to the one of the Gods of Death that Chen Dong had seen in the Black Prison.

He was used to seeing monstrous waves.

The hundred people in front of them were like waves in a small stream in the eyes of the four of them, not enough to be feared at all.

Even the weakest, Qin Ye, was not afraid of such a scene.

Blood splattered and screams were heard one after another.

People kept falling in front of Chen Dong and the four of them.

There was also a constant tide of people rushing in.

Li Deshan was clearly aiming for Chen Dong’s life, so Chen Dong did not hesitate to use his hands.

He was not stupid enough to stop at the point in such a situation.

In a life-and-death struggle, to be the least bit soft on the enemy would be the greatest cruelty to oneself.

In the banquet hall, it was as if it had turned into an arena of death in an instant.

Everyone was panicking to the extreme.

Even though they were in the upper echelons, no one had ever seen such a “spectacular” and bloody scene.

The only one who could remain calm was Chu Reed.

“Reed, what should we do? What should we do now?” Zhang Yulan pear-shaped rain, while asking Chu Reed, but eyes full of worry always in the crowd rushing Qin Ye body.

Chu Reed’s pretty face was white, the situation had gotten out of hand to this extent, completely beyond her expectations.

The titular Li family, even if it is shaky, should also have some face of its own, right?

But now, the Li family was simply tearing their faces apart, with no bottom line!

What she did not expect was Li Deshan’s madness, which did not give the slightest room for manoeuvre.

With her mobile phone squeezed tightly in her hand, she glanced down and saw that there was no signal.

Chu Reed’s heart sank to the bottom: “This is what Li Deshan had calculated long ago, he is trying to use the entire soon-to-be-crumbling Li family to bury Mr. Chen.”

“To, why don’t we rush out?” Zhang Yulan knew that the hotel’s signal was now interrupted, and if she didn’t rush out and ask for help, she really didn’t dare to imagine what would happen next.

“There’s no way to get out.”

Chu Reed smiled bitterly and shook her head, “The signal has been interrupted, do you think we people can still run out?”

“But ……”

Zhang Yulan was about to speak when her face suddenly changed and she let out a scream of “ah”.

In the crowd, Qin Ye was hit hard in the back with a steel pipe by a battering ram, stumbling forward while running, and was hit hard again by an oncoming battering ram.

“Qin Ye!”

Almost simultaneously, Chen Dong and Kunlun and Elder Long in the melee all changed their faces.

“Elder Long save Qin Ye.”

Chen Dong’s expression was hostile, killing intent surging in his eyes, “Kun Lun and I, capture the king!”

In such a melee, the fastest solution was to capture the king.

As long as Li Deshan was captured, the melee could be ended instantly.

In an instant.

With a roar, Kunlun threw a blatant punch, denting the chest of the attacking fighter in front of him.

Like entering a no-man’s land, he quickly rejoined Chen Dong.

On the other side, Long Lao, however, quickly backed up to Qin Ye’s side and waved his hands, seemingly sheepish and weak, but swift and fierce as thunder, instantly putting down the two beaters beside Qin Ye.

“Qin brat, you’re not as good as an old man like me.” Elder Long mocked.

Qin Ye viciously spat out a mouthful of blood: “D*mn, I was a*sa*sinated.”

On the other side.

Chen Dong and Kun Lun were like two killing gods, aiming straight at Li Deshan, advancing brutally as if they were tigers out of their cages.

Kunlun was a mercenary king who had once fought across the sands, and was even a god of killing who had walked out of the Black Prison with ten consecutive victories.

Such a scene was nothing compared to the bloody battlefield of gunfire.

With his strength, it was pure crushing!

Chen Dong, on the other hand, had never carried physical fitness and fighting skills training, even at his weakest, but had only lightened the intensity and did not stop.

At this moment, the two converged together and faced the surging fighters as if they were a wrecking ball.

Looking at Chen Dong and Kun Lun who were rushing in.

The corners of Li Deshan’s eyes twitched a few times.

In a split second, the corners of his mouth were however curled up in an even more smug smile.

“Really strong! The old master is bent on making you the head of the Li family, which is indeed justified, but you should never have done something like committing ancestricide, tonight, you and the Li family will go to the Yellow Spring together!”

As he murmured, Li Deshan quietly dropped his right hand down.

Facing Chen Dong and Kun Lun, he was not the least bit frightened.

On the contrary, his bloodshot eyes were filled with madness and excitement.

“Young master, something is wrong!”

Seeing that he was about to break through the final layer of encirclement, Kun Lun noticed Li Deshan’s expression.

“It’s just the last madness.”

Chen Dong spoke in a cold voice, and with a steel pipe in his hand, he smashed the arm of one of the beaters with a thud.

With a fierce expression, Kun Lun looked like a humanoid beast and instantly struck out, sweeping the last few beaters out.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong and Kun Lun flew like arrows, heading straight for Li Deshan.

“Is it finally coming to an end?”

Chu Reed, who was constantly watching the movements, was secretly relieved at this moment.

Just as the words left her mouth, a shocked look steeply appeared above her pretty face and her pupils tightened to the extreme.


Inside the banquet hall, a strange and sudden dead silence fell over the room.

Time and space seemed to freeze.

A stream of terrified eyes gazed at the same place.

Chen Dong and Kun Lun, meanwhile, stopped in place at the same time, looking at Li Deshan scornfully.

Li Deshan held his right hand high, the black muzzle of his pistol, aiming at Chen Dong.

A C*cky smile of triumph spread across his face.

“A gun! He has a gun!”

The man who had already been scared out of his wits at this point snapped out a shocked scream.

Instantly the frozen flow of time was restored.

Everyone was in a state of shock and some were screaming.

There were girls who were so frightened that their eyes welled up with tears, and some who, in their fear, went straight under the table.

A gun was out of reach for most of the people there.

A gun was enough to decide the life and death of anyone!

“Your calculations are good, but you think I will only bring these hundred or so losers to kill you?”

Li Deshan laughed fiercely, his words full of smugness, even tilting his head up proudly, his nostrils facing Chen Dong.

It was reckless and wild, dripping with arrogance.


Under the gaze of everyone’s disbelief.

Chen Dong suddenly pushed away Kun Lun who was beside him.

Then, step by step, he walked towards Li Deshan.

The cold voice was like a cold wind blowing out of the nine ghosts.

“If you have the guts to shoot, if you can’t kill me, I’ll kill you!”